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  1. Re: Does mixing breastmilk and formula counteract the breastmilk benefits???

    Hi, I was just wondering the same thing today!! I work three days a week and only have time to pump twice during the workday. Hence, I don't get nearly enough to provide for my son and my stash is...
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    Re: Sterilizing plastic pump parts - how often?

    I wash with very hot water after every session, dishwasher once a week (sometimes every two weeks), and sterilize when I have a chance (maybe once a month)
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    Re: homemade baby food and water

    We do the homemeade baby food as well. It's easy and my ds loves it! The website posted earlier is a great website; I really recommend it! We didn't do the infant cereal because it constipated him as...
  4. Re: starting solids and breastfeeding intervals

    My LO is now 8 months. At 6 months of age, he was eating about every 3-4 hours so I didn't drop any feedings when we began solids. I added a small amount of solids to his dinner feed and gradually...
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