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  1. Re: Is it to late to get my 7 month old to nurse?


    It might be worth trying some of the methods that can be used on these pages trying to coax baby to the breast...

    Good luck
  2. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    My little girl pulls off one breast yells 'SIDEs' at the top of her voice and grins at me waiting in anticipation to be switched. She then does the same on the other side about 30 sec's...
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    Re: weight check today

    Contrary to the infomation you have been given that your milk is less fatty now, it actually more fatty than when they are newborn and still gives excellant nutrition - for human babies and not...
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    Re: Breast and Nipple Pain

    Last week i too had nipple pain that i though was due to 'extreme nursing' (gymnastics) and pulling off:eye. I also notice she was nursing less, at least in the daytime. Then for the last 2 nights...
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