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  1. Re: at 9months, what's important, BM or solids?

    Ditto, plus our babies know that when mommy is around they get their milk supply from its natual source :)
  2. Re: 8 1/2 month old won't take bottle or pacifier

    my friend had the same trouble with her baby, when it was time that she had to go back to work at around 7 montyhs and left her with her mom-in law she was afraid her baby would not take the bottle,...
  3. Re: So if cold meds were recalled, what ok 2 give?

    yeah, no meds. it can harm your lo insted of helping them. the codeine (sp) that helps stop the cough will prevent your lo from coughing up the phlem and yucky stuff and letting it all stay in your...
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    Re: Pulling breast away

    could he be teething??? my little girl is teething and she does that. I'm thinking its because she's uncomfortable ....
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    Re: grabbing my nipple....

    oh my 5 month old little girl does that also, she actualy tries to get a hold of anything, not only grabbs but kind of pulls to (ouch). when I'm not in the mood i really just hold her arm down next...
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    Re: No more pillows!!

    I hated going out ...anywhere including to my parents house, but all it really took me to get comfortable to nurse without my boppy was practicing. It was'nt as smoth as I wanted it to go the first...
  7. Temas: Gas?

    by @llli*yesi

    Re: Gas?

    my baby would cry and cry because she couldnt pass her gas. We use mylacon and do leg excercises: bicycling and bend both her legs up. i know I had a hard time buping her because she was my first...
  8. Re: Big baby getting hungry-is it ok to give formula only for first 3 days?

    my daughter was born 2 weeks early and a tinny baby, 6 lbs 2oz and 21 inches long. she lost her 10% of body weight and I was exclusivly breastfeeding, but at her 2 weeks visit she had not gained her...
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    Re: 7 week old not sleeping, please help!

    What sooths my baby back to sleep is a pacifier have u tried that??? If she dosent take it I put a litle mylacon on it so she'll start sucking on it and she goes to sleep on her own.
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