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  1. Re: How long to pump & adding warm to co

    Super helpful, thanks!

    One more question - I have one day at work next week where I am leading a training, and may only be able to pump once at work, instead of my normal 3 times. Will just one...
  2. How long to pump & adding warm to cold?


    I am back to work and have some pumping questions.

    1. I have read that a full pumping session is 10-15 minutes. I have 2-3 letdowns and produce 2-3 ounces in about 5-7 minutes. My...
  3. Pumping/Freezing/Thawing questions


    I have a few questions about going back to work:

    1. I currently freeze pumped breastmilk in Medela BM bags. Can I heat them directly in my Avent digital bottle warmer? Or do I need to...
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