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    Re: distraught and discouraged

    Thank you very much! I'm going to definitely check that out today. :)
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    Re: distraught and discouraged

    That's amazing! What sort of changes did you make to your diet? I'm very interested in reading the book, thank you!
  3. Re: Flu shot for a 10 1/2 month old breast fed baby?

    I have to chime in here and say that the couple years I had a flu shot, I was more sick in those years than I ever had been at any other time. Would your baby not get benefit from the antibodies...
  4. Re: 5 mo is sleeping all night- increase ounces during the d

    These days, I offer LO more during the day because of the hot weather. She seems to need it to stay hydrated. Not more during each feeding - but more opportunities to 'top up'. (She sweats a lot...
  5. Re: 5 mo is sleeping all night- increase ounces during the d

    I think I would send a little more milk for her during the day . . . just to be sure she's getting enough.
  6. Re: low milk supply - have to supplement with formula

    Hello . . . just thought I'd offer my two cents here. My LO is now 4.5 months old - but at her 2 week check - Dr. told me to supplement with formula because weight gain was not enough. Shallow...
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    Re: Made it to 1 Year!

    Congratulations!!! :cheer
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    Re: 4mo distractions

    I'm going through the exact same thing with my 4 month old! Today especially was a *very* distractible day and DH and I were discussing things we could do to encourage her to eat better. I think...
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    Re: breastfeeding and spit up

    My LO is 4 months and spits up constantly! We've found little things that help . . . like not putting her on her tummy after she eats, making sure when she's in a sitting position that her diaper is...
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    Re: Supply Related Strike

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    Re: Help with 4 month old nursing change

    My LO is four months old now and doing the very same thing. Pulling off and talking, smiling or looking around. ANY distraction at all and she's wanting to investigate. I'm trying to nurse her in...
  12. Re: Sudden change in nursing habbit. Reassurance needed :)

    That's fantastic! I'm with iritita . . . long as your getting proper number of wet diapers and baby is gaining that's awesome!! It is a little scary when baby changes things up isn't it?? My 4 mo....
  13. Re: Humid, Hot Weather and Decreased Nursing

    Thank you. :) I'm offering to nurse LO more often and will opt to pump if necessary.
  14. Humid, Hot Weather and Decreased Nursing

    Yesterday brought in the beginning of a summer heat wave that is slated to last for a while. LO has entered a stage of great distractibility . . . that coupled with her feeling the heat a tremendous...
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    Re: Dark green stools

    My LO goes through green poops all the time! I was told not to worry about it if everything else was fine. Still haven't figured out exactly why this is . . . but for us it's no longer something I...
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    Re: Help with co-sleeping


    I co sleep with my LO and wouldn't have it any other way. Went through the same as what you're doing - with baby sleeping in a cot right...
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    Re: Co Sleeping and Pinched Nerve?

    Yeah, I have to find a way to sleep that stops this. I think something may be pinched as even during the day now - say if I'm putting on some makeup the one hand starts to get tingly. It's just been...
  18. Re: Nursing Problems (?) My 4 Week Old Angel...

    I wanted to pop in and give an update. LO is now 3 months and we are doing wonderfully! A week ago we were able to stop pumping alltogether. Little by little as babes has grown, she's become...
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    Re: Co Sleeping and Pinched Nerve?

    I switch sides during the night a couple of times. I will try propping myself up with a couple pillows and having baby sleep on my tummy. A couple nights of that on and off may help. Oh, and I'm...
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    Co Sleeping and Pinched Nerve?

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem....

    I co sleep with my LO - she nurses on and off throughout the night and obviously is close to me throughout the night. As a result - I sleep...
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    Re: Looking for support :(

    My mom and I were just having a conversation about this . . . . she expressed great regret at just accepting the doctors and psychologists thinking of that time. She was literally 'bound up' and...
  22. Re: Yeast Infection...treat baby too??

    I just got over one and baby was fine. :-) good hygiene is key.
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    Re: Nursing Strike... help!

    My LO will often fuss and not want to nurse. I tried rubbing her lower gum with my finger and it encouraged her to latch on. I have to make the transition from finger to nipple pretty quick but it...
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    Re: not gaining weight

    I found it a struggle to pump much milk as well . . . kind of freaked out thinking that I didn't have 'enough' - - but that wasn't the case. My LO has just turned 3 months and things are finally...
  25. Re: Breast size changes during breastfeeding

    I have the same thing . . . right boob is smaller. My first daughter preferred the left side - so the right was always smaller. Now, second daughter prefers the right side and it seems to be slowly...
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