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  • @llli*brdfb's Avatar
    Today, 11:53 AM
    Hi Ladies – I am a FTM of an 8 week old EBF baby. I’m getting discouraged and am hoping someone might be able to help. Baby has been extremely fussy since the 4 week mark, only content when sleeping or nursing. Her weight gain and diaper output are good. She eats pretty much every hour day and night for 5-10 min at a time, though we got a couple of 2 hour stretches last week. She has had a recurrent stuffy nose during this time At 6 weeks she had surgery to remove a cataract, but resumed nursing in the recovery room. She was prescribed a dilating drop and an anti-inflammatory cream post-op. Until recently she has been content at the breast, but now chokes, cries and shakes her head back and forth often. I try to burp her when she unlatches, but she rarely burps. More often she cries and makes her whole body rigid. She doesn’t spit up often, but when she does it is a lot. I suspected OALD and have been trying reclined nursing and sing one side per feeding with no improvement. I have been off dairy for the past two weeks, but at her 2 month appointment the doctor noticed a rash. She recommended dropping soy and peanuts also, and I have been off those a week. Her ophthalmologist allowed us to stop the dilating drops 4 days ago in case they were the problem – she is still on the anti-inflammatory cream.
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  • @llli*mamaoflittleroo's Avatar
    Today, 11:46 AM
    Block feeding has simply been working for us. My baby gain 4 and a half pounds month 1, and 3 pounds month 2. She is a large baby in the 98% for both weight and height. (the nurse says I have whipped cream!) I also has such issues with clogged ducts with my first baby I was hoping block feeding would help prevent clogs and blebs. I feed baby 5 times a day....alternating sides except for the last feed, when I offer both sides (supply is less at the end of the day and she will take both sides). When I have tried to offer both sides any sooner than feeding 4, she has thrown up (or at least spit up ALOT) the minute I lift her up. I will try to skip APNO and see how we do. I guess an imbalance isn't the worst, I am just afraid of another clog! Thank you for all the links!
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  • @llli*dormir41's Avatar
    Today, 09:50 AM
    Glad it sounds like baby is doing better. Way to persevere! My understanding is frequency of pumping is better than length, etc. But you have to do what you can. Maybe one pump session in the middle the night would keep up your supply? I don't know, as for the last two weeks I see my supply drop every Tuesday after pumping at least for times while at work on Monday, but maybe you have better storage capacity than I do, and/or are better at extracting with the pump.
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Today, 09:46 AM
    Are you still block feeding? 3 months is a really, really long time to block feed. Block feeding is supposed to reduce production within a few hours or days, and then mom goes back to regular nursing. If block nursing did not relieve your OP adequately within a week, I wonder if you needed to try something different? Breast refusal could have many causes. I think the APNO may cause it, and would be easy to test. If that breast is engorged or the areola is swollen (a side effect of pumping) it may make it difficult for baby to latch. Reverse Pressure Softening may help in that case. Also, maybe the milk flow is reduced due to the plugs. You might try instant reward to entice baby back on that side )dribble milk on the nipple, or hand express until there is a little milk on the nipple prior to nursing) I would also suggest, try different nursing positions. Right now you have to do what you have to do. You have to get the milk out of the right in whatever way you can, and baby also needs to eat. Yes, it might increase production a little on the left for bby to exclusively nurse on that side, but is this really a big deal? If it becomes problematic again, once baby is nursing on the right again you can block the left if and as needed and take care of it. I suppose you could consider giving her the milk you express from the right as well, to avoid "too much" nursing on the left. But frankly, the potential drawbacks of supplementing are so great, I would actually...
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  • @llli*meliska's Avatar
    Today, 09:34 AM
    Thanks everyone! For anyone looking for this info later, here's how it went: I nursed and pumped the othe side at 445am. Got to work at 630, pumped at 915 (finished 9am med pass early). Pumped again at 1pm and 5pm, then fed him when I got home. I pumped 20 minutes each time. Each time I pumped, I took the shields off the setup and used the medela wipes to wipe them off and left them in the pump bag in the room (the idea of.cold shields made me cring a little. Lol). I put the rest of the setup (valves/membranes, and the part they fit in) in a zip lock in my cooler bag. I pumped into two bottles the first time, then poured them together and put them in the cooler bag. Each time after that, I pulled out the empty bottle and a medela bag with the adapter to pump into, then poured the bottle into the bag when I was done. I took the cooler bag back to the fridge each time. He ate 16.5oz while I was gone and I pumped 17oz.
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Today, 09:19 AM
    Frequent waking to nurse is pretty normal, even at this age. But it sounds as if what you are describing is a very restless, easily upset baby, who does not settle easily back to sleep when nursing. That to me is possibly not normal. It sounds like your child's frequent waking appears related more or less directly to multiple back to back illnesses, or in any case, the type of things that would be disruptive to anyone's sleep (blocked nose.) I would suggest talking to your doctor about all the illnesses and the congestion or doing your own research on what might be causing so much congestion and repeated illness and what might be done to help. I would wonder about environmental allergens, food allergies, reflux etc. but this subject is far outside my expertise. You are clearly unhappy laying in the dark wakeful all night. So I would suggest, as much as possible, don't do that. I learned with baby number one that what usually worked best for me was that if baby/toddler woke up before I went to bed, it was usually best for me if I would take them with me to wherever I was to nurse. That way I could do what I wanted while caring for baby. Even now my almost three year old is going through a stage where she is waking up about 2 hours after she goes to sleep on a regular basis, when my husband and I are usually watching TV. So we get her and bring her out to us, where she quickly settles down while we hold her. Easy, and no resentment. If I am lying down with my child...
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  • @llli*mamaoflittleroo's Avatar
    Today, 08:57 AM
    I have been block feeding my 3 mo old since week 1. I have had two clogged ducts on my right, mastitis, and possibly thrush. I just finished my antibiotics yesterday and have continued to have deep pain and small white spot on my right nipple. I have been using APNO on my right side and it does provide relief, however my little one is now refusing my right side. She didn't like care for it before, but the last day she has completely refused it! Could it be from the APNO ointment or does the milk taste different on that side. She doesn't even want to latch on the right side, where she latches as soon as the left is close to her face. I have been pumping to make sure I do not get another clog, but with my history of too much milk I am worried about creating an imbalance by giving into her demand for my left side. As always, any help, ideas, or advice is greatly appreciated!
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  • @llli*bsua65's Avatar
    Today, 08:38 AM
    I so needed to read this today! As yesterday DH made an unkind remark that our 16 month *still* needs my breast to sleep, then last night DH questioned co-sleeping as we are looking to move house and our current set up will be a squeeze and his parents are 'encouraging' us to put DD in her own room before we 'ruin' her and in a house with an extra room we have less excuse :/ and then today I sat in a crèche at church with DD who hates to be left, realised both invites for newcomers to the church would interfere with DD's bedtime and that it's just not worth the stress and basically had one of those "what if I'm wrong about all this natural parenting stuff?" The article helped me refocus from the madness. So thanks!
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  • @llli*bsua65's Avatar
    Today, 08:27 AM
    Am pleased it's going well for you both :)
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  • @llli*bsua65's Avatar
    Today, 08:05 AM
    It does get better! I thought babies slept better and better from 6 months plus but for us around the 11 months mark was the worst. DD literally went through a spell of every half hour. She's now 16 months and while I guess she's still pretty frequent (2 hourly ish) It's nothing like the all night latch-athons we had at 11-12 months. That said I'm not sure when it properly settled and it went back and forth with winter colds and so. Have you tried infant risk to ask about your medication just in case? We also discovered DD seems to be gluten intolerant and cutting gluten had a massive effect. She still woke a lot after we cut it but she wasn't waking screaming in pain/discomfort anymore.
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  • @llli*bsua65's Avatar
    Today, 07:39 AM
    We use small pieces of terry towelling as cloths. There's actually a brand here in the UK called cheeky wipes that make them. You actually end up using less than commercial wipes I find as I can do the job in 1-2 cloths whereas wipes could take 5-6!
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  • @llli*dormir41's Avatar
    Today, 05:24 AM
    I hated being in the hospital for so long after my daughter's birth (i was admitted on a Monday night, dx Thursday late afternoon but they wouldn't let us leave earlier due to my hbp and other things), partly bc of the parade of nurses, etc. We only had one friend visit and her visit was peaceful and lovely, but I got NO sleep and was so exhausted by the time we left. My parents arrived that day and were at our home for a week and I was a total beast with them . . . . No sleep, several drs appointments, and difficulty with breastfeeding (baby went on strike), plus our plumbing backed up in the middle of all this and it's no wonder I was a wreck. My mom was wonderful, my dad less so, and knowing what I know now, I think it started our breastfeeding relationship off on the wrong foot, and it took weeks to figure it out. I am proud of myself for not quitting, though, as it was tough. This is also my first baby, so I had no clue what I was doing. Luckily, most of our friends were respectful during that period, and while some days after hubs returned to work were lonely, I'm glad I then had that quiet time to learn what I needed to know. Hubs was great about helping with sleep, food, and whatever I needed even though I know he was just as tired, and he was a buffer between my dad and I when needed. If we have another child, I'd insist on leaving the hospital as soon as possible and keep visitors away for the first couple of weeks, except perhaps my mom, but my dad would not...
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  • @llli*dormir41's Avatar
    Today, 04:46 AM
    Nursing strikes are hard! I agree with PPs and would add the suggestion of nursing while baby is asleep. Babies will often instinctively nurse in their sleep. My baby's strike only lasted a day or two, but I've seen other posts talk about longer strikes where they successfully brought baby back to the breast.
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  • @llli*pickle.pie's Avatar
    Today, 03:55 AM
    I really need some help... Don't think I can carry on like this any more :cry My lo has just turned 11 months old. She was ebf until 6 months, now on a mixture of blw and purees. She slept OKish until 3 or 4 months, but has always been a restless sleeper and was a very colicky unsettled baby. From about 4 months she started waking more and more and more... We co-sleep and bf on demand so to begin with it was survivable, but instead of improving it has steadily got worse, waking every hour, then every half hour, and since having several colds over the winter, she now has long unsettled periods almost every night from about 2am, obviously upset and wanting to feed back to sleep but then waking again 30 seconds later. Her nose has been blocked ever since all the colds, and I'm sure that's partly why she's waking (and finding it harder to feed back to sleep), but we've tried all the usual remedies (saline, snuffle babe, humidifier) to no effect. As it stands, I usually go to bed with her around 8 or 8:30 and feed her to sleep, sometimes I get up again for a bit of a break but she will often wake again 30 minutes later so it hardly seems worth the effort. So basically I am up there on my own in the dark the whole night, either awake or dozing (DH long ago gave up sleeping with us due to the sleep deprivation, and when he tries to settle her she just screams to the point of hysteria). Sometimes she will have a slightly longer sleep of 2 or 3 hours at some point at the...
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  • @llli*peppermintp's Avatar
    Today, 03:44 AM
    Thanks so much. He does sleep in a different room but I have brought him into bed at times, so I may look at co-sleeping if it's going to improve or save my breastfeeding relationship with baby. He doesn't take a pacifier and has never really been swaddled. I have an electric double pump rented and I'm going to keep it as long as I need to. I've been doing well with pumping over the past couple of days. I have a couple of appointments this week, but other than that I am not going to take any visitors or do much besides focus on BF'ing. The family we have in town is going away for a couple of days, which will help keep interruptions at bay too! I also downloaded the 'Making More Milk' book and it does look really great! Thanks! Wish me luck :-)
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:52 PM
    Hi. I just checked my copy of Medications and Mothers Milk which is a tad old- 2010 (it is updated every two years I believe) Anyway, coumadin is rated L2, "safer" - this is the second highest safety rating, which is a very good rating for safety. Personally I would not hesitate to nurse my child when on a medication rated L2. But there is no way I can explain in detail the rating system or why Hale rated the medication this way. I would suggest contacting www.infantrisk.org to get a more clear explanation. I see this medication is in the toxnet database as well and you can read about it and lactation here: http://toxnet.nlm.nih.gov/cgi-bin/sis/search2/f?./temp/~7EsecW:1 As you can see, it is not contraindicated for nursing mothers. As far as relactating, any mother can possibly relactate, and in fact, any woman can possibly induce lactation- even if she has not given birth! Whether or not this means you will be able to make enough milk to exclusively nurse again is of course unknowable. But you have some big things going for you. First, you have nursed 2 children before, so you know your body is able to produce plenty of milk, and your body 'knows' it too. 2) it sounds as if you nursed (exclusively?) for a month prior to your illness, thus establishing a milk production for this baby. Both of these things increase the chances you will be able to relactate. I would also point out that the benefits of breastfeeding are not all or nothing. Any amount of your...
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  • @llli*scubamama's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:31 PM
    Sorry to hear this! My baby went through a phase where she was rejecting one breast. Not sure why she started doing this, but I remember being really frustrated and worried. One thing that helped was offering that side in a side lying position while she was more relaxed. After about a day of offering but not pushing it, she started nursing from both sides again. Good luck!
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  • @llli*shelly5889's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:32 PM
    I have two questions. Can I will you lactate for my five month old and number two is it safe since I am on Coumadin? I have breast-fed both my children till 2 1/2 years old but with my new baby I had blood clots in both my legs and my vena cava which led me to take the Coumadin and was in the hospital for one month. This all happened in one month after I gave birth. My baby was an excellent nurse her. Actually the best out of all my children. I try to pump while I was in the hospital but I became too weak. I had home health for a month and then went back to work but I feel that something is missing and I wish we could breast-feed again I feel bad every time I make her a bottle of formula. Do you think it's possible?
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  • @llli*amcmanus17's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:24 PM
    Thanks ladies, i was thinking soft wash cloth but wow, thats a lot of wash cloths! Thanks again.
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  • @llli*naturegal64's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:06 PM
    I've tried getting in touch with 2 different LCs over the past week or so. One cancelled on me because she got sick & the other never called me back. I've tried calling again today so we'll see. Today has been much better, my breasts are definitely softer than yesterday & not causing as much pain (still sore but bearable). LO usually takes 40-60mL from the bottle after BFing so I will continue pumping that amount as long as its comfortable. Since he came 5 weeks early, my thought is he just hasn't developed the sucking muscles to get milk from BFing effeciently & he has a very small mouth. And my flat nipples certainly don't help the situation, even though I use a nipple shield for help. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it!!
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  • @llli*bfwmomof3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:00 PM
    It IS really emotionally draining - I remember freaking out even with a very brief nursing strike when my baby had a stuffed up nose. I had to actively tell myself to relax and that really helped. Good luck!
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  • @llli*bfwmomof3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:58 PM
    You've gotten lots of great advice, I thought I'd just link to milk storage guidelines - either the cooler or the fridge is fine. Hope your first day is going okay - agree with others that it is hard to go back but gets better. http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/milkstorage/milkstorage/ https://www.llli.org/docs/0000000000000001WAB/WAB_Tear_sheet_Toolkit/21_storingmilk.pdf Over time I accumulated multiple sets of pump parts, what I found was most efficient for me was to set up the flanges/valves/membranes/bottles in advance and then pull them out when I needed them. I initially rinsed out parts after each pumping, later realized that I did not need to do that. Sometimes I spent my pumping time relaxing, reading, looking at these forums, other times I worked (including charting!), other times I ate while pumping.
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  • @llli*dvdfad002's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:52 PM
    Thank you for the link...lots of awesome advice! Need to learn not to force the issue... "Casual" offers.... I didn't think it would be this hard. I think it's more of a case of being emotionally draining Wish me luck
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  • @llli*bfwmomof3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:51 PM
    Here are the LLL guidelines, which do say refrigerate before combining: http://www.llli.org/faq/milkstorage.html Same with Kelly mom: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/milkstorage/milkstorage/ I've never really understood it - I guess when you add the warm milk to the cool, it warms up the cool milk? Not sure. There have definitely been occasions where I did not wait for the fresh milk to chill before combining it with already chilled milk, but if you want to go by the book, chill the milk before combining.
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  • @llli*bfwmomof3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:44 PM
    Glad to hear things are getting better...
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