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  • @llli*azrael499's Avatar
    April 2nd, 2015, 06:43 AM
    I had my second baby girl on 3/25/2015. She weighed a whopping 9lbs 5oz. We had some difficulty at the hospital with a nursery who did not always bring her to me when I requested and a particular doctor who thought that my daughter's spit up could be related to me nursing and who instructed me not to nurse. He wanted to start formula "to see" if it was my milk causing her issues. After much crying, I spoke up to him and refused his suggestions. I had my ped (they see generalists in the hospital) call the hospital too to try to understand what they were trying to do. I any case, after having certain periods of time (over 6 hours at times) without my daughter in the hospital. I left on saturday with engorged breasts and a baby that weighed at discharge 8lbs 10 0z. So, at her next visit with her ped the day after (Sunday) she still weighed 8lbs 10 oz. Her doctor wasn't concerned and said that she just wanted to see her start gaining. On Monday I had the health nurse come to my house who said that she now weighed 8lbs 7.5oz. She also didn't seem concerned even though my concerns were numerous. I did have a section with my daughter like I did last time. But this time when nursing, I was really sore even though lactation said that her latch was fine. It was at the point where I would cringe in pain every time I latched her on.
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  • @llli*momager's Avatar
    April 5th, 2015, 01:05 PM
    I'm still nursing my almost 16 month old 3-4 times during the day and all through the night. I am just now starting to get weird comments about the fact she is still nursing from family and friends. It's been making me feel like I'm doing something I need to hide, like I'm doing something wrong. How do I continue to nurse my baby and accept that others just don't see it as necessary or ok? I have been feeling like I want to wean bc I'm kind of embarassed when people ask if she's still nursing, I even lied to her ent the other day bc I was too embarassed to tell him she still breastfeeds. Help please bc I'm not ready to wean but am starting to feel like I should be heading in that direction.
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  • @llli*scubamama's Avatar
    April 5th, 2015, 09:28 PM
    I'm a FTM with a 4mo baby girl. I got my first plugged duct about 6 weeks pp, and have gotten them on and off since then, always on the right breast. My right nipple has a white lesion on it (OB said it probably started out as a milk blister...), and I have an oversupply, which is probably why the plugged ducts come back. Lately I've been getting plugged ducts more frequently, and today I got one on my left side, i.e. the "good" breast. Ugh. It usually takes several hot showers and dangle feeding during the day to resolve the plugs. Pumping helps relieve pressure, but never fully releases the plugged duct. I'm going back to work next week and I won't be able to take 3 hot showers a day and breastfeed my baby often. I don't think I'll be able to pump very frequently either. Feeling worried about how to deal with plugged ducts when I'm back at work. I have an appointment with my OB coming up, and I'll try to schedule one with an LC as well just to have my latch checked out, but I just feel like breastfeeding or dealing with breastfeeding issues have taken up so much of my time and I have no idea how I'm going to continue doing this when I'm back at work!
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  • @llli*virginiamom14's Avatar
    April 10th, 2015, 12:23 PM
    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum but I've been reading some threads over the weeks and it has been helpful to see so many women out there nursing their little ones! I have a few questions about advice my baby's doctor gave us at his four month check up. (He is now almost five months old.) He has been gaining weight fine. At four months, he was 16 pounds, 11 ounces, which is more than double his birth weight. His wet and poopy diapers also all seem fine. My questions are this: 1. My son goes to daycare for roughly 9 and a half hours, including commute times. He normally takes 12 ounces of breast milk during that time and then maybe 16 ounces one day a week. Before his four month appointment we were sending four 4 ounce bottles and instructed the daycare to feed him about every two or three hours. (We have found that the daycare needs pretty strict instructions. Otherwise, they just stuff him full of food all day to make sure he never cries.)
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  • @llli*umg's Avatar
    April 21st, 2015, 07:37 AM
    Hi everyone, I just want some support and advice on what to do next. I've had many many issues while breasfeeding. Low supply, milk blister, clogged ducts, reflux, gas, sore nipples, sleepy baby (doesn't stimulate enough), alert baby (fusses and cries because she wants more/faster let down and pulls away every minute). We've battled everything and still have some of those issues today. Last week it was that she wasn't gaining enough so I added one more feeding which lowered my pump (I pump once a day to have a freezer stash) output a lot. These 4 months have been challenging to say the least. I feel like I'm drowning and when I see shore again something else comes up and another wave pulls me away. I was adamant to breastfeed this baby because I had to supplement my first one as I didn't have enough supply. But it has been so hard. Yesterday I got out a bag from my freezer to feed her after a really bad feeding, had not done this in months, and the milk smelled horribly metallic and rusty. So, apparently, now on top of everything I have a lipase issue as well. She drank it but I don't know if she did because she was hungry. I also don't know if it's okay that she drank it. I feel like an idiot for saving my milk for 4 months so when she's 6 and I go back to work she can have some bottles while I'm not home. Now, I don't know what to do. Should I just stop? Finish the 6 months of breastfeeding and then just give her formula while I'm not home? I feel like a failure....
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  • @llli*freddybee's Avatar
    April 21st, 2015, 03:33 PM
    I need some help. My 3 week old baby girl never seems to be satisfied no matter how long I nurse her. She was born weighing 8.6 and we had some problems at the hospital. She was put under the phototherapy light the day after she was born for bilirubin level of 7 which then peaked at 9. Baby hated every moment of it and screamed throughout. Of course, nursing after that didn't work. So then the next morning, I'm told she has a fever of 101.4 and was taken into the NICU, where she was immediately put on IV fluids and antibiotics. She was discharged 2 days later. At 2 weeks she weighed 7.10 and then 2 days later still 7.10 I've been feeling like no matter how long I nurse- she always cries when I take her off. She might be content for 30 minutes tops. Even if I've nursed her for 2 hours. She has plenty of nice poops, so why the weight loss?
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  • @llli*skyanne's Avatar
    March 30th, 2015, 08:10 PM
    Hi ladies. I'm starting to think maybe I need to supplement, but I'm not sure. DD is 12 weeks old. My last day at my temp job was Friday. I worked 10 hour days for two weeks straight, and pumped every two hours while at work. My mom watched DD. At first, mom was feeding her 2 oz of my milk and 2 oz of formula (4oz total) every two hours. After my last day at work, I found over 20 oz of unused breastmilk in her fridge. Apparently she decided to start feeding her 4 oz of formula and 2 oz of breastmilk (6 oz total) because "It helps her sleep longer and I've got stuff to do. Your milk goes straight through her". Mom says she slept well and really didn't fuss much. Now on the other hand, when my husband and MIL kept her, they paced her bottles and the most she took was like 3 oz, every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. They said she was really fussy and only slept 30 minutes at a time, if that. Now that I'm back to being a SAHM, I'm nursing full time again. I feel like I feed her constantly. Sometimes she gets really fussy and the only way to calm her down is to nurse her, even if I know she's probably not hungry. The longest I can get her to sleep without holding her or putting her in her sling is 20 minutes. At night she can go 6 hours without feeding, but she has to be cuddling with my boob. So I'm starting to wonder if she's really getting satisfied. Mom made it sound like she was the easiest baby ever when she was on the formula..... I really don't want to supplement, but I don't...
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  • @llli*thawingsnow's Avatar
    April 17th, 2015, 07:27 PM
    A Ton of Visitors during the Newborn Period? Is it possible to have a great start to your nursing relationship while being surrounded by a ton of visitors right after having a newborn? In addition, does having a ton of visitors promote bonding among immediate family members (for example, between mom, dad, and baby)? I remember nursing 20 to 24 times a day during the newborn period. Despite the societal norm, I did my best to keep visitors to a minimum particularly during those first newborn weeks as nursing seemed to necessitate this! My personal goals during the newborn period were focused on nursing, establishing my milk supply, survival, bonding with my newborn, having my husband bond with our newborn, and bonding and adjusting as a new family of three. Plus, my personality lends itself to processing huge life events mostly internally anyway.
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  • @llli*mylittlepickle's Avatar
    April 3rd, 2015, 06:54 AM
    Hi mummas, I'm hoping to hear some of your comments/experiences. Here is my situation - I have a just turned 2yo girl who loves to BF, mostly at night and a lot of it is comfort suckling - her normal number of wake ups is 4 per night, sometimes more. I just BF her back to sleep as I have always done because it is the easiest and seems to get me the most, if interrupted, sleep. I am apprehensive about night weaning, and don't think I'm quite ready, but would really like just one or 2 wake ups per night instead, to make me feel a bit more rested! If I wait it out, will it actually get easier and she will wake up less on her own, or from your experiences do you think she needs a nudge? Also DP is very keen to ttc a 2nd baby, I don't know how I would cope with being pregnant and still night nursing a toddler, or indeed if conceiving is a possibility with so much BFing at night! (periods returned at 15 months and cycles are pretty regularly 28 days, but sure my fertility must be reduced with the demands on my body?) I am 36, so not exactly a spring chicken, and biological clock ticking, so have that on my mind as well as not wanting a huge age gap. Sorry - this is probably a couple of posts - it's just all in my head in a big scramble! Would love to hear from you. Thank you
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  • @llli*damevnv's Avatar
    April 14th, 2015, 05:06 PM
    Please, somebody give me some advice.... My son will be 4 months old on April 25th. Right now he weighs only 10 lbs 5oz, we think he's 24 inches long, and he's been stuck there for TWO WEEKS. :cry Here's all the background information I can supply: -Vaginal birth at 41 weeks. Born 6lbs, 11oz, 19 inches long. -Exclusively breastfed. 9 feedings per day, 30 to 45 minutes per session. -Nurses every 2 hours with one middle-of-the-night feeding. I pump after his 7:30pm bedtime.
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  • @llli*dormir41's Avatar
    April 7th, 2015, 06:34 PM
    Hi everyone! I have a twelve week old and went back to work yesterday. We supplement a bit with formula but bottle feed her when I'm away from her and breastfeed when I'm home. It's all going relatively well at the moment, but it's only day two. My Question concerns pumping while at work. I'm able to pump in my office and was able to pump at close to two hour intervals yesterday. I got about nine oz total. Today I was busier and was pumping more at three hour intervals but was still able to pump four times. I got about six or seven oz. I'm amazed at the difference, but know that I'm probably only going to be able to pump three times daily once i get busy. I typically have less time as the day goes on, so should I try to pump every hour in the mornings if possible to make up for it? Does it matter? I'm trying to figure out what is best. I know I can only do my best and am okay if she needs more formula during the day since I'll keep breastfeeding her at night.
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  • @llli*pickle.pie's Avatar
    April 19th, 2015, 03:55 AM
    I really need some help... Don't think I can carry on like this any more :cry My lo has just turned 11 months old. She was ebf until 6 months, now on a mixture of blw and purees. She slept OKish until 3 or 4 months, but has always been a restless sleeper and was a very colicky unsettled baby. From about 4 months she started waking more and more and more... We co-sleep and bf on demand so to begin with it was survivable, but instead of improving it has steadily got worse, waking every hour, then every half hour, and since having several colds over the winter, she now has long unsettled periods almost every night from about 2am, obviously upset and wanting to feed back to sleep but then waking again 30 seconds later. Her nose has been blocked ever since all the colds, and I'm sure that's partly why she's waking (and finding it harder to feed back to sleep), but we've tried all the usual remedies (saline, snuffle babe, humidifier) to no effect. As it stands, I usually go to bed with her around 8 or 8:30 and feed her to sleep, sometimes I get up again for a bit of a break but she will often wake again 30 minutes later so it hardly seems worth the effort. So basically I am up there on my own in the dark the whole night, either awake or dozing (DH long ago gave up sleeping with us due to the sleep deprivation, and when he tries to settle her she just screams to the point of hysteria). Sometimes she will have a slightly longer sleep of 2 or 3 hours at some point at the...
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  • @llli*bbmomma's Avatar
    April 23rd, 2015, 05:27 AM
    Hi again. Thomas is now 9 weeks 5 days and I've just been told to 'top him up with 1oz of formula after every feed.' He is weighing 9lbs 3oz and feeds every 3 to 4 hrs for about 12 minutes a time. I only feed him on one side at a time. Could that be the problem? He already has 4oz ff at bedtime and sleeps through from 7.30pm till 5am-ish. Please, thhoughts and advice are very welcome. Thanks xx
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  • @llli*bxlgirl's Avatar
    April 15th, 2015, 07:53 AM
    Hi LLLadies, does anyone have suggestions for how to facilitate feeding a five month old when I return to work and work night shifts? DH will be taking over those nights. Should we get a bottle warmer that DH can use with expressed milk? I have never used one and have no clue. Or is there some easy system to warm a bottle so that DH can give one to DD overnight? I will be out of the house from 7 pm - 9:30 am the next day including my commute. I will have three consecutive night shifts per month, so they are not too often. We can buy a bottle warmer (secondhand), no problem! But are they worth it? Or something else?
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  • @llli*wasliche's Avatar
    April 7th, 2015, 10:13 AM
    DS is 1.5 wks. He and I would love to rejoin DH in the bedroom (i long to sleep horizontal...) but we cant quite get side lying nursing which i would like to use at night. Does it just take a while for little newbs to get it? Also quite likely to be my issue as i never nursed lying down with DD. On switching sides... I DO NOT want DS between me and DH which seems to mean that i need to feed off both boobs while lying on one side? I am pretty small chested and wind up pretty much laying on my stomach trying to get the top nipple low enough. Is there something Im missing?
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  • @llli*filmmommy's Avatar
    April 20th, 2015, 06:06 AM
    I was doing so well with pumping, I was getting overly confident -- even at 9 months I was pumping more than my son needed (running out of room in our crowded freezer), so had cut down my pumps in order to get more exercise time during the day. All was well, but we went away for a long weekend (exclusively nursing, other than one bottle while DH and I were out) and since we returned I'm pumping about 1/2-2/3 of what I was. This is happening on two different pumps, so I don't think the pump is the problem. Also, my DS doesn't seem to be nursing as much at home -- but neither is he eating much in the way of solids! I'm going to give it a few more days, but may have to start fenugreek to keep up to at least 12 months. We are going through my small freezer stash quickly -- he drinks about 12 ounces but I can only pump 8 or 9. I've gone from pumping 3x a day (once on the way to work and 2x at work) before our trip to now 4 times (3x at work). Has anyone had any luck with fenugreek for a pump slump? I'm drinking mother's milk tea, but don't have time to drink 3-4 cups a day. No period yet, but I got it back with my DD around 10-11 months, so possible, i guess. I'm trying to not be stressed about it, but it's definitely aggravating!
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  • @llli*queen-chuchi's Avatar
    March 29th, 2015, 05:22 PM
    Dear All, I had my second child, my baby girl on March 5th via c-section. She weighed 7lbs 15oz. Afterwards, she dropped to 7lbs 2 oz. There were some things they did that I was not happy about, like kept her the first night, even though I didn't want them to do that. They wanted me to rest after the C-section. I did see an LC at the hospital, but during my two day stay we couldn't get her to latch on right. Last Friday, the doctor weighed her at 7lbs 9oz and told me to start supplementing after each feeding, which I don't feel comfortable doing and haven't really been doing except for two, 2 oz bottles, so I could get some sleep. (I am pumping, but not getting more than 2 oz.) She grew an inch and half and by my count has plenty of wet and pooped diapers. Still, I don't think she is latching on correctly or at least when she unlatches is hurting my nipples. She is pinching my nipples. She does swallow well but not consistently, and she is not opening her mouth wide enough, so any tips on how to get my baby to open her mouth wider would be great. Most of the time, she nurses every 1.5 to 2 hours, but she does have longer stretches.
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  • @llli*el86's Avatar
    April 12th, 2015, 10:24 AM
    Hello! I'm an expectant mother, currently four months pregnant. My partner and I are trying to navigate bottles/pumping vs. my desire to pretty much exclusively breastfeed. I know I won't really know until we're there, but I'm trying to plan ahead as best as possible. Our baby is due September 24th, this fall. I plan on taking off of work from the day I go into labor (essentially) until January 1st. Again, in a perfect world where nothing goes wrong and my milk comes in on time and baby latches great from the get-go, I plan to exclusively breastfeed, no pumping, no formula, until I return to work. I will have to return to work to help support us financially, as my partner is wrapping up a graduate program and has a one-person income. When I return to work, I will be working from 7:30am-12:30pm, leaving home by 6:15am and returning by 1:15pm. My partner will be working from home and caring for the baby during the time I'm away. For the seven hours that I am gone, I would like to have two fresh (not frozen) breastmilk bottles in the fridge for my partner to feed the babe during the seven hours I'm away. My question: What should I really be preparing myself for? We live in a one bedroom city apartment with a fridge on the small size, and want to avoid any extra do-dads (warmers, excessive amounts of bottles, lots of stored breastmilk, etc). I really envision owning four to six bottles, one manual pump, and getting about two bottles pumped in the...
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  • @llli*jaxnmaddymom's Avatar
    March 29th, 2015, 11:37 AM
    Hi All, my baby girl is 11 days old and I have been having milk supply issues since we brought her home. I was and still am feeding her every 3 hours but she wasn't satisfied. One night she wouldn't latch at all and we had to get formula. To see how much I was producing I pumped after baby had not fed for 3 hours- I got a total of 1oz! And then I was bone dry. I spoke with my LC and she put me on a 3 stage program to bring my supply up bc baby's weight was low at birth 5lbs 15oz- feed each side for 15 minutes, supplement with formula- however much baby wants and last step is to pump for 15 minutes with hospital grade pump which I rented the same day. This is to be repeated every 3 hours which I have done religiously because it need my supply to increase. I am also eating oatmeal everyday and taking Mothers Milk Plus every 7 hours. LC assured me my supply would go up by today- baby is still eating about 1-2oz of formula or whatever I managed to pump out of me. After she eats I can only get .25oz to .5oz total With the pump. She has very regular wet and dirty diapers- assuming with help from formula. Anything else I can do? I'm so discouraged about this whole situation because I really want to breastfeed successfully with her But I'm not ready to give up yet. Thanks!
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  • @llli*sacmd's Avatar
    April 13th, 2015, 08:58 PM
    Hi, I'm sure this has been addressed before but wondering if anyone has ideas. I have gone back to work and am leaving bottles of breastmilk (Dr Brown's slow-flow nipples) with my mother in law to feed my 4 month old baby. I've only been back for 3 days but already she just has no patience for my letdown anymore. She latches, then almost immediately (sensing there's no milk) she unlatches and cries. We do this over and over, and then she will just get almost hysterically upset. Then I give up because my letdown takes 1-2 minutes to happen and it won't happen with her so upset. Tonight I got so upset that I started crying! It was heartbreaking to see her refusing me like that, I didn't know what to do. I suppose I could pump to stimulate letdown but YUCK. I already hate pumping and have to do it at work. Also that seems like it will just encourage her to think that she doesn't have to wait. My mother in law says she's feeding upright, slowly, trying to do "paced" feeding (although I could maybe show her a video to make sure she's doing it correctly). Does anyone have ideas for a different kind of nipple perhaps? Something even slower? And is there a way to simulate letdown by my mother in law (like, making her suck on an empty bottle before giving her milk?! That sounds cruel!) I should add that we cosleep for most of the night and while sleepy/sleeping, she is much more patient and doesn't get hysterical. She feeds side-lying just fine.
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  • @llli*fes's Avatar
    April 6th, 2015, 07:20 AM
    I am wondering if I have oversupply and whether or not it is an issue. My DS is 11 weeks old. He often sputters, chokes and coughs if my let down is really forceful. This happens at least twice a day, once in the AM/first morning feed, once in the PM first evening feed after his first long stretch of sleep and possibly once or twice in the middle of the day. When this happens, he comes off the boob, sputters and coughs, then just gets right back into it. It doesn't seem to bother him too much, so I never worried too much. I have been pumping for a couple of weeks to build up a supply, usually once after the first morning nursing session and possibly once after he goes to sleep for his first long stretch of sleep. Some sessions I skip. Last night, I hooked up to the pump, because I had missed a lot of the weekend, and before I turned on the pump, there was milk collecting in the bottles! This was a first, because normally it takes me a long time to get going; I have had my first letdown 8-10 mins in before! So I started back to wondering about my supply. I looked at LLL oversupply site http://www.llli.org/faq/oversupply.html I only had 2 of the 13 signs of oversupply- he sputters and chokes sometimes and he is gassy/burpy between almost all feedings and spits up often. He is only fussy when he is gassy but it always comes up. I still leak often. Sometimes I leak on the side he just finished nursing on. My questions- Do I have oversupply?
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  • @llli*dvdfad002's Avatar
    April 18th, 2015, 11:27 AM
    Hi there I hope that you will be able to give me some words of encouragement as well as advice. I was forced to attend training out of my city for 6 days/5nights. I had left my 5 month old with EBM (unfortunately I couldn't take him with me :cry ). When I returned yesterday he refused to nurse- arched his back and screamed :cry Please tell me how I can get him back to the breast... I hate the inconvenience of having to make bottles. I know my milk supply has taken a dip as well-trying to get my toddler to nurse more in order to stimulate milk production. My heart breaks every time he refuses... I know I need to keep offering, it's just so hard!
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  • @llli*hmoreau3's Avatar
    April 4th, 2015, 06:46 PM
    Hello, I am currently a new Mommy and have a question about when to begin pumping? My husband has 6weeks of paternity leave and is very helpful with Baby H. I would love for him to be able to feed him and it would also be great for the nighttime. When should I begin pumping? (My milk has come in ) TIA
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  • @llli*marleyking18's Avatar
    April 12th, 2015, 08:46 AM
    Hello! This is my first post. I have been using the forums for about 6 weeks now to trouble shoot most of my issues and answer most of my questions...but now I have one of my own! Quick background: My DD is 8 weeks old and is EBF. I had a lot of trouble in the first 4 weeks and almost quit! But thanks to the support of my husband and other moms and a great LC, I got through the hard parts, the hardest which was a thrush diagnosis, and now I am so happy I persevered. I love BF and find it easy to do! My daughter spits up quite a bit after eating but doesn't seem to be in pain and is gaining well. She spits up the most after having the second breast which makes me think she gets very full. She seems satisfied and content after the first breast but I was always told to offer the second. Is this still necessary at 8 weeks? I feel like my supply is very well established. Also she is down to 1 feeding at night and will often pass out after the first breast. When I put her back in her bassinet, she spits up in her sleep which makes me very nervous about aspiration. Is that a valid concern? Does anyone have tips for that middle of the night feeding in terms of keeping it quick and limiting the spit up? Thank you!!!
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