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    Re: Still on Shield

    I don't have a lot of advice, accept to say that I used a nipple shield for 6 months with DD1, and one day she just nursed fine without it. It does take a leap of faith because you are right that...
  2. Re: am i wrong to set no limits on nursing?

    I agree with PPs.:ita I also would not be worried about the nutritional aspect either.
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    M2's Nursing Story

    M2 was a great nurser from the start. I had used a nipple shield with M1 and was really determined not to with her, so for the first few days there was a bit of struggle, but we got through it fine...
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    Re: Actively Weaning

    Just saw this! I was just about to post that we are officially done:cry:happytears We were just like you...down to one in the early morning. I will come back and read this thread more closely and...
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    Re: I need milk for at least year

    The stress could be effecting your ability to let-down, which can effect pumping for sure. But, your baby is still SO young. I don't think it is too late to bring him to breast. Women have nipples...
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    Re: Help for a friend

    pregnancy was my thought too. Let us know what she says. I hope you can help her figure it out.
  7. Re: How do your LOs manage things like rice or beans or peas??

    I was giving those much younger than 13 months, so personally I wouldn't worry at all. If they are cooked and can be mashed easily in your fingers, it should be fine:)
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    Re: 5 minute nursing sessions?

    I agree with PPs. My first daughter was a 40-minute nurser, but my second was just like yours. She would not scream after though. That makes me wonder if there may be some reflux going on with...
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    Re: Not Quite Biting But....

    :hugAre these new teeth?

    I remember this exact thing happening with M2 when she first got her top teeth. Mainly only when we were nursing lying down...so not sure if that was messing up our...
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    Re: Worried

    Well, you are doing the best thing, which is becoming informed ahead of time. If I were you I would:
    1. Read "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding"
    2. Stick around here and read up on older posts in...
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    Re: "I don't like mommy milk anymore"

    It does sound like there was some discussion about this while you were gone...it actually made me wonder if whoever was watching them while you were away was talking to them about it. But, like PPs...
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    Re: mammals nursing

    I was at a zoo and saw the baby gorilla nursing...although I knew she was only a month younger than M1 and at the time she was 18MO. We had actually just recently weaned and it made me feel a little...
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    mammals nursing

    I was looking through a baby encyclopedia of animals to M2 and she was fascinated by a picture of a horse nursing. She kept wanting me to show her all the baby animals nursing but I wasn't seeing...
  14. Re: Does this sound like oversupply?

    I agree it does sound like your flow is fast right now. But, at 6 weeks, your supply has probably not regulated yet. I would wait it out longer but if you are finding that this continues, there are...
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    Re: Lipase Issue...Advice?

    Unfortunately a lot of us deal with it. I stay at home, so I just pretty much bottle fed only when I had to. I would just scald before freezing or storing in fridge each time. If you are going to...
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    Re: urgent

    I was going to say you'd probably be fine for about 4 hours (maybe 5 as PP advised). Especially if he can have water so dehydration won't be an issue. If he comes back and nurses but you still feel...
  17. Re: I think we're almost night weaned...

    Sounds to me like you are almost there for sure!:clap My first was pretty much like that and by three nights she was completely SSTN...my now 19MO has been a different story:eye She probably took...
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    Re: help with negative feelings

    :ita I didn't experience this, but just wanted you to know you are not alone in having these feelings during let-down:hug I hope the information ooky gave you is helpful.
  19. Re: Fighting/thrashing at the breast

    How is his diaper output?

    Turning head while hanging onto the nipple may actually be signs of him not being satisfied with the flow of milk. I went through a very similar experience when my first...
  20. Re: Conflicting feelings about weaning (kinda long)

    I haven't read each response closely, but I agree with PP who said it is okay to set limits. I don't think it is too much to expect him to remain in your lap and calm during nursing sessions, or...
  21. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    When she alternates giving "high fives" and "pounds" while nursing
  22. Re: leaving nursing toddler for 5 days - do I have to pump?

    Yes you'll need to pump!:) Even when I was weaning DD1 and only nursed every other day for a very short amount of time in the morning, I still got a little engorged when I finally stopped nursing. ...
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    Re: That's my son!

    Great picture!

    What is the outcome expected to be of this call to action? Sounds great!
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    Re: Jury Duty

    :ita:hug I only have been summoned once but I agree, it's very stressful. I think they try to sound more strict about it. My guess is you will get the extension again...at least I will keep my...
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    Re: My baby is six months!

    you are my :hero That is seriously amazing. Great job:clap
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