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    Re: 2 years!

  2. Re: 32 week Preemie Twins Weaning Off The Pump

    I have twins, too :) They are age seven, now! Congratulations and nice work!

    Some ideas for weaning off the pump:
    - How much are you pumping now? Is it routine? Or just for comfort or to pump off...
  3. Re: Effect on supply when baby sleeps longer

    Hey, welcome! I agree that it can be overwhelming to search information for breastfeeding, as it seems everyone has an opinion :)

    La Leche League is a great place to come for support and ideas!...
  4. Re: Breastfeeding and pumping questions for a 3 week old

    More on that here: http://www.ameda.com/breast-pumping/getting-started/flange-fit

    Ideas for paced bottle feeding, so that baby doesn't accidentally get overfed. Bottles only provide food....
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    Re: Reflux or Overactive Letdown?

    Yay, some ideas and plans in the works! That's great :)

    It does tend to run in families :)
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    Re: Reflux or Overactive Letdown?

    Good for you researching and asking questions!

    Sometimes mom's OALD is accompanied by tongue restrictions in baby (e.g. tongue tie). Have you had that tested? Many babies whose tongues work...
  7. Re: Breastfeeding and pumping questions for a 3 week old

    Ah, these are great questions! Every breastfeeding mom has questions, even when things are going well! Hence: La Leche League :) And pp had some great ideas!

    Many mothers find that if they...
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    Re: Help! Baby won't nurse!

    Oh, I am sorry you're going through this! It is just rough to have some many little ones dependent on you, and all while you're recovering from this birth! Seeing two lactation consultants and your...
  9. Re: Baby 9 days old, difficulty nursing

    There's always hope! It takes a good 4-6 weeks of nursing going well for milk supply to be well established. So you know all those moms that had babies the same day you did and breastfeeding is going...
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    Re: Very low milk supply

    This is so hard!! It can be soooo frustrating to have a fussy baby after nursing! I'm glad you have come for some help!

    Have you seen an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)?...
  11. Re: "No milk in it" says my nursing a 2.5 year old

    Ah, this happens! Older nurslings make comments about quantity and quality of mom's milk!

    Is he willing to nurse even though your supply is low? Does he enjoy nursing even when he doesn't get much...
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    Re: 7mo bobbing on and off breast

    This can be tough! Some ideas that may or may not work for your situation:

    - Some moms find that little ones reject the breast when they are getting substantial amounts of solids. Some babies are...
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    Re: drying up one breast

    I agree with mommal that weaning is more successfully attempted when mastitis is cleared up.

    Some moms work with their doctor to test their milk for bacteria to make sure that the antibiotic...
  14. Re: Sore cracked nipples ... Help please !!!

    Here are a few resources you might review

    A latch video: http://www.ameda.com/breastfeeding/positioning-and-latching-on/bf-your-baby-knows-how-to-latch-on
  15. Re: Baby 9 days old, difficulty nursing

    It's very common to have just a few drops come out the first few pumping sessions. Your body will learn to make milk for a pump.

    Breast compressions do wonders for breast pumps!...
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    Re: Jaundice

    Here is the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine's jaundice protocol: http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Protocols/Protocol%2022%20Jaundice.pdf

    You might print it off and show your doctor.

  17. Re: 7wk old not nursing effectively

    You are asking good questions! Mothers in all sorts of nutritional/hydration/stress situations are able to produce high quality milk for their babies, if the babies are nursing effectively as often...
  18. Re: New development while supplementing

    Ugh, this can be difficult!! Glad you are checking in for ideas! Have you gotten help with boosting your supply? What have you tried? What are your goals for breastfeeding? How much of her milk is...
  19. Re: Baby 9 days old, difficulty nursing

    Yay!! You're a breastfeeding mother! Your baby is getting some of your milk! No better gift you can give that cutie. Good work.

    Lots of skin-on-skin time with your baby can do wonders for him and...
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    Re: 3 week old concerns!!

    Signs your baby is getting enough milk:
    - Nurses as often as he wants for as long as he wants. Many mothers report this is 10-12 times per 24 hours or more.
    - Has about 3 "ok"-sized messy diapers...
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    Re: Change in Feeding Patterns

    Many mothers have reported an improvement in their baby's temperament when they go off hormonal birth control.
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    Re: Fussy at breast 4 month old

    What you're describing sounds a bit like flow preference, getting upset when the flow of the breast slows down. Breast compressions have helped many mothers with that concern. Video here:...
  23. Re: Constant Nursing and Crying - Help Appreciated!

    Remember that breastfeeding is more than just getting calories from one human being to another. It's also about comforting and caring for your baby ... at the breast. This is wonderful in so many...
  24. Re: breastfeeding twins -- nursing vacation to increase supp

    Nursing as often as the babies want for as long as the babies want is how most mothers of twins ensure their babies are getting enough milk.

    What signals do you see that tell that your babies are...
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    Re: Weaning 13 month

    What mommal said.

    And just a note that the white dots on the nipple are likely dried milk.
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