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  • @llli*lilbunny01's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:33 PM
    Hi! I'm planning to go back to work when my LO is 4.5 months. I have been exclusively breastfeeding and feeding on demand. I plan to pump every 3-4 hours at work. I just read in other threads that moms can maintain supply by doing night feedings. However, my husband is pushing for sleep training which means our baby would sleep through the night. The book he read advises to wean night feedings. Has any moms here gone back to work and sleep trained? Does it affect supply? My LO currently goes to bed ~7pm, wakes up at 1:30 am for a feeding and sleeps again until ~6:30am. When awake, she feeds ~every 2 hours.
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  • @llli*mek's Avatar
    Today, 01:30 PM
    I have a Medela PISA that I used with DS about 5 times a day for a year (2011-2012). It still functions, but I am not sure if it'll really do a good job this time. I go back to work in about a month. I asked Medela, but didn't get a good answer (they only told me about the warranty, which wasn't my question). Does anyone have experience with the life of a Medela motor?
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  • @llli*lisa1085's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:02 PM
    Hello, I have a concern about my 5 week old baby not nursing. When he was born, I had an emergency C-section, which led to my milk coming in a little later than anticipated. Ever since the hospital stay, my son has not liked being breastfed, I believe mostly because at the time, nothing was coming out fast enough for him and he would fight me a lot. Because of exhaustion and not liking hearing his tummy growl, I started to supplement formula until my milk came in. Even as my milk came in, he would still fight me and it was always easier to supplement to make sure he had some food, however, I would always pump. The only thing is I would pump 1-2 oz each session and it is still the same amount. I was thinking I had low milk supply, but they feel very heavy even after pumping, so I just think that my let-down doesn't happen while pumping. Only time I had my let-downs is when he wouldn't fight so hard to breastfeed. I like to think I can still try to nurse bc he does still root around and try to go for my breasts when he's hungry (unless that's just purely instinct). I'm not sure if it's because my nipples aren't long enough for him or what... it does seem like they easily slip out of his mouth when he's not sucking and is just sitting there. I would love to stop supplementing and strictly breastfeed/pump. It's something I hold emotionally high and I have a strong sense of guilt of not being able to do this right :(. Is it too late to try to get him to breastfeed and...
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  • @llli*singermommy's Avatar
    Today, 10:49 AM
    I just started back to work last week. I pump about every three hours during my shift, and have noticed a drop of about 2-3 ounces in the amount I'm able to get. I did start freezing before I started back, and I nurse on demand while at home, but I'm worried I won't be able to finish out the year bf-ing if this continues. I've been walked in on twice while pumping, and interrupted many times at home...could this also affect the amount I'm able to pump?
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  • @llli*mamabella's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:43 PM
    My son was born term a week ago weighing 7lbs 11oz. We were released from the hospital within 48 hours with no latching issues, 4 meconium diapers and regular pee diapers, albeit delayed. He always ate for about an hour at a time every 4 hours or so. He's always seems unhappy and frustrated. My first was a real happy baby, always smiling and laughing. I haven't seen this boy smile once. He's always screaming and fighting us, if he is quiet he has a mean stare for a few minutes (10 max) before he's screaming again. I feed on demand which varies, if he's awake he wants boob. He sleeps more in the day than the night and seems insistent on cosleeping which scares me. He's a very light sleeper and if you move him or change anything in his environment he's up screaming. When he goes to latch on he will get so mad! He knows how to do it, will start a latch, suck a few times and spit it out screaming and fighting. Then goes right back to it and does it again until he eventually stays. I know my milk came in because of his cluster feeding on day 4, and I see the milk is different and now feel pain when it's time for him to eat. I'm doing everything I can think of to increase my supply. I'm drinking a lot, eating oatmeal and spinach, drinking mother's milk tea, pumping for 30mins 1x a day (I get maybe 1/4 ounce with my brand new pump). I'm worried about my supply because every time he's peed since the hospital there's red like blood in his diaper with the urine. He barely...
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  • @llli*redstarburst's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:03 PM
    Hey everyone, so here's the breakdown of my situation: Planned c-section for breeched twins. C-section went amazingly well. No complications and we got to do skin to skin in the operating room. Breastfed both babies within an hour of them being born. No latch problems at all. They took to the breasts like champs. We breastfed them on demand those first 3 days, which ended up being about 8 times a day. I know 10 or 12 would have been better, but that's just how the babies natural rhythm worked out and we were too sleep deprived to think about waking the babies for more feedings. Maybe mistake #1? They lost 10% of their body weight by Day 2. Doctor was not concerned yet because she attributed that initial weight loss to the IV fluids I was given for the c-section. Day 3 and Baby A had lost a total of 13% of his original weight and Baby B had lost 12%. The babies were also crying and fussing at the boob. Latching on and then off and crying their heads off. It was so stressful and upsetting for everyone. At this point, they recommended we supplement. They got us started on the SNS and supplementing 40, then 60, then 90 ML of formula over the course of 3 days for each feeding as well as pumping every 3 hours. The LC at the hospital gave us a hospital grade medela pump to take home with us, but when she showed me how to use it at the hospital, it barely pulled out more than a few drops after 20 minutes. She said this was probably because my milk had not come in yet.
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  • @llli*beth.baughman's Avatar
    Today, 11:35 AM
    My little guy turns one on Monday (yay--made it to 1 year of breastfeeding!), and I've started to pump wean at work. I dropped my evening pumping about a month ago and am down to two pumping sessions at work. My question is about nursing. LO has a good appetite for solids, but used to nurse enthusiastically right when he woke up each morning and right when we got home from work/daycare. Now, he's getting fussy and seems to want to eat solids instead of nursing in the evening. I had to pump before bed last night because he did not nurse enough. Then, this morning, he only nursed for a little bit on one side. In the past, he would happily nurse for 30 minutes or more in the morning. Not sure what to do. I don't want to pump to replace these sessions because that feels like moving in the wrong direction. Also, I was hoping to maintain a nursing relationship even after pump weaning at work. I know that I have sufficient supply because my breasts feel very full and are leaking in the morning when I wake up. Any thoughts or tips?
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  • @llli*panforcooking's Avatar
    Today, 10:18 AM
    Hi everybody, we've made it much further weaning than i ever thought we would and i am so proud! (But....) i am ready to be done! My son is pretty okay without nursing if I'm not around, but still wakes about three times a night to nurse and i feel like if we cut out nursing, sleeping better is sure to follow. Also, my boobies have just had it! I feel so sensitive at this point and i just want to lock em up forever at this point! So the problem is, i stay at home and any attempts to put off nursing by me result in Finn crying until i either give in or literally forever, there is no end, there is no cry it out(which i am not a fan of anyways) he does fall asleep in the stroller if he is dead tired(thankfully the weather is letting up) but the weather isn't perfect every day! So anyways...any suggestions? Anybody have a similar situation? My little boy is so sweet except for when it comes to "babies" as he calls them, then all hell breaks loose!!
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  • @llli*lmk2010's Avatar
    Today, 01:24 PM
    Hello, I recently posted about my LO (8 mo) eating more frequently and 'chomping' down on me. Unfortunately my left side ended up damaged with a blood blister that I think I've been able to repair. He's not so much biting as his teeth are scraping because I don't think his mouth is open wide enough. Here's what I've done so far. Please let me know if there are any other tricks that I can try to avoid such a painful latch. I'm starting to pull away from him because of what I know is coming and I hate that. The good news is that the pain goes away while nursing but I don't want to make any more damage from here on out. Moved nursing sessions to a quiet place to avoid 'tearing' off at a distraction Used a warm compress and bm to heal the damage Using olive oil to keep area moist Pushing him into me to unlatch Trying to teach him to 'open wide' but that's not working yet Thanks!
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  • @llli*alisdb's Avatar
    Today, 10:53 AM
    My son is 18 months. At 16 months, he stopped bedsharing and slept better by himself in a crib. He hasn't nursed in 1 month. Is that a nursing strike or is he done? He gets very upset when I offer the breast. I did not breastfeed my 1st son beyond a week so I don't know if this is typical or not. He is my last baby, would a baby be done so soon? :confused:
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  • @llli*ddtanya's Avatar
    Today, 03:39 PM
    Hello. I have a 10 mo fed exclusively with breast milk by nursing or by bottle while I’m at work. Usually he would nurse and fall asleep quietly afterwards or at least stay very calmed and relaxed. But over a month ago, he’s been nursing normally and 5 min later he loses the nipple and starts crying and tries to sit down. I comfort him a little and sometimes he nurses again or I have to change him to the other breast, even though the first one isn’t empty. And every now and then he will only nurse from one breast or not nurse at all. It is kind of a partial strike. At first I thought it may be him teething, but it has been too long now. I can’t think of anything else than has changed. Your opinion has been very helpful for me in the past; I hope you can give me some advice.
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  • @llli*mek's Avatar
    Today, 12:54 PM
    My DD is almost 4 weeks old and BFing has been going great! I need help figuring out a problem tho: - For about 1.5 weeks, her poop is green and seedy. There were about 3 diapers with a trace of blood in them. - She typically nurses on only one side per session. - Her latch might be a little shallow? It feels fine, but it looks like her mouth is big enough only for my nipple. I try to shove it further in and she gags. - I think I have figured out that after a day of more chocolate (and dairy), she is fussy that night and the next day. She pulls off screaming and has trouble burping.
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  • @llli*karrieperry's Avatar
    Today, 05:17 PM
    My daughter is the same way. And I'm sure that it's the milk flow thing. I don't think it's quite as fast as it used to be, and by that I mean a garden hose, so it's probably average but she started to prefer the garden hose! Anyway. I try to let her just stick her hand on the other side. I push her hand away gently if it starts to bug me (at night, I push her hand away all night). I'm hoping eventually she'll stop on her own. Having something else for her to hold with an interesting texture helps, like we have a stuffed sheep with 100 bumps on it, she touches those instead.
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  • @llli*fezlie's Avatar
    Today, 04:51 PM
    Don't know if you are already doing this, but at around 1 year, I had to do all our nursing sessions in the glider, in a darkened room (only his bedroom) with the noise machine going. I could pretty much only nurse him before or after sleeping, when he was drowsy and would nurse for a little while. Otherwise, he just got too distracted. Actually, at 17mo, we are still only nursing in ONE place and never anywhere else. When we travel, I have to recreate our nursing nest. Good luck!
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  • @llli*fezlie's Avatar
    Today, 04:43 PM
    Funny! My son loves to explore my mouth and scratch my gums, but he only does it on occasion. However, he spends the rest of his waking non-nursing time trying to poke me in the eyeballs...
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  • @llli*fezlie's Avatar
    Today, 04:37 PM
    Well, it WAS my period starting up again! I never thought I'd say this, but "YAY!!!" The nipple soreness went away a few days ago and then boom, my old "friend" showed up for a visit. So weird, it's been forever since I bought tampons or pads! And even weirder that I was thrilled! I feel like a "normal" woman again! And, of course, i can start fantasizing about how GREAT it would be to have another baby!! (Why am I so crazy? Hormones!)
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  • @llli*lmk2010's Avatar
    Today, 04:34 PM
    Ahh thanks a lot!! Yes we have been totally fine up until now with no issues, or up until so many teeth, lol. I will be trying what you suggest tonight for sure. Thank you!!
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  • @llli*bfwmomof3's Avatar
    Today, 04:33 PM
    I wonder whether it could be a positional issue? As he's growing perhaps you need to adjust nursing positions a bit? Does this happen at bedtime only or at other times as well? Does he nurse well at night? Sorry I am answering your question with a lot more questions!
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  • @llli*ziwa's Avatar
    Today, 03:38 PM
    Poor thing! That's no fun at all... While I cannot tell you what it is that causes your pain - a wrong latch, thrush, or otherwise - I would like to share with you that for me it was indeed what you mentioned: my first ovulation, followed by my first period. On average the first period returns 14.6 months after birth with 'ecological' breastfeeding. What does your cervical mucus look like? Thick sticky and curdy? (possibly thrush?) Or like egg white? (possibly ovulation?) My first ovulation was marked by a spectacular amount of egg white jelly like CM which lasted for maybe 5 days. A day or two after the onset of CM the nipple pain started, and stopped just before the arrival of my period, by which time nursing was back to normal again. I have had two more ovulations/periods since, and the nipple pain for both was less intense then the previous one. Not sure if this is a trend or a coincidence, but just throwing it out there. Good luck with the nipple soreness, and if it is indeed your period, with that too ;-) !!
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  • @llli*bsua65's Avatar
    Today, 02:54 PM
    Hey :) There's a few things you can do... The simplest is to stroke from the base of their nose to the bottom of their chin with your nipple to get them to open wide, or stroking their cheek can help too. You can do this a few times and then latch on, or practise getting them on quick while it's open. Combining this with the 'flipple' (you tube it :) )can be helpful. It does take practice and the flipple can cause you to squirt so beware of passers by. The flipple on it's own is good too. Making your breast into a 'sandwich' by holding your breast in a c/u with your hand -like if you were to hand express but further up so your hand is against your body with the 'thin' part you made in the direction of their mouth. 'Laid back/biological nurturing' type positions may help too as it puts gravity on your side. Be willing to latch if it's wrong and re-latch; esp if it hurts while they are on. If your lo is 8 months I'm guessing they've got lazy over time and just need a bit of a reminder. This link might help too. (it did us!)
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  • @llli*bfwmomof3's Avatar
    Today, 02:34 PM
    I've never heard anyone put it quite this way - that's great! :)
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  • @llli*bfwmomof3's Avatar
    Today, 02:32 PM
    That is really interesting - yet another benefit of breastfeeding! I still don't think I would be overly anxious about timing the EBM, though.
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  • @llli*bsua65's Avatar
    Today, 02:29 PM
    My husband has the same/similar fears; tho he hasn't read a book and he 'gave in' with co-sleeping when she did not settle for 3 nights and he was given little option if he wanted a wife and not a grumpy zombie. I also gave him online info to read about CIO and controlled crying to back my reasons as to why I don't want to fo it. Find him some better reading material! Co-workers are dumb... Most didn't start co-sleeping and they are talking about 3 ish year olds who hog the bed and only started in there after being sick one night...not 4-5 month olds! The one co-worker he discovered that truely co-slept wasn't dumb and reassured him over it; but this was months after the others put the wind up him so to say. You use nappies without fear that they won't use a toilet, you feed them without fear that they won't one day wean and you dress a baby without fear that they won't still need you to do it for them at 18! A child will sleep independently through the night when they are ready! This is what I tell my husband and it helped:) Let your lo nurse at night and enjoy it - there's something special about feeding that semi awake little person and then watching them contently nod back off when they are done :)
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  • @llli*bfwmomof3's Avatar
    Today, 02:21 PM
    I just meant your day 1 stash, wasn't trying to imply that you should be pumping a ton! I think the flanges can get little cracks and such in them. But I think the insurance idea sassypants mentions is a great one.
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