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  • @llli*avesnovuelan's Avatar
    March 29th, 2014, 05:59 AM
    Short story: wondering what to do when the 21mm flanges are still too big. Read on for more detail. Everywhere I look there is talk of women needing bigger breast shields when pumping. I have the opposite problem. I downsized to the 21s and still have lots of extra space around the nipple and end up with a lot of areola in the tunnel. I called Medela and they sent me an insert for the 24s that the lady thought might help, but it is no better than the 21s. Pumping is becoming a nightmare and I am not sure what to do. Here are my issues: 1. Breast/nipple pain. I am always at least a little uncomfortable, varying from mild tenderness to excruciating pain. It is worst in between pumping/nursing. I think I have vasospasm to begin with and I suspect the flange fit is worsening the problem. I started using an OTC version of Dr. Neuman's APNO and I also use a lot of coconut oil. These help but only a little. 2. Trouble with positioning. I can't use any sort of hands-free setup or my nipples go way off-center and the milk stops flowing. 3. Need both hands. After the initial let-down the milk will stop flowing. I get about 1 oz from each breast and then nothing. My breasts still feel full. The only solution I have found so far is to switch to just one side at a time, hold the flange in one hand and massage the breast with the other. I get a lot more this way but it takes a long time. I am concerned with how long my pumping breaks are getting to be since I also have to...
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  • @llli*xiaoshira's Avatar
    April 22nd, 2014, 09:29 PM
    I read somewhere that you're supposed to give baby what you pumped at that time of day... How big a deal is this? I am struggling to pump enough as it is by adding night sessions, let alone try to control for this - and my freezer stash... if I even logged it, I still won't be able to really control that so much!
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  • @llli*elisabet's Avatar
    April 10th, 2014, 06:07 PM
    I have a 15m old girl who breastfeeds 2times a day and every hour or so during the night. I have been pressured to give up breastfeeding all together but I know that this is the best for her. My goal was to breastfeed for a year and then see how things would go. I have been struggling with getting her to sleep better for more than a year now and Im getting to my limit. I am so tired but I wont let her cry it out but I would really like her to stop the night feedings. Please can someone give me the magical answer to how I should go about this? We have tried everything there is except putting her in her crib and closing the bedroom door behind us. My perfect dream would be that she would only breastfeed during the mornings. Once a day. I am starting to want to wean her but I cant see that happening cause she is not ready and cries until she gets what she wants. Im starting to resent her and I get tears in my eyes cause that is not how I want to feel towards my child. My nipples hurt like crazy and I get frustrated after maybe an hour of feeding until she is a sleep. She wakes up so many times before I get to bed, sometimes I have to stay in bed with her from 8pm until morning.. Next june she will be 18m old and we are leaving her with my in laws for a weekend. There is a HUGE pressure on me from people around me to wean her before that date. I would not mind her to be weaned by then if only that would happen smoothly and with her happy about it. But if not, I would all...
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  • @llli*slsimon7560's Avatar
    April 11th, 2014, 07:41 AM
    I came back to work about a month ago. My daughter is now 6 months and is EBF. I am pumping 3 times in an 8 hour work day. I am only getting 3 oz a session. It is just not enough for my daughter. Can you please recommend something that I can do to help my supply? I just bought Fenugreek, but I am not sure how frequently I should take it. I have also been drinking the Mother's Milk Tea.
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  • @llli*ik25feb's Avatar
    April 10th, 2014, 06:51 PM
    I have a dilemma. My 6 week old son is spitting what seems to be nearly all of his feeding during the day. He does not cry or fuss about the spit up. The spit up is sometimes clear as if he had a bubble that was in his tummy and it prevented freshly expressed milk to settle. Also, in other occurrences the spit up has clumping, and appears like cottage cheese. This usually comes up with or without a burp. The whole situation is extremely frustrating, and I am not sure if I should wait out for him to spit up whatever he intends to, and after that offer to feed again. And to add to the puzzle, he does not spit up at night?! He is actually a perfect baby at night. He nurses for about half an hour, I burp him and he is off to sleep. The burp clothes are not wet, he is not fussy, and there is no laundry mess awaiting for me at the following night feeds or at his first morning feed. Please help me figure out what am I doing wrong during the day? Thank you ahead of time!
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  • @llli*fezlie's Avatar
    April 10th, 2014, 10:08 AM
    My perfect little son is 16 months old and doing great. He is very mellow about nursing and pretty much "tries" to nurse whenever I offer him the breast. He night weaned very easily and we now nurse about 4 times per day. I say "tries" because I have had this incredibly frustrating issue with my let-down from the very beginning. Basically, I have been living with anxiety and stress about whether I will get a let-down or not for the last 16 months and have structured my life around maximizing my chances of having one. For example: I must nurse only at home in the glider, in the nursery,dim lights and white noise machine. This makes travelling, going anywhere basically impossible, or very stressful. Days before we go on a "vacation", my milk stops letting down (or takes about 30 minutes) and it won't do it for the pump either. I have spent the last year and a half doing yoga, deep breathing, fennel, motherlove supplements, nipple stimulation, etc. I have done an amazing job of conquering whatever my problem is (whether it be mental or physiological or a little of both) and have managed to have (despite it all) a really good nursing relationship with my little guy. I am fortunate, as he is a very patient, sweet little man. he will nurse for 30 minutes waiting for a let-down. And if he doesn't get it, he doesn't even care! It is me who is bereft!
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  • @llli*lanie's Avatar
    April 6th, 2014, 10:42 PM
    Hello, I have a question about upping my right breasts milk supply. With my left one I usually get around 3 oz unless I'm engorged through the night then I get 5 and I only get between .5 oz and 1 oz from my right boob. I think the production has gone down over the past few months because i used to get a solid 1 oz to 1.5oz from it. My Dr prescribed me a generic brand of reglan (sp?) milk supply helper but I'm not sure it's doing anything. Is there a way to get it to produce more? I feed her first on that boob and during her naps I try to get her to fall asleep on that one since she'll continue to suck from it the whole nap. She is 3 mo old.
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    April 19th, 2014, 05:24 PM
    Help?!? Pumping seems to hurt no matter what I do. I've tried different sizes of flange (from small, medium, Large and XL Medela.) I've tried lubricating with some edible oil but so far even when I wash it off, the baby objects to three different oils I've tried and the oil. The oil seemed to only help a tiny bit anyway. Most of the pain seems to be from the suction and pulling. I'm having trouble figuring out how anyone manages to pump at all let alone get enough milk out to pump exclusively. Are there ways to make it painless? Or is it just too painful for some people?
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  • @llli*andrebaby's Avatar
    April 14th, 2014, 08:51 AM
    hi I am writing this post in desperation. i had my healthy baby boy 6 weeks ago and despite all the effort I put in, I am still only producing about 10 ounces of milk daily. I am literally running out of ideas and feel exhausted and despair, pls help me figure out what I missed here or if it's still possible to increase my milk supply. Below is my basic information 1) I had my baby at 42 weeks through induction. It took 24 hours for me to fully dilate and 20min to push out the baby. No tear and any complication afterwards. I did use epidural in the process, but cut it off in the last hour right before I was getting ready to push 2) The baby was born 8 pounds and we had skin to skin for two hours right after he came out. However, he wasn't interested in breast and just wanted to sleep. The lactation consultant in the hospital told us it's very normal to have a sleepy baby in the first day. So we let him sleep. I started feeding him second day. It was soon apparent that nothing was coming out of my breast-- we tried manual expression, medela hospital pump, compression, nothing came out, not even a drop. 3) Under the recommendation of the nurse, I started supplementing him on the third day with a syringe while breastfeeding. He latched on quite good, and appeared happy with the formula, but I still didn't have any colostrum 4) I went home at the end of third day and keep pumping and breastfeeding my baby with the help of the syringe. Thought once the engorgement comes, I...
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  • @llli*mamabusch's Avatar
    March 31st, 2014, 03:02 PM
    Hello, We've been feeding on demand since day 1 and babygirl, who will be 8 months on Friday has either been nursing or taking a bottle (of pumped milk at daycare) every 2 hours. We introduced solids at about 5.5 months. She's getting 2-3 solid meals a day. She gets about 3 oz of poi (a Hawaiian starch, that has amazing nutritional value), 2.5 oz of veggies and 4 oz of yogurt. When at daycare, she's getting a total of 8 oz (I'm gone about 8.5 hours) - 2, 2 oz bottles and 1 4 oz bottle at the end of the day. She's strong and developing well, except for her weight. Right now she's below 3rd percentile for weight and we've been adding olive oil to her solids and added the yogurt. This is appearing to help, as she's gained 5.5 oz in 5 days. We've also struggled with sleep and have just hired a sleep consultant. Babygirl is completely co-dependent on me for sleep - she has to touch me to stay asleep and went from waking once a night for a feeding to waking 3 times or more around 4 months. The sleep consultant suggested extending the time between feedings and I'm not sure how to do that without having her think she's starving. Any advice, experience and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! TIA!
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  • @llli*apifera's Avatar
    March 26th, 2014, 06:07 AM
    Hi, My little guy has never liked solids. He is exclusively breast fed and our pediatrician raised concerns about weight gain yesterday and asked us to supplement with formula. I would really like to think I could just increase solids but he won't eat. I have tried BLW, I have tried puree, I have tried it all. I mean if it's out there I've tried it... unless I missed it? I don't know. I'm at my wits end. He won't take a bottle. I actually gave in and tried to give him 2 oz of formula last night and he just refused it. How do I get some calories in this kid?!
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  • @llli*joshuas.mommy's Avatar
    April 6th, 2014, 09:29 PM
    Hi, I'm still nursing my nearly-two-and-a-half year old son. We nurse maybe 3ish to 4ish times a day on average (more on the weekends usually). I don't think my milk supply is that great anymore but I haven't tried pumping in awhile so I don't really know. I just notice that I generally only have one let-down per session anymore. Also I can go a solid 16 hours without nursing or pumping with only minor discomfort. So I'm guessing my supply is pretty low. Also my son has remarked a couple times, after nursing for a few minutes, that there's "no more milk" left on that side (like, it is there initially, but after a couple minutes nursing on that side there isn't any more). Other times there seems to be as much milk as he wants though. Anyway, my dad is having hip replacement surgery in late May and is very anxious about it and understandably would like me to be there (I'm a doctor and I think the idea of having me there makes him feel more secure). I don't feel comfortable leaving DS for more than about 24-36 hours, so I'm planning a VERY SHORT trip, arriving the day of surgery and flying back late on the day after surgery. I don't think for such a short trip that it makes sense to bring DS--the disruption in his routine isn't worth it, and having a toddler underfoot with my dad in the hospital would not be great either. DS has managed before with me being gone for nearly 24 hours, although he was very clingy for a week or so after and wanted to nurse ALL THE TIME. (He...
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  • @llli*rebekahb's Avatar
    April 14th, 2014, 07:41 PM
    My son had a tongue and lip tie procedure about 3 weeks ago after 4months of struggles. I finally have gotten him to nurse, but he'll only nurse to sleep. He won't nurse during his awake meal times. Any suggestions? Should I just count my blessings that he's nursing at all? I work at home full-time but my husband has to give him bottles while I'm working.
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  • @llli*zoeuk's Avatar
    April 4th, 2014, 04:34 AM
    Hi all My first post on here, looking for some advice and to hear experiences others have had. My 20 month old daughter has been EBF and I am letting her self wean, she loves solid food and eats well, but still likes 2 or 3 breast milk drinks a day (sometimes in the afternoon I’ll offer her a snack if she asks for milk instead and she happy with that (sometimes). She is such a happy child too. She has and can sleep through the night, she does suffer from trapped wind, so when she wakes she calls for me, lately she won’t go back to sleep without being nursed. I forgot to say, she will self settle in her cot (we did do some co-sleeping when she was younger, but only occasssionally) I put her in her cot then sit by the door until she drops off (we have 'bedtime' milk downstairs so she doesn't associate it with being nursed to sleep - as we did go through a phsae of this)
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  • @llli*amberdawn424's Avatar
    April 13th, 2014, 06:48 PM
    Hi, I have an amazing 10 week old baby girl who is EBF. From the beginning I've had OS (coughing/sputtering at breast, frequent spitting up, several bms esp right after feeding, and green mucous stools, leaky boobs soaking through towels when feeding on one side, pumping produces only foremilk (6 oz on one boob). Because of the mucous I've cut out dairy because I read that foremilk/hindmilk imbalance shouldn't cause mucous. Nothing has really changed with diet elimination but I have noticed the switch to yellow poop, less spitting up with block nursing, but she will then have these nurseathons for hours and the green poop is back. Also, I'm never engorged. If I go long without nursing the breast will get hard and painful then just leak like crazy and it's relieved. I haven't been engorged since my milk came in. I do have extremely large breasts though. Just now sure I'm doing it right 1. How to tell if it's an allergy or OS issue. She is congested a lot, had a bad bout of baby acne, no blood in stools (tested at pedis) just green/mucousy poops, not fussy at all, sleeps 6 hours at night and takes 3+ hour naps 2. She mostly nurses in 5 minutes but LOVES to comfort nurse when time to go to sleep. I've read OS babys won't nurse for a long time but she will nurse for hours until she's asleep. 3. Does the comfort nursing hurt the block feeding and supply regulation? It's the only way to get her to sleep 4. She sleeps 6+ hours at night how do I block feed with...
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  • @llli*fshah's Avatar
    March 29th, 2014, 01:59 PM
    Hi, I have a 9 week old son who eats about 5-6 times in 24 hours. I have an issue of overactive letdown, especially on the right side. This is making baby very gassy & he only naps while being held. He started sleeping long stretches at night about 2 weeks ago & I get painfully full in the morning. I started pumping in the morning while hubby have bottle to the baby. Now this solved the problem short term. Since LO keeps changing his schedule & I realized pumping is not helping me, I stopped pumping 6 days ago. My questions: 1. I am still very full in the morning, to the point where it hurt bad. LO has started eating only one side, so sometimes one side is not being emptied for about 10-11 hours. Will my body start making less milk? If yes when? 2. LO gulps a lot of air & past 2 days he eats only 5-6 mins on one side only. He is not getting hungry more often so I am guessing he is having enough. But can he go from eating for 30+ mins to 8 mins in a day? 3. I am not sure if he is getting enough hind milk. While my breasts do feel empty within 5-6 mins he seems to stop mid letdown needing for a burp & doesn't latch at all after that. I burp him every 2 mins since he is gulping all that air. Please help! Due to these 2 issues, he is so gassy that he doesn't nap in crib & I end up holding him most of his naps which is killing my back. Thanks!
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  • @llli*amberdawn424's Avatar
    April 16th, 2014, 11:50 AM
    My 11 week old is nursing fine, gaining a pound a week. Happy at breast. We have been having green poops so I went to a LLL meeting last night and they talked about tongue tie. Or pedi did say it looked like she was at 1 week appt but we didn't have nursing issues so I let it go. Anyway, the leader suggested I see a dentist who does laser correction. My question is, is it worth it? If she's nursing fine, gaining weight should I worry? I dot want to interfere with what we have now which is a good latch and perfect nursing.
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  • @llli*jtmmh's Avatar
    March 31st, 2014, 10:35 AM
    I had horrible lipase issues at the end of pumping for my daughter, however she still drank the milk so I was told by several LCs that there was no problem. My son is 4 months and I have to pump for my part time job- I would love to use the milk I pumped the previous work day, but lipase has already affected my milk by then (3 days between my work days). I have been waking up early and pumping like crazy the day of work to have milk for my baby that day and then throwing out what I pumped at work:( I was told recently that if I freeze immediately after pumping lipase may not affect my milk. Anyone know about this?! My milk taste soapy and metallic one day after freezing, if I follow my normal procedure (ice pack and fridge after pumping- then once at home freeze). Microwaving and placing my milk on the stove is uncomfortable for me, I'm afraid all nutrients will be lost. Any suggestions? Freeze immediately? Supplements? Diet?
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  • @llli*joshuas.mommy's Avatar
    April 18th, 2014, 01:44 PM
    Hi, many of you "know" me as I've posted here multiple times before. My DS is almost 2.5 and for the past several weeks, has really been ramping up his requests for nu-nu (what we call nursing). This confuses me. We had been down to around 3-4 times a day. Now suddenly he wants to nurse multiple times in the morning before work, and usually several times in the evening as well. He asks less often if we're out and about or if Daddy is around, but if it's just the two of us nursing seems to be his favorite activity. I asked him today why he wanted so much nu-nu and he said "because I miss you, Mama!". I don't know if I planted that idea in his head...I asked one time a few weeks ago after a period where I'd been working a lot if he wanted nu-nu because he missed me and maybe he caught onto that and it stuck? Or maybe that really is the reason. I don't know. I don't feel like I've been away from home an unusual amount the last week or two but we did have visitors in town and have been busy with Passover, etc. so maybe he's not getting as much one-on-one time as he usually does. I'm just somewhat confused and a little bit bothered by the fact that we seem to be going BACKWARDS with regard to nursing. I had thought he'd be well along in the weaning process by now. I am willing to continue nursing awhile longer but I don't know if nursing all the time is good for him at this point. His father thinks he should be weaned already (although he is tolerating our nursing without any...
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  • @llli*lalalizzie's Avatar
    April 6th, 2014, 10:26 AM
    Hi, I have a wonderful 3 month old son, who is a breastfeeding champion. He breastfeeds exclusively, and feeds on demand. This has been working wonderfully for us both since his birth. In just a week, though, I will be going back to work. I've already started pumping milk and have the bottles ready, but the few times we've tried to give him a bottle of breast milk, he has not cooperated and has gotten really upset. I don't want to stop comfort nursing him - I love being able to calm him down by nursing. But it does make it a lot harder to know when he is actually very hungry. He'll have a nanny who will spend the days with him at my house, and will defrost and heat my milk to give him. How, though, can we all deal with the fact that he doesn't have a feeding schedule? Heating the milk, obviously, takes time, and if he shows signs of hunger and the milk is then heated, he is often pretty hysterical by the time it is ready, and is too worked up to take the bottle, since it is a new thing to him. Also, if the nanny heats a bottle and it turns out he is not hungry, that is milk wasted! Any suggestions for how to deal with the transition to bottle feeding during the day? Thank you so much in advance!
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  • @llli*bsua65's Avatar
    April 8th, 2014, 08:44 AM
    Hey, Am basically looking in case there there is anything that could help me with my breastfeeding. We've had a rocky road so far and just as I thought it was leveling out, it's all gone pear shaped again! My LO was born at 37 week and 1, with a normal water birth and latched pretty soon after birth, she was pulling on and off at the breast, but the midwives were happy with the way she was feeding, we got home 7 hours after the birth, midwife came over observed her feeding, said she was fine... Day 4 I hadn't had a wet nappy in 12 hours, so I ring the midwives and they tell me not to worry I have an appointment for a day 5 weight in the day after they would check her then. So day 5 they weigh her and she's gone from 7lb2 to 5lb15. We go straight to the hospital, end up on IV and needing glucose to pull her sugars back up. That night that found a strong posterior tongue tie, but it couldn't be divided until the Monday and this was Friday night. Over the weekend she ended up having bottles after each breastfeed to 'top her up' and each feed was limited to an hour, it started off for the first couple of feeds as ebm, but quickly it became formula because I wasn't producing/able to pump enough to keep up. When the tie was divided, she was still struggling to latch, so 12 hours later with the advise of a Lactation consultant we started to use nipple shields, she latched better having gotten used to milk from a bottle, and for the next few days we continued to...
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  • @llli*nempne's Avatar
    April 7th, 2014, 01:05 PM
    My son is still nursing, but his sessions have decreased to a couple of minutes for each session (except in the morning and the last one before bed, which are about 10 minutes each side). He is in daycare during the day, and I am still pumping at work. I am still producing the same amount, if not more, when I pump, so I am guessing he must be getting a lot during the short sessions he has during the day when I am home on the weekends. He has started refusing to drink my expressed milk though while I am at work. He will eat solid foods while he is away from me, but drinks very little, if anything from his bottles. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so what did you do? Did you replace expressed milk with something else for hydration? I don't really want to give him juice because of all the sugar. I would still like to be able to nurse him on the weekends, but I hate to have to pump at work, especially if he is not going to drink the expressed milk. If I stop pumping during the day at work, does that mean that I will no longer be able to nurse during those times during the weekend? Is it possible for him to already be self-weaning at 12 months? Any help is appreciated!
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  • @llli*dara's Avatar
    April 13th, 2014, 07:57 AM
    My baby boy turned a year on Friday, and he is nursing strong still! He is a HUGE almost 27 lbs and 31 1/2 inches tall. BIG BOY he isn't a huge food eater so almost all of that weight is breastmilk :) I cant wait to see where this journey will take us, my DD nursed till she was 4 years and 10 days, wondering how long baby boy will nurse! He is a little acrobat these days, contorting himself while he nurses, he is so funny! Cant believe how fast this year flew by. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ethan :)
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  • @llli*alphawoman's Avatar
    April 7th, 2014, 01:08 AM
    I received the most beautiful pro-full term breastfeeding comment today in our (Catholic) church. I HAD to share it! A lady who knows our family and saw DS2.5 nursing during Mass stopped to chat after the celebration and candidly shared her experience of being nursed until she was 5. She said she thinks nursing is such a beautiful and loving gift for a child, a perfect food, and a unique and wonderful way to express maternal love. She went on to add that she has fond memories of nursing and enjoys a particularly close and fulfilling relationship with her mother now, she believes in part as a result of nursing. I was touched to hear her describe playing outside and running in to nurse at 4 and 5. When I stated that my son will be allowed to nurse as long and as often as he'd like, she smiled broadly and said, "How wonderful! It's so natural and perfect!" I wish that every nursing mother would receive such positive feedback!!! Please send your prayers for this awesome lady and terrific role model.
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    April 12th, 2014, 01:48 PM
    So if we are supposed to let the baby nurse till they are done with the breast before pulling them off and switching sides or deciding they are done with the feeding....... What are we supposed to do if we have one of those babies who will seemingly effectively nurse in their sleep and would happily stay latched to the breast indefinitely. More background on me and my baby can be found in the following thread http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?119830-10-day-old-baby-and-inadequate-milk-supply Anyway, he has always latched well but has always been sleepy at the breast, well most of the time (probably two feedings a day he will be wide awake, otherwise he usually seems to be basically asleep moments after latching though he will keep sucking and often protest when I try to unlatch him.) Early on I thought this was a sign of him not removing milk effectively but I have noticed that he does actually drain me and is getting milk even when he seems to be sleeping through it. But my question is....... Because so many of the writings about it suggest it is best to let baby decide how long a feeding should last........ When Should I decide enough is enough. He will sometimes stay latched to me often for as long as I will sit still. I usually decide that 30-35 minutes per breast is long enough (especially when I'm needing to also pump to increase my milk supply and during certain times of day he will often request to be fed every 1.5 hours, sometimes even more often.
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  • @llli*ruksangel's Avatar
    March 31st, 2014, 10:12 AM
    Hi, I am a working Mom, and my LO is 14 weeks old. I have always had this problem with my left breast, even after pumping for 30 mins, I just get about 2 oz, whereas from my right breast i get about 4-5 oz. This was okay till last week, but my LO is drinking 5oz every 2-3 hours, so the demand is high but my supply is not that great. I had a stash saved up in freezer when I was on Maternity Leave. But I dont want to deplete that. I give 4 bottles of 5oz each to daycare. And she goes to daycare from 8 am to 4:30 pm. I pump 3 times a day, and try to sneak in a 4th time if possible. My regular pump times are 3 am, 11:30 am and 4 pm. I feed her to 7 am before she leaves home. But lately I have noticed that my left breast never completely gets emptied. And after pumping for 30 mins, i cant spend more time hand expressing. Also my left breast hurts after pumping/ and during pumping. I am using Medela PISA, with breast-shields of size 24. I tried shield size 27mm also, but this didnt improve the output. Is there anything wrong that I am doing? I am really worried now. If I dont keep up to the demand I might have to supplement her. I would not like to do that atleast till she turns 6 months old. And I have milk in my breast, its just difficult getting it out. :) Please help me. I am ready to try all options/tips.
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  • @llli*roxyvelas's Avatar
    March 25th, 2014, 12:34 PM
    Ive been sick the past few days and today My one breast it extremely sore and it hurts so badly to nurse but I don't feel any hard lumps. I've had clogged ducts before but they usually come with the lumps so could this just be the beginning of it or something else?? What can I do to keep this from getting worse??
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