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    Allergic symptoms...?

    Yey.. I think we've reached my son's tolerance to something... I am just not sure on what.

    Since he was 2.5 months (back when I was still on ML, and otherwise breast feeding him night and day),...
  2. Re: Giving them tastes before 6mo... is that ok?

    Interesting viewpoints. I think it does have a role in the history of allergies in the family too now.

    My parents told me I was allergic to cow's milk formula (I came from the age when bottle...
  3. Giving them tastes before 6mo... is that ok?

    I'm pretty much sold on brestfeeding my son up to and past 6 months before getting him more involved with eating cereals and food. Unfortunately, I'm a working mom equipped with breastpump, and I...
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