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    2 month old sleeping a lot more

    my 2 month old has been sleeping a lot more in the last couple of days. he has been really struggling with gas, and only has a bm, but an explosive one, once a day or every few days. until then, he...
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    Re: Teething at 2.5 Months?

    i'm really glad that this came up. my son is 11 weeks old, and i'm having the same problem. on top of him sucking on his hands and being fussy when i try to feed him, he isn't sleeping very well...
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    Re: Over weight baby???

    looks like i'm not the only one w/ a chubby baby! my son weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. at birth, 9 lbs at 1 month and 13 lbs. 2 oz. at 2 months. we have a 3 month appt. coming up very soon, and i bet he's at...
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    Re: She prefers a bottle

    i have been having the same problem with my 11-week-old, but i don't give him formula - i give him one bottle a day w/ expressed milk. he seems really fussy at the breast a great deal of the time....
  5. low milk supply in the evening and bottle feeding

    i have an 11 week old son and have found that feeding him a 4-oz. bottle in the evening helps us get through his fussy period. he gets extremely fussy from 5 to 7 or 8, and we found that the bottle...
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    am i doing something wrong?

    my son is 10 weeks old and i started pumping at 5 weeks to introduce the bottle. i used to get 3-4 oz. when i pumped, sometimes even 5, but now i'm lucky if i get 2-3. i am not returning to work, but...
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