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  1. Re: Pumping schedule after 12 months

    I pumped 4x a day until about 19 months. Then went down to 3 for a few months. I quit pumping work fully at about 22 mos. I built up enough stockpile that I guesstimated he could continue having 6...
  2. Re: 13 month old only falls asleep while bf, need to go to w

    I would suggest a trial run and see how things go, possibly find a different provider. When my son was really young I had to try a different caregiver and found someone who had a child much like mine...
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    Re: Cavities - need some encouragement

    I would be going to another dentist immediately. Breastfeeding does not cause cavities. My dental office impliesthe same Inorant accaccusation but I have never let them touch my kid beyond peeking...
  4. Re: positions to ease shoulder pain

    Thanks! Do most moms still nurse this much at this age? I feel like not. We are still nursing several times a day and a couple times at night. Sometimes all nap.
  5. Re: positions to ease shoulder pain

    Thanks for the ideas. I think i will get more pillows and see what we can do. I do make him stand to nurse sometimes but hes hard in the sense that he really really wants me to read to him while we...
  6. Re: positions to ease shoulder pain

    He is 30 lbs. I tried to mimic it tonight with a body pillow but its not as supportive or formed. I'll do just about anything at this point to get some full relief so I can heal and we can wean...
  7. Re: positions to ease shoulder pain

    Standing and moving lol. I actually had an idea....would getting a Brest Friend help me be hands free at this stage?? I had one when he was little but ended up doin laid back nursing for a long log...
  8. positions to ease shoulder pain

    Anyonr here have upper back or shoulder issues requiring altering nursing position? In need of suggestions. Side to side it hard because I end up sleepy w onky with him on my bottom shoulder to...
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    Re: 2 yr old need advice

    I guess im just not even sure how to start. Ive talked to a ibclc about it and skimmed the nursing your toddler book. He doesn't respond well to any limitations and when I try to push him away more...
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    2 yr old need advice

    I have a very high needs very boob attached 26 mo old. I am feeling that weaning is now an urgent issues for my health since every time we nurse on the left side or i sleep on that side it pulls all...
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    seriously done right now

    I'm completely fed up, at my wits end, sad and pissed at the extent to which this kid wants to nurse still. At 26 mos all he wants to do is nurse. When I get home from work in the evenings thats...
  12. Re: HELP PLEASE! 18 Month Old Will ONLY NURSE

    My opinion on occupational therapists at this age is that it's a crock and completely inappropriate for the child. Mine is over two and acts much this way with me and a lot if times will only eat a...
  13. Re: HELP PLEASE! 18 Month Old Will ONLY NURSE

    What the hell is wrong with pediatricians?!?! For one thing percentiles dont mean squat. Who the flip cares if hes only at 3%. The only way % matters if is hes at high percent and then suddenly...
  14. Re: back problems, constant wanting to nurse, high needs

    Mommal I would be delighted to read and cuddle for an hr at a time. It's the nursing and supporting all his weight with one arm when I have wing and neck issues that is an issue. Thanks for the tips...
  15. Re: back problems, constant wanting to nurse, high needs

    He also ALWAYS must be read to while nursing and vice versa. Cute, good for him, hard for me lol
  16. back problems, constant wanting to nurse, high needs

    My son has been textbook dr sears high needs baby since birth. Has always nursed a lot. It's starting to get annoying sometimes. He just turned two. I would probably be fine with it but I'm...
  17. still nursing a lot, picky eater, 21 mos

    Ladies I am confused. 21 mo old just wants to nurse. Eats good at dcp but when with me seriously just wants to nurse all the time. Which im okay with the nursing part but the refusal to eat is...
  18. Re: strike? cold possible ear infection

    Thanks for the reply. I love this forum. Strikes are very emotional it seems. It has only happened once to us before but I am handling this one a little better. It's hard not to wonder if maybe he...
  19. strike? cold possible ear infection

    My son is now refusing to nurse for the past 12 hrs. He's a 19 mo boob monster. He's had a cold for three days and has been congested that whole time but just started striking. He basically bawled...
  20. 18 mos pump weaning, confused and emotional

    I am seriously sick of pumping at work. Here's some background: tongue tie lip tie, severe GERD and cow milk protein allergy, crappy plumper and have had to rent hospital pump and pump 4x to get...
  21. Re: allergies antihistamines ovulation and supply

    Thanks for all the info! I will definitely call infantrisk today. Kellymom made reference to dr hale on her site and it said that any correlation to supply on antihistamines was anecdotal and no...
  22. allergies antihistamines ovulation and supply

    I normally pump about 15 oz while at work. This week I have felt like it has been challenging to pump. Yesterday I counted it and only got 12 oz. Naturally i freaked out. Today I got 14.5. Idk if...
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    Re: constipation and nursing/solids

    Thanks for the suggestions ladies. I dont pressure to eat but I will confirm that my dcp does not also. And we will continue with breastfeeding as we have been. I really want to make it until two...
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    Re: constipation and nursing/solids

    Used to be every couple days and go between loose and formed. Last prob two mos has become consistently formed sometimes pellets and up to a week between stools.
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    constipation and nursing/solids

    My 16 mo old struggles with constipation. This has been an issue since starting solids but has worsened lately. He eats sporadic meals. Often times he refuses solids. I am not super proactive...
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