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  1. Re: Venting, looking for feedback and enouragement...

    wow! lots of great advise! i see alot of women breastfeed past the one year mark -as a first time mome and breastfeeding for the past 4 1/2 months i am curious why and how breastfeeding would go past...
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    Re: drying up?

    i know jsut how you feel! my milk supply is really sensetive... any stress i experience, no matter how low the amount and my milk supply disappears!

    try fenugreek! i take the capsules, i take 3...
  3. Re: What do you do with the rest of the avacado?

    lol! i love avocado! and would be happy to eat one a day! i always tell my husband that when we buy our own home, all i want is an avocado tree!

    anyway! since im such a fan of the avocado i've...
  4. Re: Day Care wants me to add rice cereal?

    well.. sounds like her offering to do you a favor really means if you could do HER a favor.

    im a first time mom and things have been difficult for me because EVERYONE has their 2 cents to put in...
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