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  1. breast cancer brought about sudden weaning

    I just learned I have breast cancer.I just had an MRI and did'nt know before hand that I would'nt be able to nurse for 48 hours because of the contrast dye- and am suddenly weaning because in the...
  2. Re: HELP-might not have enough milk pumped in time

    Thank you for a quick response! I only tried pumping twice in one day-accumulating 6 oz. I had stopped pumping when milk stopped flowing and I feared not having enough for the next feeding. Does one...
  3. HELP-might not have enough milk pumped in time

    Greetings-I am so grateful to have this community to turn to.
    I feel like a complete jackass. I go back to work in 4 days and only just started pumping. I thought I had another week before...
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