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  1. Re: Do you find it creepy when they talk about it?

    Not at all . . . I've always found it strange when people say you should wean them when they're old enough to ask for it. With any other food, other people like grandparents are THRILLED when the kid...
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    Re: Breastfeeding past the age of two.

    I was prepared to nurse my DD til she self-weaned, which she did at 3.5 years. I'm planning to do the same for my DS. Child-led weaning isn't for everyone, but it is (IMO) so much easier and more...
  3. Re: Please Help - Trying To Stop Breastfeeding

    Good for you, nursing twins for the first couple of months! You're giving them a great start in life!

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    Re: I Think she's weaned

    Wow, *hugs* for you! My DD hasn't asked to nurse in over a month now, so I'm assuming she's weaned . . . bittersweet times when they grow up! :o
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    Re: When did/will you stop NIP?

    Emily was just a little over 3 the last time she NIP'ped; she had gotten really upset after church, and during a business meeting, we sat and nursed for a few minutes. She hadn't asked to NIP for...
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    Re: Really extended

    Hey, Ivy! Where in China are you living? We're in Gansu province! :)

    I tandem nursed my two for almost 2 years before my DD weaned at age 3.5. She was still nursing a lot around age 2.5, and still...
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    Re: Your first exposure to ENing?

    A friend of ours was nursing her 2.5 year old; before I got pregnant, I remember thinking it was odd, but not wrong or anything.

    Fast-forward a few years; my 3.5 year old just recently weaned...
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