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    when can I start other foods?

    When can I start giving cheese, yogurt, noodles, tomato sauce, and when can they eat sweets like ice cream or cake? And also when can he start learning to eat little pieces of food instead of pureed...
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    still biting...

    My son, now almost 8months old... started biting a little when I nursed him but eventually kicked that habit for the most part... now however... he bites anything he can. He bites my face, hand,...
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    How often should I feed solids?

    My 7 month old son has started solids and I was wondering how often to feed him. I am either too lazy, too busy, or a mixture of both... but I only get around to feeding him solids once a day or...
  4. Temas: biting!?

    by drewsmom22


    My 7 month old son started solids a month or so ago and since has learned to bite me when nursing. I am sure this problem has been addressed a million times but how do I discourage him from doing...
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    Starting solids and milk production?

    I just started my 6 month old on some sweet potatos yesterday and then he went down for a four hour nap! By the time he woke up my breasts were so full and on one side there is a hard spot. I'm...
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    growth spurt or ready for solids?

    My baby has been very very grumpy lately... especially after he eats. He eats on both sides for quite awhile but can't seem to get enough because when he is done he keeps trying to latch on again and...
  7. Re: Needs to nurse more often all of a sudden

    Thanks for the advice. I read in that kellymom website he could be fussy because he is learning to roll over now too. I called the pedi and they upped his meds. Do you know about how long after I...
  8. Re: Needs to nurse more often all of a sudden

    Are they supposed to be extra fussy during a growth spurt? His reflux meds used to work and now maybe they don't. He screams and spits up after every feeding. Is this normal for a growth spurt or is...
  9. Needs to nurse more often all of a sudden

    My son used to eat every 3 hours or so, he is now 3 months old and for about the past week or two he has needed to eat every two hours at the longest, sometimes less. He will only sleep for one 3...
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    Re: One breast per feeding session??

    My baby did the same thing for a little while and then just started taking only one side again recently. I asked my doctor and she said that I shouldn't pump the other side because your breasts work...
  11. Re: Please help! Same crying fit each night!

    My baby had this same exact problem! He would start crying at 8 PM and cry for two or three hours. I tried a million different things, but the "colic" carry worked for me MOST of the time. I put his...
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    Re: When to start solids?

    Thanks so much, those websites were very helpful. And may I just say... your baby has the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen! She is gorgeous.
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    When to start solids?

    I have friends that have like 3.5 to 4.5 month olds that have already started on solids. My doctor said to wait till 6 months and that is all I have heard. So why would these mothers choose to do it...
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    skipping meals and milk supply?

    How does skipping a meal affect my milk supply? Sometimes I miss lunch or breakfast, what harm does this cause?
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