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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    April 19th, 2014, 05:24 PM
    Help?!? Pumping seems to hurt no matter what I do. I've tried different sizes of flange (from small, medium, Large and XL Medela.) I've tried lubricating with some edible oil but so far even when I wash it off, the baby objects to three different oils I've tried and the oil. The oil seemed to only help a tiny bit anyway. Most of the pain seems to be from the suction and pulling. I'm having trouble figuring out how anyone manages to pump at all let alone get enough milk out to pump exclusively. Are there ways to make it painless? Or is it just too painful for some people?
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  • @llli*joshuas.mommy's Avatar
    April 18th, 2014, 01:44 PM
    Hi, many of you "know" me as I've posted here multiple times before. My DS is almost 2.5 and for the past several weeks, has really been ramping up his requests for nu-nu (what we call nursing). This confuses me. We had been down to around 3-4 times a day. Now suddenly he wants to nurse multiple times in the morning before work, and usually several times in the evening as well. He asks less often if we're out and about or if Daddy is around, but if it's just the two of us nursing seems to be his favorite activity. I asked him today why he wanted so much nu-nu and he said "because I miss you, Mama!". I don't know if I planted that idea in his head...I asked one time a few weeks ago after a period where I'd been working a lot if he wanted nu-nu because he missed me and maybe he caught onto that and it stuck? Or maybe that really is the reason. I don't know. I don't feel like I've been away from home an unusual amount the last week or two but we did have visitors in town and have been busy with Passover, etc. so maybe he's not getting as much one-on-one time as he usually does. I'm just somewhat confused and a little bit bothered by the fact that we seem to be going BACKWARDS with regard to nursing. I had thought he'd be well along in the weaning process by now. I am willing to continue nursing awhile longer but I don't know if nursing all the time is good for him at this point. His father thinks he should be weaned already (although he is tolerating our nursing without any...
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  • @llli*xiaoshira's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:29 PM
    I read somewhere that you're supposed to give baby what you pumped at that time of day... How big a deal is this? I am struggling to pump enough as it is by adding night sessions, let alone try to control for this - and my freezer stash... if I even logged it, I still won't be able to really control that so much!
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  • @llli*roxyvelas's Avatar
    April 21st, 2014, 04:53 AM
    I've pretty much weaned LO to formula due to lack of weight gain except I'm still nursing her once at night when she gets up. I'd like to continue this for a while so she continues to get benefits of bm and was wondering if anyone else does this??? Wondering if ill just stop producing since I'm not nursing as much anymore...
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  • @llli*kapowskl's Avatar
    April 17th, 2014, 08:53 AM
    I'm about to make an appointment to get my wisdom teeth extracted and the surgeon that will be performing the surgery uses iv sedation. Please tell me it's safe to undergo this while breastfeeding. I only have 5oz sitting in the freezer and hoping to nurse before I go in. A friend told me she didn't nurse for 8-12 hours after her surgery. That's impossible for me. We don't supplement (my lo has gi issues and we cannot use formula) and I'm worried I won't be able to pump enough to store before I go in.
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  • @llli*anneika's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:46 PM
    I have an amazing 12 week old son. He has fantastic weight and height growth and I know I have a plentiful milk supply (I can pump 5oz of milk after he feeds). My problem is that for the past 12 weeks I nurse him at least every two hours on a good night. Only twice has he slept for a four hour stretch. Needless to say I'm exhausted! I certainly don't want to change his behavior since I strongly believe he know exactly what he needs so I should always follow his cues. I'm looking for advice or recommendations for how I can better tolerate the interrupted sleep or if anyone has had a similar situation and how they handled it and when this stage ended for them. Thank you!
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  • @llli*fshah's Avatar
    April 19th, 2014, 10:05 AM
    My younger son is almost 3 months old & he is EBF. I BFed my older daughter, who is 4 now, for 18 months. We had a rough start with my daughter as she was very tiny & her Ped advised to supplement with formula on her one week appointment as she didn't gain enough. I had work really hard for a month or two to up my supply but once that was done we never looked back. With my son though things are different. We had a good start as I nursed him within half hour of his birth & almost every hour the first 2 days & 2 hours for the coming weeks. We have had many bumps after that. I have fast letdown & when that is fixed, my LO gets upset for the next letdown to come & pulls off almost every 2 secs. Of course, fast letdown comes back within 2-3 days & he seems hungry but doesn't eat enough. He also requires a lot of burps as he inhales a lot of air with fast letdown & I spend half of my time getting him to burp. Sometimes it is hard to tell if he is not hungry or he is upset because the milk is not coming in fast enough. I know that my issues are pretty non-serious compare to some mamas but I am just tired of constantly dealing with one or the other thing & not enjoying BFing at all. Am I the only one who feels it that way? I know it gets easier, but when does it get easy? Am I constantly going to deal with fast letdowns or that will get fixed once & for all?
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  • @llli*fezlie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:31 AM
    Ouch, ouch, ouch. Why is nursing hurting SO MUCH right now? Don't think my guy is doing anything differently. Is this a sign that my period might be coming back? I seem to have a heavy discharge too... perhaps ovulation? How many days would this typically last? So far, three days of OUCH! No visible redness or irritation on the surface of the nipple...
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  • @llli*jessicanewmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:16 AM
    Hi. Baby is five months old (4 mo adjusted) and gaining well. She has been going up in the percentiles, which is great because she was born early and gained slowly at first. She is EBF and it's going great. At her four month appointment her pediatrician said she thought she might be ready for solids (at 3 months adjusted!! Which seems counter to everything I've read!! But that's water under the bridge). I nodded and smiled and said we'd probably wait until at least 6 months. Her pediatrician said that it was important to start solids by at least 6 mo because baby cereals are fortified with iron & she'd need that supplement. So, now we're 3 weeks away from her 6 mo appt. Baby is starting to be interested in food but still doesn't have great hand coordination and I just don't see her being ready for any kind of real solid intake in just a few weeks. Also we're planning on doing baby led weaning & I'd like to avoid cereals for a while. Are there resources I can read and then share with her doctor so that I'm prepared for this conversation? Or should we just agree to give iron/vitamin drops (even though that'll probably mess up her digestion a little)?
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  • @llli*bapbrb's Avatar
    April 21st, 2014, 11:58 AM
    Hi there, My little one is 9 months old, and has been exclusively breastfed since birth. In the last few days, I have noticed my milk supply has dropped by about 1/2, and my letdown reflex seems to be getting slower and slower. About a month ago, he started biting me pretty regularly, so I watch him nurse and I end the nursing session, when I notice his suck/swallow has slowed down, because it's not to long after that he lets go, and bites me as my nipple leaves his mouth. I think doing this has really impacted my supply, but I don't understand the all of a sudden let down issue. I think I didn't notice the supply issue, because I don't have to pump very often for him, only if I'm away, and Grandma gives him a bottle of breast milk while I am gone. I know about a month ago he went through a 48 hour nursing strike, so I pumped and gave it to him in a bottle. At that time, I was pumping between 2-3 1/2 ounces every 3-4 hours. He never takes over 2 ounces from a bottle, even if there is more in there.
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  • @llli*carott.black's Avatar
    April 16th, 2014, 01:16 PM
    Hi all! im new at this forum and im worried, i just recently got back to work and im struggling to continue breastfeeding my 2 month old baby. In my maternity leave i was unable to do a milk storage so pretty much we live day by day i pump at work and he eats it the next day. The problem is that i have to travel for work (i was not aware of this until today) next week, i will be away from my baby for 3 days and im not sure what can i do. Will he be alright with 3 days of formula while im away? what do i have to do to keep my milk supply fine during this 3 days? and apart from that i will not have acess to a frezzer or refrigarator in this 3 days since work only pays for a hotel room without a refrigarator so any ideas on how to conserve the milk?
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  • @llli*jessicanewmom's Avatar
    April 21st, 2014, 10:38 AM
    My 5 month old (adjusted 4 mo) is crying or nursing All. The. Time. This is new this past week. She's not generally so fussy. She's also fighting naps all of a sudden. Is this just babies being babies? Or teething? If it's teething, what can I do for her? She's not yet coordinated to keep much other than her fists in her mouth. I hate to give Tylenol when I could just nurse - especially since I'm not sure she's hurting. But it would also be nice to sleep at least a little. On the plus side, my supply has never been so abundant.
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  • @llli*lmk2010's Avatar
    April 17th, 2014, 02:17 PM
    Hello, What are the thoughts on the forum of an 8 mo old growth spurt? I'm sure it just differs by baby but thought I'd get some feedback. My LO just turned 8 mo old and was sleeping quite consistently through the night and breastfeeding 5 times throughout the day. For the past 4-5 days he is waking up at 2 am and 5:30 am and while before he would settle himself he is now up and ready to eat. I'm sure its a toss up on whether he is growing or if its teething (he is working on teeth 7 and 8 already!) or a combination of both. Did anyone else experience this? He is already 20 pounds so is gaining very well. Thanks
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  • @llli*amberdawn424's Avatar
    April 17th, 2014, 03:17 PM
    We saw the dentist today and was told that our LO had both tt/lt and we went ahead and had the laser frenectomy. I was under the impression that would be able to nurse right after the procedure but she just kind of held her mouth opened and wouldn't close it. The dentist said that this was due to the numbing gel. Once home she screamed, A LOT, and finally would let me put my breast in her mouth. She would very lightly suck and alternate that with crying. She went to sleep for a while and now woke up screaming again and refused to nurse. Any experiences with this? My biggest fear was that the procedure would impact nursing. We had few problems prior to procedure (reflux, not flanging lips, nursing a lot) but latch was good and it was painless. Should I keep offering breast? She is getting angry when I offer it.:bitenails
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  • @llli*modestguineapig's Avatar
    April 19th, 2014, 09:46 AM
    My son had an undiagnosed mild tongue tie, which was caught and clipped at 8 weeks (this past Thurs.). Prior to this, nursing was going okay. I had some soreness. He nursed 10+ times a day, but he tired out easily, usually after the first let-down. I didn't think there was a problem until he stopped gaining weight around 5 weeks. Doc suggested I supplement and referred me to a specialist to clip the tongue tie. I have been giving 4-6oz in 1 oz increments via SNS prr day (here and there I have been giving a bottle). My older daughter also stopped gaining weight around 6 weeks, which makes me wonder if I have insufficient glandular tissue (I have some of the outward signs). Or if she had an undiagnosed tongue tie as well. Anyway, my question is- is there a window of time, up to 8 weeks, where your milk glands are stimulated, and if they aren't, you can't produce past a certain amount? I believe my son wasn't effectively removing all my milk due to the tongue tie, so I wonder if my max capacity, so to speak, has been set at a lower level. When I saw an LC with my daughter, she told me this, and encouraged me to supplement. Now that my son is latching deeper and I feel no soreness post clipping, I wonder if I can try weaning the supplements. But I don't want to try it if it is probably too late to build a bigger supply. Here are the weight checks, if it matters- He wasn't a fast gainer before I supplemented either. birth 7lb 12 oz 3 days 7lb 6oz 10 days...
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  • @llli*fezlie's Avatar
    April 17th, 2014, 10:41 AM
    After 16 months, I left for work today without my pump and feeling nervous, anxious, weird!! It has become a part of my life for so long and I am honestly scared to see if this will change my supply, or alter my nursing relationship with my son. I will have to make it through the day without my afternoon "oxytocin break" and once again, start learning how to find stress relief and feel connected with my little guy in other ways when we are away. Feels weird to admit that I had somewhat gotten "addicted" to my pump-- at least psychologically... Let's hope I don't end up running home at lunchtime to get my afternoon pump in. No!! I can DO THIS!!
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  • @llli*adria.parkinson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:59 PM
    I have made it to a year breastfeeding my daughter and other than starting solids at 6 months breast milk is all she has had. I have also made it through pumping while working full time. I believe I have made it this far because of my determination, a daughter who loves her "nummies", a wonderful husband, a great support system at home and this forum!! I have been lurking for a long time (almost a year) but have only posted twice in response to questions about types of pumps. I have come here many times in the past year thinking I was going to post looking for help but never needed to because someone else was always on here with the same question or problem. I started breastfeeding with the mind set that I would like to make a year but I would do the best I could...no pressure on myself. Well, I soon fell in love with breastfeeding and the bond and closeness it has created with my daughter. I know my breastfeeding experience was easier than some but any time I hit a bump in the road with nursing, pumping or sleeping (or not sleeping :)) I came here and found answers and sometimes I found a much needed laugh! So, I come here today to say thank you all for sharing your stories, for giving advise to others that I than borrowed and thank you for creating this community of woman who love to breastfeed and support each other in this journey. Thank you! I hope I will be breastfeeding for another year...and I hope to be done with pumping soon (and again thanks to the advice I...
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  • @llli*brittyynicole's Avatar
    April 18th, 2014, 02:10 PM
    DS is almost 3 weeks, BFing is going well based on wet/dirty diaper output. Like poop every feed and constant wet diapers. I never knew BFing was such a science lol. My LO is more keen on the left breast, he will stay latched and swallowing for 20 minutes at a time, and then he will remove himself from breast and fall asleep. I usually do not offer him the right breast after. He doesn't seem to like being at the right breast as much, he will only drink for a few minutes off and on. I try to feed him from the right a few times before switching to the left. I'm worried that I'm going to give myself supply issues by doing this. I'm offering him the right time after time because I'm trying to "even" them out, otherwise my right breast is full and it can be sort of painful. Is that a bad thing to do? I really do not want to risk having supply issues by being uninformed. Also I'm wondering when it is okay to start pumping. I'm not trying to create a stock pile since I am a SAHM but it'd be nice to be able to take a bottle of pumped milk when I'm going out and I know it will be a longer trip. I'd just like to be able to pump a bottle to take out for now.
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  • @llli*ajb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:52 PM
    The first time I posted here I was having a latch issue. Since then, and for the past month and a half my little one has really improved his latch. I haven't seen lipstick nipple really since about when I posted! And, as a result, he nurses much quicker. It concerned me for a while, because I was thinking that he couldn't possibly be getting enough. But he seemed happy enough, and appears to be gaining weight. Lots of poopy and wet diapers, so that's always a good sign. And an overall great disposition. Just as everything was going swimmingly, and we were getting into a good groove with sleep as well, I felt a few lumps in my breast on Sunday night. In the middle of the night on Sunday I woke up in a lot of pain and had to pump before my little guy had woken up (I wanted to enjoy that good sleep he was getting too!). When I woke up in the morning on Monday, the lumps were bigger and I had 100.1 fever. This indicated to me either severe case of plugged ducts or mild mastitis. I've never had an oversupply issue, and my baby's latch is great. The only cause I can think of is probably his sleeping 6 hr stretches a night. In any case, I attacked the problem with advil, hot compress, hot shower, comb trick from kellymom, lots and lots of nursing, and by this morning I felt pretty good. If I still had a fever today I would have gone to doctor to get antibiotics, but I see no need. Haven't had a fever since yesterday morning. I worked the remaining lumps out in the...
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  • @llli*lcmpdx's Avatar
    April 18th, 2014, 03:23 PM
    Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile with Lavender, it also includes lemon balm. I have a terrible head cold and want a cup of tea, this is the only thing I have on hand. Are these herbs safe while breastfeeding? Here is a link to the product: http://traditionalmedicinals.com/products/chamomile-lavender/ Thanks in advance for any help!
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  • @llli*jrob327's Avatar
    April 18th, 2014, 03:15 PM
    Last drops of breastmilk? My son is 3 weeks old (born on March 27) and it seems like I have ran out of breast milk. I had an emergency c-section. My son was NICU for ingesting meconium and jaundice. Three days post-delivery, my breasts were engorged with milk. Yet, I found it very difficult to pump and my son couldn't latch on. Once we were released from the hospital, I manage to pump up to three times a day. I knew this was clearly not enough pumping sessions but I was in too much pain from the c-section and engorged breast. At best, I was able to pump 30-40ml per breast but he still didn't latch. One week later, I contacted Lactation Specialist for home consultation. She suggested renting hospital grade breast pump, showed various breast feeding position and gave me nipple shield to help my son latch on since he been drinking and formula in a bottle. All of her suggestions worked, but I was having difficulty my appetite, energy level, and physical limitations of c-sections coupled with taking pain pills (OxyContin and Ibuprofen). Some days I simply didn't pump. I tried to breast feed but my son seem not patient enough for breastmilk and wanted the fast flowing formula. As we entered the third week of being home, I notice my milk supply dropped drastically. I no longer felt the heaviness of being engorged. I pumped less than 20ml per breast and after 5min of breast feeding my son seem to lose interest or stop sucking. The irony was as I started to physically...
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  • @llli*rileysmommy's Avatar
    April 16th, 2014, 09:41 PM
    Ok first time mom here! My baby girl was born on Monday the 14th! Everytime I tried to get her to nurse at the hospital she would latch and fall asleep. On our second day they had me start pumping and supplement with formula. The longest i ever got her to nurse was 10 and 15 minutes on the same feeding. We came home today! Our first feeding was 28 minutes on each side. On this feeding we are up to 30 on both sides. (She's telling me what to type. This is Riley's daddy!) when I would pump at the hospital I would barely get any colostrum in the bottle. Now at home she's still nursing on this session. How long should I let her go? She's still latchedu and sucking. Should I still pump? The reason at the hospital for it was to stimulate my milk? What should I do? How do I know if she's getting anything. Please help!
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  • @llli*patricefarber's Avatar
    April 21st, 2014, 07:09 PM
    I am desperate! Please help! I am a mother of three- four year old twins and an 11 week old. I successfully nursed the twins for 5 months and supplemented with formula until 8 months. I was not pumping enough while away and eventually lost supply. With our new addition, at 5-6 weeks, my sweet baby decided that my breasts were no good for her any more. Prior to the strike of my boobies, she would nurse for 45 minutes to an hour 5 or 6 times a day and then I would pump for 15 minutes after. I would pump anywhere from 1-6 ounces after each nursing session and I stocked my freezer with the extra milk. She only had expressed milk four times before said strike. I would pump and get 8-10 ounces if she didn't nurse. Since the strike, she has been drinking 24-26 ounces of expressed milk a day and sleeping like an angel for 10-12 hours at night. She is an amazing baby...but I'm now having trouble getting enough milk for her daily demands. I pump at least 6 times a day and get around 16 ounces. My best day was 23 ounces and I have no idea why! I pump for 45 minutes + until I see no more milk. My right breast is the producer and makes 2/3s to 3/4s of my milk. I don't know why leftie can't keep up! I used a Medela Pump In Style Advanced that is new. Things I have tried: 1. I still try and nurse her at least once a day, and she will latch and nurse for a max of 10 minutes. She gets frustrated, I think it is because my breasts are "slow flow," and won't calm down until she...
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  • @llli*alyfaye's Avatar
    April 19th, 2014, 10:05 AM
    I finally found a doctor (actually, a nurse midwife) who was willing to hear my breastfeeding struggles and offer some support. My milk basically dried up when my lo was tongue tied until 6 weeks old. I have been working my tail off to bring it back since then, but during that time my cycle returned. There is about 2 weeks each month now that I have an extremely low supply. I went in with the idea that I would ask about domperidone. I have always had heart palpitations and have had them checked out. EKG's say I'm fine and they're benign. However, domperidone can interfere with heart rhythm and I have been too nervous to try it without being under the care of a doctor. The midwife agreed that we should avoid the domperidone and suggested Reglan. I wasn't even considering that as an option because of all of the nasty side effects that I have read about here. My LC also isn't a fan of Reglan. In the end though, the midwife convinced me that it was my best option and started me on a low dose. That brings me to my questions for you all: For anyone who has taken or who knows about Reglan, how much were you prescribed? I am taking 3 10mg tablets a day and have noticed a small increase in supply now after taking it for two days. When can I expect to see a significant increase if I am going to? The midwife gave me enough for two weeks and said I could just stop when they're gone without tapering down. That doesn't seem right to me. Should I worry that my supply will vanish once I...
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  • @llli*carott.black's Avatar
    April 16th, 2014, 01:26 PM
    hi all! im new on this forums and been reading a lot but i have some questions, not really for me but for my sister in law. She had her daughter on november and was able to breast feed her for only 3 weeks when she had Deep Vein Thrombosis on one of her legs, at the hospital she had to take a lot of medicine (that im not really sure what it was) but was forced to stop breast feeding (they actually gave her some pills to dry out her milk completly) so now, 4 months after all of that she is not taking any meds, do you think she can get her milk runiing again? how does one do that exctly? any advices? we were really sad about her not breastfeeding and still are, any chances on her getting it back will be great
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  • @llli*kohomelani's Avatar
    April 16th, 2014, 10:18 PM
    I am breastfeeding my second child who has had alot of colic, gas, bloating and extreme rash on his face. After eliminating common foods that cause allergies it seems like cutting off gluten out of my diet reduced the symptoms significantly. I've tried to read up on what seems like a very unique situation. But I have not found anything or anyone who is having this gluten issue, and it transferring into their breast milk. I didn't have any issues breastfeeding my first and my babies pediatrician suggested to keep the gluten free diet and reintroduce it later down the road. Has anyone had any problems with the gluten protein in their milk, affecting their baby?
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  • @llli*payal1341's Avatar
    April 16th, 2014, 10:14 PM
    Hi--a couple of questions. My LO is 3 months and I am looking to rebuild my milk supply. Here are some questions have. 1) Is it to late? I am currently pumping 3 to 4 times a day and get a total if 10 ounces. Will adding extra pumping sessions help? Or do I have to do tag least 8 sessions a day to rebuild supply? 2) if it is possible to rebuild supply by adding in extra sessions, what is the average time before I see an increase? 3) When pumping 8 sessions a day it equates to every 3 hours. Is that 3 hours from when you begun pumping or when you stop pumping? 4) how long should a pumping sessions last? I have read about 20 min but on some websites it also says to keep pumping until 5 minutes after the last drop? If I pump until after the last drop then each sessions is around 45 minutes, which means trying to fit 8 sessions in a day becomes difficult to manage. My little one received a bottle early on in the hospital and we had to supplement with breast milk at around 2 weeks since he wasn't gaining weight back quickly. I have worked with several lactation consultants on his latch and nothing seems to help. Therefore, I started to pump and then also supplement with formula since I couldn't produce enough by just pumping. Now as he grows it seems like he is getting significantly more formula than breast milk and if possible I want to reverse that. Any additional information and advice would also be appreciated. My goal is to get from 3 to 4 sessions to at least 6...
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