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    Weaning from Pump first

    Today is the day I'm going to attempt weaning from the pump. DS has now officially outgrown his cow's milk protein intolerance per the pedi and I'm ready to quit pumping. I want to keep nursing a...
  2. Re: Dr. won't approve Herbs - Supply dropping

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I'm definitely going to have a BIG bowl of Oatmeal in the morning. Diaper output is good right now, DS is just really frustrated at the breast and it is breaking...
  3. Dr. won't approve Herbs - Supply dropping

    Last weekend I got sick with the flu and now my supply is really week. DS is 15 months and milk & soy protein intolerant so I'm really freaking out. His doctor's office won't officially approve...
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    Re: Why I'm Thankful for Toddler Nursing

    We're all feeling much better. Thanks for asking! :)
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    Why I'm Thankful for Toddler Nursing

    DS picked up the flu at daycare this week and we have been nursing around the clock. He's on the small side, has food intolerances, and the flu has been my worst nightmare. After a day of vomiting...
  6. Re: Will night weaning help solid intake?

    DS weight gain pattern was awesome for the first two months. He doubled his birth weight within the first 12 weeks. Unfortunately, as that happened, the MSPI showed up (bleeding) and then we slowed...
  7. Will night weaning help solid intake?

    DS is a marathon night nurser and as much as I love it (because I miss him so much during the day while I'm at work) I'm really starting to wear down. This week has been rough and last night DH said...
  8. Re: Solids vs. BM at 1 year - Confused need help

    Wow! What a great source of information! I feel so much better after reading the info on Kelllymom. I think one of the most difficult things for me has been trusting that he's getting enough fat from...
  9. Solids vs. BM at 1 year - Confused need help

    DS just turned one a couple weeks ago and at the 12 month visit I was told to limit BM to 16-24oz per day and make sure he gets three full solid meals plus snacks a day. I didn't think this would be...
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    Re: Pain While Pumping

    Yes, that makes perfect sense to me. The pain is gone now so I guess the cycle will be starting soon!:lol
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    Re: Pain While Pumping

    I forgot to mention DS is 10 months and has 6 teeth so I think the issue is that they are sore to begin with and when he starts pulling off (trying to see things, etc.) the teeth do the most damage....
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    Re: Pain While Pumping

    Yes, it is nipple pain - they become very tender and it is during nursing too. LO pulls off and it REALLY hurts!
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    Pain While Pumping

    About once a month for the last few months I have a couple of days where pumping/nursing is really painful. I'm wondering if it has to do with ovulation because it lasts about 3 days and I always get...
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    Re: quick feedings

    This happened to us around 6 weeks as well and it freaked me out. The doctors told me that after awhile the babies become more efficient and really only need about 7-10 minutes to eat and the rest is...
  15. Re: White Spots on Teeth- Should I night wean??

    The white marks were actually near the bottom of the tooth. I spoke to a friend of mine who is studying dentistry and she said that when the teeth are dry that you can see things that are not visible...
  16. White Spots on Teeth- Should I night wean??

    I've read the sticky content about the white spots being the first signs of tooth issues and I've been brushing DS's teeth 2-3 times a day but we night nurse. Sometimes all night. Today he woke up...
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    Re: what to do?

    I'm so glad that things are working out well for you. My company is generally pretty supportive. I'm a salaried exempt employee and when I first came back to work I used to take 20-25 minutes to pump...
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    Re: Size of hole in nipple

    We use Dr. Brown's bottles and were using the Level 1 newborn nipple up until DS was 7 months. He has a lot of trouble taking the bottle a day care and so I really needed him to eat more. We haven't...
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    Re: Vent!!!!

    Tell the administration that in Sura 2 of the Quaran it states "Mothers shall suckle their children for two whole years for those who wish to complete the suckling". They need to give you a clean...
  20. Re: baby not napping at daycare - sleeping all night!

    DS and I co-sleep so sleeping in the crib at DC was really hard on him at first and he was only napping 15 - 20 minutes at a time 3 -4 times a day. Over time it has gotten better and there have even...
  21. Re: ugh! talk about shedding tears over spilt milk

    Having to throw out your freezer stash really stinks! Three days before returning to work I found out my son was milk protein intolerant and I had to throw out my ENTIRE freezer stash. I tried...
  22. Re: OHMYGOODNESS!!!! How do I approach this tactfully?

    As much as I would be wanting to rip someone a new one (sorry for the crude expression, this really makes my blood boil) I agree that you have to maintain some composure in this situation because...
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    Re: where do you wash your pump at work?

    I just bought an extra set of shields so I have clean ones for both pumping sessions and then just wash them at home. I love it because it takes less time to pump when I don't have to bother with...
  24. Re: BM, immune system - is it enough? Help, need support!

    My DS seems to get back to back colds at day care and coughs for like a month straight. Your milk is more than good enough. It sucks having anyone indicate that it is not. We saw a pediatric GI who...
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    Re: Dr. Jay Gordon method-it works!!!

    I've been trying it for the last couple nights and so far it is going pretty well. DS has just been snuggling the boobs between 11am and about 5am. I've noticed he's waking up earlier in the morning...
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