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  • @llli*glassonion91168's Avatar
    September 28th, 2015, 07:54 AM
    Hello Ladies, I’ve been BF my LO for almost 11 months and I provide expressed milk for daycare during the work week. I pump twice a day at work and within the last two weeks I’ve noticed that my pumping output has decreased to about 4 oz. a session, compared to 6-8 oz. for one session and 4 oz. for another. I eat oatmeal daily and take 3 capsules of fenugreek 2x/day during the work week. I think part of the reason why my output had been so high was because he was sleeping through the night and I’d nurse him on one side when he woke up around 6-6:30, causing the other side to essentially be engorged, which would create such a large output later. This proved to be really great in terms of providing supply for daycare, but now he’s having trouble sleeping through again (teeth I think), so I nurse him to get him to go back to sleep. Letting him cry it out hasn't been working, but I haven't been consistent either. I’ve been trying to add an extra pump session around 10 PM when I’m home, and I try to hold him off BF until he gets to daycare if he last nurses at 4 AM, so I can add a pump session around 7 AM. Is this the best way to get the most milk for daycare, or are there other strategies I should try? How soon after a nursing session can I pump? I feel like on the weekends this would help get a stash going. Will I produce more in a pumping session if I’m adding pumping sessions throughout the day? I never felt I could get this timing right. I can’t add extra...
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  • @llli*wolfsmom's Avatar
    September 28th, 2015, 10:34 AM
    My 10 week old seems to have an allergy to wheat. I've notice with his poop (mucus and a few small specks of blood) and discomfort, gassiness. He otherwise is doing well on weight gain (was in the 95 percentile at his last visit). But he does have a lot of eye watering and both eyes are very crusty in the AM. Sometimes almost sealed shut. I can cut out wheat entirely, no problem, even though I will miss it. The concern I have is am I helping the allergy by not exposing him to it occasionally? I'd like for him to build a tolerance (if that's even possible), and it seems doing it through my breastmilk might be the gentlest way to do that. Has anyone had experience with a food allergy through BM? Has your chile grown out of it? Did you completely avoid it? Thank you!!!
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  • @llli*mrsb0427's Avatar
    October 3rd, 2015, 03:21 AM
    Background: LLLI.org has been locking me out of my account for weeks at a time, so it's incredibly hard to say if I can log in and respond to simple questions, so I'm going to try to cover everything you might ask lol. My apologies bc this will be long... I've seen 3 IBCLCs. Currently trying to find another to help me bc apparently I scare them away :confused:. I have an Ameda Platinum hospital pump. My baby was born at 35 weeks. He will be 7 weeks old on Monday, but just over 2 weeks adjusted.
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  • @llli*anc1211's Avatar
    October 1st, 2015, 07:57 AM
    For those that EP. Just wondering if you could post how much you are pumping and what week you are on. I'm trying to gauge if my supply is okay, I feel like it isn't increasing at all! I'm on week 3-4 of pumping and I produce about 14-16 oz. a day.
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  • @llli*pinkandblue's Avatar
    September 28th, 2015, 01:22 PM
    Hi I'm new here. My little boy is 21 months old. He was 16 weeks early so developmentally only 17 months. I planned to feed him until he weaned. Up until 3 days ago he loved his milk. He fed am before his nap and a big feed at bed time normally falling to sleep. Over the last few weeks he has at times declined his am feed. However he developed sickness and diarrhea and also has a molar coming through. He has refused to feed for 2 days. I'm gutted I wont lie, I feel so pathetically sad :-(. I'm pumping and freezing it. He took a few mouthfuls by cup. He isn't eating or drinking very well but is much happier in his self today. He has been ill alot and he has always fed. Do you think he's stopped?? I have a major op in 2 weeks which after lots of talk with professionals decided to pump and freeze and hope that for the time I am away he will be brought into me and Daddy will do his best to keep him happy. Now I feel like an idiot as he just stopped. He points to my breast when offered and says milk and then smiles and runs away. What do you think? What shall I do? Many thanks.
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  • @llli*queennorry's Avatar
    October 3rd, 2015, 05:08 PM
    I have to go back to work at 6 weeks. My DH will be staying home with our baby girl, but I was wondering when is a good time to start pumping so I will be sure to have a stash. TIA!
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  • @llli*azmamma's Avatar
    October 1st, 2015, 03:00 PM
    My son (born at 35 weeks) is a week old and eats on demand. He has been eating so often that last night after 3+ hours of him frequently nursing off and on I realized that I had run out of milk a couple of hours back! I bought Mothers Milk tea today to hopefully help increase supply but any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to suppliment formula unless absolutely necessary like last night but I want to make sure my little guy has enough! Thank you for any help!
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  • @llli*charlis.mom's Avatar
    October 1st, 2015, 01:28 PM
    Not sure what to do! I have a ten week old who would not breastfeed from birth. She wouldn't latch after many attempts so I finally had to pump and supplement with formula as I wasn't producing enough milk. Three weeks ago I tried to put her to the breast and she latched on! She only would stay on each breast for about five minutes and would get fussy. The past few days she will barely latch on if she does at all! She just starts crying as soon as I put her to the breast. So I'm now pumping once again. I am only producing 14 ounces a day and I've tried fenugreek and other supplements! I don't know what else to do! Really want her to nurse only but I don't know how to get my milk supply up or how to get her interested in the breast!!! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!
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  • @llli*wolfsmom's Avatar
    September 28th, 2015, 10:25 AM
    My LO had a couple of blowouts with mucus and a few tiny specks of blood a couple weeks ago and the dr suggested it might be an allergy... and of course said dairy or soy. I had cut out dairy a couple weeks before that, so I figured it might be soy. I cut out wheat for a few days for good measure to see what happened, and we had a few happy-baby days with poop going back to pretty much normal. I reintroduced wheat by eating pasta with tomatoes and garlic for dinner and the next day a couple tacos on flour tortillas the next morning, and saw some mucus and one single small speck of blood return in his poop. So, I am suspecting wheat now, even thought my pediatrician said it was unlikely. Does anyone here have experience with this? I really hope it's just a sensitivity to wheat and not a gluten issue, and that he grows out of it. Have yours grown out of it? Also, the million dollar question: should I avoid it entirely, or have it once in a while? It's not about me, but what will help him reverse this and build a tolerance for it.
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  • @llli*leahc's Avatar
    September 29th, 2015, 07:35 PM
    Warning... very long post ahead... for those who have the patience to read through it, thank you in advance! My 7-week-old breastfed baby is very fussy in general, and very hard to nurse in particular -- every breastfeeding sessions feels like I'm fighting her to make her nurse, and she cries almost constantly when she's awake, whether nursing or not. She also by now has exclusively green poops. This is my fourth kid, but the first who has not loved nursing. I'm trying to figure out if the problem is oversupply or dairy allergy, and hoping for some help. Here's the evidence: Evidence for OVERSUPPLY: * I've had an oversupply with all of my kids, and clearly do now as well. (It didn't bother the other kids, though.) * At the beginning of every session, when my milk lets down, she cries and comes off the breast and my milk goes spraying everywhere. Then she won't get back on until I trick her into it by pulling a switcheroo with pacifier. Then she's often on and off for the rest of the feed. Usually less of a problem with the second breast, presumably since it already had a first let down. * Green poop, either normal consistency or slightly watery. This started at some time during Week 2 or 3. It used to be that she'd have sporadic yellow poops, or one yellow poop in the morning, but for at least the past week there hasn't been any yellow.
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  • @llli*pdmum's Avatar
    September 29th, 2015, 02:52 AM
    My 3 month old has had slow weight gain and it's causing me a lot of worry. I'm planning on attending a LLL group in a couple of weeks' time, but am needing support and opinions in the meantime. Baby boy was 9 lb 1 oz at birth (41+3, uncomplicated), lost 9% of body weight and was slow to regain (back to birth weight at 5 weeks). On the WHO breastfed weight chart, it looks like he was born at 91st centile, dropped to 75th in early days, then has stayed around 9th centile since 6 weeks. He is generally happy, healthy, developing well but didn't poop regularly for the first 9 weeks. My supply has seemed low--not enough dirty diapers, slow weight gain--so I've tried skin-to-skin bf vacations, oatmeal, flax seed, fenugreek, brewer's yeast, blessed thistle, More Milk Motherlove, lactation tea & cookies, etc. We have always fed on demand, usually 12+ times in 24 hours, and we co-sleep and feed all night. I'm tired, but taking it in stride, and am generally enjoying bf and motherhood. DH is 100% supportive of EBF and adamantly against formula, considers it 'junk food' (he agrees to use formula if advised by medical staff, though). My mom and sister are convinced baby is starving and needs formula supplementation. Mom is in tears, worrying about him (and she's *usually* a sensible person whose opinion I really value), and sister demands to know his medical info, tells me how to boost supply, buys me herbal supplements, etc. When I tell them that they're upsetting me, they...
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  • @llli*anc1211's Avatar
    September 30th, 2015, 06:52 PM
    My baby is almost 4 weeks old and I have been EP for 1 week now, due to latching and gaining issues. She does get some formula because I am trying to build my freezer stash up, normally 2 feedings of formula, the rest is BM. I pump 7 times a day, I normally only get 2 oz. per session, is this too low? Last night I did get 4 oz., so maybe it is increasing? I pump 3 hours apart and a little longer apart during the night. I don't think I could handle anymore than that. She is only eating 2 to 2 1/2 oz. a feeding, she seems content though and is fine for another 2 1/2 hours. Should she be eating more and less often? She feeds 7-8 times a day. She was right around 8 lbs. last time she was weighed, which was about a week ago. Just concerned she should be eating more and she isnt. When should she start eating less often, like every 4 hours?
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  • @llli*saturnine's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:03 PM
    Hello Mamas, I'm a bit desperate to get some advice from others here that have some insight and/or wisdom to my situation. Some background: My son is 4 weeks and 3 days old. I'm a FTM and EBF. We've struggled with BF from day 1, but I finally got some help from a lactation consultant (after 2 visits with a LC from my pediatrician's office who said my latch was fine, but I was still IN PAIN!). The new LC said my latch technique was perfect but there was an issue with his tongue not extending all the way while he sucks (he does not have a tongue tie). She recommended a chiropractor to help and we're working it out. In the meantime, I'm using a nipple shield to help with the pain. I keep hearing that babies will get more efficient at the breast as they get older, but our feeding sessions still take an hour, sometimes more than 2 hours! Oftentimes I'm just not sure when he's really done. He seems to lollygag on there. The nipple shield doesn't totally remove the pain, so I'm still wincing during these long nursing sessions! Finally at the end he seems satisfied and falls asleep. Both at night and during the daytime he'll sleep for MAYBE an hour and wake up sucking on his hands and crying like he's hungry!!! My breasts feel flaccid after each session and his weight gain has been perfect. Last night he woke up "early" and my husband spent an hour getting him back to sleep again, which he did (so it tells me he's still tired??). Then only slept for another 30 mins... So my...
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  • @llli*matosc's Avatar
    October 1st, 2015, 09:24 PM
    My younger daughter just turned 4 months old, and I think she's been going through a grown spurt. She is feeding and pooping more often, and although she's not exceptionally irritable, the nighttime feeding before bed (around 8pm) is bad. We have had no issues with nursing thus far, and I breastfed my older daughter for 15 months. Both girls had diagnosed reflux and took/are taking a low dose of Zantac for about 6-8 weeks to get through the peak reflux stage between 3-5 months old. As of yesterday, she has been getting so hungry at night (around 8pm) that she will nurse on each side for about 5 more minutes after each breast is empty, and then she screams for more. When I finally brought a bottle of 2 oz of formula, she smiled and giggled and happily sucked it down and then passed out. The same thing happened tonight. She's in the 8th percentile for head circumference and 11th % for weight (12lb 3oz), so it's not like she's a huge baby eating a ton, but although I generally make enough milk for her (or close to it as of lately), I have almost none in excess. She is a very happy baby (and no more screaming in pain since we started the Zantac) and she sleeps well. She normally feeds around 5, 6:30 and 8:00 at night, then I wake her at 11 before I go to bed to change her diaper and for one last feed, and then she sleeps until 4 or 5am when she wakes up to dream feed, and then goes back to sleep until 7-7:30am. With my older daughter, I wound up supplementing 2-3 oz...
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  • @llli*scoob4751's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:58 AM
    Hi all, baby is two weeks now and everything is going well. At his one week appointment he gained back his lost weight and exceeded by 5 ounces! My question is: I feel as if he is using the nipple as a pacifier at the end of feedings, and I am trying to avoid him overeating--he is getting hiccups a lot. He very rarely stops sucking on his own accord, even if he has the breast for 20-30 minutes... Plus I have heard it is good to avoid baby passing out at the breast--that it is best to start to train him to put himself to sleep in bed alone (though I don't know if I am needlessly worrying about this at such an early age). Anyway, I have been experimenting with taking him off the breast after the sucking and swallowing slows a bit--any tips? I still want to be sure he gets enough to last a long nap, so I watch for cues. Just curious what you all think--I haven't seen this covered in my reading. TIA :)
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  • @llli*brittanyg's Avatar
    October 3rd, 2015, 11:24 AM
    Hi everyone. My baby is three weeks old today and the first week was great, baby was calm and mellow, was content to lay in his rocker while he was awake or sleeping, didn't fuss much. Somewhere in the second week he became very fussy. He sleeps only on my chest. If I lay him down anywhere else he wakes up and cries and I either have to nurse him to sleep or pat his back for 30-60 mins until he drifts off to sleep. Is it normal for a newborn to only be able to sleep on the mom and nowhere else? It is difficult for me bc often I cant't even go to the bathroom or eat anything more than a small snack bc when I put him down within 5 mins he is screaming. Also my right breast for the past few days is extremely full and hard on the top portion but soft in the other areas. He doesn't seem to latch on as well on that side so when he nurses from that side and sucks very hard as if he is getting a small amount of milk. I know he is getting milk bc the breast will become softer but in that one area it stays pretty firm. I am working on getting him to latch better. When I go to get him on the breast he opens his mouth but he moves his head around so much rooting for the nipple and his tongue is already moving all around as if he is started sucking without the nipple being in the mouth yet and he puts his hands right in the way so I can not see to get a deep latch. I have tried to keep his hands out of the way but he then gets mad and screams. It is like he goes into a frenzy, very...
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  • @llli*mommy2a's Avatar
    October 3rd, 2015, 10:22 AM
    Hello, My 9.5 month old baby girl is EBF. She has always ate every 2-2.5 hrs. Since sept 1st. She goes to baby sitter mon-fri. From 9am to 330pm. I breast feed her 2 times before I take her at 9 am then she has a 6oz bottle of pumped breast milk at about 1030am. Then she used to have a 4oz bottle around 130pm and some baby food. then breast feed from me when I pick her up at 330 then eats at 530 and more baby food. then 730 then at 10 just before bed. She sleeps all night no feedings. So 8 feedings a day but in last 2 weeks she has dramatically changed her eating times. She goes about 3 hours or more in between. So she only has 4-5 feedings a day now. At the sitter she refuses the 1:30 bottle all together but still eats the baby food. So I'm wondering how many feedings of breast milk roughly a day should she be eating? And is only having 1 -6oz bottle the whole 6.5 hours enough? She still has the baby food but I just wanna makes sure that's enough... Should she be drinking water? I thought more then a couple ounces of water a day is bad for them. I just donno...... What if she drops more feedings..... How little is to little before u have to supplement? Thanks for all your insight. I'm a FTM and have no idea if I'm doing this right! Lol
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  • @llli*lillyp's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:56 AM
    Hello, I am a new mother and new to the forum. Really grateful and excited to be here. I have a question to mom's that cosleep and are large breasted. Basically, how do you do it?! My daughter is 9 weeks old, 10 weeks in 2 days. It appears she may be in another growth spurt and it was recommended to me to try cosleeping so I can maybe get a little sleep. Baby girl is thriving, and we have been successful in overcoming initial breastfeeding challenges. She has become a bit more demanding and wants to be on my breast constantly. I want to be sure she is getting everything she needs, but quite frankly, I am exhausted. I am large breasted, and feedings basically require both hands. I am afraid of cosleeping and her suffocating, etc. Any advice would be most appreciated. Is it even possible to cosleep and feed with large soft breasts, and not have breast tissue inhibit her breathing? Thank you so much.
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  • @llli*momto1girl3boys's Avatar
    September 29th, 2015, 02:17 PM
    I am consistently engorged on 1 side, the other side has milk but feels to the touch empty. I am very aware of which side was nursed on last and alternate each feeding. But the 1 side is constantly engorged while the other feels empty. My son can eat on only the engorged side and be full (with left overs, I can still pump 1-2 ozs after he is off and full). While on the other side he eats that empty then half of the engorged side.... Is this normal?
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  • @llli*bittybel's Avatar
    September 28th, 2015, 08:57 PM
    Hi all. I am reaching out for help, encouragement, or direction. My 4th child was born in May and has Down syndrome. She has a healthy heart and no other medical issues. She does have hypotonia associated with DS and was on oxygen for the first 3 months. She has had a discoordinated suck/swallow that we have worked hard to overcome. I have been working on breastfeeding her from the beginning but we have struggled for a variety of reasons...her tone, the discoordinated suck/swallow, my oversupply, the oxygen need etc.. She is bottlefed my pumped milk and has had great weight gain. To promote a breastfeeding relationship I wear her as much as possible during the day. I put her skin to skin and feed her skin to skin as often as I can (keeping in mind that I have 3 other kids and I work 3 days a week). I typically try to put her to breast 3-4 times per day. We have had success with a nipple shield (meaning she will latch and transfer small volumes of milk over 10-15 minutes) in the past but for the last week she has been on strike. I am just about out of ideas at this point. We have attempted an SNS a few times but it has seemed to agitate her more than anything. We are going to try again tomorrow with the assistance of an IBCLC. Anyone here have success in getting an older baby to breast? Especially an older baby with Down syndrome? Any tips? Success stories? I am trying so hard not to lose hope. I breastfed my other kids until they were toddlers (including a set of...
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  • @llli*ljmomma's Avatar
    September 29th, 2015, 07:13 AM
    Hello, This is my first time posting here. My sweet little baby girl and I have been breastfeeding but last Sunday she quit. My partner had been giving her bottles (1) before bed so I could get some sleep, and a few times I had gone out for the evening and she was given bottles of expressed breastmilk. Our breastfeeding relationship has been challenging. Initially I had thought we were great! She latched on from birth, my milk came in with no issues and it never hurt. However I noticed that my flow was very fast and she would become distressed when feeding. Over 3 months it became one of the most stressful things I had ever done. During the day in particular she would scream and cry when nursing. She always cross after nursing and never seemed full. I saw a LC who suggested that I lie back, which I did, and the result was the same. I am also battling PPD and became desperate to get that crying to stop. I felt like a failure and was anxious about nursing her. When she decided to stop entirely I felt relief. I have a medela pump and have been pumping and supplementing 1 oz with formula so she gets enough. I am MISERABLE. I miss nursing her and the nights and a goddamn nightmare. Getting up to warm bottles and pump, plus she eats just as frequently as she did before and in general is a craptastic sleeper. Before, I could just pull a boob out but now it's this whole production and my PPD is getting so bad that I might have to go on medication because I can't get better. ...
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  • @llli*mummyv's Avatar
    September 29th, 2015, 11:31 PM
    Hi, I'm after some advice please. I have breastfed my daughter on demand since birth. For most part, I have loved it. There are so many benefits to breastfeeding and the best is the beautiful bond between mummy and baby. She is now 13 months and her feeding over the past 4 months has continued to get more frequent. She has never slept for more than 2 hours at night and now a good night will be sleeping for 1 hour at a time. We co-sleep because it was a way to get any sleep at all and she feeds to sleep. She is extremely strong-willed and will just scream if we try to do anything other than feed her. I always wanted her to wean herself off feeding, however I've reached rock bottom. She doesn't bit but her teeth graze my nipples constantly throughout feeding so much so they have teeth marks and red raw after every feed. She also likes to comfort herself my playing with my other nipple(!) which is painful as she there isn't enough time inbetween feeds to get them to recover. I love my daughter so much and I'm sad I'm having to write about this, but I have no gone back to work and simply cannot function. When I am at work she is fine with my mum, no breastmilk and not crying after me. It is just when she is with me she wants it. This is so wonderful, beautiful and lovely in so many ways, but I have reached my limit of getting sleep in 45min blocks, plus her being attached for 90% of the night and now having to work on that. Please help.
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  • @llli*tomom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:36 PM
    Once LO starts sleeping longervat night. Do I need to wake up and pump or should I pump after the first feed or I'd there a need to pump at all? Thanks!
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  • @llli*tomom's Avatar
    September 29th, 2015, 11:28 AM
    Hello All, My little one is now 6 weeks old. She more or less only will feed on one breast per feeding. Each feeding can last anywhere from 3 min to 15 min. She was gaining at her last check up and is having adequate wet and dirty diapers. My question is, she seems to favor the left side. More often then not, the shorter feeds will happen on the right side. The right side does have a more powerful let down in the fact that when it happens milk sprays everywhere! She unlatches and gets covered in milk. Sometimes she will not want to re-latch after that. I'm a bit worried that at these times she's not really getting any milk and then going for longer than 3-4 hours without actually eating. Any thoughts on this? My right side ends up engorged at least once a day. So I offer her the left side if she is rejecting the right? Although when she does this she doesn't seem to be hungry afterwards? Thanks!
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  • @llli*zozja's Avatar
    October 2nd, 2015, 07:24 AM
    Hi, For the last few weeks my baby's diapers has been super watery. She is 5 months old and she has been drooling quite a bit. Could that have anything to do with it? I've also seen more and more green poops lately. At least a quarter of the time. Should I be worried? She doesn't have any other symptoms that I'm aware of. Just as active and happy as usual. Thanks in advance!
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  • @llli*leahc's Avatar
    October 3rd, 2015, 10:05 PM
    My infant had normal yellow poops for the first few weeks of her life. However, they then changed to mostly being green, with only the occasional yellow poop (mostly in the morning). After a week of them being only green, plus lots of fussiness, I decided to try a dairy elimination diet. (I know dairy allergy is relatively rare, however, we do have a significant family history of dairy allergy -- 2 of my 3 other kids had it -- so I suspect it's not so rare for my kids.) This was when she was about 7 weeks old. After a few days of dairy elimination, her poops have changed -- but instead of being yellow, they are now brown, and also more liquidy than they were before. This also coincided with her changing from a pattern of pooping multiple times a day to only pooping once or twice a day, which I know is normal and unrelated to the dairy elimination. Here's my question: Does the change from green to brown mean anything? Is it evidence that the green poops were caused by dairy allergy? Or is it more likely that the color change is because of the change in poop frequency? Thanks in advance!
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  • @llli*gaberon's Avatar
    October 3rd, 2015, 08:08 AM
    My daughter is 4 months old and breastfeeding has been going well for the most part. However, my left nipple is often sore when I feed her. This morning when I woke up I noticed a small cut on it. Any idea what could have caused that? I am going to try to only feed from the right side today to promote it healing. I am attaching s picture of anyone wants to try and figure out what it is! Thank you!
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  • @llli*mommysquared2015's Avatar
    October 2nd, 2015, 06:59 PM
    My DS is 4 months old. He currently takes 2 bottles of EBM with the DCP while I work (7hrs/day, Mon thru Fri). Other than that, he is EBF. He's showing interest in cups, utensils, etc, but we will not be introducing solids until at least 6 months. I was wondering about sippy cups though - specifically the leak-proof kind with the silicone spout. Would it be ok to give EBM in these instead of bottles while he's with the DCP? Or would they somehow sabotage our BF relationship (flowing faster than a bottle maybe?)..? I want our nursing relationship to last beyond his first year and therefore don't want to do anything to harm that. TIA for any advice/experiences!
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