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  1. Are 5 feeds a day enough for a 4 month old?

    Currently I feed my 4 month old 6 times a day. She seems to be trying to drop one of those feeds. We used to nurse every 3 hours, but she kept pushing that to every 4 hours by sleeping through a...
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    green poops happy baby?


    I'm having trouble figuring out what to do about consistantly green poopy diapers. My baby seems happy and not overly gassy, but her poops are green, sometimes seedy, sometimes mucusy.

  3. When can I stop the pumping and fenugreek? r/o

    Last weekend I came down with a nasty case of mastitis, which caused my milk supply to drop really low. All last week I pumped and took fenugreek, which seems to have brought my supply back up.

  4. New here- question about the number of feedings per day

    Hi! My baby just turned 3 months, and for the last few weeks we've dropped the 10:00/11:00 feeding. She was sleeping through it. We tried waking her for the feeding for a few weeks, and then the Dr....
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