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    One year and counting :)

    My baby boy turned a year on Friday, and he is nursing strong still! He is a HUGE almost 27 lbs and 31 1/2 inches tall. BIG BOY he isn't a huge food eater so almost all of that weight is breastmilk...
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    Re: Solids and a petite baby

    So sorry for your loss, I too have an older child, then an angel baby, stillborn at 38 weeks, I then went on to have 2 more kids. My daughter who was born after my loss, was TINY!!! She remained tiny...
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    Re: Need to drink water to have let down

    I have similar experience. Not that I have issues with LD, but I do notice that when I drink water, after a few sips, I have let down, this is while nursing of course! Without water, baby has to wait...
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    Re: 8-mo-old not interested in solids

    my DD didn't start eating till about 10 months, my baby now likes to self feed, but JUST getting into it and he is 10 months. My Pedi at his 9 month apt told me not to worry, as he is getting all he...
  5. Temas: Biting

    by @llli*dara

    Re: Biting

    my 9 mo DS has decided that chomping down with his 7 teeth on mommy's nipple is great fun. I have had to relatch him several times. He laughs, but sometimes he gets pouty too. I have to be diligent...
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    Re: Weaning 4 yr old help!!

    my DD self weaned at 4 years and 10 days! She weaned when her baby bro was born, she said he needed it now not her. Turns out, she was grossed out by his saliva and spit up...lol. Now he is 9 months...
  7. Re: 6 mos old BF, not yet rolling over,fine?

    agree :)
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    Re: Zombie mommy

    well, nursing might not be the issue. I couldn't nurse my oldest due to a complete unilateral cleft lip and palate, and he was and is the worst sleeper EVER!!! My DD who nursed till 4 is the best...
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    Re: Very small toddler - 21 months/18lbs

    my DD was very tiny off the charts, smaller then your DS at a year. by 2 she got to the bottom of the charts, but she was 24lbs by 2. We had many tests and food diaries, and nothing came thru an...
  10. Re: BLW started but scared myself already :-(

    my oldest was 5 1/2 months and loved baby cereal. My middle hated any and all food until near 10 months, and then wanted to feed herself. This time around, baby boy at 6 months isn't at all...
  11. Re: Havn't slept in 18th Months, time to wean?

    I didn't nurse my oldest, as he was born with a complete unilateral cleft lip and palate, but I did pump for him. He was and still is a TERRIBLE sleeper. No nursing at all, terrible sleeper. Now I...
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    Re: Is this common???

    YES my 3yo DD nursed thru my entire preg with my son, and it HUUUUURT, specifically the initial latch on. Totally normal. She weaned when he was born, it was her own idea...whew! I would have tandem...
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    Re: Baby Led Weaning anyone?

    avocado, banana, black beans, potatoes, etc...anything that is soft and can be mushed in the mouth without the need for chewing.
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    Re: How long does yellow & seedy last?

    same as my DS who is almost 4 mos.
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    Re: Can you temporarily wean for 10 days?

    My thoughts exactly! Maybe take DH too :)
  16. Re: Anyone still nursing at age 4? dealing with low milk sup

    My DD self weaned 11 days after her 4th birthday! I didn't have much, but I was preg so that's prob why. If she didn't wean, we would still be nursing today. just wanted to send support your way. It...
  17. Re: Exclusively pumping- need help increasing supply

    I EPed for my oldest for 11 months due to his cleft lip and palate. I had no mils supply issues, what I did was pump after every feed. I used a hosp grade double pump, I pumped for 20 minutes at...
  18. Re: Milk running out babies nose while feeding

    hmm, having a child with a cleft palate, it sounds all too familiar. I am not saying yours has a cleft palate, cause he prob wouldn't be able to nurse at all. Maybe a fistula? Maybe a sub mucosa...
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    Re: he plans to go cold turkey

    YES, my DD who just turned 4 decided that when her baby bro was born, she didn't need to nurse anymore. She quit cold turkey and hasn't asked to nurse once since she has made the decision.

  20. we are weaned, at 4 years and 10 days...

    So, I had almost expected DD to wean after her baby bro was born, but was realistic that it might not happen at all.

    I never told her she couldn't nurse, but my 7yo son told her that once baby...
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    Re: officially nursing a 4yo!

    I am wondering if she will continue after baby is here (next week...lol) but I am guessing she will! Should be interesting for sure!
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    officially nursing a 4yo!

    My DD tunred 4 yesterday, and while the nursing is much les frequent and much less in duration, she stil nurses a few times a day. I am also due with #4 very shortly, so I dont even think I have much...
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    Re: 4 year old lost her latch?

    awww, my DD is nearly 4, and I am certain there is no milk left, as I am close to 34 weeks preg...never feel let down, she just nurses for a few seconds and then is done. I think its more comfort.
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    Re: 3 years and counting?!?!?!

    CONGRATS!!! Almost 4 years over here...sometimes the reality of that is just amazing! Great work mama :)
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    Re: Tongue thrust at 8 months?

    My DD hated to be spoon fed, and really dint start to accept food until about 10 months old. Fast forward she is now 4 and a better eater then my 7yo son, who as a baby ate earlier and accepted the...
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