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    Re: oral/dental hygiene?

    I use a little bit of wet gauze on my finger and "brush" his gums. I let him drink spring water. I'm a little weary of giving fluoridated water, as there's a link between fluoride and aluminum...
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    Egg Yolks

    A book I'm reading recommends feeding babies cooked egg yolk from 6 months on. I know most sources say to start eggs at 1 year. I think that's because the protein in the whites in allergenic and...
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    Flouride and Aluminum Absorption

    I just bought some "Nursery Water," which is fluoridated, and then I read that fluoride can increase the rate of aluminum absorption. I'm concerned now about giving DS this water, as there's so much...
  4. Re: 4 month check up and minimal weight gain

    Same story here at DS's 5 month check up. He's gaining very slowly, but is still in the 90th percentile for height. Doc not concerned and just asked if he seems satisfied after nursing, which he...
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    Carrots and Nitrates?

    I just read in a baby book that I shouldn't make carrot baby food at home because of nitrates in carrots. Is this true?

    I was planning on making all of my food on my own, but I def want to...
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    Undersupply to Oversupply

    Last week, I was having trouble pumping my usual amounts. I figured AF was coming back or I was just no longer able to pump as much. DS was also nursing more often at night, so I figured this was a...
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    Re: Thought?

    No AF yet, and I don't feel any cramps or anything.

    I'm still taking the Mother's Milk tea and I started yesterday night taking calcium/mag. DS nursed a little bit less often last night, and I've...
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    Re: baby stopped growing

    If you do choose to give him formula for a set amount of time (i.e. until he gains a bit), perhaps consider renting a hospital grade pump and then you can pump while feeding him formula. This way,...
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    Re: Thought?

    He's 5 months, and is def teething, but I've had teething nights and this seems different. When he's teething, he cries as he wakes up and it takes me walking him to get him back to sleep. In this...
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    Re: Is Daycare Over-feeding???

    I'd think about looking for a new daycare. It seems they are way more concerned about convenience than your child's needs. And it that's their attitude about feeding, what's their attitude about...
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    Re: Thought?

    Thanks. I just had some mother's milk tea. I've been eating more oats. And, I will start with the calcium/mag. supplement.

    I'm going to hold of on the pump parts, just to see if it's AF first. ...
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    LO goes to daycare, is exclusively BF, and I pump at work.

    This week, I've been pumping about 2 oz. less than usual per day. On Monday, and today, I've increased the amount of times I'm pumping,...
  13. Re: is this a growth spurt or supply issue?

    Sounds like you already have done what you need to do to check your supply, which is counting diaper output and focusing on his mood/behavior. If output is normal, and he's happy, I don't think you...
  14. Re: I will NIP for the first time ...

    Yeah, this will be for DS's feed before bedtime. He might get a bit distracted, but he'll eat under almost any circumstance when he's hungry. My boy loves to eat/nurse!
  15. I will NIP for the first time ...

    ... tonight at the Phillies game, in a stadium of 50,000 people.

    Wish me and DS luck!
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    Re: Breast shells

    From what I understand, shells, if anything, will increase your supply, as they provide additional stimulation to the aerola. I wouldn't worry about using them. I would be concerned about the...
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    Re: We made it 6 mos!!!

    :clap Congrats on making it to 6 months. What a great milestone!!!
  18. Re: cant believe pedi isnt supportive of cont'd bfing

    I was going to point this out, as well. The so-called "healthy fats" such as olive, corn and canola oil are actually less healthy for us because we eat way too much of them, which gets the...
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    Re: 5 week old screamer....Help!

    Just keep trying things until you find something that works. My DS loved being walked around or bounced to the sound of our kitchen exhaust fan or dishwasher. I would sing to him and that would...
  20. Re: Head vs. Heart and nursing to sleep!

    I just have one piece of advice to add to the discussion. I know you said you were happy to have weaned him off the pacifier, but I would give this a second thought. It sounds like your LO needs to...
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    Re: My 8 week old hates to nurse Help

    I had OALD and OS, and this sounds similar. We had to block feed for a few weeks before my supply normalized, and DS got into the groove. He's a little over 4 months now and breastfeeding is going...
  22. Re: Heating Refrigerated Expressed Milk and Giving Cold Milk to Baby Question


    I do the same thing. I just warm it a little bit in a bowl of warm water. DS likes it just fine (according to DH, since I'm never around when DS gets a bottle).
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    Re: Sleeping question

    When my LO was just starting to teeth (at about 3 1/2 months), he was doing something similar and bringing him into bed helped.

    Now, though, a few weeks later, his sleep is choppy and it doesn't...
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    Re: Breastfeeding to Sleep?

    My DS is a bit over 4 months and I nurse him to sleep.

    It's part of our "bedtime ritual." Most of the time, he remains sleep as I move him from the boppy to either my side in bed or the...
  25. Re: Will my baby be in bed with us forever?

    Congrats on getting him to sleep for a stretch in the co-sleeper. :clap

    I just wanted to add that I was in the same situation as you. Our LO was in our bed until he was about 12-14 weeks, then I...
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