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    Re: Guidance on starting solids

    We went the Baby-Led Weaning route. http://www.rapleyweaning.com/
    I have the original book, but I hear the recipe book has the basic information along with good recipes.
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    Re: How to sleep for BF working mom

    I do agree that nursing can become a sleep association, but the question of how hard it is to break and when is the best time to break it is where the child's individual temperament comes into play. ...
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    Re: How to sleep for BF working mom

    I agree with this completely. I tried to "teach" my son to sleep without BFing to sleep but all it did was make bedtime take hours. And we did this for a couple of months at different ages. Sleep...
  4. Re: When co-workers bash on breastfeeding

    I would have told him that I still BF'ed my 3 year old. If he had any sense of decency he would have realized that his comment was inappropriate because it was insulting. If he continued down the...
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    Re: dayquil and breastfeeding

    There are a few different formulations, but most of the basic ingredients should be fine. Double check that the decongestant is phenylephrine, NOT pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine can dry up your...
  6. Re: pressure from outsiders to wean 12mo

    Co-workers? Clients? In what universe is that appropriate? I agree that it is completely rude to repeatedly ask and would offer an equally rude response along the lines of "my boobs, my business"....
  7. Re: PLEASE HELP!!!! What is an Ideal diet while breastfeedin

    Why do you have to cut back on eating vegetables? I have heard some people claim that when a mom eats gassy foods it makes the baby gassy, but that is a myth. I little bit of baby gas is not worth...
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    Re: Cereal Confusion

    Rice cereal is the typical recommended first food because it is easy to digest and has a low likelyhood of allergic response. This is especially important if you are starting baby on solids around 4...
  9. Re: How do you build a solid milk supply from day 1?

    How much time do you have after baby before you have to go back to work?

    I would not even touch the pump for the first month, and when you do start pumping only do it once a day to express...
  10. Re: Haven't BF in 4 months is it possible?

    I can't answer your question about bringing back your milk supply, but I can tell you that pumping shouldn't hurt or make you bleed, whether you are lactating or not. Check that your flanges fit...
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    Re: defrosted milk: can refreeze?

    Once milk has been frozen and defrosted you need to use it within 24 hours. Do not refreeze.
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    Re: Not responding to Hygeia Pump

    I did respond to your question in the other thread yesterday, but I have one more observation from my use of the Hygeia. I find that in order to get a let down I have to use what feels like more...
  13. Re: odd things we were told by the hospital

    You wouldn't need to lotion a newborn is the hospital didn't maintain the practice of bathing babies within minutes of them being born. It is unnecessary and bad for their skin.
  14. Re: To get or not to get (a new pump)

    I have both a Medela (from baby #1) and a Hygeia (insurance covered baby #2). I prefer the Medela, but the Hygeia works okay. Since the Medela has a better tote bag I keep it at home and use it...
  15. Re: Supplementing with homemade formula

    Pumping 10 ounces in 6 hours is really good! I pump around 13-15 ounces in 10 hours and most working moms consider that a really good output. You are away from baby for what? 7-8 hours? Then 10...
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    Re: Breastfeeding after Frenectomy

    My daughter also nursed my nipples raw before getter her tongue clipped. I pumped and had my husband offer a bottle once to give my nipples a break, but she wouldn't take it. :( If you are really...
  17. Re: Feeling attacked by husband, dentist, and doctor

    Toddlers manipulate, huh? Who knew! What exactly does night feeding have to do with that? You decide what you let your child do, and you not setting a limit for night feeding doesn't make your...
  18. Re: Low Supply AFTER the weekend with no pumping

    Ugh! I hate the pump! But maybe you are right and I need to do a pump or two over the weekend. I would just offer to nurse more often, but she is not into comfort nursing (prefers her thumb to me,...
  19. Low Supply AFTER the weekend with no pumping

    When I was working full time and pumping for my son a few years ago, I used the weekends to increase my supply by nursing frequently all weekend long. Usually my pumping output would be highest on...
  20. Re: Milk fat stuck to bottle during transfer

    I find it helps to leave the bottles out on the counter for a few minutes before swirling.
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    Re: Pumping - one side or both?

    I would pump both sides. I also had oversupply with my first and both my first and my current only nurse one side per session. I found that if I pumped just one side I would end up leaking on the...
  22. Re: My breastfed baby has an ear infection

    I am going to parrot maddieb, if baby is still suffering after 4 days, then it was not due to a bacterial ear infection, however, you should still finish the entire course of antibiotics. Once...
  23. Re: Stress and breastfeeding 5 month old.

    Co-sleeping isn't an all or nothing idea. A lot of moms on this forum, like me, start the night with baby in their crib then upon the first night waking they bring baby into their bed for the rest...
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    Re: Gas and spit up. Normal?.

    Sometimes a mother's milk supply can get to be too much during the first few months of nursing, which can lead to lots of spit ups. Milk supply can get be up and down during these first few months...
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    Re: profuse sweating while nursing

    babies sweat a lot from their heads, so it ends up looking like they are sweating a lot. Sometime after 8 months old or so, my son used to wake up from every nap with soaked hair. Profuse sweating...
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