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    Re: My constant battle

    I've always really struggled with supply and I work 12 hour shifts so I just don't think I could go without pumping at all. I really really wish I could. I've cut down to only two 15 min sessions...
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    My constant battle

    I didn't know I'd make it but I have, my LO is 1yo and we are still nursing!:clap:D

    I've had such a struggle with supply and work and and and.....

    Now I feel I'm facing my biggest struggle,...
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    Re: When you're told a year is IT.

    I am so grateful for all the help! I really thought I would have to wean. I've already been able to extend my pumping sessions a bit. I'm just paranoid cause I've had soooo much struggle with supply...
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    Re: When you're told a year is IT.

    No, I work emergency services and we get potty breaks but that's about it. I'm thinking I could probably get away with one maaaaaybe two breaks to pump if I need without anyone having a problem, just...
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    Re: When you're told a year is IT.

    I'm worried that my supply would tank I suppose. Not to mention my schedule is so wacky my body is always confused, work 2 off 2, work 3 off 2, work 2 off 3.

    Do you think it'd be terribly...
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    A beautiful moment....

    This morning my little man stole my heart yet again.

    I drug myself into bed after a long 12hr shift of nights (7p-7a). The sun was bright but my room was dim and cool. My 7 month old son heard...
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    When you're told a year is IT.

    I've so far made it seven months! We went throught TONS of supply issues and pumping issues and we've now found a very VERY happy place with nursing. I'm really loving it. My boss tells me the other...
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    Re: When Aunt Flo returns.....

    With my first baby AF came back with a vengance. With my second it was really heavy but not any more or less painful than normal.

    Fun thing is, since I've increased my supply....it's gone again...
  9. Re: working 80 hours a week & milk supply

    Gosh do I ever understand your situation.

    I work in emergency services and 12hr shifts. Though I'm not on my feet it's a stressful job. I had the WORST time with supply issues.

    The fenugreek...
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    Re: Car travel & breastfeeding

    I have a question/thought. When I was in Europe I noticed they had a wonderfully efficient train system. I took trains all over Germany and France. I hated driving.

    Is there a train that you could...
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    Re: Letdown premonition?

    When I first went back to work my DH and I did an expieriment. I'd text him when I'd have a letdown and almost every time LO was either crying or eating. It was too cool. I'm afraid with the extended...
  12. Sticky: Re: Legality of domperidone in the US - please read

    Nah, New Zealand....it's warmer! LOL.
  13. Sticky: Re: Legality of domperidone in the US - please read

    Ok so this is also my understanding as I was a police officer and have many friends in the legal field. It is not considered a controlled substance like say Vicodin. Therefore I was told I can't sell...
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    It's WORKING!!!!

    I can't thank you ladies enough for supporting me. All the ideas, and herbs, and pumping....and pumping for endless weeks....pumping.

    I finally caved and educated myself :information as best I...
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    Re: insightful article to share

    That was an awesome article. Thanks for that.
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    Re: Period and Supply Drop

    How are you taking the mag/cal supplements? Are you doing it throughout the day or at once?

    My mother has to take high amounts of calcium due to a thyroid condition (her life depends on it....who...
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    Re: How well will this work?

    I'm in the SAME boat. I've tried everything. To include crazy herb combos, food combos, combos of those combos and pumping till....well, I dream of pumping. UGH.:eye

    I'm waiting for my dom to come...
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    Re: Ok to sleep long stretches?

    I was told by my pediatrician with both my babies that at that age I shouldn't let them go more than about 5hrs mostly so his blood sugar didn't get too low (at least that's what he said). My son did...
  19. Re: I've made it 6 months BF'ing! :)

    :clap WOOOOHOOOOO :woohoo:rockon

    :cheer Happy Dance! :dance

    I can only imagine how rewarding that is and how proud you must be!
    Way to go momma!!! :clap
  20. Re: Going to meet with a LC...what to expect?

    Thank you! Those are very good suggestions. This particular person usually does house calls, however I'm not sure if she would in my case due to my distance. I will start tracking his output much...
  21. Going to meet with a LC...what to expect?

    I've finally thrown in the towel on my supply issues and am trying to make an appointment with a Lactation consultant. (I've tried pretty much everything but Dom or Reglan). Unfortunately the nearest...
  22. Letting down for the pump but not LO????

    Recently my let down takes FOREVER when I'm nursing but it's pretty immediate when I pump. It's almost as if my body responds better to the pump. :cry

    My little guy is very very patient but I...
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    Re: Eating oatmeal???

    Honestly, I've had the same result with 1 minute and old fashioned. You could try sprucing it up with lots of stuff though. I'm so SICK of oatmeal.

    I put apple butter in it, maple syrup, butter...
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    How much do I take?

    I just got some Shatavari. It's the liquid. How much should I take to increase supply?
    I've tried fenugreek, blessed thistle, alfalfa.... I noticed a difference the first time, weaned off of it...
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    Re: intolerant

    Just wanted to add for the babywearing suggestion.....I TOTALLY recommend the Sleepy wrap! They are soooo comfy and great for long term wearing. They are very versatile as you can wear them on your...
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