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  1. Re: We are done with the nipple shield

    It's made of silicone, so it's very soft and I could feel when she latched on and was nursing. There are 3 holes at the end, it's just like a nipple extender :lol
  2. Re: We are done with the nipple shield

    It a aid to help baby latch on correctly. Madeline was born premature and I have flat nipples, she wouldn't latch on without it....here's a pic of 2 diffrent types:...
  3. We are done with the nipple shield

    OK, so Madeline wouldn't nurse without the nipple shield forever. A couple of weeks ago, she latched on without it!!! Since then, we have been nipple shield free and she will be 19 months old on...
  4. Re: Robert Update. (warning loooong post)

    Hi Karen!!!

    If you need any information on a G-Button/Tube, LMK, my DD has had one in for almost a year now. They are not as bad as you think when it is first put in and it becomes second...
  5. Re: Desperately wanting to breast feed

    I would say, if he is latching on with the shield, use it for the complete feeding to keep him at the breast. Unlike the nipple shields of yesteryear, the ones now days will rarley hurt supply. ...
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    Re: Allergies

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    Re: Over feeding?

    I wouldn't worry about it - like the PP said - that is absurd
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    Re: Over feeding?

    If your LO is exclusivly breastfed (no bottles or supplements) there is no way to overfeed them. Breastfed babies gain a bunch of weight at first and then will taper off after I think it is 4-6...
  9. Re: butternut squash as finger food-how do you make it?

    I always cut mine up into about 1 inch cubes after peeling it and bake it with a yummy topping. As a finger food, it gets messy, but the look on DD's face while she is eating it is totally worth...
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    Re: Rice Milk

    My DD was getting rice milk after a year old due to she is allergic to dairy and soy, then we found out she was allergic to wheat/gluten and eggs and rice milk (Rice Dream) contains gluten in it, so...
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    Re: Shamed by sitter regarding solids

    My DD didn't start eating ANY solids until she was 13.5 months old, exclusivly breastfed up until that point (still bf now with foods at 17 months old). The doctors did a test every visit to check...
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    Re: weight gain advice...long

    With switching from one scale to another, I would not go by that type of drop....every babyscale is diffrent and they can be off by a pound.

    Sounds like your pedi now is on the right track with...
  13. Re: Breastfeeding problems: born at 31w 2d, current age 39w 3d

    Glad things are looking up for you and YAY on getting him on the breast with the SNS and no bottle for that long!!!! Great Job mama and stick with it!!!!
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    Re: Breastfeed unfriendly NICU

    Most NICU's will let you stay in them all day and night (except for shift changes and admissions of other babies, they clear them out). What I was saying is you cannot "bed down" in the NICU next to...
  15. Re: Hind milk, fore milk, how to pump seperately.

    For added calories for my DD I was skimming the fat of the milk and giving it to her via her G-Button in a syrange, it is totally possiable to do. She though nursed and the milk I was skimming was...
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    Re: Breastfeed unfriendly NICU

    Unfortunally, the NICU's are not set up to provide parents with accomidations, they are just for the babies, the room in's were not forgotten, they are not put in due to it is a intensive care unit,...
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    Re: help! nipple shield addiction

    I can totally understand the Love-Hate relationship with the shield. My DD is 16 months old :yikes and still will not latch on without it. Got it as a preemie, everytime we attempted to wean her...
  18. Re: DH's Bosses Baby born at 32 weeks....

    Brag Book - Great Idea, I've even got one for Madeline's NICU stay
  19. Re: DH's Bosses Baby born at 32 weeks....

    Rice Packs, I love that idea!!!! It depends, my DD was allowed 1 stuffed animal in the NICU and it had to be Small enough to go into the incubator with her and not get in the way of the nurses....I...
  20. DH's Bosses Baby born at 32 weeks....

    My DH's Bosses wife delievered their daughter on Monday at 32 weeks. She weighed 2 lbs and 7 oz and was 14 inches long. I am trying to put together a package for her to help her out, but since it...
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    Re: nipple shields = choking hazard?

    my daughter will pull it off with her mouth/teeth and chew on it also (i'm awake) I stay awake for nursing sessions due to that reason alone, scared of her choking on it
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    Re: I hope I don't sound stupid

    No, do not pump. Pumping can cause contractions at this point and also can cause your milk to come in too soon (not allowing the colostrum to be there for the baby). I started leaking around 25...
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    Re: NICU Confusion

    When Madeline was in the NICU, they only allowed me to nurse her 1 time a day until she was released, she was also fed via NG tube for most of her feedings. I know the hospital where she was at...
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    Re: Our Big Day

    Congrats & YAY!!!!!! :hug
  25. Re: 'Breastflow' nipples and giving bottles

    I have one that was used once....I would be happy to send it to you so you don't have to go out and spend money on something that might or might not work.....just PM me.
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