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  1. Re: Would it decrease my milk supply

    If you don't want to go back to every day, I would say maybe vary 3 times and 2 times every other day, or save the 2 times for very busy days once a week or something. That's what I did for a while...
  2. Re: Effect on milk intake after solid

    I never used cerelac, so it is tough to say. If it is a type of rice cereal, I would avoid too much as that can be constipating. I just gave my baby some homemade vegetable and fruit purees,...
  3. Re: Effect on milk intake after solid

    The amount of milk should remain the same -- if you are adding solids it is in ADDITION to the milk. Baby should always drink your milk first (by nursing or bottle) and then have solids. We usually...
  4. Re: being scolded by ped for breastfeeding

    I agree with Mommal -- I understand your family's views, but we may need to help you figure something out. Losing your supply isn't going to help your baby, and you only technically need to pump or...
  5. Re: being scolded by ped for breastfeeding

    Here's my experience with breastfeeding and iron -- we are vegetarian. No doctors discouraged extended breastafeeding, but theorized without meat in our diets my kids would need supplementation. ...
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    Re: Pumping at work question

    Do you have a car commute to work? If you nurse your LO when you drop him off at daycare, you can then maybe squeeze in a pumping session on the way to work. I used to do that, and while it added...
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    Re: Kombucha

    Why is it a no-no? I drink some on occasion while nursing. I know you need to trust your supplier, or be cautious of brewing at home, but those were the only issues I can think of. I prefer...
  8. Re: Significant pump output drop off

    Huh, that seems kind of unfair. Are you allowed to make up your own sippy cups and send them? My LO has a sitter at our house, but he's 15 months and still drinks bottles because he won't have milk...
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    Re: back to work

    You will be surprised how little sleep you can survive on once you start back, but you will likely not feel great for some time! I am now dealing with my second child while working full-time, and it...
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    Re: My LC is out of advice! Blocked duct

    Your situation definitely sounds icky. This is definitely an area overlooked by the medical community. My LC referred me to a doctor when I had mastitis twice and had a mysterious lump (my midwife...
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    Re: My LC is out of advice! Blocked duct

    I may be missing something, but what specifically makes you think you have a plug? The supply decrease? The lump you're feeling? I'm wondering if you don't have one at all -- I was misled to...
  12. Re: 7 mo old gut problems / pressure to switch to formula

    I know nothing about leaky gut, but I recall hearing this story on NPR while driving one day. There may be some good info for you or people to contact. I do recall whatever the parents started...
  13. Re: Pumping schedule after 12 months

    I've never used a Freestyle, but on the photos it looks similar to a PISA, which I have used. Make sure to change the little white membranes regularly. I even occasionally changed out the yellow...
  14. Re: Pumping schedule after 12 months

    I will tell you what I did/am doing. It may answer some of your questions:

    I continued pumping after 12 months for both kids. I can't entirely remember how I went about it with my daughter, but...
  15. Re: Trouble with weaning and weight of a breastfed 8 month o

    I'm no doctor, and cannot speak to the rate of growth overall, but your daughter is right about where my son was weight-wise at that age (I don't remember exactly) and he was born 2 lbs heavier. ...
  16. Re: 13 month old only falls asleep while bf, need to go to w

    Since you have a long time until your child starts daycare, can you start off with just mornings a few days a week and see how it goes, and then build up to longer days that would include naps? We...
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    Re: Not sure what to do!!!

    The advice I always give to friends -- and it's tough to give -- is beware bad information from pediatricians, hospital lactation consultants, and especially anyone in your family who has not nursed....
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    Re: Vent about annoying nursing habits

    My son is a pain in the neck, too, and has been since birth. My daughter would bite occasionally, and there are times he's bitten me 10-12 times a day. I set him down and he immediately starts...
  19. Re: 5 month old baby - Grandma says I'm spoiling him by...

    I know it all started with Dr. Spock or similar child "experts"but I really don't get this obsession some folks have towards "spoiling" children with love and attention. My dad was refusing to give...
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    Re: 2 under 2? How To Cope?

    Are you in a position for your LO to go to part-time daycare or get a sitter part-time? I had my husband working from home during this recent maternity leave, AND my daughter was already in...
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    Re: Protein powder and Breastfeeding

    he others who lost weight definitely tried to do it by calorie restriction and/or exercise, and their milk supply definitely took a hit.

    I forgot to mention this in my post, that with my first...
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    Re: Protein powder and Breastfeeding

    Yes, reena, what you say appears to be true from what I've read. Apparently some women keep weight on in case of famine -- so my children would survive if we were on The Walking Dead, but in the...
  23. Re: pumping hurts - small nipples, large breasts & hygeia pu

    This may be the case. I don't have the pumping problems you are having, but I do find it hurts a little more when I start off with the bra. I don't necessarily get better output, but it does seem...
  24. Re: pumping hurts - small nipples, large breasts & hygeia pu

    Have you tried even a larger size of flange, just to be safe (the 27mm)? When I have a flange that's too large, my nipples go way too far into the tube. But you're not having that happen. It...
  25. Re: Back at work, question about bottles

    My little boy has never taken very much milk while I'm gone. And he didn't seem to make up for it when I was home, either. He has been a pretty slow gainer, but I figured -- what more can I do? I...
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