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  1. Re: 8 weeks in...wow, it still hurts

    It could be her latch-on. I have noticed that my nipples are slightly different and it causes my daughter to latch differently on either side. If I don't pay attention when she eats on the right...
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    Re: Not sure where to put this question

    Hey Stasia, I think everyone is right when they say it is likely colostrum. Midway through my pregnancy, I started complaining to my husband that my nipples were really dry. They weren't irritated...
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    Re: Frustration with nursing clothing

    I wore my belly band a lot at first, too! An exposed belly was my biggest fear, as I didn't know how I'd look after pregnancy. I wasn't thrilled with all that weird, loose, stretch-marked skin, but...
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    Re: Is night feedings ok at 14months??

    DD is 3 months old and we are already getting the question, "How long are you planning to nurse?"

    I can't imagine what people will be saying in a year, but I'm pretty sure that I'll tell them what...
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    Re: Is it time to give it up?

    My sister had to actually cover my nephew's face when he nursed because he was all over the place, too. Anything he saw or heard had him off the nipple. It caused, among other things, a lot of...
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    Re: Human Pacifier

    DD doesn't nurse quite that often at night, but I used to have to be right there with her while she was sleeping because if she stirred and there was no nipple, she'd wake up screaming.

    We have...
  7. Re: 18-month has heart murmer is it my fault from caffeine?

    I totally understand the caffeine addiction. I tried to quit while pregnant and couldn't cut it cold turkey. I had to slowly ease off.

    During that time I read online that 150mg is the maximum...
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