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  1. Re: 4 day old newborn (lots of questions

    Thanks guys! Great idea on the tissue paper too. He has peed more through the night so I am feeling better about it.

    I am thinking one of the reasons he doesnt want to nurse is that his nose is...
  2. Re: 4 day old newborn (lots of questions

    Thanks that does make me feel a bit better. I am tearing the diapers apart to check so I dont think they are getting hidden. I really appreciate all your help!
  3. Re: 4 day old newborn (lots of questions

    I will def give that a try!

    Yes he is definitely pooping. He poops like 6-8 times per day. And they are mostly yellow/brown liquidy stools. I am getting worried about him not peeing though. He has...
  4. Re: 4 day old newborn (lots of questions

    Thanks for the advice ladies!

    With my first son, I just kept trying and trying to get him to latch and one day when I was about at the point of giving up...he latched right on and nursed like a...
  5. 4 day old newborn (lots of questions)

    Our new little guy was born on 2/7 at 37 weeks by c-section. With my first son, he had a hard time latching and so I pumped exclusively for 3 months and then ended up nursing until he was 17 months...
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