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    Spitting up frozen milk???

    So, I went back to work yesterday...I had spent the majority of my maternity leave storing up a frozen milk stash for daycare (I'm an exlusive pumper). I prepared bottles of the defrosted milk mixed...
  2. Re: Pump Parts - What do you do?

    Thanks ladies! I'll try out the cooler idea.
  3. Pump Parts - What do you do?

    So tomorrow is my first day back at work :cry, my DD is 12 weeks old and I am an exclusive pumper. I've already figured out that I will pump in my office, and I have a cooler for the milk, but I...
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    Cold milk?

    I exclusively pump and keep bottles in the fridge for me and my husband to feed our DD. Normally, when I put her to bed, I bring a bottle from the fridge to the nursery so that it is room temp by the...
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    Re: Losing suction?

    This happens to me when I'm not positioned quite right, and does affect the suction. Is the pump pulling your nipple into the back of the shield? Sometimes it helps if I just reposition, or push the...
  6. Re: Mastitis, antibiotics, thrush, and pumping

    I just went through this last week - mastitis is miserable!

    I had similar concerns about the antibiotics, so I mixed what I had previously pumped with fresh milk, rather than dumping. I couldn't...
  7. Re: Exclusively pumping ... questions

    While you work on getting your LO back on the breast, you may want to try increasing how many times a day you pump. I exclusively pump and can get aobut 7-9 oz per pump session. Everyone is...
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    Re: Too early to pump??

    I started pumping at 5 days because we weren't able to breastfeed. I've had a very good experience with it - my supply is about 5-10 oz more per day than my LO eats, but I'm freezing it for when I go...
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    Re: Mastitis Help

    Thanks for the replies! I tried massaging during pumping and that seems to help on the affected side. It hurts though! Its amazing, because the other breast empties so quickly and never feels...
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    Mastitis Help

    My LO is 5 1/2 weeks old & I am exclusively pumping. Until last week everything was going really well - my supply was great (about 30 oz per day, LO eats about 20oz) and I was very happy w/ the...
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