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  • @llli*scoob626's Avatar
    June 5th, 2016, 02:18 AM
    Hi ladies not sure what exactly I am asking for here but I am so upset. Baby has currently been crying it out in dad's arms for 40 minutes because I am so over him waking to nurse 10 times a night and pooping through his pajamas multiple times a night presumably because he is taking in so much milk at night. He is screaming his head off and I am assuming my husband is going to give up soon. I just feel so alone my son has never taken a pacifier, refuses bottles and won't go to sleep at night with out boob. Now I am beating myself up thinking there was something I should have done earlier to avoid this. All this time, I have just been coping in whatever way I can to a high needs baby... I have made it work with co sleeping and the fact I work part-time but I am scared of how long this might last because I am losing my patience. I was talking to a mom who has a two year old still doing this... scared that if I don't put my foot down I am in for over a year of this? Some nights are fine and I don't even recall him waking up and others he is all over me, we have to change poopy diapers at 3 am while he is screaming....again, I know you all have no solution probably, I just needed to write this down. None of the moms I meet with babies his age can believe he still nurses every 2 hours or more around the clock at 8 months, which makes me conclude that something has to give. He's such a happy healthy boy, smiles at strangers all day and crawls all over, very curious and energetic,...
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  • @llli*bhacket4's Avatar
    June 11th, 2016, 05:25 AM
    Hello Everyone! My name is Brittany and I am a new mommy of a 13 day old handsome little boy. My world changed 12 days ago (well actually 42 weeks ago when I got pregnant!) and now I worry/stress about everything with little man. I KNOW and truly believe BF is the best thing for my son, so I am REALLY trying hard to make this work. So far though, it hasn't been. So my nipples are "flatter". They aren't super flat, and after using a pump, or shield I can get them pulled out a decent amount. However, my son has a mild tongue tie. When he was born we tried to BF, but in the hospital they ended up giving me a nipple shield and I have been using that. I am assuming this was for various reasons 1. my nipple being flatter 2. his mild tongue tie and 3. my nipples became cracked, blistered, and VERY sore. Fast forward to this past Monday. We saw an LC and he was gaining weight for the first 9 days. About an oz a day, but she said she wanted me off the shield and to start trying to get him to the breast only, no shield. Monday evening we saw the TT specialist, he said the same thing (going to breast) and if my pain wasn't there, we don't need to snip. So I am super excited and go home to start BF (because again, I REALLY don't want to snip his tongue unless I absolutely have too). Tuesday and Wednesday came, and I knew I was doing something wrong or he just wasn't feeding properly because everything after a feed 1. my nipples started to get sore again and 2. it looked like my...
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  • @llli*ashmash's Avatar
    June 16th, 2016, 06:41 PM
    I know allergies aren't very common, unless you're in my family, then you're pretty much doomed from conception. When I had my first child I was young and stupid. I gave her formula on day 1 as well as breastfed. I didn't know anything about anything, was jsut doing what I thought she needed..fast forward, she's 8 and has the trifecta, food allergies, asthma, eczema.. so I have a 4 month old baby boy now, and I'm suspecting allergies. I've looked up the symptoms and I've talked to the doc (back when he was 6weeks) about me possibly avoiding dairy to help him. He is EBF and eats every 1.5 hrs..day and night. He DOES.NOT.EVER.SLEEP. I know he's still little and it takes training but something just seems off...I'm suspecting a dairy allergy, possibly even wheat or eggs also. My daughter is allergic to it all, so it wouldn't sureprise me if he is too...I started avoiding dairy and gluten today and was gonna try to give it a few weeks to see if it starts helping. It's not just sleep I'm worried about. He isnt gaining much weight for the fact that he eats non stop round the clock. I was expecting his growth to be off the charts but he is under average size. His 4 month check up he was 13lbs 9oz. Very low end of the scale. He has very green mucousy poops and is very restless and fussy. All of these factors make me think it's an allergy. I did assume tongue tie for a while because the pediatric ent told me he had a slight tongue tie and he Def has a lip tie but when I weighed him...
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  • @llli*sak184's Avatar
    June 22nd, 2016, 05:50 AM
    Hi, my baby was born @ 27 weeks. Now he is 5 months old (2 adjusted). For the first 2 months he was on EBM exclusively (with a bottle). But after his first 2 months, as his paediatrician recommended he was supplemented with 2 feeds of formula per day. After he reached 4 months i was advised to stop expressing and breastfeed him full time. So baby started fulltime bfing (with 2 feeds of formula). But after about a week I started to feel extreme pain in my nipples. Not when baby sucking but 10 or 15 minutes after it starts to hurt. And it lasts for about 5 minutes. I talked to baby's paediatrician, went back to the hospital the baby was born, talked to several physicians. Nothing worked. The hospital said there's no problem with the latching either. They looked for thrush too & it turned out it was not the problem. Then I went to see a lactation consultant. She examined me and my lo and and said that it might be due to nipple confusion since I used the bottle to feed the baby. So she advised me to stop giving bottle (even for the supplement) and use cup or spoon feeding instead and see her again after 3 days. I did as i was advised. But I never had a relief from the pain. When i went to see my LC 2nd time, she said baby's sucking has improved and it will get much better as time goes on. When I asked about my nipple pain she checked baby's mouth and said even though baby doesn't show any of the symptoms thrush might be in my nipples. So she prescribed an oral gel of...
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  • @llli*rogi2430's Avatar
    June 6th, 2016, 12:27 PM
    My baby is 7 weeks old and weighs 9lb 3oz. She was born at 7lb 15.7oz and lost 14oz before my milk came in. Her lowest weight (7lb 1oz) was day 3 and she has gained ever since. But it's been slow. Some weeks she gains 7 oz and others she gains 4oz. She is thriving and has plenty of wet and poopy diapers. And she eats every 2 hrs during the day and sleeps one 6 hr stretch at night. She feeds about 10 times a day. I have gone to a local support group and done some weighted feeds and she eats between 2 and 3 oz according to those. Maybe I am overreacting but it just seems like a lot of other babies are growing much quicker. I know I shouldn't compare but it's hard not too. Do I have a problem? Also she has been EBF since birth but I do use a nipple shield. I have tried to wean her from the shield with no success. I don't mind it really.
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  • @llli*jilliannepw's Avatar
    June 16th, 2016, 12:29 PM
    Full disclosure: I've been having issues with my supply for the past 3 months. (I think it has a lot to do with my willingness to go along with my pediatrician's suggestion to introduce cows milk.) It doesn't seem to phase baby, she will still latch on for comfort, but is getting her nutritional needs met through solids. And, I'm sure that if I committed myself more fully, I could get my supply a few tablespoons more at least! lol. Anyway, I introduced the cows milk and her poop instantly became hard rabbit pellets on some days and on others a big hard stool that looks like grown-up poop. And she seems to struggle to get it out. I've read that replacing a serving of milk with other dairy such as yogurt and giving prune juice will help. So, I've began giving her yogurt with her breakfast and a bottle of prune juice before nap. The problem being that I don't want her to become dependent on the prune juice to poop but she is still in a phase where she takes a bottle to go to sleep. Maybe water for the afternoon nap? I dunno!
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  • @llli*goli79's Avatar
    June 16th, 2016, 08:15 AM
    Hello, If your toddler has what you're told is a temporary intolerance to dairy, and you are not to give her any dairy other than yogurt (she has what may be a stomach virus), is it ok for a breastfeeding mother to eat dairy herself? I don't produce enough, so my daughter is 1/2 milk 1/2 formula, and we cut out the formula and other sources of dairy, except for yogurt. We are giving her rice milk temporarily. She is still having mucusy, loose stools and lots of gas, and I don't know if it's time for me to stop all dairy in my diet too. She has no issues with dairy otherwise. Full story: I have a 13 month old who has had some rough stomach issues for the past week and change. She's lost 3/4 of a pound, and I don't know if it's a stomach bug or some sort of delayed reaction to her 12 month vaccines. She started with a fever that lasted a couple days, followed by a bad diaper rash, and as that came so did loose stools. The rash cleared up and the loose stools got worse/have stuck around. They have mucus in them, and per the doctor "microscopic blood." It's been a week and she has up to 7 or 8 bowel movements a day, some are nothing but some mucus. We have samples out for lab testing. My daughter is quite gassy, and she is up 2 - 4 or 5 hours for 5 out of the past 6 nights with what I assume is pain. She complains and complains until she has a bowel movement/gas, and gets some relief. I'm wondering if all the dairy in my diet is the culprit? Or if I should cut...
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  • @llli*lellos.mama's Avatar
    June 6th, 2016, 07:51 AM
    I always knew I had a lot of milk, but breastfeeding Baby Lello has gotten harder and harder and I'm really frustrated and upset (and irrationally angry at myself and at Lello for things not working out). My first baby was stillborn and I had a lot of trouble drying my milk up (extreme engorgement and I lacked for 6 months until I got pregnant again). Baby #2 nursed well and, in hindsight, managed my fast let-down extremely well. Everything was normal for her (though she did have quite the explosive poops). She nursed on both sides well and efficiently, and wasn't gassy or fussy. Baby Lello is #3 and things haven't been going well. I read the LLLI article about oversupply last night and just about everything rang true. Lello nursed quite well until about 2 weeks when I guess I started producing more and more milk. I have a very strong and fast let-down… every hour, both sides, whether I'm nursing or not. And my subsequent let-downs nursing are strong and painful as well with this baby. Now Lello is sometimes fussy when nursing, pulling off and arching. She has fussy times throughout the day, screaming poops sometimes, and she's gassy and uncomfortable. Some feedings are great, especially if she's sleepy and it's been 3-4 hours and she's really hungry. She only nurses one side (her choice) at a time, so it ends up being 4-6 hours before she nurses from the other boob. Some days I've been hopeful my supply is adjusting, but other days I have even more milk. It's like...
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  • @llli*bluepolka's Avatar
    June 21st, 2016, 09:49 PM
    My 32 week preemie started off with gavage feeding at the NICU and then moved on to bottle feeding (all with EBM) He used to guzzle the bottle like a champ, but he 'scked' at nursing. I used a nipple shield because of my flat nipples. I thought maybe he had nipple confusion so I stopped the bottle completelY. Things are going fine but I feel like the nipple shield is reducing my supply. And I am failing miserably at weaning. He gags at bare breast (even before sucking), totally loves his head away. He doesn't remember how to suck at the bottle, doesn't remember how to use the pacifier. He just chews on the teat or gags. The dr brown bottle was his first bottle. He gags on that one now. I tried the comotomo, he doesn't gag on that one but he also doesn't know how to suck and makes awkward tongue thrusts. Is this normal? Can a baby actually forget how To bottle feed so badly? How do I reintroduce it. How to I wean him Off he shield when he aboslitel won't have anything to do with my breasts without the feed... HALP
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  • @llli*kmrs's Avatar
    June 20th, 2016, 06:29 PM
    I am breastfeeding my first child who is one month old tomorrow. Its been a struggle from the beginning. While in the hospital, we had to start supplementing with formula to avoid the NICU because my milk had not come in and his blood sugar kept dropping. For the first 2 weeks, we would feed him by breastfeeding for a minimum of 20 mins, then I would pump while my husband would give him EBM from the previous pump session and 20 ml's of formula. He gave it to my son through a syringe while letting my son suck on his finger to avoid a bottle and nipple confusion. This was advised by the LC as well as the use of a nipple shield because she thought my son wasn't latching due to my nipples being too small. I was/am overwhelmed by breastfeeding and just took their advice and was not told or aware that I should use the shield temporarily. We were able to take him off the formula at 2 weeks and i have been exclusively breast feeding with the shield since. My current issues: 1) My son is eating constantly throughout the day. He started out around 1.5-2 weeks eating for 4 hrs straight from around 10 pm to 2 am and last week switched to afternoons/evenings from about 2-3pm to 9-10pm. I have read some of the forums and articles on LLL and Kelly Mom and assume its cluster feeding and normal. But sometimes I read someone else's experience of 'constant' eating or cluster feeding and they will say they get 45 mins to an hr between feeding and some say they stay on the couch all day....
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  • @llli*adn68's Avatar
    June 4th, 2016, 03:54 AM
    Hello, I'm miserably trying to hang to bf. My DD is 9wo and we've been struggling with getting my supply up. My production got off to a bad start after a c-section and then rapid weight loss (she was still passing meconium on day 6) which led to supplementing, followed by me getting a kidney infection and being to weak to pump properly. Even today, I can only pump out about 80-100ml per day. About 10 days ago, I started having a forceful letdown and she's not adapting to it nor am I able to make it easier for her. It's only when I express or she nurses; I don't have the milk pouring out otherwise. I've tried all of the positions, which she hates for the most part. Sometimes she'll accept starting off in the biological nurturing position or nurse for a while in the side-lying position. I've also tried "scissor-pinching" around the nipple, pumping prior to nursing to get past the first letdown, taking her off and hand expressing when the forceful letdown starts. Sometimes these things help, sometimes we both end up crying. I've already had one LC give up on me. I'm supposed to be trying the weaning from supplements protocol which means nursing her more often, which means anticipating the letdown problems more often. I spend my day setting up for the next nursing session, doing some sort of nursing-pumping-supplementing combo, cleaning the materials then setting up for the next session. Only our night feedings are nurturing and cozy. I'm exhausted. I so want to...
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  • @llli*lilacspacebunny's Avatar
    June 13th, 2016, 07:34 PM
    Hi there. I'm a FTM of a beautiful but small daughter. At birth she weighed 7.08 (that's almost 7.1, not 7 pounds and 8 oz). I was induced at 40 weeks exactly and was given a lot of fluids. Four days later, she weighed 6.6. I switched pediatrician a and at three weeks, she weighed 6.12. She told me that she was doing great and her only concern was that she wasn't back to birth weight - I'm worried. She is BF on demand, I have dad give her a bottle of pumped milk every now and then (every few days) so I can get a little stretch of sleep. I have been feeding her at least every two hours - if she's awake, she tends to be nursing. She was very very sleepy at first, but is easier to nurse now, for the most part. She was checked for a tongue tie in the hospital and also we had an LC come by who said latch was good - everything feels and looks good. I feel like my letdown is strong, and she has great diaper counts. Sometimes she will nurse for 5 minutes on one breast and sometimes she will do 30 minutes on each, she is very silly and does what she likes. I started doing compressions last night. We have another weigh in on Thursday. So - help? I'm very concerned for her. Like I said, I'm a first time mom, so panicking is the only thing I know to do. Thanks in advance.
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  • @llli*momma.d's Avatar
    June 27th, 2016, 10:18 AM
    I am due any day now. My employer will allow me to take 12 weeks off, but the entire time I am gone I would have to pay for or pay back my insurance that they usually pay for while I work (they give a health benefit that pays for insurance, but they will not be giving that to me while on leave). That would translate into half of my paycheck until the end of the year and we just can't afford to pay that much. So now I will only be taking 6 weeks. My first child was born with a severe cleft lip and palate and was unable to latch. So I am extremely familiar with pumping and maintaining a supply. I'm not worried about pumping. My worry is that this baby will start to refuse the breast when I have to go back to work. All I ever wanted to do as a mother was breastfeed. I wasn't able to the first time around. Anyone go through this and have success maintaining the breastfeeding relationship with their baby? My goal is to reach at least 1 year breastfeeding or longer if baby wants to.
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  • @llli*franzks's Avatar
    June 1st, 2016, 06:06 PM
    I'm 37 and have a ~20 month old (I've lost count on the exact months). He's my third (all boys: 6, 4 and 1.5 yrs). We're wanting a fourth. My cycle returned in October and I've been charting since. My husband and I have gotten pregnant very easily in the past (first month each time). We started actively trying in March. I've been charting since my cycle returned. I get a + LH surge then 24-48 hours later I get a sustained thermal shift. I have 3-5 days of EWCM prior to O as well. we're on month three and no pregnancy. We're timing it as perfectly as we can (3 days prior to O and day of O). Of course I'm freaking out thinking that due to my age (37.5) I'm infertile and will not have another baby but I'm wondering if my nursing toddler is my problem. I'm seeing two things: 1) since his birth, I'm ovulating much later than I have previously. Day 19-21 currently when I was normally 15-17. 2) my LP is 8-10 days. Past three months have been 8-9 days. Prior to him, I was 11-12 day LP. He's nursing 1-3 times at night and 2-4 times during the day (when I'm off). When I'm working, I do not pump so it's 10-12 hours of no nursing when I work. I've tried B6 to no avail. Do you think night weaning will do the trick? I hesitate to fully wean because if he's my last baby (not by choice), I'm not ready to say goodbye to my nursing days. Think night weaning is a place to start? Any insight? I have an appointment with my OB in August for a work up. Any input?
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  • @llli*polarisj9's Avatar
    June 4th, 2016, 05:24 PM
    My AC and freezer/fridge broke today around the same time and it was a 95 degree day. I didn't know the fridge was broke until I opened the freezer and the meats were halfway thawed. Worst of all, my breast milk stash was halfway thawed. My question is, is it safe to refreeze the milk or do I need to toss it? I know you're not supposed to refreeze thawed breast milk but does this count because it was halfway thawed?
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  • @llli*kabraham's Avatar
    June 20th, 2016, 02:25 PM
    My 5 month old will only breastfeed while she's asleep or sleepy. This has been going on now for at least 2 weeks and is becoming increasingly time-consuming and ridiculous because I have to put her to sleep before I can get her to eat! I have to get her drowsy or totally asleep with the pacifier.. then carefully sit down.. then pull out the pacifier and sneak in the nipple. Sometimes it takes up to 3 tries of doing this before it works. If I start feeding her when she's awake, she kicks, punches, and pulls off then usually starts crying. This is mostly the case when we bottle feed her too (she'll bottle feed while she's awake but she'll just look around all over the place). I try to feed her in a dark quiet room with no distractions as much as possible She's gaining sufficient weight and was just at the pediatrician. She doesn't have any ear infections or reflux. She's VERY distracted during the day and she eats way better at night. Sometimes I go running to her room to feed her when she's still drowsy from waking up and she'll pop off after eating for a few minutes and just start looking around and talking.
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  • @llli*clw35's Avatar
    June 11th, 2016, 03:12 AM
    Baby is 8days old and had his tongue tie snipped at 4days old which greatly improved his latch on the left hand side but the right is as bad as ever. Not sure if it's from damage that occurred previous to tt snip and not getting a chance to rest as there is a cracking in side of nipple and also had blocked ducts due to bad latch which are now sorted. As far as i can tell his latch seems to be ok. Any advice or tips on what to do? Thanks
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  • @llli*chzhcn's Avatar
    June 9th, 2016, 01:23 AM
    My baby girl who is exclusively breast-fed will be 10 months soon. She has been having green, foamy, filthy poo 3 times per day for the last few days and she has only had 3-4 teaspoons solid food (banana, cereal, potato, nothing else) every day. I even tried not giving her solids but her poop is still green, watery and foamy. Background: I have been having oversupply since my daughter was born. (1 month premature, I had to pump every 3 hours for 24 hours without rest for 8 days.) When she was 9 months old her weight was 24,25 lbs. I have recurring clogged ducts all the time and I was tired of block feeding. I just let her suck when I felt my breast was very full. Her poo was OK (yellow and consistency was OK) and she pooped every 2-3 days. My breast situation now: My breasts feel very engorged in the morning and very full every 2-3 hours. It is still leaking around 100 ml (3.38 oz) every 24 hours now.
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  • @llli*diamondarcadia's Avatar
    June 13th, 2016, 08:53 PM
    Hello everyone! First off, thank you for any help that can be offered to me. I had my baby on May 29th at 33 weeks, I didn't get to pump for 2 days because of my complicated c-section. I started getting colostrum that first day of pumping and have been pumping religiously since. My baby is currently eating 43ml of breastmilk or formula 8 times a day by bottle. My issue lies with my supply, I pump every 3 hours and only manage to get 20-30ml from my left breast and 10-15ml from my right breast at each pump session. At this point I am barely covering a feeding for her per pump session and her feeds are only going to increase as the days and weeks go by. I have been doing a few things to help my supply but at this point I don't know if it is maintaining what little I make. I eat 1 lactation cookie a day, drink 2-3 cups of mothers milk tea, I drink plenty of water, I try to sleep as much as I can. I haven't tried fenugreek/blessed thistle capsules because I think that would be too much and I am looking for steel cut oatmeal to make. Oh, and I pump every 3 hours! Is there anything else I can do? Does this sound like I have a low supply?
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  • @llli*aesthetics81's Avatar
    June 1st, 2016, 11:08 AM
    Hi, My LO is almost 7 weeks....he was 8 llbs 10oz at birth (natural, home birth) and has been exclusively BF since birth. he has slight tongue and (RT) cheek ties...but even with his latching issues (they being addressed and not sure whether hell need surgery) he gets a lot of milk (i have an oversupply + forceful letdown). He was 9 lbs. 2 1/2 oz. at 11 days old. and 11 pounds 3 ounces at 18 days... and he is now we have no idea! but my husband claims he must be 14-15 pounds (he's almost 7 weeks, 47 days old). he is long has grown to at least 24inches long. he feeds every 2-3 hours or so. Just begun sleeping 4 hours a night (past two nights) so he skips a feed there.... sometimes he cluster feeds. I do have an oversupply.... am afraid he gets too much, he spits up sometimes and last two mornings silent reflux (breasts are engorged because of said skipped feeding may be impacting this?).
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  • @llli*christinevdb's Avatar
    June 15th, 2016, 09:27 AM
    My son is just shy of 3 months and we have been dealing with oversupply for over 2 months. I am constantly engorged and letdowns are painful. I have to unlatch every time I feel the let down and wait till the flow slows into a burp cloth. I have been block feeding 8 hour blocks. Please tell me if I am doing it correctly. Currently I am doing 8p-4a, 4a-12p, 12-8p etc. Sometimes he will nurse every 2 hours, others he'll go 3 hours and overnight we have a stretch of sleep from 8pm-2am. Do I just feed once in that block and move onto the other side according to the time block? I am feeling letdowns in between feedings and my breasts just keep getting full. If I am in the 12-8pm block and baby nurses on the right at 12 then not again till 3, I put him back on the right side but it is already full by then. All the while my left is full as anything. It seems like a viscous cycle and breast feeding is all stress. I feel as though I could feed off one breast all the time. Please someone anyone any insight? Am I doing the block feeding correctly? Should I go by feeds?
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  • @llli*ysandigursky's Avatar
    June 20th, 2016, 06:34 PM
    Hello all, This is my first time posting. I have been EBF since baby was born. My baby girl turned 7 months last Thursday. I returned to work around the time she turned 4 months. I work part time (between 4-6 hours a day, but am out of the house ~between 6-7 hours per day). I pump at least once a day sometimes twice. My baby used to take one breast per feeding and was perfectly satisfied. Hence I would only pump one breast at a time. Recently I have started offering the second breast because she didn't seem satiated and would cry and come off the first boob. So I started pumping both boobs simultaneously. My period returned about 1.5-2 months ago. I've also noticed that my boobs feel much softer and it seems like there is less milk in them. What really got me suspicious about a low supply is that baby starts crying after taking both boobs. Although, I will squeeze my boob and see a little milk come out after she's come off and crying. I have to give her a bottle of stored breast milk and she will drink another 3-4 oz after eating from the breast. I am now wondering if I need to start supplementing with formula. Any thoughts/input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  • @llli*melender's Avatar
    June 14th, 2016, 10:17 AM
    Hi all! When i had my son 9 months ago I was able to pump and feed him approximately half the time for about 3 weeks. i was very sick after having him (pulmonary embolism) and did not respond well to the medication that was safe for him to have, so I stopped. I have regretted it the whole time and now that I'm no longer taking this medicaiton I would like to relactate. My son will not latch, (he never really did) so I will have to do this trhough exclusively pumping. I dont think I can take Domperidone because of the blood clotting issues I have, I'm not sure it it's safe, and honestly I would rather do it without drugs. I have started taking fenugreek and plan on pumping 8 times per day. I have been pumping for 1 day and have already been seeing small drops of what seems like colustrum. My question is - is this possible without medicaitons and without getting my son to latch? I also worry that because I breastfed for such a short time only half the time I really idndt have an established milk supply. Is it really colustrum that I am seeing? Should I be encouraged by seeing something so soon or is this normal right away? I kknow myself and I tend to be impatient so I kind of need some encouragement that this can actually happen. If I pump more than 8 times per day is it more likely?
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  • @llli*lisa.meme's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 08:34 PM
    My 2 1/2 old daughter has nursing up and downs. This is what I call it when she wants to nurse 4-6 times a day and then only once or twice a day. I had never breastfeed this long before. My older two boys I only nursed 12-14 months, so I don't know what to expect with my youngest now. I have actually planned to nurse her till 3 or 4 if she wants to. So all this unexpected nursing ups and downs is confusing. It seems like if she doesn't nurse much for a couple of days, then she gets annoyed when she wants to nurse more again, but my supply has dropped. What do I do? My supply is steady dropping and I don't know if I should try to pump when she doesn't nusre much to try to keep my milk in for when she does want to nusre more? Any suggestions or information in what I am dealing with?
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  • @llli*cloveandcoffee's Avatar
    June 22nd, 2016, 06:18 PM
    My baby is almost seven months old and we've had a unique journey so far...he was a NICU baby, TPN for first month, NG tube for second, bottle for third, finally started actually breastfeeding at three and a half months. Has been bf ever since. He has barely started solids, so his main nutrition comes from milk. The issue is, even one day of finnicky eating on his part makes me have a rapid and noticeable decline the next day, and usually the following two or three, which obviously leads to a lot of frustration on his part and panicking on mine. On his best night he still gets up once between last feed (around 10) and morning (5:30-6) If he is eating well, I am usually pretty full by morning, and always pump after his first feeding. Then, throughout the day, he eats around every 3-3.5 hours, but sometimes less in between. If he is eating well, I am noticably fuller before he eats and can have several let downs per session. The difficulty is that it's hard to know when he just isn't eating well one time or if it will be a pattern the whole day, and then we're at the end of it and it's like the damage is done. Then I will be very "limp" the following day (or more). I can tell by his frustration, swallowing, and the let downs that it is significantly less than my norm. I take fenugreek. I am super confused as to how one day of less agressive feeding can yield such devestating consequences. Am I doing something wrong? Any tips? I always get it back, but I'm always...
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    June 12th, 2016, 08:07 PM
    Hi ladies, here are a couple questions...I know these probably sound silly, but I guess I am pretty clueless :shrug:D 1. My nearly 9 mo isn't really to interested in food and so I just offer it for him to play with everyday and laugh at his adorable play and the faces he makes when he accidentally takes something. For instance, he gags and spits out organic peaches in disgust! :p Any way, I get a little tired of the whole process of set up, clean up, when he doesn't eat anything...is it ok that I only offer food once a day? I see stuff online where moms offer three meals a day...I know I shouldn't compare but geez... 2. This is more out of curiosity, as I am always loving to learn more about the history of our social conventions: In the same vein of reading stuff online, I also see moms giving big time stuff like two jars of level three food per meal, cheese cubes, turkey dinner etc...I am wondering about the huge range here: baby led weaning is now en vogue with my friends, and in my case, my boy barely chooses to eat anything. Then there are babies the same age who are taking down serious food! Any thoughts on this? I hear all the time on these forums that before the first year food is just for fun, but then so many people are feeding a lot of stuff! Any thoughts on this wide range? 3. Choking: I make my own purees and let baby just play with it--very paranoid of choking and baby doesn't seem too comfortable swallowing--gags, etc. This sounds dumb but I hear...
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