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    Re: pumping with a newborn questions

    I would always pump right after my first nursing session of the morning starting at 3 weeks. I would get at most 2 oz. I went back to work at 7 weeks and this little bit was enough to get my stash...
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    Re: The "F" word.

    Wow you sure were dedicated the first time around, so good for you :D

    With my first I BF'd for 13weeks and when I went back to work full time my supply tanked and didn't do well pumping at all. I...
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    pumped and thawed milk

    So this week we have been pounded with snow and I had all my bottles ready for daycare and well they haven't been touched since Tuesday night and its now Saturday. Since my little man doesn't get...
  4. Re: Very different output between breasts

    I have this problem, sometimes I will get the same amount from both but often I get a oz. to 1/2 less from the right side then my left!

    The funny part is that I had a lot of trouble with my left...
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