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    Re: overfeeding and spitting up

    What you are describing doesn't really sound like reflux (my oldest had GERD). If it were GERD, she wouldn't be gaining weight, and what comes out of her mouth would not dribble, it would pour and it...
  2. Re: Daycare and pumped milk question

    That's what I want them to do. I'm just not sure what the rules are for providers.

    It is frustrating. I don't have a low supply, but I'm right on the edge of it and I have to watch every...
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    Re: Is this behavior typical?

    Is she arching backward when she starts her antics? Also, does she sound congested with her breathing at times?
  4. Daycare and pumped milk question

    My LO is new to daycare. We are on day 3 now. I'm sending expressed milk in bottles containing 2 1//2 ounces each. Yesterday, LO didn't finish a bottle at one feeding and the worker dumped the milk....
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    Re: Let Down Issues?

    Thanks. My husband keeps telling me to stop stressing over feeding, but I'm insecure because of the deficit in the one breast.

    I really appreciate the reassurance. :)
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    Re: Let Down Issues?

    I do compressions. I had mastitis with my first LO, and I don't want to repeat that experience so I'm very careful to completely empty both breasts.

    I'll hang in there with the pumping dry, but...
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    Let Down Issues?

    I am pumping at work 3 times a day using a PIS Advanced. I keep reading that I should pump for 15-20 minutes a session, but I stop releasing milk after 8-10 minutes. I don't get a second letdown...
  8. Re: New to breastfeeding while working

    Thanks for responding. I'm separated from my baby for about 9 hours. I feel much better knowing that I'm leaving him with enough milk.

    The links are really helpful. And, yes, going back has been...
  9. New to breastfeeding while working

    I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. :(

    I have a 6 week old who I am exclusively breastfeeding. I had to start back to work sooner and my husband and I anticipated so I dove right in to pumping. My...
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