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  1. Re: Toddler Toys EVERYWHERE! ***for New Beginnings***

    We do the rotation as well. Even though our families try to be "good" and not go overboard - we end up with WAY too much stuff for holidays and birthdays. The items that don't immediately interest my...
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    Re: Pump is starting to hurt

    For unknown reasons I started having pump pain a while back (was using 27mm flanges). My left nipple is bigger than my right so I switched to 30mm on the left side and it helped. My breasts and...
  3. Re: breast cancer brought about sudden weaning

    Just reading this post and I'm going to share this website (youngsurvival)with a dear friend who just had to wean her youngest to start chemo for breast cancer. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    I've had some leaks with most major brands - I think if you use enough of them you'll eventually get a few leaks. That being said, I get LESS leaks with the Honeysuckle bags than the Lansinoh bags. ...
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    Re: Antibiotics and venting sesh...

    I think giving him the antibiotics with breastmilk would be just fine.

    I think you should tell your friend her baby is getting formula while with her child care provider. That's a deal-breaker. I...
  6. Re: Herbs or alternative treatments for weaning-related issu

    Thanks :hug I'm thinking that grinning and bearing it is probably the only option - it won't last forever!
  7. Re: Herbs or alternative treatments for weaning-related issu

    I'm still taking my prenatal vitamins as well as extra calcium and D. I'll talk with my doctor about what my current needs might be - thanks!
  8. Herbs or alternative treatments for weaning-related issues?

    Hi Mamas! Tis the irony of motherhood and I suppose, life itself. While I couldn't wait to be free from the pump and resume life again, my hormones are not convinced :gg. This happened with DS so I...
  9. Re: Let down suddenly taking forever- baby can't wait

    Hi there! I'm not certain why this is happening (I'm sure others will chime in), but I know this tends to happen for me sometimes. It's a vicious cycle because stress inhibits letdown and when you...
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    Re: Grumpy almost 2 week old

    I would. You can always discontinue it later if it becomes a problem. But I think it would be fine.
  11. Re: Feeding Toddler Asleep and waking early

    Hi Kitty! As a mother of an early bird (DS) - I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I don't think you're doing anything wrong, but I'm hopeful I can offer some suggestions for you to make your life a little easier. ...
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    Re: Losing milk supply

    Pixi - how are things going??
  13. Re: Screaming through the night 2 week old

    Hello and congratulations on your new baby!

    Those first few weeks are so difficult! Assuming your baby checks out fine by his MD, it's probably just normal newborn fussies :) Lots of newborns...
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    Re: Nursing-strike or self-weaning?

    Thanks for the update. If anything, I'm glad you're feeling more at peace with the situation. Babies definately need happy Mamas! I just wanted to chime in and say my babies sound similar to yours -...
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    Re: Grumpy almost 2 week old

    :hug Thanks for the update! Sorry things haven't improved...but you're hanging in there! It really sounds like he (and you!) would do better if you could wear him around a bit. I mean, I know...
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    Re: Losing milk supply

    Worth a shot. My DD got really fussy about nursing around 10 weeks and would ONLY nurse while sleeping. At 12 weeks I went back to work so she gets bottles of pumped milk during the day, but I was...
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    Re: Losing milk supply

    Hi there! Congrats on your baby and all your hard work. I just wanted to chime in with a quick suggestion - have you tried "dreamfeeding" him? Just a thought. Many babies (including my DD so I say...
  18. Re: Back at work...super low pumping output...stressed!

    Welcome and congratulations on all your hard work so far. Just a few things to consider, and I'm sure others will chime in:

    1) Make sure your pump and pump parts is/are in good working order. ...
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    Re: Yogurt

    Plain, whole milk yogurt is best. Should be fine for your LO!
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    Re: Not taking enough at daycare?

    Glad to hear it! Our DDs sound similar -I'm always trying to get her to drink more from her bottles at daycare (she's a grazer). I'm used to DS - when he was this age he was chugging them down. AND...
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    Re: Grumpy almost 2 week old

    Would you be willing to try nursing in a sling, wrap or some type of carrier? That way you could nurse but still have your hands free and be somewhat mobile (that wouldn't help with the exhaustion,...
  22. Re: HELP- Won't nurse before bed- WHY??

    Hello! I know it seems crazy, but it's surprisingly common, I think! My DD started that sort of behavior right around that age. She's my "dreamfeeder." I used to have to put her to sleep, then...
  23. Re: How much/how often are you feeding your 6-month old?

    Sounds on target to me. The 4.5oz bottles are on the high end, but not unreasonable. My babies bottles of EMB at daycare never increased in size after about the 6 month mark. They were both around...
  24. Re: best nipple/bottle to avoid nipple confusion

    I like the Avent bottles, specifically the new Avent "Natural." The 4oz size comes with the slowest, newborn flow, which is good for an EBF baby. I believe they do come in a glass version, although...
  25. Re: Which size bottles to buy...4oz or 9oz?

    I agree with all previous posters. 8oz if way too much! Especially at 8 months! Get the 4oz bottles.

    If you're using Avent, you can actually get almost 5oz in the 4oz bottles, in the unlikely...
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