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  • @llli*ruchiccio's Avatar
    Today, 11:36 AM
    Let me first begin by saying that I am so happy that we have made it this far with our breastfeeding relationship! We had lots of struggles in the beginning with terrible latch, tongue-tie issues, crazy supply fluctuations, refusal to take a bottle for a long while (at the babysitter), etc, etc, but we managed and as of now my baby is still nursing a few times a day/night. My problem is this: Throughout my breastfeeding duration, my libido has been very, very low. Normally I'm blessed with a high desire almost all the time and this made me happy. Now, though, while I'm nursing I often feel stressed out about not being in the mood... Only on very rare occasions have I felt a spark. My doctor assured me that I am normal and this is totally normal for a nursing mother. It's the body's natural way of preventing fertility and all that, which I understand. However, breastfeeding is still touted as the #1 way of nourishing one's baby in a physical and emotional way. And when they discuss breastfeeding and all its amazing benefits, they rarely mention this downside, which is affecting me in a great way. But how does one reconcile that with the drawback of a very low libido? If this is a common enough problem, how does everyone do it? Do they just take an intimacy vacation for as long as they are breastfeeding... even 2-3 years? Does it get better if one is only nursing 1-2 times a day? As of now my son nurses a few times by day (small, snacky feedings) and 3 decent...
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  • @llli*barronmommy's Avatar
    Today, 09:33 AM
    Hi everyone. I am having some difficulty in nursing my son. He is almost 4 months and has latched well from the beginning. I had to go out of town for a couple of days so I introduced a bottle but we picked back up with nursing as soon as I returned. About 3 weeks ago he refused to nurse. He would latch on initially but then he would fight it. It only lasted 7 days and he was nursing back to normal. Now, he absolutely refuses to even get close to my breast. I've tried to push through it but he screams constantly. I've been pumping but my supply has dropped considerably. I attempted to use a nipple shield and the medela supplementing system this morning but he wouldn't even take that. I put it on my finger and put it in his mouth to see if it was the shield but he had no problem with the shield. Any advice? I would love to continue our breastfeeding relationship but I'm worried we might be done and very discouraged.
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  • @llli*asemenau's Avatar
    Today, 12:46 PM
    My baby just turned 3mo and has had since 1 mo a lot of gas, I have OS and oald but I have been able to control it, except now my baby sleeps worse than before. He seems very gassy at night and has "colics" from midnight till 5am, he is asleep most of the time and nursing him more often is not helping either. I burp him thoroughly so there are less chances of gas. I already eliminated milk and eat a very healthy homemade diet, I feel desperate.since I don't get enough sleep.and I was hoping that by 3mo his issues would ameliorate not worsen. I don't know what else to do, thanks
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  • @llli*cdwdnw's Avatar
    Today, 07:44 AM
    As of Sunday I'm home with a 17 day old preemie (born at 34 wks) who is favoring the bottle over breast for obvious reasons. Nurses told me I have flat nipples. I've tried pumping before to get them to stand up and my boy still shows no interest. Nipple shield frustrates us both though it does work from time to time. Hosp sent me home with Neosure 2xs a night for continued weight gain (anyone know of a 22 cal organic brand btw?). I've all but abandoned the breast for now; am I making a mistake waiting until he's older to reintroduce breast? Should I keep trying even though he isn't interested?
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  • @llli*crispyrn23's Avatar
    Today, 02:19 PM
    Hello. My LO is now 16 days old, we had trouble breastfeeding early on due to my inverted nipples so we've been using a nipple shield. He also had some jaundice so we were supplementing formula via spoon feeding and once my milk came in, we supplemented my pumped milk with syringe/feeding tube via finger feeding. He also had some tongue tied and it got snipped about 5 days ago. Coincidentally that day, he started latching on without the nipple shield for about 50% of feedings. However, starting 2 days ago, we've had a very difficult time latching on at most of the feedings. He won't latch with or without shield. His mouth opens not that wide and it looks as if he's pushing nipple away with his tongue. It's like he discovered new found freedom of thrusting his tongue upwards. Any similar experiences or ideas why the sudden difficulty latching on? He's still under birth weight at this point so priority is to feed him. We've been working with a LC but appt is not for a few days. Thanks!!!
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  • @llli*cdwdnw's Avatar
    Today, 07:38 AM
    Sorry if this has been asked before. New member here with a 2 wk old premie at home and I wanted to get a pump on order before my rented Symphony goes back. Any suggestions/reviews would be great. TIA!
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  • @llli*aseret1's Avatar
    Today, 11:17 AM
    Hi my LO was born at 35-36 weeks and had a weak suck reflex from birth. We tried breastfeeding but she wasn't getting enough milk and the pediatrician was concerned about possible weight loss. As a result, we were supplementing w/ formula. Now I'm concerned about whether or not I can produce enough milk to BF her. Her suck reflex is stronger but I still don't make enough milk. Is it too late to get a greater milk supply? LO is 3 weeks old today. Please help
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  • @llli*pauly.nikol's Avatar
    Today, 11:34 AM
    Hola me llamo paulina tengo 18 aƱos y tengo una bebe de dos meses y 3 semanas ... cuando nacio a mi no me salio calostro hasta el 5 dia ... durante su semana de vida subio solo 80 gramos.. por lo que en el hospital le dieron formula. Al principio agarraba mucho el pecho, pasaba horas tomando y nunca quedaba llena... a veces estaba mas de 5 horas sentada y no terminaba de succionar .... y si le quitaba el pecho lloraba ... por lo cual yo le empece a dar mas formula ... al cumplir el mes ella empezo a rechazar el pecho .. cada vez que le daba ella tomaba 5 minutos y empezaba a llorar .. le ofrecia el otro pecho y seguia llorando.. asi ha sido hasta el dia de hoy ... ya casi no me sale leche ... Estoy realmente preocupada y arrepentida de todo .... deseo darle pecho y ella no quiere .... me siento decepcionada de mi .... siento que no soy una madre al 100% ... de verdad deseo dar pecho y quitarle el biberon .. ayudenme por favor :(
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  • @llli*liz.g.autry's Avatar
    Today, 08:08 PM
    Out of curiosity how long did it take for your supply to match up with what your LO would drink in a day? Right now my daughter is taking 350mL expressed breastmilk via bottle in addition to attempts at breastfeeding with every feed. I pump after almost every feed, I skip every once in awhile to catch some sleep. I'm getting about 300mL. Thankfully while she was in the NICU I was able to build up a freezer stash, but that stash is being depleted. I fell behind what she was getting daily about a month ago. I've managed to increase my daily production a bit, but its hard to say how much since I've gone from almost exclusively pumping to breastfeeding and pumping. What that long explanation was leading up to was how long did it take for you to match what your little one drank? I'm doing everything I can to increase supply; oatmeal, More Milk Special Blend, pumping round the clock, drinking constantly. I'm getting my prolactin and thyroid levels checked tomorrow. If my prolactin is low will look into domperidone. I'm just impatient, its been a long four months.
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  • @llli*vf's Avatar
    Today, 09:33 PM
    To Karen: Thanks for separating it into a new thread! -- Apparently, I am not the only one who has this problem due to the vaccine: http://community.babycenter.com/post/a24726875/rotovirus_vaccine_and_blood_in_stool. Our babies are like guinea pigs, all sorts of vaccines are being tested on them. It breaks my heart seeing him how he is suffering because of this vaccine :cry I know that diseases that these vaccines are against are much more scary and dangerous. But, as it was with polio -- they only replaced the live oral vaccine with an injectable one after so many children got paralysis because of it (I have a good friend whose daughter has hemiparesis of one leg because of the live polio vaccine). They already cancelled one type of rotavirus vaccine because of the intussusception it was causing. Today, I saw the infectionist again, because of the blood in the stool. She kept insisting that this is not caused by the vaccine and that it is something in my food. The way doctors are ignoring things like these is appalling! My baby cried a lot yesterday and today, had only really green stool, consisting of mucus and blood spots only, and very small quantities (a spoonful every time). He had fever (38.5) in the rectum for which was prescribed Tempra. The infectionist was searching for an year infection and while trying to scrub something out from my baby's ear she made him crying inconsolably from pain for about 2 hours :cry :mad:. Why would she "do her job" when it...
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Today, 07:46 PM
    Well this sounds like a big improvement to me as far as feeding-by improvement I mean, in the sense that baby is moving toward more nursing and less bottles... Does it feel that way to you? It is certainly normal for some feedings to be shorter and more nibbly than others...by that I mean, in many cases, even babies who are getting all their milk at the breast also will nurse that way. The IBCLC might suggest a weighted feed. These can be helpful in figuring out milk transfer, just remember they only indicate what happens at the one nursing session. In pump output, vs. what your baby took in a bottle, you are perhaps behind. That does NOT necessarily mean you actually are 'behind' in milk production.
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Today, 07:38 PM
    What kind of positioning have you tried? Is baby nursing frequently? Are you leaking or feeling more full than previously? Are you engorged at all, or pumping a lot? Full breasts are sometimes harder to latch onto, and if the areola is swollen due to engorgement or pumping, that can sometimes cause latch issues also, when milk drips, some babies try to lick rather than latch....
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Today, 07:28 PM
    Hi. So, the quick answer is no, it is certainly NOT too late to breastfeed. It is also not too late to increase milk production. In fact, milk production normally increases for the first several weeks anyway, even when there are no breastfeeding problems, mom is making 'enough' milk, and baby is not being supplemented. "Full" milk production is typically reached around 4-6 weeks. Of course, milk production can still be increased after that point, but the earlier attempts to increase milk production occur, the better. Also, even in the rare case a mother never makes enough milk to exclusively breastfeed her baby, she can still breastfeed while also supplementing. When you say you are supplementing with formula now, what do you mean? Is baby nursing at all? (if so, how many times a day?) Are you pumping at all? (if so, how many times a day?) How much "supplement' is baby getting each day and how much is formula and how much (if any) your own milk in a bottle? can you give us your baby's complete weight check history including the date when formula was introduced? Did anyone every try to help you figure out why baby was not gaining normally (if baby is not getting enough milk, this has many possible causes) Have you seen or are you able to see a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) or other breastfeeding helper for a breastfeeding assessment? If you have seen someone, are you following any particular plan for increasing milk production or helping baby...
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  • @llli*usafreat's Avatar
    Today, 07:13 PM
    Today my hubs took the baby in for a check up to our original ped who has been absent for months and for once a doctor said the same thing I think...since she's bf no need for dairy. That was nice to hear. I think I may start a cup so she can understand it with a meal but I'm still concerned about reducing her desire to nurse after her meals. We'll see....
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 07:06 PM
    Are bottles being given with paced bottle feeding techniques? If bottles are made too easy it can be hard to get baby back to the breast. Is baby also using paci?
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 07:02 PM
    Start your own thread since there are many here that have been in a similar boat and answering might be more appropriate in a different thread. If your LO has always been below the 15th percentile then I doubt there would be much comment, If she has been dropping percentiles then the Docs will likely comment and you might want to figure out why.
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 06:56 PM
    Ah who needs pants when they are 4 months old? Of course I live in FL so an infant can live kinda clothing optional much of the time here.
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 06:50 PM
    You might want to look into some physical therapy with that tongue, see if your LC can teach you the tongue walk and see if she knows any other suck training exercises or if she can refer you to someone who does oral motor therapy with infants. (Some speech pathologists or occupational therapists do this kind of therapy.) You might try finger feeding and then when he has the suck down right, switch to breast.
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 06:44 PM
    Are there ever nights when it isn't happening so much? You might want to keep a food diary since gassy isn't necessarily related to an "allergy" in mom's diet but still possibly to something you eat. I know of moms who say their babies have issues when they eat tomato or broccoli or something else. How is the gas during the day? How does nursing feel? Does baby have issues with maintaining suction or swallowing or choking while nursing? Sometimes babies with tongue or lip ties get a lot of air while nursing but if mom has oversupply and OALD the tongue or lip ties might not be diagnosed early because baby may be getting plenty of milk and not hurting mom while getting it.
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 05:48 PM
    Exhaustion can play a huge roll in sex drive. I expect just taking care of a baby with all the demands on your time and stress of well, whatever stresses you out can put a huge dent in your sex drive. I personally haven't found the breastfeeding to be what hinders my sex drive, it has more to do with getting a baby who is used to constant contact to stay asleep in his crib for long enough for daddy and I to have some time alone.
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  • @llli*anaduralia's Avatar
    Today, 05:31 PM
    So, I don't have any experience in this... (tandem feeding a babies of different ages though I tandem fed my twins. I also have no experience reintroducing the breast successfully). I have heard other people had their older toddlers go back to nursing after a sibling was born, but they were older. For one so young... would he forget how to nurse effectively? His sib might help him get a let down perhaps if you did tandem nursing. Also, you could show him the baby nursing and see if he wants to try. I'll warn you, I am a bit biased on the breastfeeding topic. My opinion is that it is beneficial emotionally and nutrition wise untill they are ready to stop :-) But others have stopped earlier than 12 months, no problem. My milk supply also dried up during pregnancy. I let my toddlers dry nurse for a while after and then cut down the feedings using the don't ask, don't refuse method. They didn't complain about it. Only my second asked for mommy milk a month after she weaned. I told her it was all gone and she wasn't upset about it. I didn't try to keep her on because I felt nervous about nursing 3 (!) since I was pregnant with twins.
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  • @llli*bean161's Avatar
    Today, 05:03 PM
    I'm sorry you're experiencing it especially since the breastfeeding has been so rewarding for you! Hopefully as you said with the return of your cycle things will improve and yes, new lingerie is always fun!
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Today, 04:45 PM
    Colic from 12-5, but baby is asleep? I am trying to imagine what is going on and I am not sure what this means. Colic usually means sustained crying. How is poop frequency, and what do they look like? Do you mean lower intestinal gas, or upper? (Burbs or toots?) Does baby burping or tooting help with the pain or does it continue? Have you considered if reflux is going on?
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  • @llli*noodles610's Avatar
    Today, 04:44 PM
    Good to know. Thanks!
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  • @llli*ruchiccio's Avatar
    Today, 02:43 PM
    I sympathize but I am also glad to see it's not only me. My husband is also an angel and never pressures me or anything, but I for myself am not happy about how it all changed. It makes me feel way older than I am (in my 20s). I do have a few tips that work like a bandaid but they don't help the core of the issue. Buying new lingerie usually helps for me :)
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