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  • @llli*rachellemarie's Avatar
    January 17th, 2017, 08:36 AM
    Hi y'all! TLDR: My baby's lost 3 oz in the last three days despite feeding whenever hungry, increasing supplement, being content after feedings, having heavy wet diapers every few hours and big poops every other day (his normal), sleeping normally, etc. What is going on? Long version: Poor weight gain at first despite working with LC to increase intake and pumping. Began supplementing with formula at 1 month and quickly started gaining. We've been supplementing ever since (and still pumping 6-7 times most days), using a Lactaid for the past few months. Supplement was steady at 12 oz per day, 3-4 of that my pumped milk, with good gain. He is 5 months old today. Then a week ago we had almost a week with no gain and fussier behavior at the breast when I wasn't using the Lactaid (we weight him every other day). Near the end of that I had a day when my pumping output dropped, but it went back up the next. We upped the supplement from 2 oz at a time to 2.5 oz at a time and added an extra supplemented feed on the days when he ate frequently enough to fit it in. Gain picked back up, 2.4 oz in four days. Then on Saturday my pumping output dropped again. I didn't stress too much because it had gone back up before. On Sunday it dropped even more and he ate much more frequently--9 supplemented feeds vs. 6 or 7, for a total of 21.5 oz of supplement that day (he left an ounce behind in one of them). So I was already planning to bump the supplements up to 3 ounces each for...
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  • @llli*maderamoon's Avatar
    January 14th, 2017, 01:35 PM
    Hi there, I have a question about my DD. She is 5.5 weeks old now, and has been exclusively breastfeeding since day 1. Her eating habits aren't as consistent with what LC's usually recommend, and while supply is a big concern of mine, a bigger concern is clogged ducts (im currently getting over a breast abscess). Sometimes she eats every 2.5-3 hours. Sometimes it's every 5-6. Sometimes she drains both breasts. Sometimes she only snacks on one and falls right back to sleep (when this happens I feel so engorged!). Most of the time my breasts still feel full though. Her weight gain is great, and she has plenty of poopy/wet diapers. My question is, can I continue to let her feed like this? Is this what "on demand" feeding is like? Will it effect the general health of my breasts? Should I pump during those times when she goes longer or just snacks, and if so, how long (I also don't want an oversupply, I already have an OALD!) I'm terrified of getting sick again as it has left me exhausted and overwhelmed, not to mention with a disfigured breast. It would seem has breastfeeding would be easier but it requires much more thought then I anticipated
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  • @llli*feetea's Avatar
    January 13th, 2017, 05:20 PM
    My little one is 14 months old and still mostly relying on breastmilk for his nutrition. We have been following the “baby-led weaning” approach to introducing solids and he joins us at every meal, is offered some of everything we eat, and he puts it all in his mouth and chews. However, most of it comes back out of his mouth again. He eagerly swallows all the yoghurt, stewed fruit, soft ripe pear/nectarine flesh and bread he’s given but just tiny bits of everything else. He has about 4-5 breastfeeds during the daytime and 6-8 during the night. Over the past 3 months or so, his bowel movements have become quite infrequent - every 10 days or so, and they cause him a lot of pain and distress, which is horrible to witness. His poo has not changed in colour or consistency - it is still what I consider to be normal, not hard and compacted at all. I spoke to the doctor earlier this week about it and she said it’s about nutrition. I asked if she had much experience of breastfeeding and, not surprisingly, she said she didn’t. She prescribed lactulose for him and has given him an appointment at the baby clinic next Tuesday to talk to me about nutrition. She talked about withholding milk so that he was hungry enough to eat more solids at mealtimes, but my understanding is that while he’s not taking much solids in, he won’t recognise that the food will fill him up, so he will probably just get upset at not getting the milk he wants and might even refuse to eat anything at...
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  • @llli*dancer16nms's Avatar
    January 18th, 2017, 11:39 AM
    Second time mom, first time breastfeeder here (the first time I tried pumping and bottle feeding... I ended up not being able to pump enough, so I was supplementing from the beginning and lost all my milk by 4 months). My first daughter is 2, and we now also have a 9 week old daughter. I stay at home with them during the day while my husband works, and he takes care of them while I work nights and weekends. I started working one night a week 2 weeks postpartum. My husband had problems right from the beginning giving her bottles (although during those first few weeks the bigger problem was the witching hour, which of course coincided with 2 y/o's bedtime). After four weeks of this I took another break from my night shifts and just started working weekend day shifts. That is when the real bottle issues started. She would be hungry but refuse to take the bottle and scream and cry for hours. Hubby would be understandably cranky and frustrated by the time I returned. He eventually suggested only nursing l/o 3 times a day and bottle feeding the rest of the time. The hope was that she would be more used to the bottle and then the long stretches of time where the bottle was her only option wouldn't seem so devastating to her. This hasn't worked yet after two weeks. She is still fussing and screaming for hours on end, and refusing any bottles from my husband except maybe the first one of the day. This obviously makes for a miserable day for both my husband and my baby, but my 2...
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  • @llli*babyfirefly's Avatar
    January 16th, 2017, 09:33 PM
    Alright, two birds one stone, I'm trying to night wean my cosleeping ten month old. He barely ever slept alone. Came permanently into our bed at around four months old, for my sanity. I can deal with a couple feedings at night, just as long as he starts sleeping in his own crib and own room. My husband and I need to spread out and we're ready to have our bed back! Lol. I'm not asking for a solution, but maybe just some tips? I have no clue where to start. I don't want to break my babys heart. :(
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  • @llli*noelle.black's Avatar
    January 15th, 2017, 08:36 PM
    I have been breastfeeding my 6 month old son since he was born (pumping while at work for him to use at daycare during the day). Last week the stomach bug left me pretty sick. I was too sick to pump for 3 days and only nursed a handful of times during those few days to try and give some precious antibodies to my little boy so he wouldn't get it. I've been pumping a few times a day since then and nurse him every time if I can but I am not pumping much at all now. I'm still on the dehydrated side but getting much better now and taking in as many calories as I can. I'm worried my supply isn't going to come back because of those three days... am I right? Or is there still hope? Anything I can do to help get it back to where it was? If it'll come back in time, that will make me feel better but I'm just worried right now and stressing about it...:(
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  • @llli*caraleeann's Avatar
    January 18th, 2017, 05:01 AM
    Hello! First time mom here. My 15 month old is dropping down in the growth charts...was around 25th percentile but now near the 10th as he weighs a little more than 19 lbs. Ped wants him to gain a bunch of weight to get back to the 25th percentile and gave us a goal of 3-4 lbs in 3 months, ah! He even mentioned possibly weaning him from breastfeeding if he doesn't reach our goal. Which I am not going to force him to wean if he doesn't reach it, I want him to decide when the time comes to wean. So, here's our history. He was exclusively breastfed, no bottle up until about 11 months old. Even though we tried offering him solids for many months he wasn't interested. We even took MIL advice to force feed him a few times which resulted in him hating the spoon (who could blame him???). He had a very strong gag reflex until 11 months. He's still a very picky eater, doesn't feed himself and will only eat if I hold him while standing up and walking around. And, I have to be eating also. He enjoys a small variety of foods...bananas, hummus, avocado, salsa, samosas, oranges (no skin), apple sauce, cheeses, pasta, crackers, pbj, bagel cream cheese, to name a small list. As I mentioned, he will only eat these things if I hold him and make it fun. He breastfeeds quite a lot still, every hour or so. So, I have some questions. When he eats, he usually only wants 2-5 good bites before he's done and wants to nurse again. Isn't that strange? Shouldn't he want to eat...
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  • @llli*vpaluch26's Avatar
    January 13th, 2017, 09:30 AM
    I'm just starting to manage a large oversupply/OALD. I thought I had it under control but my 8 week old started to have foamy/frothy green diapers. Yesterday there was a little bit of blood in the diaper. She's had a lot of problems with gas and seems very uncomfortable when she poops. She's already seeing a GI (due to what was thought to be reflux) and they took the poop to test for C Diff, just in case. However, given my oversupply issues, I really think this is a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance issue. She nurses very frequently (12+ times a day) and stays on for 10-15 minutes. I'm doing the full drainage block feeding program to try to get my supply under control. Does anyone have experience with an imbalance? How long did it take to correct?
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  • @llli*ellmom's Avatar
    January 13th, 2017, 05:26 PM
    In need of some suggestions. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and need to wean my 11 month old. He doesn't love bottles and doesn't use a pacifier or suck his thumb. I've become his pacifier. He also nurses at night as we bed share. Any thoughts?
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  • @llli*ogomez0728's Avatar
    January 17th, 2017, 09:10 AM
    I am returning back to work but only part time. I don't have a schedule yet but I plan only working 5 hours max in a shift. I have a 4 month old who eats about every 3 to 4 hours or so. I plan on pumping or feeding baby before leaving to work to empty out. What advice would you give about pumping? Would I need to pump or could I wait till I get home. My job is about 10 mins away from home with traffic. Thank you in advance!
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  • @llli*ogomez0728's Avatar
    January 17th, 2017, 09:19 AM
    I am returning back to work but only part time. I don't have a schedule yet but I plan only working 5 hours max in a shift. I have a 4 month old who eats about every 3 to 4 hours or so. I plan on pumping or feeding baby before leaving to work to empty out. What advice would you give about pumping? Would I need to pump or could I wait till I get home. My job is about 10 mins away from home with traffic. Thank you in advance!
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  • @llli*jfierce79's Avatar
    January 18th, 2017, 10:59 AM
    Hi, I go back to work in two weeks and after taking the bottle reluctantly three times, and then having an experience with metallic tasting previously frozen milk, he is now consistently refusing the bottle. I know we have to keep trying, try different bottles, I have to leave the house, etc. etc. Not looking for that type of advice. What I need is a back up plan if he continues to refuse. What type of alternative method is best for a 13 week old VERY big and health baby (he was 16 lbs at 9 weeks old). Cup, dropper, etc.? I'm not willing to let him go 10 hours without eating during the day. He will be miserable of course, and I can't have him reverse cycle as he is already sleeping well - only wakes up once or twice to feed between 10pm and 7am. THANK YOU!
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  • @llli*scorpiobaby's Avatar
    January 17th, 2017, 08:14 AM
    I have become dependent on brewer's yeast to maintain production and I want to make sure it's safe. The sources I've read say it's passed into breastmilk, and safe but can cause irritability. It does not cause yeast infections because it is a healthy yeast, but should be avoided if one is prone to having them. My daughter hasn't had any visible symptoms but since babies often get yeast infections, I am worried that the brewer's yeast could contribute to problems in the future. Am I stressing too much about this or is it a legitimate concern?
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  • @llli*rw0804's Avatar
    January 17th, 2017, 02:05 PM
    @llli*rw0804 started a thread Insomnia? in Weaning
    My 21 month old has been down to only nursing before bed (and for at most 10 minutes total) for the last four months. Occasionally she will just skip it altogether but that's maybe only once or twice a month. During these four months I've had terrible insomnia -- I fall asleep fine but wake throughout the night and have a terrible time falling back to sleep (if at all). I'm not looking at screens, not thinking about work, etc. I've come across a few articles that claim the hormone changes can cause insomnia but am unclear if this is possible for such this long a time and/or when not completely weaned. Any thoughts or experiences with this? Many thanks!
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  • @llli*jfierce79's Avatar
    January 18th, 2017, 10:51 AM
    Hi All, I discovered recently (after freezing 72 oz of milk!) that I have excess lipase in my milk and it tastes metallic. I would like to scald the milk right after pumping at work but not use the microwave. I don't own a bottle warmer so I would need to get one to scald at work. Can anyone recommend a particular brand and model that would make scalding easy? Do I just warm it to 180 degrees and that is that? Any advise welcome. Thanks!
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  • @llli*soniarios's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:03 AM
    Hola chicas! Quería estrenarme en el foro compartiendo un tip que me dijeron durante mi embarazo y que llevé a la práctica y me ha venido fenomenal. Tanto mi madre como mi hermana tuvieron problemas de lactancia durante la época en la que dieron el pecho. Yo estaba advertida de esto y sabía que yo podría tener le mismo problema, así que me estuve informando hasta que di con una solución. Encontré una planta que se llama moringa oleifera que la puedes tomar tanto en cápsulas como en polvo y que ayuda a la hora de producir leche. Se puede comprar en cualquier herbolario o por internet. Yo la compraba por internet en amazon. Hay que tomarla mientras estás embarazada (o antes si quieres, ya q aparte de ser beneficiosa con el tema de la lactancia tiene un montón de propiedades nutricionales) porque los efectos son a medio plazo (al cabo de unos pocos meses). Siendo 100% sincera, no sé si esto realmente fue la solución porque no hay manera de averiguarlo ya que yo sigo una alimentación muy sana y cualquier cosa puede haber influido, pero el caso es que estoy produciendo más que suficiente leche para mi bebé. Por eso quería compartir el consejo, por si alguna lo prueba y nos puede dar su opinión también y así tener más evidencia.
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  • @llli*scorpiobaby's Avatar
    January 17th, 2017, 08:16 AM
    I have become dependent on brewer's yeast to maintain production and I want to make sure it's safe. The sources I've read say it's passed into breastmilk, and safe but can cause irritability. It does not cause yeast infections because it is a healthy yeast, but should be avoided if one is prone to having them. My daughter hasn't had any visible symptoms but since babies often get yeast infections, I am worried that the brewer's yeast could contribute to problems in the future. Am I stressing too much about this or is it a legitimate concern?
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  • @llli*lolaminis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:46 AM
    Hi all, DD is 14 months and suddenly my nipples are pretty sore. My pj top worn with no bra actually irritates them a little bit. I wince when she first latches on and then the pain wears off while she's nursing. My first thought was possible pregnancy bc I remember feeling similar pain when nursing while pregnant. (DD is #3.) I've been on the mini pill since she was a few months old and have never missed a day or taken it late. Still haven't gotten a period. My breasts aren't tender are sore -- it's just the nipples that are sensitive. Any other possible causes for the pain? I don't suspect thrush. She does have a bunch of teeth but isn't a biter and doesn't clamp down on me, except slowly towards the end of a session when she's getting lazy. Thought I'd ask here and see how likely some other explanation is before going out and buying a pregnancy test. Thanks all!
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:53 PM
    There is a study linking GV to mouth cancer in humans? I know there are cancer studies in rodents, but my understanding is those would not apply to how GV is used to treat thrush. I would be interested in leaning more about that if you have the info. GV has been used for many years to successfully treat thrush with both mom and baby treated. I just saw a recent discussion of thrush on LactNet. If your LCs are on Lactnet, they could ask about your cases in particular, it is a listserve for lactation professionals. I cannot quote what was said directly by whom as I have no way of asking permission, however I think I can pass on what was said because it is all things I have heard before. Someone asked about tanning beds for treating thrush (in summer, sunning topless has long been suggested for thrush. Of course, it would have to be limited exposure to avoid sun burn.) Someone suggested mom see a dermatologist who should 1) be able to make a firm diagnoses one way or another, so mom is not left using thrush treatments for issues that are not thrush. and 2) dermatologist would be able to treat the thrush with an ultraviolet light that can be directed where needed and that might be safer than a tanning bed. Another responded that they knew someone who got rid of a difficult case of confirmed thrush using a tsp. sized dollop of coconut oil on the nipples after every nursing session, and tanning bed 10 minutes a day for a week, and using disposable breast pads...
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  • @llli*sarahgresh's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:55 PM
    I'm sorry your dealing with this too. It's such a bugger! I had no idea I could just email Dr. Newman! I have been looking to his site for a lot of guidance and just emailed them! I'm worried about the over use of gentian violet too. I think we will back off for a while and go back to nystatin ( didn't work so well). I just made an appt with a new OB. Hopefully she will have something else to try. Or Dr. Newman! Also, if I were to stop breastfeeding everything would resolve? Per your Dr.?
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  • @llli*rachellemarie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:46 PM
    Yeah, it's not really as simple as every 2.5 - 3 hours, sometimes there is comfort nursing in there too, to sleep.
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  • @llli*sarahfv's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:01 PM
    We have been dealing with this for two months. My girl is 10 weeks old. First we used Nystatin- it upset baby's stomach and didn't do much. I also tried probiotics for me, vinegar rinses, and clotrimazole cream (Lotrimin) which helped me with the pain but never completely got rid of it. A month ago we used Gentian Violet 1% for three nights in a row painted on baby's tongue and my nipples with a Q-tip. it completely went away and we were good for two weeks, then it came back. So we started the violet treatment again. I have heard there is a small study linking it to mouth cancer so I'm scared to use it too much. My doctor said that unfortunately for many people it will keep returning no matter what until they complete breast-feeding. So frustrating. Have you looked at Jack Newman's candida protocol web page? He will also quickly answer any emails you send him with questions. He believes that thrush doesn't occur on healthy skin – that there is usually an underlying problem like bad latch or tongue tie. But I haven't had any injury to my nipples and my lactation consultants have said baby has a great latch. So I don't know. Also good to know – I have seen many different doctors at my clinic and a few of them tried to tell me she didn't have any thrush in her mouth when she obviously did. So your doctor could be wrong.
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