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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:53 PM
    There is a study linking GV to mouth cancer in humans? I know there are cancer studies in rodents, but my understanding is those would not apply to how GV is used to treat thrush. I would be interested in leaning more about that if you have the info. GV has been used for many years to successfully treat thrush with both mom and baby treated. I just saw a recent discussion of thrush on LactNet. If your LCs are on Lactnet, they could ask about your cases in particular, it is a listserve for lactation professionals. I cannot quote what was said directly by whom as I have no way of asking permission, however I think I can pass on what was said because it is all things I have heard before. Someone asked about tanning beds for treating thrush (in summer, sunning topless has long been suggested for thrush. Of course, it would have to be limited exposure to avoid sun burn.) Someone suggested mom see a dermatologist who should 1) be able to make a firm diagnoses one way or another, so mom is not left using thrush treatments for issues that are not thrush. and 2) dermatologist would be able to treat the thrush with an ultraviolet light that can be directed where needed and that might be safer than a tanning bed. Another responded that they knew someone who got rid of a difficult case of confirmed thrush using a tsp. sized dollop of coconut oil on the nipples after every nursing session, and tanning bed 10 minutes a day for a week, and using disposable breast pads...
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  • @llli*sarahgresh's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:55 PM
    I'm sorry your dealing with this too. It's such a bugger! I had no idea I could just email Dr. Newman! I have been looking to his site for a lot of guidance and just emailed them! I'm worried about the over use of gentian violet too. I think we will back off for a while and go back to nystatin ( didn't work so well). I just made an appt with a new OB. Hopefully she will have something else to try. Or Dr. Newman! Also, if I were to stop breastfeeding everything would resolve? Per your Dr.?
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  • @llli*rachellemarie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:46 PM
    Yeah, it's not really as simple as every 2.5 - 3 hours, sometimes there is comfort nursing in there too, to sleep.
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  • @llli*sarahfv's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:01 PM
    We have been dealing with this for two months. My girl is 10 weeks old. First we used Nystatin- it upset baby's stomach and didn't do much. I also tried probiotics for me, vinegar rinses, and clotrimazole cream (Lotrimin) which helped me with the pain but never completely got rid of it. A month ago we used Gentian Violet 1% for three nights in a row painted on baby's tongue and my nipples with a Q-tip. it completely went away and we were good for two weeks, then it came back. So we started the violet treatment again. I have heard there is a small study linking it to mouth cancer so I'm scared to use it too much. My doctor said that unfortunately for many people it will keep returning no matter what until they complete breast-feeding. So frustrating. Have you looked at Jack Newman's candida protocol web page? He will also quickly answer any emails you send him with questions. He believes that thrush doesn't occur on healthy skin – that there is usually an underlying problem like bad latch or tongue tie. But I haven't had any injury to my nipples and my lactation consultants have said baby has a great latch. So I don't know. Also good to know – I have seen many different doctors at my clinic and a few of them tried to tell me she didn't have any thrush in her mouth when she obviously did. So your doctor could be wrong.
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:06 PM
    Oh, ok. got it. Ok, that sounds pretty normal. I understand what you are saying, but actually relying on frequency of nursing can be very unreliable, because babies nurse for comfort as well as for food and drink. Many moms have found that their babies at 4 or 5 months actually want to nurse more often then they did at 2 or 3 months, and this is usually not a sign of any problem. I am sure you have heard mothers say their toddlers are nursing like newborns. Again, this is normal. More frequent nursing does not rule out any problems, of course. But it does not necessarily suggest any problem either.
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