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  • @llli*shanghai's Avatar
    April 22nd, 2016, 05:29 AM
    My LO is 1 month old and still takes hours to breastfeed. I have been dealing with this since she was born. She had TT when she was born which was clipped on day 4. She frequently falls asleep when feeding and does a lot of comfort feeding. I usually do all the tricks to keep her awake and frequently change breasts. The worst part is despite feeding for hours at a time she never seems satisfied (I have never seen her arm relax and hand unclench). When she was 4 days old she had lost a lot of weight and had urate crystals in her urine so the pediatrician had us start supplementing with formula. So I am also concerned that my milk supply is low and I have been taking fenugreek. Currently I nurse every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 hours at night for hours on end then pump for 15 mins and can usually get 1/2-1 oz depending on the time of day. Depending on how she's behaving after these feeds I may or may not give her what I pump and lately it's been about 2-3 oz of pumped breast milk a day. I have not needed any formula for at least a week or so now. She usually has at least 5-6 wet diapers a day and 1 poop diaper a day. I have seen 2 LCs repeatedly and they say her latch is good and she is able to latch herself on now (although she makes a clicking sound that they can't figure out). One LC tells me that because of her TT she had a bad start and so my milk supply is low and that I will not be able to exclusively breastfeed. The other LC tells me that it will just take time...
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  • @llli*sef's Avatar
    April 18th, 2016, 02:22 PM
    Hi, I'm looking for some advice/guidance on a schedule for pumping. I have a 5 week old son. Before getting pregnant, I had breast surgery. When he was about four days old we realized my milk wasn't coming in and he lost a significant amount of weight. At the same time, we discovered he had both a tongue and lip tie (both were corrected). However, my supply is significantly low. I am able to pump between 1-2 ounces 6-7 times a day. My current schedule is the following: offer the breast to the baby when hungry. He will take it about half the time and the times he doesn't are usually when he wakes for night feedings and I'm guessing he is too hungry. He will stay on from 5-15 minutes per side. Then he gets 3-4 ounces of half pumped half formula supplement via bottle (we tried SNS and it was not working due to his bad latch). After that, I wait an hour and pump for 20 min. My wife is going back to work soon and I will not be able to maintain this schedule. If I start pumping less frequently, will my supply start to go down? What would an alternative pumping schedule look like? My other question is: When he comes off the breast, it is obvious that there is more milk. Does he come off because he is frustrated at how little is coming out? I am completely heartbroken over not being able to exclusively nurse my baby. The surgery was non-elective, but I get so sad whenever he comes off the breast and cries and I have to give him a bottle. I'm not ready to give up nursing all...
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  • @llli*jilliannepw's Avatar
    April 21st, 2016, 09:49 PM
    I'm desperate and depressed about this. After a family road trip where I was pressured into "supplementing" with formula followed by an illness on my part followed by teething (nursing strike) has left my supply to dribbles. My baby is shy of 1 year and I was hoping to make it to 16 months at least. I called a hospital lactation consultant and she didn't give me much hope. She said that at this age, she's probably weaning herself and that there's probably not much that I can do. She suggested pumping for 20 minutes 8 times a day. During the call, I forgot to mention that I have a single pump, so, I don't know if she meant 20 minutes total or each side. I'm taking Fenugreek maybe a week now and smelling like syrup, but not seeing much of a difference. I eat homemade granola (oats) for breakfast) too. Another thing, I notice that my milk responds more to hand expression for removal, and at this point, there's not much point in collecting it. But how? Please help! Was the lactation consultant right? Am I just going through the motions and just give up? Is there hope? What to do!?
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  • @llli*podutti's Avatar
    April 12th, 2016, 05:57 AM
    I will be going to work soon and leaving DS, who is currently 5 months old.. To reduce my work load I was wondering if it really necessary to sterilise bottle and pump parts, is washing them well all that is really needed? I have read lots of advice online that suggests that sterilising is not essential.
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  • @llli*lllkaren's Avatar
    April 12th, 2016, 06:20 AM
    Hey! :) I'm trying to put together some real moms' comments about their experiences with different breast pumps. I thought gathering them all in one place might be a helpful resource. This is what I've got so far: http://ref.lllvawv.org/Breast_Pump_Reviews Do you have any strong opinions about breast pumps you've used? Are there details about a particular pump that you think other moms should take into account when they're trying to pick one?
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  • @llli*hand3842's Avatar
    April 22nd, 2016, 07:24 AM
    First of all...sorry for the long post but im struggling. This is my second baby who is a little over a week old. I exclusively pump due to flat nipples and latching problems. I exclusively pumped with my first as well. I seem to have the same problems with the second. She just seems uncomfortable after drinking breast milk, gassy, fussy, vomiting what looks like curdled milk. WitH both kids I have had to supplement because I don't make much milk...one pumping session for 20mins only gets me 1oz each breast. My milk looks very watery and I've read that may be the higher lactose milk which can cause these issues. With my first, pumping wasn't fun and very stressful....I felt like I lived by the clock, chained down and always scared to go anywhere in fear of missing a pump. It's starting all over with this one. I almost want to give up because the stress is killing me but I have that mom guilt about quitting. I'm at my wits end already. I stuck it out with my first one for 7months...don't think I'll make it that long with my second.
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  • @llli*stina.hi's Avatar
    April 28th, 2016, 03:09 PM
    Hi, I have a 1 month old girl. Just some background: We have been struggling with breastfeeding from the beginning. She had a tongue tie and my nipples were blistered and bleeding before we left the hospital. We got her tongue tie clipped and I had to rest my nipples. So I pumped for a week and we also supplemented with formula. When we started breastfeeding again, I used a nipple shield. I was able to wean off the shield two weeks ago and we've been exclusively breastfeeding. Right now I have a few concerns: 1) Apparently, I have a forceful letdown. My LC told me to recline back when feeding. This has helped a lot. However, how long will this last? Besides reclining back, what else can I do to help this? Also, if I am in public what other position will help as I don't want to be almost on my back? 2) She seems to be satisfied after being on one breast for about 10 min. I think she's getting hind milk bc her poops have been yellow and seedy. Is feeding on one breast ok? I am also pumping so that she has breastmilk when I go back to work. I try to pump after each feeding. When I put her to the breast for her next feeding, should I alternate breasts? Also, should I pump the other side if she only takes one side? I have been pumping both sides even if she takes one side. 3) I know that pumping increases my supply and probably doesn't help with the forceful letdown. How can I manage both so that I can keep my supply but help with the forceful letdown?
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  • @llli*iveehill's Avatar
    April 21st, 2016, 01:02 PM
    This is my first week back to work. I am away from my baby for approximately 8.5 hours per day. I have a hospital grade Madela Symphony pump. I pump 4 times per work day anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes. I am only able to get an average of 9 ounces per day. I nurse her twice before work and all evening from 4:15 - 8:30 when she goes to be. She sleeps through the night until I wake her at 6:00. She has many wet diapers and about 2 poopy diapers a day. I am taking fenugreek and blessed thistle, drinking nursing tea, eating protein, drinking plenty of water and massaging while I pump. I try to pump a few minutes after milk stops being expressed. Is there anyway that 9 ounces could possibly be enough for her? Is it possible that I will be able to pump more as the days go on?
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  • @llli*layne.cough's Avatar
    April 26th, 2016, 01:19 PM
    Hello, I am a first time mom and new to breastfeeding. My baby is 1 week old. She can go 2-3 hours without nursing during the day but at night she nurses every 1 - 1.5 hours. Is that normal and how long will it be before she can go longer at night without nursing?
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  • @llli*puja's Avatar
    April 24th, 2016, 12:33 AM
    I m sorry for the negative title. .but friends I m so so guilty of myself I couldn't be a good mom....my baby is now an year old and what I am feeding him is cow milk...little oats and cerelac...he is not taking or I m not capable enough to feed him anything else. ..my society people say now he should stop puree food and should eat mashed food fruit veggie. .I know they r all right but I m failing each and every time...from a week I m making khichri for him but he cries when I feed him that...I m helpless....
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  • @llli*nekozuki's Avatar
    April 6th, 2016, 10:06 PM
    Hi there, My husband and I are vegan and are raising our baby vegan. We've just started introducing solids for her - she's 6 months old. As I've never been a vegan mum before, I want to make sure baby is getting enough nutrition from the food I give her - particularly iron. I am currently iron deficient and taking supplements so hopefully she is getting enough from my breastmilk. Should I focus on mashing up cooked greens with sweeter foods such as fruits or sweet potato to help her eat them? Is there any research showing a risk of nutritional deficiencies for vegan or vegetarian babies? I really want to get this right. Also, at this age do I need to supplement with vitamin b12? I am taking a b12 supp myself. TIA :)
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  • @llli*jillybean1990's Avatar
    April 12th, 2016, 05:34 PM
    Hello, my name is Jill and my son is 3 months turning 4 months the 22nd. We have had a very hard time from the start with nursing. My son was taken from me moments after he was born due to him in taking fluid. His heart rate wasn't stable enough, so he never had much skin to skin nor did we get to nurse till late that night. By then my lactation consultant was gone and I was alone trying to nurse a screaming baby. He had trouble latching and bruised me real bad. The nurses were not very helpful and recommended formula. I hated to give in by I was too tired to fight them and my baby was hungry. Since that day I never had much of a supply and didn't have the motivation to try and pump or nurse him. My milk has almost dried up, when I pump with my medela double pump I only get 1oz total on a good day. I was bad depressed after I had my son from all this.I went to a consaltant and she made me feel like a bad mother for offering formula, so I stopped going to her. I wanted to just give up, but I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet. I have taken some herbal drinks and Brewers yeast. Helped some. I just got a supplement bottle system to help him nurse while still getting enough milk. It's does ok, but he pulls away from my breast due to hardly any milk. If any could give some advice on if I need to just stop or keep trying I would appreciate it very much. It's very stressful doing this alone.
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  • @llli*massiel's Avatar
    April 20th, 2016, 03:46 PM
    I have to wean my 5 month old off from nursing before naps. I really don't want to because I truly don't mind nursing him to sleep. The issue is that he is a "happy spitter" and it does indeed interrupt with his naps. I have to hold him upright for 30mins to an hour after nursing each time and usually he will fall asleep on the breast and then wake up while I'm holding him upright. If he makes it to his crib he will wake up anywhere between 20-40mins later screaming because he has to spit up / burp. We never really established an eat / play / sleep schedule. It's more of and eat / play / eat (comfort nursing before) / sleep. Has anyone experienced this? I have been trying to change it but he screams to nurse before naps and I give in mostly every time. I know it won't be easy and I do expect it but just want to know if anyone has any suggestions or have gone through something similar. It has literally been interfering with his day because naps are sometimes cut short, and that sometimes leads to an entire day of his routine being all over the place because his daily schedule then varies.
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  • @llli*mama7008's Avatar
    April 21st, 2016, 10:53 PM
    Since my last post, my 18 month old has gotten down to 2 nursing sessions (before bedtime and wake-up in the AM). I saw my doctor to go over some test results today, and I have several health issues that have not improved, worsened, or new ones popped up. While I contacted the Infant Risk Center and the medications I will have to begin taking are probably safe for baby, I am reluctant to have her exposed to them since we're already in the process of weaning and could just complete that process ahead of schedule (had planned to go to 2 years). I have a few questions: 1) I thought I would cut out one feeding now, and then the other a few days-1 week later. Is that adequate time to allow my supply to adjust? I don't want to just quit cold-turkey, as I was prone to plugs and mastitis for quite some time. 2) Would one or the other be easier on her to let go of first? 3) How do you communicate to a young toddler that "nook" is gone forever? It almost breaks my heart to think of how she might miss it and how she will not understand why I suddenly "took it away." 4) Any suggestions for helping things dry up? I'm currently taking antihistamine (started a couple weeks ago) and a supplement including sage (a few days ago) for my health issues, and so far baby hasn't acted like my supply has gone or even dipped. I think my supply is as stubborn as I am LOL
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  • @llli*navywife16's Avatar
    April 5th, 2016, 03:39 PM
    Hey. I am still nursing my 14 month old and no period. For the past couple months I have had a crazy amount of vaginal discharge. It has the consistency of egg white cervical mucus, but has a tint of yellow. My doctor ran some tests and figured my body was gearing up for ovulation and my first period was coming. It hasnt. Is this odd?
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  • @llli*mrsmata's Avatar
    April 20th, 2016, 04:05 PM
    I just started pumping for storage yesterday because I am planning to return to work in two weeks. I pump after my baby eats for about 10 minutes on both sides. Yesterday I pumped a total of 4 oz over 3 pumping sessions and this morning I pumped 4 oz in one session. I have noticed that now my baby nurses for very long periods of time, more than 30 minutes if I let her. She is slowly sucking, and continues to swallow the whole time. It becomes uncomfortable for me to go that long so I end up breaking the latch which causes her to scream. Then I rock her or swaddle her and she is content. Any suggestions or advice about these long nursing sessions? Thank you in advance! :)
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  • @llli*vij.rm's Avatar
    April 7th, 2016, 12:01 PM
    Hello My daughter is 7 months old and on solids since a month. She takes solids twice a day. I have stocked pumped milk in the freezer for about a month. I am planning on weaning. She goes to day care and I pump twice a day when she's in daycare and I feed her for about 4-5 times in the evening , over night and next day morning before she leaves ( 7 pm to 830 am ) . I nurse her during the weekends and I don't bottle feed. What would be the best way to wean to continue nursing during evenings and night and weekends ? I still would like to nurse her when we are both home in weekdays.please advice.
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  • @llli*crocusb's Avatar
    April 26th, 2016, 04:23 AM
    Hello, I breastfed my baby boy exclusively for 6 weeks. During this time he kept feeding non stop. On week 7, I decided to get help from a lactational consultant (IBCLC) who diognosed a posterior tongue tie and a lip tie, and discovered baby showed poor sucking. We took our son to a specialist dentist who treats tongue ties with laser. He said that our breasfeeding problems would not be resolved by removing his tongue tie therefore he did not do it. He referred us to gastroenthologist. We went to see that gastrologist and he diognosed our son with reflux and said that his latch may improve if we treat his reflux. He said that tongue tie removal isunneccessary, many people have them and they don't cause any issues. He also said it is invasive to remove a tongue tie, we should be doing other things to solve our breasfeeding problems. We are now very confused. HEalth visitor also thinks it is unneccessary. We are having another Board certified LC tomorrow for her opinion. I am n two minds now. If she says it is necessary and we should remove the tongue tie, should we go for it? Even though a paedrician gastroenthologist, a Health viditor and specialist dentist think we should wait and see? Some more info on our little boy:
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  • @llli*edwinsmom's Avatar
    April 21st, 2016, 10:01 AM
    In March, I traveled for a business trip and needed to pump during my flights in order to keep my milk production up. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience on a United Airlines flight. Being a breast-feeding mother, with low milk production, I knew pumping would be a challenge. I did my research. I looked on the airlines website, reviewed the TSA regulations, and contacted the hotel I was staying at to ensure I have a refrigerator store on my milk. I packed my pump, numerous bottles, and all the equipment to keep things clean. What I failed to prepare myself for, was the embarrassment and personal injury I would receive on the United Airlines flight. While flying United airlines, I had to pump midflight in order to stay on track with my pumping schedule to keep my milk production up. I asked the flight attendant which restroom I should use. Since she was administering drinks to the back of the plane, she told me to use the restroom in front. I sat in the small cramped restroom to set up my pump parts and began to pump. Within just a few minutes, someone was knocking on the bathroom door.I responded "I'm in here." Then a couple minutes later there was a knock again. I said "I'm in here." Just one minute later a flight attendant was knocking on the door (not the original flight attendant I had spoken too). She asked if I was OK. I responded "Yes, I'm pumping." She said "OK! I just wanted to make sure you were all right." At this point I was five minutes in to pumping. Two...
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  • @llli*shoogie's Avatar
    April 25th, 2016, 11:56 AM
    For the past 6 weeks or so, my 4 month old son has started waking more frequently in the night (every 1-2 hours). We are bedsharing and he must nurse to fall back to sleep. I've read that this could mean that he can't bridge sleep cycles, which involves falling back to sleep on his own (when he's not hungry) in between cycles. He also only takes short naps (30-45 minutes). In my tired state I've started to look into gentle ways to help him bridge the gap (I'm not into harsh sleep training methods). I've read that he must somehow be given the opportunity to learn he can fall asleep without nursing, or else his sleep pattern will remain the same indefinitely. How do people feel about this? Does anyone have any advice on how to help him "learn" this? Has anyone seen this phase pass? Is it too early (or too late) to do something about this? I've also tried moving him into a sidecar cosleeper, thinking maybe the very presence of my breasts might make him want to nurse at the slightest waking, but that hasn't seemed to help either. Could a nighttime routine that involves nursing to drowsiness, but putting him down somewhat awake, help? And for the record, I haven't found it easy to sleep while he's nursing in the side lying position...he usually latches on and off the breast and wants to stay attached forever in this position. Also, I don't have "sleeping through the night" as a goal in mind, just longer stretches of sleep (3-4 hours would be amazing) and nursing when needed. Any...
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  • @llli*vmom's Avatar
    April 24th, 2016, 02:39 AM
    Hi! I need some tips regarding breast feeding. I'm a first time mom and I have a 4 week old baby girl. Ever since my milk come in, around day 5, I have been having issues with clogged/plugged milk ducts until now. Currently, i have a total of 6 plugged ducts, 3 on each breast. I have contacted my lactation consultant thrice and have been doing what they suggested: warm compress or hot shower then massage and hand expressing where the plugged ducts are, nursing often, lecithin supplement, nurse in all four, submerging my breast in warm water then massaging it, drinking plenty of fluid, not wearing any restrictive clothing, not sleeping on my tummy, everything. Now I've been doing hot compress then massage to the nipple until I see creamy milk, nurse often (every 2 hrs on average), massaging when nursing, and I even pump after nursing if my baby falls asleep only after 5 mins of feeding to empty my breast. However, even with all those interventions, I still have clogged ducts. It will take me about a week to get rid of one. And just when 1 clogged duct seem to almost be gone (much smaller in size), I would develop either 1 or 2 more. This has been going on continuously for 3 weeks and I'm getting very discouraged. Please help. I'm not sure what else I'm not doing. By the way, my baby has a good latch and always have more than 8 wet and dirty diaper per day. She is also gaining weight. Her birth weight was 6 lbs and 12 oz and now she is 8lbs and 2 oz. Please help! I really...
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  • @llli*ccquinn's Avatar
    April 8th, 2016, 04:34 PM
    I've recently been experiencing sore nipples while nursing my 30 month old. I had this happen a while ago while I had a stomach bug and was dehydrated, so I thought it was because she was sucking harder to get more milk. But now, I've been sore for about 3 days and didn't have any dehydration issues (that I knew of). We did go on vacation where she nursed more than usual, so that could be it? But it has been going in for 3 days now.
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  • @llli*thecuriousmissus's Avatar
    April 3rd, 2016, 05:46 PM
    I breastfeed my 2 month old exclusively, and I just started pumping. I get only an ounce, maybe less, per session. I finally managed to eke out enough for two events this weekend. But during those two eventd, one on Sat and another on Sunday, I went for several hours without pumping. Did I just sabotage myself? Here I am trying to increase my supply! I feel like an idiot. Will my supply drop? And should I mix feed while waiting for supply to increase? Dont want to starve my baby while I fix this issue. Thank you!
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  • @llli*laura.farret's Avatar
    April 9th, 2016, 08:11 PM
    I've been having sore nipples nursing my one year old. Why now all of a sudden? It seems like he is sucking with brute force and he wants to nurse very frequently. It has been going on for a week now and it really hurts! Help!
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  • @llli*ellieselephants's Avatar
    April 18th, 2016, 09:29 AM
    Morning Ladies First thing - my very pro-breastfeeding doctor says everything is okay but I wanted to see if anyone has similar experience. My baby started solid at 4 months. She showed a very early interest in foods, so we started her early. Around 6-7 months I noticed my supply dropping, which the doctor said would be normal as she ate more solids. He also recommended more solids. She is now 8 months and drinking a lot less milk. I have noticed a big dip in my supply. My guess is she's getting anywhere from 12-16 ounces a day from my breast & what I pump and leave for our nanny.
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  • @llli*mistiandmarley's Avatar
    April 15th, 2016, 09:54 PM
    Excuse me please if this is all over the place but I'm desperate for some advice and support. I had my son one week ago on April 8th. He immediately latched and everything seemed to be fine so I continued breast feeding. My the end of day one my nipples were cracked and shaped at a angle as well as I had hickys on my areolas. A nurse noticed and told me she thought his latch may not be correct but I don't think she knew how to correct the problem so I continued. On day two I fed him for 8 hours straight and the only reason why he had finally gotten some sleep was because a nurse took him for some test and gave him a bit of sugar water which I was not happy about but was at a loss of what to do. By this time I had not slept in two days immediately after having him. Nursing was insanely painful and I was bleeding and scabing on both nipples. He had lost some weight by day three but was not under the 10% mark so we were able to be released and we went home. On day 3 he nursed non stop and I'm not exaggerating for 24 hours he would nurse for hours getting fussy in between sleeping for 10 minutes at a time and as soon as I would put him down he would cry so I would immediately nurse him again. I knew at this point something was wrong. He had not made any wet or dirty diapers and I was completely exhausted. I seeked a lactating consultant that helped me out a bunch. She gave me a nipple shield which has made all the difference with pain. She was very concerned with him not having...
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  • @llli*briley.lutes's Avatar
    April 25th, 2016, 11:38 PM
    My 4 month old DD has been congested for the past month with no improvement from use of humidifier, saline drops or nasal aspirator. Since being congested, she has slowly refused to nurse in any position other than the side laying position. I struggle to get her nurse even in that position now & have to pump and cup feed her. I am fairly certain she has reflux because she acts like I am torturing her (fussing, crying, arching back, kicking and pushing away) any way I feed her. I already eliminated dairy, caffeine and spicy foods from my diet last week just in case that could help!
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  • @llli*perannie's Avatar
    April 14th, 2016, 09:19 AM
    My 11 month old may nurse on average about 4-5 times a day and eats solids, but will only chew on a sippy cup or bottle!! She nurses just as much if not more often at night! I am getting very exhausted trying to handle this!! I don't want to complain because I struggled for an easy 3 months trying to make breastfeeding work this time! I co sleep to try to get rest while nursing, but it seems like I'm waking every hour flipping over to switch sides!! Should I increase supply some kind of way, I'm already taking mothers milk capsules, or should I try to wean?? I know she "nurses" sometimes as a pacifier, but I'm just so torn on what to do!! I'm ready for some rest but not completely ready to wean either!! Please help!!! Edited to fix "skippy cup" to sippy cup
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  • @llli*rachloh's Avatar
    April 7th, 2016, 10:39 AM
    For about the past month or so, my 4 month old has been sucking for a very short period of time before he pushes away, kicks, and acts like he's done and not getting anymore so he's frustrated and wants off. It's like he sucks through my let down and then is over it and uninterested. He used to nurse for 10-15 mins each side and lately he's been done after 2-3 mins and no interest on continuing to suck. Sometimes he seems mad and sometimes he seems perfectly fine, just over it. At night before bed he does this as well, but then gets mad because the milk isn't still flowing and again, he wants off. My pumping amount hasn't decreased at all so I think my supply is the same, but he's just nursing for such a short time. He also had his tongue tie corrected yesterday, but he has previously been good at nursing and he haven't had any major issues. I should add that my supply hasn't really seen much of an increase in the past 6 to 8 weeks and he seems to be needing more as he gets older. He started in the 19th percentile for weight at 2 weeks and has been in the 3rd for his last 2 and 4 month appointments. He has about 6 wet diapers a day and poops about once every 5 days. Thank you for any advice!
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