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    Re: where to go from here

    Grapes: cut into rings.
    Watermelon: cubed
    Chicken: little shreds
    Potatoes: cooked and cubed
    cheese: small pieces

    I never liked giving him fruits with peels because he would just spit them out...
  2. Re: Help with breastfeeding and sleeping through the night

    I don't know. It IS 100% normal for babies to wake up and all that, but not necessarily are you up to it. If you're delirious and getting angry with your son, then no this is not the situation that...
  3. Re: how to increase nap length on one nap? 15mo

    Babies sleep in cycles. AFter about 45 minutes of sleep, one cycle turns into another and that's why lots of babies will wake up or fidget then, most going back to sleep afterwards. My baby does that...
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    Re: Areola pain after plugged duct

    I've had that at times. It could be there is still some residual milk just underneath the areaola, that your older son was able to push it forward but it might not be completely 100% gone yet. But...
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    Re: We made it a year!!!!

    Also, it really has to do with YOUR attitude. If you deal with breastfeeding in a casual way the it tends to not bother the other people. Whereas if it becomes a whole procedure, then people may...
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    Re: Stomach virus and supply

    At this age it shouldn't be a problem if she nurses less because she is probably supplementing with other foods/liquids by now. I had a stomach virus at 3 months (baby was EBF at the time) and I was...
  7. Re: So let this be a warning to you pumpers....

    You probably have lipase in your milk. Did you taste it? My milk got that way if I left it in the fridge for longer than a few hours so I would work around the lipase issue by freezing the milk...
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    Re: baby refuses bottle

    My baby slept 5-7 hour chunks at that age (from 6-12 weeks only, though!) and didn't need to eat during that time. My baby would eat 2 ounces a day for 8 hours of separation during a full work day...
  9. Re: Late Nipple confusion?? Nursing strike??

    Agree with Maddieb. Whenever my baby was sick with congestion like an ear infection or cold, he very often refused to nurse besides for the feedings during his sleep. I never offered bottles while at...
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    Re: Growth Spurts and Bottlefeeding

    You got great advice! I just have another idea that you might consider. I sent my baby each day with 2 large-ish bottles (5 and 4 ounces each, give or take) for an eight-hour separation. My baby like...
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    Re: mastitis/blocked duct

    If your fever broke, your body is probably fighting it. But I am not a doctor. I'd take some ibuprofin and put cabbage leaves on the affected side (wear it inside of a loose-fitting bra). Drink a...
  12. Re: Forgot to put milk in fridge when I got home from work..

    I'd use it.

    But btw, a freezer bag within a fridge (without an ice pack) doesn't get very cold because of the thermal protection around it. IOW, it can take a long while for the item inside to...
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    Re: nipple pain

    I got it every time my baby got a new tooth that was up front. It would last for just a few days. If it's tender even while not nursing him, it may be hormonal, such as from ovulation or a pregnancy.
  14. Re: Will feeding less often lead to better nighttime sleep?

    I have given probiotics many times while my baby was exclusively nursing. You can get regular adult probiotics in capsules and just open the capsule (my pedi said this was fine to do). Either dip a...
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    Re: Pump weaning

    I pumped 2x a day at work. When I was ready to stop pumping (because my baby wasn't drinking my bottles anyway anymore) I pumped the morning pump as normal. Then for the second session I just waited...
  16. Re: Confused about using both breasts

    I agree with mommal. I have had periods of time where one side produced a lot more than the other (and therefore he'd favor that side) so I'd start (and try to end) every feeding with the unfavored...
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    Re: Water, nursing, self-weaning?

    My 17 month old nurses just about 3 times in 24 hours. I never really offer water. When my son drinks during the day it's 95% milk and sometimes water/juice if he simply must have whatever we're...
  18. Re: How long should baby be "gulping"?

    Is your LC a certified IBCLC? I wonder why she is giving paci advice like that! It's fine to let your baby suck on you for as long as she wants! You do not have to pry her off you if she's still...
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    Re: 8 mo won't take a bottle

    When I went back to work at 8 weeks, my baby refused to take more than 2 oz in the entire 8 hour day. The next day he took a bit more, and so on. By 2 weeks he was drinking whatever I had sent along....
  20. Re: How long should baby be "gulping"?

    I don't know if that's the best advice. Really you should wait until your baby finishes with one side before transferring her to the other. Gulping phase can vary greatly between age, time since last...
  21. Re: Oh No! Pump broken at work and not sure what to do!

    I have done it once or twice and felt fine and it didn't cause any issues. If you feel really engorged then you would need to do something about it. I would hand express in such a situation. You...
  22. Re: When Pumping/Daycare doesn't work

    In my area, there are so many new mothers and so many babysitters that the going hourly rate for daytime babysitting is $5 an hour. And these are experienced women babysitters! If I worked at home I...
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    Re: lost supply :(

    I think your baby is being overfed. For how many hours of separation is your baby consuming 22-24 ounces?
  24. Re: Exclusively breastfeeding but got my period today :(

    I mean how can a woman be sure she is covered under LAM if she didn't yet get her period? Assuming she does not chart temps or use OPKs to know if she indeed ovulates. I often hear stories of mothers...
  25. Re: Pump weaning....DD almost 12 months

    I pump weaned when I saw he started refusing to take a bottle of pumped milk for over a week. I saw there was no point really if he didn't take bottles. Besides he was 13 months old. I went from...
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