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  1. Re: strike or something else? plz. help!

    I tried to post a reply the other day, but I guess it didn't work. Hm? Anyway, I think now her ears are feeling better. On Friday I wasn't so sure, because she was still pulling on them and crying...
  2. Re: strike or something else? plz. help!

    You know, I actually don't know about her ears. Sometimes she seems ok, but then last night she moaned off and on all night, and she was pulling on them an awful lot yesterday. She's also fussy...
  3. Re: strike or something else? plz. help!

    Well, we're on day 6 of her nursing strike, and even though I'm trying to be patient and not get discouraged, I'm having a hard time with it. This is SO hard emotionally! :( I know one of you...
  4. Re: strike or something else? plz. help!

    Thanks everyone. I took her to the doctor and it looks like she's got an ear infection, so I'll keep offering until she takes it. Hopefully it will be soon - I hate pumping! Poor baby. :(
  5. strike or something else? plz. help!

    I was wondering if anyone with an older baby/toddler has experienced this and gotten past it. DD is almost 13 mos. old and has still been nursing 3-4 times a day. Up until yesterday she really seems...
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    Re: first postpartum period?

    Oh, sorry! :) DD is 6.5 mos.; we started solids at 4 mos. per my pediatrician's instructions. She nurses 5-6 times a day and sleeps 12 hours at night.
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    first postpartum period?

    repost from Fertility thread...seems slow over there. Please help!

    A couple of weeks ago I thought for sure I was getting my first PPAF. I only had very light spotting for about a week, light...
  8. Re: Please help me figure out my breast pain

    I tried to fix the above post, but I must've done it wrong. Anyway, I tried to edit it to say the pain actually goes away after she's been nursing for a little bit, maybe 10-30 sec.
  9. Re: Please help me figure out my breast pain

    Yes, it does lessen as it progresses. I also noticed they hurt if I'm not wearing a bra and a rough tank top brushes them. But those are the only times...
  10. Please help me figure out my breast pain

    My nipples have been sore for about a week. The pain is like a dull "sore" pain when DD latches on and starts sucking and when I very first start pumping. I should also note that I have some pain in...
  11. Help - I had to supplement & am now trying to introduce breastfeeding

    My baby was born 2 weeks 5 days ago tongue-tied and couldn't latch onto the breast, so we had to supplement. I've actually been pumping and have been giving her solely breast milk for about a week...
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