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  • @llli*motherhoodblessing's Avatar
    Today, 04:11 PM
    Still struggling, 15 days postpartum and low milk supply. Started fenugreek pills one pill twice a day and got constipated. Don't think there's hope for me. I cry to my baby when I give him the bottle and tell him I'm a bad mother :( I feel so helpless. I pumped this morning and got like 4 ml I'm about to pump again. I nursed my baby in between and he didn't seem to be satisfied. After he was done I squeezed my nipple and milk sprayed out so I'm thinking he was getting milk but don't know if it was enough because when I pumped right after I only got 4ml.
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  • @llli*rainbowgoblin's Avatar
    Today, 03:16 PM
    I believe that it's largely the long gap between feedings that makes night weaning effective. But since babies need so much sleep, there's really a much longer gap than you can probably manage during the day (my little guy started sleeping 12 hours straight once he decided he was done with night nursing). That said, I've read that even going a long period without nursing one time can kick start your fertility again. And apparently B vitamin supplements can help. I'm also an older mother, and was desperate to get my fertility back so we could start trying for a second. I got my first period around 7 months, but then I started temping and was ovulating way too late in my cycle for several months after that (my luteal phase was about 8 days). Interestingly, we went to Germany and the folic acid I could get included other B vitamins, and that's when I got pregnant. So maybe the B vitamin thing works. Beware, though: pregnancy tends to make your supply decrease (in my case, I think enough that I'm making my son wean way earlier than I wanted to). So maybe try to be patient? I wouldn't have listened to that advice, but think about it.
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  • @llli*sassypants's Avatar
    Today, 03:05 PM
    Maybe you should ask your doctor what level he wants to see in order for her to be considered low risk. I feel like 12 was the magic number for us, but I can't remember for sure. He should be going by the bilirubin numbers, not just how yellow she looks because the yellow color can take weeks to clear up. Once her numbers put her in the low risk area you can go back to counting wet and dirty diapers just like any baby. Good luck getting her back to the breast full time!
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  • @llli*rainbowgoblin's Avatar
    Today, 02:49 PM
    A key bit of information that I now realise I should have included is that I'm about 8 weeks pregnant. After doing some reading yesterday, I guess my supply has probably gone down due to the pregnancy, and my baby has probably loses interest shortly after he starts nursing as a result. I'd really like to keep nursing him as long as I can, so I'm going to keep doing what I have been (nursing frequently and letting him play and come back for a bit). But the main questions remain: is there anything I can do to increase my supply? Or do I need to start topping up with formula? Or is he probably ok with my meager supply, along with the massive amount of solids he consumes?
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  • @llli*sarah.proietti's Avatar
    Today, 02:44 PM
    oh and her numbers yesterday was at 11 and last week they were 15
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  • @llli*sarah.proietti's Avatar
    Today, 02:43 PM
    Thanks!! Her feet are looking alot more pink or normal skin color. My husband was uncomfortable with going against the doctor's wishes so we did give her a bottle. I ended up breastfeeding at night because she was crying often and would only take the breast milk. She was under the lights last week and the hospital staff let me pump and give her my milk in a bottle so she wouldn't leave the lights. I was also given a breast shield because her latch wasn't good on day 2 for eating. So all in all we will need to start from scratch with breastfeeding. I breastfed my last two children for a year and never had this many issues. I wish the my community was more supportive of breastfeeding.
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  • @llli*megger112's Avatar
    Today, 02:03 PM
    I have a 9/ almost 10 week old and so far breastfeeding has been going OK. He is gaining nicely and for the most part it has been pain free. I met with a lactation consultant right away after birth, and discovered that my baby had a shallow latch, I gained some strategies and all was good. Once my milk came in I also discovered I have a very active let down. Over the last three weeks or so I started having some pain on my right breast. I had some visible blebs or blisters on the nipple that were painful and would come and go. During this time my family was also moving to a different state so there was some craziness in my life! About a week ago the pain got VERY bad and I had some large masses in my right breast, I was in tears with every feeding. I tried hot showers, massage, pumping, saline soaks, you name it but I finally gave in an started the antibiotics my OB called in about 4 days later. I am now feeling better, and my breasts are much softer, no more lumps, but I am having continued nipple pain. I met with a lactation consultant on Monday for some 'touch up' and since then my baby's latch has dramatically improved. Both the lactation consultant and my sons pediatrician have checked us both and there are no signs of thrush, however I have two small white spots deep in my nipple that look like buried blisters that will not go away. You can only see them when the nipple is moist from a shower or after a feeding. It feels like a dull ache or sometimes like a zap of...
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  • @llli*aml1676's Avatar
    Today, 01:20 PM
    Absolutely, and I hope I didn't imply otherwise! I guess the point I was trying to make was that if he were being held, it's not likely they would let a feeding go on for an hour. I doubt most DCPs have an hour to spare with just one infant, unfortunately :(
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  • @llli*heidismom's Avatar
    Today, 12:51 PM
    Great, thank you!
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  • @llli*kevins-mom's Avatar
    Today, 12:32 PM
    Hi and thank you for the great resource. My 2.5 year old son loves to nurse, but I try to limit to just bed time and nap time. I make exceptions to that, however. Lately he's been telling me there is "no milk in it" and asks if the other side has milk in it and proceeds to tell me it does not. He has seen me hand express to double check that what he is saying is correct. Lately I have only been able to get a drop or so. He always coaxes me to do this after he tells me there is no milk. He doesn't seem very distraught, but he has begun asking to nurse overnight again even though we night weaned 4+ months ago. He is asking to nurse more often and seems like he is going through a difficult time as he has been quite emotional lately which may have nothing to do with nursing. We haven't dropped a nursing session since we night weaned shortly after he turned 2. No other changes, I'm not pregnant, we haven't moved, etc. Is this just the end?
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  • @llli*ruchiccio's Avatar
    Today, 12:31 PM
    Pumping .5 ounce from each breast after feeding (which means 1 ounce) is pretty good! Usually you don't have much extra after baby finishes eating. However, if you keep at it for a few days, each day pumping after the morning feed, you will find that amount increasing. Also, you really just need one day's worth of milk because each day you'll pump for the next day. So if you work part time that might only be one bottle. Even with your rate of output today, you can have a bottle in about 3-4 days and you have a month to go. A good idea would also be to check your frozen milk after it's been in the freezer a while, just to make sure it still tastes good.
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  • @llli*ruchiccio's Avatar
    Today, 12:28 PM
    Happy to report that my baby is back at the breast and enjoying it :) I don't have that much of a decrease right now - maybe 80-90% of what I usually have but I can't really judge other than by my slow-to-come letdown and less pumping output.
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Today, 11:18 AM
    Lots of poop is usually considered a good sign in the first several weeks. It usually means baby is getting plenty of milk, which is good, even if there are other issues. 3-5 times a day is the minimum amount a newborn should poop. Many babies poop much more often. It is normal for a baby to poop every time baby nurses as well as other times, as sucking itself causes pooping. Explosive gas is also not unusual in a newborn. Is it possible you have a very fast letdown? Not slow? That would be much more consistent with tons of poop, explosive gas, and even can contribute to a painful latch because baby clamps to handle the flow, and if mom is engorged at all from high milk production that can also make latching more difficult. Very frequent nursing is normal in the newborn period. Cluster nursing, as your baby did last night, is entirely normal. Nursing every 2-3 hours, or 9-12 times a day, is again the minimum frequency required at this age. Many babies nurse more often. I would suggest looking at this article to see if forceful letdown may be part of what is going on. If it fits, you can try the ideas for helping baby handle the flow. When you see the IBCLC, I would also suggest that you have her help you with different positions like sidelying and laid back breastfeeding. You will also see info on block nursing in the article. I would NOT suggest block nursing or any other milk production decreasing techniques at this point. Baby is too young, and latch is...
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  • @llli*heidismom's Avatar
    Today, 10:51 AM
    Hello, I have a 7 week old and I have been pumping once a day to save some breast milk for an occasional babysitter and so that I can return to part-time work in a little over a month. I typically try to pump in the morning after I nurse her. I am only able to get 0.5 ounces out of each breast after pumping for 15 minutes! I have the Medela In-Style Advanced pump. I barely have any breast milk saved up and I am worried that I will have to switch to formula when I go back to work. Should I try to pump more times during the day? Thank you for any help you can offer!
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  • @llli*liz.g.autry's Avatar
    Today, 10:44 AM
    My daughter was born by emergency c-section at 27w2d and has now been in the NICU for 6 weeks. I started pumping with hours of her delivery. After 6 weeks I'm only averaging about 11.5oz (350mL) total everyday. I'm pumping 8 times a day and power pumping for an hour about 3-4 times a day. It can take me up to 45 minutes to empty my breasts and never less than 20 minutes. I'm still slowing increasing, but in the past two weeks my increase has slowed down. This'd last week my weekly milk production only increased 24mL from the previous week. I'm currently staying ahead of what my baby girl is consuming. She gets 38mLs fortified breastmilk every 3 hours, so in reality she is only getting 27mL of my breastmilk every feed. The rest is human milk fortifier to increase calories. I just feel discouraged and worry whether I'll be able to supply enough milk to eventually EBF. The LCs at the hospital have been great. They just recently suggested I try domperidone to try and boost my supply closer 500mL. I haven't started it yet, as I'm still waiting on a prescription from my doctor. I can't use any herba supplements, as the neonatologist does not want to risk the possible digestive troubles they could cause my girl. We just started nuzzling with an Emory breast last week, and has our first semi full breastfeeding session yesterday. She was able to latch and suck for about 5 minutes. Though she got overwhelmed when she actually got a mouthful of milk, she doesn't have the...
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  • @llli*poghag's Avatar
    Today, 09:14 AM
    I know everybody will have very different experiences but I'm interested (most of my NCT group has almost fully weaned already, and allegedly their babies all just "gave up the boob" without a fuss (albeit I don't think any of the mums were avidly pro-breastfeeders)). My baby is 10 months old. I am starting to think about my options over the next few months if my periods still aren't back. I know it would be nice to wait and let nature take its course but I really would like another baby not too far apart for various reasons including my age (40). I wondered if day-weaning could help... on busy days she can easily go without boob all day... but is it really the night weaning that will make all the difference? I've looked very briefly at the No Cry Sleep Solution webpage and it all seems like it could still be a bit of a long-drawn out process that I might not have the steel to get into as my sleep is absolutely fine... really not that keen to night wean so would love to know if people have had success with getting fertility back with just day weaning? We co-sleep and baby loves to sucky herself back to sleep maybe 3 or 4 times after about 3am, and sometimes during those sucky periods she will draft long, hard gulps. I definitely think she gets more milk from me during this 3-6am period than she does over the rest of the day. I am no longer offering boob left, right and centre during the day and she happily goes to sleep in the sling without suckying although I always...
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  • @llli*sweeetp0812's Avatar
    Today, 08:56 AM
    he also poops an obscene amount. way more than he should I feel i need to change his diaper after almost every feeding. and he has explosive gas.
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  • @llli*sweeetp0812's Avatar
    Today, 08:54 AM
    i nurse him every 2 to 3 hours. he's been much better. I've met with a LC and i do have good supply. I am just having a hard time positioning him and latching him on properly, so she will be coming back. last night he was demanding to be nursed non stop from 2am to 530am and he is only 9 days old
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  • @llli*rosesmum's Avatar
    Today, 06:35 AM
    Thanks! I guess I just needed to hear that to take some of the pressure off...I won't give up but it's good to know it's ok. Breastfeeding is just so important to me, I was never breastfed and I feel that I wouldn't have the digestive conditions I have today if I had (I don't blame my mum there was a lot of incorrect info about in the '70s/80s and she thought she was doing what was best) and I really want to do this right for my daughter, like I'm sure every woman on here does! She's latching today without the shield but quickly detaches, then latches again takes a couple swallows then detaches again...or she just falls asleep on my breast. Still all of today's proper feeds have been with the shield. This still seems like a little progress maybe... I'll see a lactation specialist at my breastfeeding support group tomorrow...so maybe some hands-on will help too.
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  • @llli*jam-on-toast's Avatar
    Today, 06:29 AM
    New study shows breastfeeding can halve the risk of developing post-natal depression http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/health-28851441 but also highlights how mothers who are unable to breastfeed and would have like to are at risk of depression.
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  • @llli*mommal's Avatar
    Today, 05:56 AM
    @llli*mommal replied to a thread want to wean in Weaning
    We all live with images like that, of the supermoms we would like to be. I would like to have endless patience and never lose my temper. I want to always treat my kids fairly, and never give one more than the other. I want to spend more time doing fun things with my kids and teaching them instead of being so tired of them that I turn on the TV and let them watch crap for an hour so that I can goof off on the internet. My husband and I would like to have some energy after the kids go to sleep, so that we can do more than just collapse into bed. Etc.! There's a book on the subject of modern parenthood which you might be interested in. It's called "All Joy and No Fun" (http://www.amazon.com/dp/0062072226/?tag=googhydr-20&hvadid=36601037546&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=2442908097408902405&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=t&ref=pd_sl_5ylv2ojbv6_b). I haven't read it but I have heard that it takes in this particular topic in an interesting way. It's always really tempting to think that weaning will make things easier, give you more energy, etc. But that's not necessarily the case. Your kids are going to be the same demanding little creatures whether you wean or not. IMO, weaning just takes away one of your best tools for coping with your baby's demands. If you're really sure that nursing is the part of your life that needs to change, I would start by night-weaning. That may be enough to restore some of your energy and ability to cope. If baby still really...
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  • @llli*mommal's Avatar
    Today, 05:37 AM
    I wish I had an answer for you, mama! Nursing strikes are tough. Kellymom has some good suggestions: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/. A lot of kids seem to lose interest in nursing around this point. If yuan just be very, very, VERY patient, there's a good chance that your LO will eventually pick up his frequency.
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  • @llli*mommal's Avatar
    Today, 05:30 AM
    Yes, it you are that rare mama-baby pair who can never get rid of the shield, it's okay. Shields have some drawbacks- they can slow or reduce milk transfer- so you might want to keep an extra careful eye on diaper output and weight gain. But aside from that there's nothing to worry about. Don't let struggles with nursing get you down, mama! You are doing a great job and it's not an easy one. A lot of moms feel like breastfeeding should be easy because it's natural, but that's not always how it works!
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  • @llli*rosesmum's Avatar
    Today, 04:38 AM
    Is it okay if she never breaks the nipple shield habit? I mean can I still breastfeed for a year (my personal goal) if she always needs it? I'm okay, wouldn't even say I have the baby blues, it's just breastfeeding that makes me tear-up (when it doesn't work). It's food for my baby and it's upsetting when I feel like I'm not providing like I should.
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  • @llli*podutti's Avatar
    Today, 04:23 AM
    @llli*podutti replied to a thread want to wean in Weaning
    My doctor did investigate other causes for my health problems. I have had a complete physical, full blood works (twice), checked for thyroid, diabetes, kidney function. Everything was normal. My doctor thinks I am just completely run down from lack of sleep, nursing and parenting responsibilities in general. I should say she did not in any way push weaning as a solution, she more suggested it, and not until after all the tests came back normal. In fact, I didn't mention I was still breastfeeding until the results were back because I didn't want her opinion to be adversely influenced by that knowledge. Her response then was like "Oooh that must be it!" I don't eat much processed food and eat more fruits and vegetables than the average person I would think and I take pre-natal vitamins. I just can't seem to keep up. All my clothes are ridiculously big which kind of depresses me, and I don't want to invest in, what I hope, would be a temporary wardrobe. I just reached a point where I feel I want my life back. A few months back I did give DS a few ozs of formula each day for several weeks because it seemed to settle him a little but I phased that out again. So I know he will accept it. I guess for now I will probably take it a day at a time and maybe slowly introduce some more solids. He currently gets solids twice a day, at lunch and dinner. I tried repositioning him a little yesterday, holding him higher up, which seems to help with the nibbling feeling. You know, it's...
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  • @llli*candice111's Avatar
    Today, 02:18 AM
    anyone? he has improved a bit, but we are still struggling to have some relaxed feeding sessions apart from before bed.
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