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  • @llli*mylittleson's Avatar
    August 15th, 2014, 11:30 PM
    Hi everyone. My son is 15 days old and we have had breastfeeding problems from the start. He wasn't eating enough and so they gave me a nipple shield at the hospital. They said that he has a high arch palate in his mouth and I have rather flat nipples that can't reach all the way up there for him to get a good latch. He still wasn't eating enough so I brought him to the lactation clinic after we left the hospital and they told me to bottlefeed him breast milk. Some other issues are that he falls asleep at my breast and he also sucks but doesn't seem to be getting a good amount of milk and/or doesn't seem to be swallowing much. I've also been told (we've seen numerous lactation consultants, nurses, doctors, and our midwife about these issues) that my breasts are too big for him and I try to hold them up with washcloths underneath and also hold my breast up for him. And that I make so much milk that it overwhelms him and he resists my breast or chokes/gets indigestion. So I sometimes pump first before offering him my breast so that there isn't so much to come out at once. (However, he gulps milk from the bottle like a champ so I really don't think this is the problem). So after trying all of these different ideas and tips we are still kind of at a standstill and it's really frustrating. He'll suckle at my breast for anywhere from 20 minutes to up to an hour if I leave him there. He'll either fall asleep or start crying in frustration and resist my attempts to give him my...
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  • @llli*elisabethtara's Avatar
    August 13th, 2014, 09:34 PM
    I have an 8 month old who has has severe problems breastfeeding ever since she was born. She would always eat very small amounts very often--eating about 20x a day. Around six weeks she refused to eat at all. She would fight and fight eating. Maybe sucking for a minute, or from a bottle just a few sips. Once she went for 8 hours and she had to be given an IV for dehydration. That night I learned that if I pumped, she would take a bottle in her sleep. So ever since 6 weeks. I try to breastfeed her she drinks a little bit,I then pump and then I have to fight to get her to sleep and give her the rest in her sleep. We co-sleep so she suckles at nighttime. It takes about an hour to feed her. When she eats, I can hear all sorts of weird noises in her belly, like bubbles. I am off dairy, eggs, wheat, fish, peanuts, beef, soy, and corn.
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  • @llli*blueberrysmom's Avatar
    August 14th, 2014, 06:00 PM
    Hi everyone! I've been away for a long time, and I really appreciate all the help and support I got from you all when I was nursing my DD. She's 2 1/2 now and absolutely wonderful - always eating (shocker! just like nursing) and growing just fine. BUT I am now 7 weeks away from giving birth to a little boy! So ready to get him out and have him with us. I'm trying to have as little anxiety about the BFing process with him as possible, but I'm just sort of wondering if anyone has some experience or wanted to share with me if your body made milk differently or if your BFing process was different between children. I'm hoping that in general things will be easier because I have experience with one baby and know quite a bit more than I did last time, but I can't seem to find anything online about changes in your body's milk production from child to child. Is is like "every pregnancy is different so your milk will change from one to the next?" Thanks so much!! Karen
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  • @llli*madysinclair's Avatar
    August 15th, 2014, 12:42 AM
    Hi, Currently exclusively breastfeeding 7 wk old twins. They had some formula at the beginning but weaned off of that within about a week. Started having to supplement in the afternoon and evening in the last few weeks as babes have not been satisfied from those feedings. I've been pumping after every feed since birth so their supplements are breast milk I've pumped in that same 24 hour period. Also taking More Milk Plus, eating oatmeal, drinking Mother's Milk tea and started taking domperidone 1.5 wks ago. I'd really like to get off the constant pumping schedule but feel trapped as they now require the regular supplementing now that their needs have ramped up. My question is - has anyone tried a nursing vacation and had it actually work to increase production? has anyone tried with twins? has anyone tried with babies who were previously on a schedule and had them successfully return to that schedule? for sanity's sake my girls are on a 3 hr feeding schedule and eat together at the same time. i feel this is the only way i can cope...
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  • @llli*yith's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 09:46 AM
    He's 5 weeks old and that's as long as I've been breastfeeding as well. It was going well, he's a good sucker, and a decent (though occasionally lazy) latcher too. Now we got our first bump in our breastfeeding journey, and I'd love some help. 1. He's a constant feeder, he wants to feed easily every hour unless he has a good sleep. He spends most of the day attached to my breast which I don't have a problem with - this part I can live with. But he drinks/suckles a lot. 2. As of late he's began developing this strange habit of pulling off the nipple, start crying, wanting to go back on again, just to pull off and repeat. It's very annoying and frustrating. He'll use his hands to pull it out of his mouth or arch his back, and then cry to get back on again. 3. Today I discovered that his poo is green and runny like water, they soak through his cloth nappies.
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  • @llli*jm.mom's Avatar
    August 13th, 2014, 06:00 PM
    Ok. My son is only 3 days old and we were sent to get his bilirubin levels. He is not gaining weight and his levels are high. Not high enough for hospitalization but higher than when he left the hospital yesterday. At the doctor's office I was told to nurse and then supplement with an ounce of formula. This was before the test results. Now that the results are in the on call doctor (a different doctor) said I should stop nursing and only give formula. I am afraid to stop but of course don't want to hurt my baby. I thought if nursed more and supplemented we would be ok. I need to back track a bit. In the hospital and most of yesterday my LO was still very sleepy and not nursing often at all (I believe that is what caused this). The nurses at the hospital said not to worry I would be fine. My gut told me differently and I was right. What do I do? Should I stop nursing or nurse more frequently and still supplement?
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  • @llli*ccb52914's Avatar
    August 13th, 2014, 11:41 AM
    I'm EBF my 11 week old daughter (on demand) who is gaining well and producing plenty of diapers, but her feeding pattern/behaviors have changed pretty dramatically the past few days. She typically eats every 2 hours during the day for 10-15 minutes each session, with some longer and shorter exceptions. Since Monday, she's only been eating for 5-7 minutes, with the exception of late night and early morning feeds. She ends the session by suddenly pushing off the breast, arching her back and screaming if I try to put her back on. I've also tried offering the other breast, which she refuses. Once I stop encouraging her to latch back on, she's perfectly happy. The only other change in behavior is that since this has started, she has only been napping for 30 minutes at a time. I'm trying to remain relaxed, accept that if she's not eating enough she'll let me know, and monitor her diaper output, but obviously this change is worrying. This has happened for a few times before, but just for a day, and then she's gone back to her typical 10-15 minute feedings. Any thoughts? Should I be offering more frequently/less frequently? I've heard that babies get more efficient as they grow, but this seems really sudden for that. My secondary concern is if it will impact my supply (i.e. if she has several short feeding sessions in a row, will my supply drop?). Should I be pumping to maintain supply? Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions!
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  • @llli*three.babies's Avatar
    August 14th, 2014, 09:31 AM
    Hi. I just had my third baby 3 weeks ago. I successfully breastfed my first two babies. This time, after my milk came in I felt engorged so I was pumping for comfort twice a day. After an afternoon pump one day my breasts never seemed to really fill back up. I don't think I was eating/drinking enough at the time and my baby wasn't gaining weight so the dr had me pump and bottle feed for a few days to measure his intake. Doing this made me realize I wasn't producing enough milk for him. I was only getting about 1 1/2 to 2 oz per pump total, and that was pumping every 2 hours and he was eating about 3-4 oz every 3 hours. I am currently monitoring my eating/drinking, taking 3 fenugreek pills 3 xs a day, and drinking mother's milk tea 3 xs a day and pumping every 2 hours. I have not seen any significant increase in my supply and I've been doing this for 5-6 days. When I try to nurse my baby seems to get frustrated like he isn't getting enough or getting it quick enough. I don't always feel let down when he nurses either. Is there anything else I can do to get my milk back? I was really thinking this time it would be easy to breastfeed since I've done it twice before but I am getting very frustrated/sad/stressed about possibly not being able to.
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  • @llli*runbabyrun's Avatar
    August 17th, 2014, 03:24 PM
    My left side had a really bad crack. I have been trying to push through and doing what I can to heal it but it has become too much. I decided to pump for a day or so on that side and continue to feed on the other side. I am not sure how to go about this correctly to keep up my supply. The pump does not hurt at all. Should I pump every few hours? When he was supposed to feed? The first time I pumped I got 3 ounces. Any other suggestions? I've tried to get outside help but it hasn't been easy. The ante natal nurse did not return my call. The lactation counsellor at the hospital has been out of office (voicemail refers you to ante natal nurse). I couldn't find the info on local Le Leche meetings and I phoned the number provided online (not in my city) and left a message with a leader but have not heard back. I am pretty desperate. Oh, baby is 2 weeks today. He has been gaining steadily since leaving the hospital. TIA
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  • @llli*american.honey's Avatar
    August 13th, 2014, 10:58 PM
    Help, mamas My baby girl is 8 months old and EBF, however I feel very congested throat isn't sore but back of mouth seems to be. I honestly believe it's bad allergies. However, I hope it's not a cold, cause my 16 yr old came down with throat infection. I don't believe in taking meds since I'm breastfeeding my little one. However, I'm freaking out. Anyone e know safe natural remedies or safe homeopathic meds that are safe while I continue to nurse her. When I was pregnant I almost came down with a bad throat infection also and I packed on the OJ and cough drops with honey and chamomile with honey and lemon. I'm currently doing that again. But any other tips would greatly be appreciated. Oh by the way i don't have a milk stash and don't want to start her on formula at all. So please anything safe to use while nursing is appreciated once again.
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  • @llli*sweeetp0812's Avatar
    August 16th, 2014, 11:27 AM
    Hi everyone, I am 4 days PP and my milk has come in yesterday, however, when my baby nurses, he still only gets a tiny bit of colostrum. I've tried pumping today, and still, was only able to get a tiny bit of colostrum only. Am I jumping the gun here worrying about not producing enough milk. Any advice, feedback is greatly appreciated.
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  • @llli*filmmommy's Avatar
    August 14th, 2014, 04:35 PM
    Hello again! More problems. I think it's been about 2 weeks since our last major one, so that's about right. My 7-week-old has been fussing a lot during nursing. It started in evenings, so I thought it was just usual fussiness, but was concerned I might have slight OALD. Doing some laid-back nursing. Now he's doing it throughout the day, not just in the evenings. He's almost refusing one side now for most of the day. He'll eat for a few minutes on it a few times a day, but other times just sucks until letdown, lets go, and then starts screaming and won't latch on again. But then he won't latch on the other side, either. Sometimes he seems like he inhales milk, but I can't tell if it's from letdown. He spits up a lot some days, not others. But doesn't seem to be bothered by it. Poops are brown and normal (had 4 today and it's 6:30 p.m.). Is it possible that I'm offering too much? I usually just offer when a while has passed -- not watching the clock, but if it seems like a while, so probably about 1.5 to 2 hours. Or if he seems fussy I'll try. Also, he generally only eats on one side at a time, so sometimes 4-5 hours passes per side. And a lot of times he'll only eat for a minute or two. It feels weird to me to space him out more and goes against my usual method, but I'm wondering if I should (obviously not if he's upset or anything). My daughter ate all the time! He's had lots of wet and poopy diapers and seems to be gaining a lot. Is it possible...
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  • @llli*krluvsjh's Avatar
    August 14th, 2014, 12:02 PM
    It seems like I have almost no milk on my left breast. This has always been my lower producer since I had a lumpectomy on that side and they had to cut through some of my ducts. My now 6 month old has started to refuse to nurse on that side now and even when I pump I'm getting significantly less milk. I want to continue nursing, but am starting solid foods this week and worry that my supply will continue to dwindle. Has anyone had this issue, and were you able to resolve it?
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  • @llli*motherhoodblessing's Avatar
    August 15th, 2014, 02:26 PM
    Hi all, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 9 days ago. I did not nurse in the hospital and when I got home I continued the formula thinking I don't have enough milk. I have also been pumping to see if I can feed my baby this way and I can barely get 1 ounce at a time. I contacted a lactation consultant and she can pumping only get 30% of the milk out and only the baby can employ the breast completely. Today I tried to get my baby to latch on and he seemed to fall asleep after a few minutes. He was on the breast for over an hour and doing the sucking motion the whole time but I can't figure out if he was able to get any milk. After I put him down he woke up hungry in a half hour so I have him formula. I tried nursing again for his next feeding and I was able to squeeze milk out with my hand so I am assuming the milk supply went up since yesterday. But he still seemed hungry after staying on the breast for an hour so I again had to give him formula. I would ideally like to nurse exclusively. How can I make the situation better and increase my milk supply. This is my first baby so I'm clueless and would really appreciate the help.
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  • @llli*mrslg's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 08:51 PM
    I need some advice on getting my 11 month old to eat solids (he will be 11 months in 2 days). He is a very healthy baby and there is no concern about weight gain. He's currently 22 pounds and was 7 lbs 4 oz at birth. He nurses every 2 hours during the day and every 1-2 hours all night. He sits at the table with us and I always give him finger food (usually small pieces of fruit and vegetable). He plays with it, chews on it or sucks on it and then spits it out. He seems to have very little interest in solids. I have tried giving him food before nursing but he just refuses the food and asks to nurse instead (I taught him a sign for it and simple words na na that he can say). I am not planning to wean any time soon but am just concerned that he may need food and am getting a lot of pressure from family and friends and have no idea what to say. Any advice would be appreciated!
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  • @llli*cej2014's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 01:45 PM
    It has been a rough week and I think I'm just needing a little extra support right now! My LO is 7 months old today, and to be completely honest I am not sure if we've ever had a full day of 100% pain-free nursing. We struggled early with a bad latch...the LC at the hospital was SUPER unhelpful and basically just said I'd get the hang of it. After 4 weeks of pain and raw nipples, I saw another IBCLC who really helped me understand the problems I was having. Nursing was still pretty excruciating for another 6ish weeks as my nipples took quite a while to heal...by 3 months I wouldn't say I was really comfortable nursing but it was tolerable, and so much better than it had been. I struggled (still do) with oversupply issues and have had to work hard for a good latch, always. At 7 months I still wake up every morning with very full breasts and leak milk during usually the first 2 feeds of the day. I started pumping before bed so that I wouldn't be going as long a stretch without any milk being expressed (some days I was so engorged/swollen in the morning that my baby wasn't able to transfer milk at all...I posted about that a while back, thankfully it hasn't been happening anymore!), but although I never really use it I'm now building up a stash of milk because I'm afraid to stop pumping at night! It seems like every time things start to get a little better a new obstacle turns up. During the last month she has been in a very distractable phase, meaning lots of pulling away,...
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  • @llli*ebfmom's Avatar
    August 15th, 2014, 12:29 PM
    I apologize in advance for so many questions but I want to be sure we're on the right track!! My son is 3 1/2 weeks old weighed 9lb1oz at birth, weighed 8lbs11oz when we left hospital and he's now 10lbs2oz. He is fussy after the let down, he swallows and as soon as it slows down he gets upset. I try compressions and also switching sides. Is this from a growth spurt or is my supply decreasing?? He eats maybe for 10 minutes and then falls asleep, he has at least 6/8 wet diaper outputs but his dirty diapers seem to skip a day or a few days. I'm concerned he's not getting enough milk since all of a sudden he's eating more, dirty diapers are less frequent and he doesn't eat for very long. His latch seems good as it doesn't hurt and I can feel the milk flowing.
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  • @llli*drlakshmidr's Avatar
    August 15th, 2014, 08:58 PM
    Hi .... My LO is 7 weeks now. I haven't been able to breast feed since I get only drops when I pump. I'm still pumping and putting my baby to the breast (though he doesn't suck with a good latch since he has been bottle feeding all this while). Is there still hope for me to breast feed my LO? I still get drops when I pump. Thanks
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  • @llli*kimikeli's Avatar
    August 13th, 2014, 02:48 PM
    I have a 4 month old son and we are having a problem with balancing nursing on demand at home and he screaming for absent boobs for comfort when I'm at work. I work 3 days a week (usually...this last week I picked up a couple of extra half days...won't do that again!) and when I'm home and at night I have been nursing on demand; to eat, sleep, comfort, etc. He does really well when I'm home and I don't mind being used as a "pacifier." However, he has days (a lot more lately since his first 2 teeth came in and he's teething more) where when I'm at work, he wants to comfort nurse and the boobs have of course gone with me to work. My poor husband tries absolutely everything to comfort him; turning the lights low, rocking him, pacifier, bouncing on the exercise ball, walking around for an hour, etc and it's getting more frequent where the baby will just literally scream and scream for 30-60 minutes of this demanding boobs that aren't there. DH has resorted to overfeeding once this week which was the only thing that calmed him down so he can sleep, although we want to avoid that of course. Any suggestions? DH thinks I should stop comfort/sleep nursing him when I'm home so he gets used to other modes of comfort, but I'm afraid of losing out on the extra stimulation for supply and also find it hard to stop him when he's eating then falls asleep. Today I pulled him off when I could tell he had stopped eating and put a pacifier in his mouth then rocked him for a minute... he cried...
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  • @llli*dmbrox275's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 08:16 AM
    Hi everyone! Gosh, this forum is so awesome. I've found so much helpful information just by reading other peoples posts! I'm a new mother and have been storing milk since 8/1/14. I was just reading in a breastfeeding packet I got from the hospital that you should test one bag of frozen milk before you start freezing in large quantities. The reason they list is because of lipase. Earlier today I took out my first frozen bag and let it thaw. When I opened the bag, it had a slight smell ( not a sour/rancid smell, more like how an nice cube smells, like its been in the freezer). I let my husband smell it and he was not happy! Then, I did a taste test. I tasted the thawed milk (tasted a little sweet), then I tasted some freshly pumped milk from the fridge (this also tasted sweet). The only differences were the temperatures of the milk (the thawed was at room temp where the fresh milk was cold) and the smell ( my fresh milk was odorless where my thawed milk kind of smelled like the freezer-but not sour). Any thoughts?? Should I be concerned? I don't think I have high lipase in my milk because after reading other posts in this forum (women saying their milk goes bad in a day or so or that their babies don't drink their expressed milk after a few hours because it's gone sour due to lipase). My month old drinks my pumped breast milk days after I've pumped it (I only keep it in the fridge for 5 days or less). Do you think my frozen milk is oaky? Need help, I'm freaking out...
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  • @llli*heidismom's Avatar
    August 14th, 2014, 11:02 AM
    Hello, My almost 7 week old will go a maximum of 2 hours between feedings during the morning (which is fine by me). She nurses for approximately 15 minutes on each side. I can hear and see her sucking and swallowing and she has a good latch. However, by lunchtime she wants to nurse almost continuously with very few exceptions. Occasionally (if I'm lucky), she will go an hour between feedings. This continues until bedtime (which varies each night). She has been doing this since birth so I don't think it's just a growth spurt. She is gaining weight and makes plenty of wet and dirty diapers. I have tried comforting her other ways (pacifier, swinging, going for walks outside, etc.) She will be distracted for a minute or two before fussing and crying. The only thing that consoles her is nursing. I have a hard time believing that she is that hungry all the time and I realize that she is mostly likely nursing for comfort. Each day during these nursing marathons she gets frustrated after hours of on and off nursing and begins screaming and thrashing her head around after few minutes of nursing. I try to switch sides, massage the breast to express more milk, comfort her in other ways, but she continues to fuss and scream. She acts like she is starving. One night at 3AM during one of her screaming/nursing marathons, I gave her three ounces of formula. She drank the formula very vigorously (like she was starving) and then fell asleep for 4 hours. Naturally, I...
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  • @llli*rosesmum's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:00 AM
    When my baby was born at 38 weeks at 6lbs7oz she latched on right away, then two days later jaundice kicked in and she became too weak and lost too much weight. I was still in the hospital and the drs had me start pumping and bottle feeding. Since then she's back to her birthweight, no jaundice issues any more. I got her to take the breast again at 2 weeks, but only with a nipple shield (she is 3weeks 2days today). Yesterday I finally got her to latch on without a shield for the first time and was very excited about this victory!...but then at her 10pm feed all of a sudden I could no longer get her to latch and had to go back to the shield. This is continuing and I cannot figure out the magic that worked yesterday that all of a sudden stopped working. I'm so discouraged, does any one have any in site or suggestions on this? (I'm a first time mum and do not have any supply issues...yet)
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  • @llli*kelley.lazarovits's Avatar
    August 14th, 2014, 04:09 PM
    My son started solids at 6 months and loves them. He's up to 3 solid meals per day. As he's increased his appetite for solids he's also decreased his interest in milk at the breast or the bottle. He has easily taken the breast and bottle up to this point. At this point it's a struggle just to get him to take a few ounces at a time. I'm pumping to keep up my supply, but I'm worried that if we keep heading down this road (if I let him have his way and don't battle with him at each feeding) that he won't get enough milk each day. I plan to sneak more ounces into his solids where ever I can, but that alone won't cut it. Has anyone else experienced this? Was it just a phase? This can't be self-weaning at this age, right? Should I keep battling him? Any tricks to get him to take more milk? I've read milk before solids (which makes sense), but was recently advised to give milk 30 minutes after solids. Does that make sense?
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  • @llli*jessicahrn's Avatar
    August 15th, 2014, 10:49 AM
    My fourth month old was nursing fine until yesterday. He will latch and drink but when the flow slows down he gets aggravated and pulls off and screams. I switch him to the other breast and he drinks again until it slows down then screams. I try to put him back on the first breast but he cries and thrashes. He has been getting bottles while I work (2 bottles three days a week) but the flow in newborn so he doesn't develop a preference. After nursing he'll want to nurse again about an hour later which is fine but by that time he's so sleepy he only sucks a few mins. I'm hoping this is just a phase. I've read about the "four month fussies" any advice?
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  • @llli*elliebelle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:55 AM
    Over the past 3 days, my 5 week old has suddenly dropped from 5-15 min feedings on one or both sides, to 3 min feedings on one side during the day. She seems to still eat every 1-3hrs, has plenty of wet/dirty diapers, and is gaining weight like a champ. I can't find a pattern of when/why, and wondering if this is something to worry about?? She's been overly fussy lately as well (both off and on the breast). Also, I get confused as to which side to feed her on next - move to other side to prevent engorgement/keep up supply, or stay on same side to get hind milk? Thanks so much for your help!!
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  • @llli*ngs215's Avatar
    August 16th, 2014, 04:37 AM
    DD is 3.5 months, and I have been back at work 1.5 weeks. In that time, I have had to freeze about 100 oz because my pump output is so far out of sync with her consumption. I pump 3 times a day. It takes 12 minutes to walk to and from the pump room, and then I spend 13-18 doing setup/pumping/cleanup. I am averaging just under 20 oz a day. I have been leaving a mix of 2.5 oz and 1 oz bottles. She hasn't been finishing the 2.5 oz. she will take 1.5 - 2 and then they say she is content. She has been taking 7 - 8.5 oz while away from me for 11.5 hours. I feed her at pickup, and she hasn't been starving, but she will certainly eat. I worry she is not eating enough, but she seems content. She has not started waking more at night, which is what I expected. Should I expect her to start taking more as time goes on? How can I pump less? I worry about cutting out a pump session during the day with her also sleeping so much at night. But seriously, I ran out of freezer bags. If I cut a pump session, I could get 30 minutes more home per day
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  • @llli*tinsi1112's Avatar
    August 13th, 2014, 05:33 PM
    Baby is a week old and his eating changes all the time. He went from eating constantly to eating every 3 hours and on both sides to. And now eating every 3 hours but on only one side per feeding. And today he pushed one feeding to 4 hours. I tried waking him and he just would not wake to eat and kept falling asleep at the boob. Is all this inconsistency going to hurt my supply? I'm thinking about pumping after every feeding now for a while to make sure things stay up but I'm just not sure? He is gaining a ton of weight almost a pound over his birth weight at only a week old. So I know he is okay but I want my supply okay too. Also the last couple days we have been out and about more so maybe that has something to do with it. Should we not get out as much maybe? I also have a 3 yr old and 1 yr old that I'm trying to keep on the move. Also I just pumped an hour or so after he last ate. Will there be enough milk for him at his next feed?
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