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  1. Re: Nursing bras and underwires - question

    I wear a 36G and just can't do without an underwire. I tried the bravado and it gives me a uniboob, very disappointing. I have nursed 5 babies and never had a problem with the underwires. It seems to...
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    Re: Fighting sleep and nursing

    3 out of 5 of my kids have gone through a stage of that, the youngest is still in it. So none of you are alone.
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    Re: She can ask for cocoa...

    My DD who is nearly 4, began calling things like ice cream or sweets, num, around 18 months. Then she decided breast milk was num too and after a bit she began to call nursing nums. So she may choose...
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    Re: refusing cows milk

    My nearly 4 year old still doesn't drink cow's milk unless it is disguised with chocolate or strawberry flavoring. Most of the time she drinks water or watered down juice. Which like you, it odd to...
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    Re: He thinks I have 4 boobs!?

    My lo is of the opinion that the boobage must be exposed at all times whether she wishes to take advantage of it or not. I can be sitting there and her ignoring them until I pull my shirt down and...
  6. Re: Will Once A Day Keep Doc Away?

    In my experience, if your little one is around a ton of sick people, like at daycare, he/she will still get sick but like other posters said, he/she will fight it off better and quicker, without the...
  7. Re: Sad and Distressed (kind of a rant)

    I am with the other poster who said that if you and DH both aren't sure about this, maybe you should look at your options again. I always tell my teens that money is like grease, it makes things go...
  8. Re: nursing schedule/habits after one year?

    My youngest was 13 months old yesterday. She mostly determines when she nurses. I serve her 3 meals a day with the family. So her day works out like this: between 7 and 8am wakes up and nurses. Eats...
  9. Re: Does return of fertility cripple lactation?

    There is a definite slight dip in supply right after the fertile CM but it hardly should cause you to have to wean. I have been fertile since the baby was about 5 months and now at almost 13 months...
  10. The Butter and Avacados worked

    My LO had fallen off the bottom of the weight chart at 9 months and was only in the 15th for height. When she hit 11 months with no improvement although she was still nursing 5-7 times day, I decided...
  11. Re: wellbutrin and breastfeeding?

    not wellbutrin but I took zoloft through 2+ years of breastfeeding my 3.5 year old and took it through my last pregnancy and a year of BF my 12 month old. NO noticable side effects.
  12. Re: Thought I wanted to wean, but...

    She sounds like my nearly one year old. I also homeschool my 11th grader and have a 3 year old around the house. Yes, there are moments when it can be incinvenient to stop everything to nurse, but...
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    Re: Pressure to Wean BEFORE 1

    I have caught a bit of this weight business from my mom too. She is never been satisfied with my weight even when I weighed less than 120, "sigh". I always pull the antibody card when people comment...
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    Re: About low weight.....

    I haven't had a problem with my dr, they haven't said a word since she says a couple words, has been walking for 3 months and in every way but size is normal over above.
    I guess I just worry...
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    About low weight.....

    At her last visit(due to a minor injury), my youngest weighed in at 15 pounds 15 ounces at 11 months which is under the third percentile on the WHO growth chart. She is running between the 15th and...
  16. Re: 9 months old and in 5th percentile for weight

    If it is any consolation, my 11 month old (DD5) only weighs 15 pounds 15 ounces, to be in the same percentile for her height she should weigh about 19 pounds. The Dr hasn't said a word. My oldest...
  17. Re: question about other liquids

    I have gone as low as 4 times a day without offering anything else. With my kids, as they got older I would give them a cup of water if they were at a family meal so they would feel included. If your...
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    Re: my LO hates whole milk!

    How about trying yogurt. My 4th didn't drink cow's milk until about 18 months but she loved baby yogurt(yo-baby from stonyfield) has over 100 calories in a little cup and it made from whole milk so...
  19. Re: BM not good after 6 months of nursing??

    urban myth? mostly misinformation I think. At one time this was the medical advice I think. My mom weaned all her babies at six months, except for me. I was an evil baby who wouldn't drink out of a...
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    Re: chocolate?

    to alyssamommy,
    I was one of those kids who was very limited in my sweets until I moved out of my parents home. I was allowed candy twice a year, at Easter and Christmas, and then only 2 small...
  21. Re: Do I have "Low-Fat" Breastmilk?

    I think your son is probably just small. My youngest is that way and my husband and are not not short people. She just weighed in at less than 16 pounds at 11 months. She has always run in the 15-25%...
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    Re: Green Milk

    Are you taking any vitamen supplements. I know I take a B vitamin that gives my milk a yellow tint. Maybe iron?
  23. Re: breastmilk for older children

    I have given my 3 year old BM in a cup when she was sick, so I would say no it is not crazy. It doesn't taste much like cow's milk so the older one may not take to it.
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    Re: breastfeeding at 12 mo

    Well ,my 11 month old nurses when she wakes up around 8:30-9am then about an hour later, then before lunch 11:30ish, around 2, then maybe 5 or 6 pm, then 8-9 and maybe one more time before going to...
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    Re: Breaking the rules

    I think the key things is the some people part. I have never been careful about avoiding food allergies... and none of my 5 kids have them. I have given all of them cow's milk, peanuts, all manner of...
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