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  • @llli*yum24's Avatar
    October 16th, 2016, 05:46 PM
    Hi all, My lo turned 16 weeks..I exclusively bf him till 12 weeks.. I introduced formula bcuz of supply issues & have been giving him 8 oz a day mixed with bm.. I went back to work 4 weeks ago.. I pump twice at work & come home to nurse him during lunch..I was engirged twice since I went to work..I got severely engirged last wed & nothing was coming out wen I pumped so, I tried nursing him but he wouldn't nurse for more than 4 mins on that side & I tried hand expressing which gave only 3 ml.. the duct was cleared this morning but I dint have any milk from that side anymore & other breast is also giving very little.. I dint hav great supply to start with but I was managing..I used to get 30 ml from the engorged side but now I literally am getting not even 1 drop.. I would like to continue bf if that's even possible now.. I think because I did not pump, that side dried up.. please suggest
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  • @llli*kcoat711's Avatar
    October 11th, 2016, 10:27 AM
    Hello! Long story here so please bear with me... My son is almost two months old. I had mastitis on the right breast just a couple weeks after he was born and that healed within a couple days with antibiotics. A couple of weeks later, I started getting redness in the triangle/wedge shape on the left side. I wasn't sure if it was mastitis or not since I didn't have a fever like the first time and it looked and felt different (wedge instead of streaks like first time, pain going up into armpit during/after feedings). It was hot to the touch when full.. I also never had one obvious hard lump with either case, just small ones occasionally that were easily massaged out. It looked more like stretch marks, but in the wedge shape. Because I wasn't sure I let it go longer than I should have and didn't contact my doctor about it for almost a week. When I did, she (a different doctor than the first one above) prescribed a new round of a different antibiotic. Ten days later I had my 6 week postpartum appt and my breast looked the same. My doctor who prescribed the second round of antibiotics said it should have cleared up by now and prescribed another different antibiotic. She also said that I need to completely drain the breast at every feeding and told me to pump to emptiness after every feed. One week after that it still looked the same. I became more concerned so I called into my doctor's office and they had me come in the next day (last Friday) to see the doctor I spoke to...
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  • @llli*livingtemple's Avatar
    October 25th, 2016, 11:09 AM
    This is driving me bananas. My LO is 1-year-old and I am away from home a couple days a week, so I pump those days. Recently (the past month or so?) it seems I am not responding to the pump as I have for the past year. At first I thought maybe my flanges were too small (24s), so switched back to 27s. I know your nipple/breast shape can change and trying different sizes can help - That seemed to help for a couple days. Now the 27s aren't working well, so I've switched back to 24s. The other day I literally sat for 30min and pumped (2 let down phases) and got 2oz. I then hand expressed 1 oz from one side in like 3 minutes! I've never really had trouble with low supply except when he was VERY tiny (which, in retrospect, I don't think was actually low supply, but rather just the initial process of getting supply established). Not long ago I could pump 7 oz in 20 minutes! It drives me crazy that I KNOW milk is in there and it's just not being expressed. I have been sick with a pretty bad cold the past couple weeks, so I realize that could be it too. I keep on top of being hydrated. But, regardless, what can I do? I realize LO is a year old and so his need for BM is not as critical as when he was littler - but I still want to BF him as long as possible and it's killing my stash to leave 10-12 for him in bottles and come home with 8-9oz pumped. I pump 2x at work on Mondays and Fridays and can pump 3x on Tuesdays and Wednesdays if I need to. I'm home and nurse on demand...
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  • @llli*babyk14's Avatar
    October 21st, 2016, 08:28 PM
    My Lo is 9 weeks old. She was born 6 1/2 weeks early and stayed in the NICU for two weeks. In combination of being in the hospital and having a hard time latching I was unable to breastfeed, however since the day she was born I have been pumping. My supply has never been an issue, and I think might actually be an oversupply. I was pumping every 3 hours for about 20 minutes. However I am trying to reduce that. I honestly don't know if 20 minutes is sufficient or overkill. I am constantly in pain with both of my breasts, they never feel empty and constantly feel like I have clogged ducts. Recently I had a case of mastitis in my left breast. Ouch! I am trying to reduce the amount of times I pump in a day and honestly just trying to reduce the constant pain I am in. Any suggestions on how I go about reducing the number of times I pump, and helping to make my breasts feel better without the hard rocks in them?
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  • @llli*yum24's Avatar
    October 16th, 2016, 08:43 PM
    Hi all, My lo turned 16 weeks..I exclusively bf him till 12 weeks.. I introduced formula bcuz of supply issues & have been giving him 8 oz a day mixed with bm.. I went back to work 4 weeks ago.. I pump twice at work & come home to nurse him during lunch..I was engirged twice since I went to work..I got severely engirged last wed & nothing was coming out wen I pumped so, I tried nursing him but he wouldn't nurse for more than 4 mins on that side & I tried hand expressing which gave only 3 ml.. the duct was cleared this morning but I dint have any milk from that side anymore & other breast is also giving very little.. I dint hav great supply to start with but I was managing..I used to get 30 ml from the engorged side but now I literally am getting not even 1 drop.. I would like to continue bf if that's even possible now.. I think because I did not pump, that side dried up.. please suggest
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  • @llli*lovefitness84's Avatar
    October 20th, 2016, 10:45 AM
    Hi Ladies! I really need your help! I'm so anxious and nervous about how this is going to go, but I need to wean my 21 month old and don't know where to even start. First of all, the reason for the wean is that I'm Pregnant (7 weeks), I've been spotting and I have an incompetent cervix (cerclage will be placed in 5 weeks, so need to be done by then). I'm just hoping to avoid bedrest with this pregnancy as I'm a stay at home mom of a 4 year old and 21 month old.. wouldn't be fun! I had an emergency cerclage with my daughter at 20 weeks while still nursing my then 2 year 4 month son, but had to stop cold turkey when they found the cervical issues. It was horrible :-( My daughter still nurses (or stays attached, anyway) all night long (bed share). She nurses throughout the day as well, including nursing to sleep before any nap, etc., so I know she's NOT going to be into this weaning process. Any advise or where I should start would be more than appreciated! Thank you so much!
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  • @llli*shannonb123's Avatar
    October 25th, 2016, 09:59 AM
    Hi guys!! So a little back story, my daughter is one month old and it has been the longest month ever. She was born with a Tongue and lip tie and couldn't eat for 5 days- which we syringe fed her. We got her ties revised at 5 days and we had to use a nipple shield because someone recommended it and I listened (worst thing ever). Then we finally broke the shield But I still have pinched nipples after feeds, luckily they don't hurt so whatever. She has a diagnosed "bubble palate" and she clicks sometimes while eating, has gas that wakes her up in pain, pops off breast, lipstick nipples, and more. Some of these are due to her palate, but I also have an overactive letdown and I don't know what I can do. She will NOT do laid back nursing. Well she does but my nipples start bleeding right after, it's so painful! She screams if I try to latch her side laying. When I have a letdown I literally choke her and she gags and clicks and pulls off, but wants to eat so she holds on as best as she can and swallow soooo much air. I try to unlatch her and catch the letdown in a bottle- it literally sprays for 3 oz in the bottle. How do I know when the let down has passed? I saw something about using your fingers like scissors to slow the flow.... how does that work? I can't feed her and squeeze my nipple? She's so uncomfortable, she only eats for about 5 min but she eats every hour on the dot ): I know she's just getting my letdown and then getting full- but mostly with air. I...
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  • @llli*carovi88's Avatar
    October 17th, 2016, 12:43 AM
    Hola, hoy estoy en mi 4 día despues de la cesarea de mi bebé, y me está comenzando a bajar la leche pero mi bebé no succiona tanto y mis pechos están duros. Consulta: ¿cuanta leche debo sacar con el saca leches para aliviar la presión y evitar mastitis? finalmente ¿cómo me doy cuenta que un pecho está vacío?
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  • @llli*mommadaw's Avatar
    October 13th, 2016, 07:26 PM
    I have two questions I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on. I'm a first time mom. My son is 2.5 weeks old. At night when we put him in the basinet to sleep, he grunts and makes all sorts of noises. Some sound like he's agitated, some are just normal baby noises. Sometimes he gets upset and sometimes he quits. I feel like he's not falling to sleep though. Or at least a good sleep? And like hes restless. Had anyone elses baby done this? Crazy thing is if I co sleep with him in our bed he NEVER does this. He sleeps absolutely soundly, no peeps. Or if I bring him to bed during one of his restless fits he stops instantly. Is there anything I can do to make him more comfortable? Or is this normal? I've checked his diaper, fed him, and made sure that he's not too hot/ cold. Second question. At night around 7 of 8, my breasts start to hurt underneath. My nipples sometimes get tingly or are a little painful. Sometimes it radiates down to the underneath side of my breast. they're not engorged, and it doesn't matter if he's fed or not. They feel bruised to the touch. Any idea why this is happening and only at night? Last night it was really bad, I went to sleep and woke up 3 hours later and it was gone.
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  • @llli*sus.joey's Avatar
    October 10th, 2016, 11:07 AM
    Hi mommies, I would like some help on how I can ensure my 2 month old gets a full feeding everytime . He frequently falls asleep during feeding . I have tried all the tricks in the book take off his clothes, ticking , using a wet cloth it's very difficult to keep him awake. It's difficult for me also to find out if he really is full or he just slept off mid way during the feed. Most times he will end up waking up when I put him in his cot sucking his hand wanting more milk. What could be causing this ? Is there anything I can do to keep him awake for a full feed ?
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  • @llli*maggiechicago's Avatar
    September 28th, 2016, 12:51 PM
    Hello ladies. I am again dealing with an issue that I don't know how to resolve. My little guy will be 6 weeks on friday. Gained nice and is about 11lb13oz (weighed today). I wrote here before because I always think I don't have enough supply but it becomes evident that it is because bebe is on the boob constantly. He obviously takes it for feeding, for comfort, going to sleep. It is all good but that creates a vicious cycle. He will feed then 1/2 hr later he wants to put himself to sleep so boob he gets and it does trickle down his throat and he won't let go of the nipple either. then 1/2 later he wakes up, burps all uncomfortable, may even spit semi digested milk and of course wants a boob again. Then he expects a full meal but how can I produce 3 oz or so when he just sat on it for 30 minutes suckling (and drinking because I definitely feel let down and him swallowing). At this point LC recommended we extend feedings every 2 hrs and I offer him paci and have him fuss. Pediatrician thinks he is crying because he is hungry because I cannot ever provide "full meal" since he is at the breast constantly. LC said he will become gassy and uncomfortable since he doesn't fully digest food before new food is introduced. The thing is he won't take any pacifier!!! I even tried a bottle with like an ounce of my milk between the feedings so that he can fall asleep and I can have around 2 hr break to "collect" more of a fuller meal for him and sure he'll take a bottle with liquid as...
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  • @llli*boo.la.la.1's Avatar
    October 24th, 2016, 05:51 AM
    My 9 mo son has been getting harder to feed lately. He's very active and curious, is crawling and pulling to stand and generally getting into everything. But when I feed, whether laying or sitting, he is like an acrobat! Standing, rocking on all fours, grabbing my other boob and even thrusting
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  • @llli*elizabethy0's Avatar
    October 25th, 2016, 06:31 AM
    Hi all, looking for some encouragement and wisdom.. I've been exclusively breast feeding my dd. She's now 6.5 months & been on solids for 3 weeks now, though I'm not sure how much is going in. It's going slowly. Anyway. I'm tired of breasts that still leak loads, of being ravenous all the time (she's a big baby!), & of having no sex drive. And I'm tired of the battle to get her to feed - she latches on, then often comes off just after let down, so everything gets soaked. Then she'll either wriggle hugely / painfully grab me, or fall asleep. Seeing as she needs so little sleep (11 - 12 hours a day including naps) I really don't want her to fall asleep on me - I'm lucky if I get 2 hours (total) naps during the day to get things done effectively.
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  • @llli*milkmaidmomma's Avatar
    October 9th, 2016, 03:24 PM
    I have been EBF my 7 week old and it is going great, he is gaining weight, I love cuddling with him at night, he is getting more aware and happier by the minute!! The only problem I am having lately it seems is with my dear incredibly-frustrating-doesnt-seem-to-understand-anything husband! He works 40 hours a week and I am a stay at home momma to our new bundle and also a three and a half year old. Baby is very needy during the day and I try as hard as I can to get everythimg done before DH gets home. But its HARD and I very rarely have time to myself, even taking a shower has been an in and out affair lately. For some reason my husband thinks I am sitting at home sipping champagne and eating crumpets all day. He is constantly grumbling when I ask him to change a diaper or hold the baby when I take a shower. Last night I asked him if he could hold down the fort so I could take a bath (would have been my 2nd one since baby) and he said, "I wish I had time like you do to take baths." I couldnt even get mad, I was too exhausted, I just went to take a usual 3 minute shower and then sat on the couch crying the rest of the evening. I feel so lonely. I try to do so much for him and he just doesnt see it. He gets really mad that I watch youtube or read my kindle while I am nursing and Ive tried to tell him that the only other option is just to sit and stare at the walls the whole time. Lets be real: Nursing 5 or 6 hours a day can get BORING. I just dont feel like i have any support...
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  • @llli*karizma81's Avatar
    October 12th, 2016, 09:39 AM
    Hello everyone - new to the forum. I apologize for the long back story, but it seems relevant to my question and I'm stressed and anxious (who isn't right?) My son turned 5 months yesterday and we just successfully stopped using the nipple shield this last weekend. I was given no information about it before leaving the hospital, when to wean, how to wean, possible downsides of use, etc. I tried several times when he was younger with no success so I just gave up because he did so well with it. We have been monitoring his weight closely since 2 months because he's only gaining the bare minimum (about ~.5 oz a day, sometimes less). He's always had plenty of wet and dirty diapers, upwards of 8-10 wet diapers a day and 4-6 dirty diapers a day. He had a period of time where he was in a lot of GI pain, waking him from naps screaming and all green/brown smelly and mucousy poops (no blood though.) I cut out dairy, nuts, and a supplement I was taking and it was a 100% turnaround. He's a super calm, laid back baby who has slept through the night since 2-3 months, sleeping 9ish hours since 3 months. Passes out after his last feeding which is usually around 8:30 and wakes up anywhere from 5:15-6:00. He has always slept through all of his feedings and they generally lasted anywhere from 30-45 minutes except for the first one of the day which is always much faster since I am quite "full" after pumping around 11pm. For the past 2 weeks his poops have moved to 1 every day or...
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  • @llli*tcpeders's Avatar
    October 16th, 2016, 04:00 PM
    This is my second EBF baby and you'd think I'd have the hang of nursing in public by now, but unfortunately I don't. With my oldest I always found another room when visiting friends/family or ran out to the car when we were out and about. I wasn't super comfortable whipping out my boob in front of everyone and I never figured out how to wrangle a nursing cover while keeping a baby latched. This time around I don't have the option of hiding away because I have a 3 year old in tow. There is no way I could drag her out to the car and have her wait patiently while her sister eats. So I'm determined to figure out a better way to nurse in public and I'm looking for tips. I'd prefer to just cover myself with the blanket I already have packed in our bag rather than buy/pack some special nursing cover. My issue is I feel like I need two hands to hold my baby while she's latching, which means no hands to hold the blanket up. I know I could latch and then cover, but since latching is when I'm most exposed that seems to defeat the whole point of a cover. How do people do this? do you hold the blanket in your teeth while you latch the baby? is there some way to latch one handed? I always feel like my daughter's latch is painfully shallow when I try to do it one-handed... And how do you see what your doing while covering everything in a blanket? Should I be able to latch her blind? I always watch her while rubbing my nipple over her lips until she opens wide enough to put her on....
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  • @llli*lllkaren's Avatar
    September 29th, 2016, 10:11 AM
    Join La Leche League International (LLLI) live online on October 1st, 2016 for our first-ever 24-hour breastfeeding support meeting! https://www.facebook.com/groups/LLLIGlobalMeeting/ If you are: expecting a baby, a new mother struggling to breastfeed, facing challenges or concerns at any stage of parenting,
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  • @llli*bhacket4's Avatar
    September 29th, 2016, 08:57 PM
    Ok, so several of you know I've been battling yeast for ages now. Still not 100%. I'm on my 3rd round of Diflucan. Finished with it in a week. Baby hit 4 months today. Goal was to BF until 6 months, then use my stash of milk in the deep freezer until that runs out then switch to formula. However, I just started to think about it. He's been getting my BM that has Diflucan in it for basically 2 months now, and then if I give him all of this milk that has it as well... that means he will getting Diflucant through my milk for... a long time. Right now I have close to 1000oz all from while I've been on the Diflucan. Is that even safe? I feel like having a baby on that for 4 months essentially isn't good... Any ideas? Tips? Should I just switch over to formula at 6 months.. or wait and get rid of my stash I currently have and start to build it up again once I am off the Diflucan? What do you guys think?
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  • @llli*ecalka's Avatar
    October 7th, 2016, 06:55 PM
    So my daughter is 6 weeks old. I am currently mostly pumping throughout the day due to latch issues thag have seemed to get better recently. I pump every 2 hours during the day but have been adding feedings since her latching has gotten better. Im wondering, since im about to go back to work what should i do to be getting enough sleep for work? Should i still pump every 3 hours at night? If i pump less at night will my supply go down? What should i do to keep supply up while im working? I plan to pump every 3 hrs there also. Any suggestions would be awsome!
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  • @llli*mommadaw's Avatar
    October 8th, 2016, 08:31 AM
    Im a first time mom, my baby is almost 2 weeks old. My engorgement was doing great. Until I continued to have terrible nipple pain on the left side. My midwife told me to keep it empty in case it was yeast. I see them on Tuesday so she'll check then. Now that I've kept it empty for a couple days, BOTH boobs are engorged in two hours. I had been pumping about every six hours and that was working, I wouldn't get full until about 6 hours later. Then I'd pump and feel better.. Now I pump and I'm full in two hoursm. I know if I start pumping every two when they're full it's not gonna fix anything cause ill keep making milk but they're seriously so tight I feel like they're gonna pop. I want to pump some so I have a stash, but I don't want to pump all the time and be engorged so soon.
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  • @llli*mommyforlife9's Avatar
    October 1st, 2016, 06:07 PM
    I gave birth to baby #4 in May. In that pregnancy I gained 50lbs. In the first few weeks after delivery I lost 15lbs. For a month i've been watching what I eat and started working out doing p90 (I haven't worked out in 10yrs). But no change and I can't seem to lose. I plan to continue nursing for at least 5 more months. If I do meal replacement shakes will that destroy my milk supply? If I lose that weight quickly will toxins be released in my breast milk? I've also heard that if your milk supply suffers or you stop nursing before 6mo that you will have a harder time losing the weight? Help!
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  • @llli*motosmom's Avatar
    October 22nd, 2016, 08:37 PM
    When my son went through his growth spurt I let him nurse as long as he wanted, sometimes it was up to an hour. Ever since then, 2 weeks ago, he still continues to nurse 45 minutes at a time. 20+ minutes each side. When I pull him from me, he starts to cry until I put him back on. I have given him a paci a couple times he has done this and he seems fine but I don't want to keep doing that if he indeed is still eating. I hear him swallowing and I do see milk most times still in his mouth. Has he just become a lazy eater???
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  • @llli*isla.smommy's Avatar
    October 9th, 2016, 08:19 AM
    I'm at such a loss as to what to do. My daughter is almost 20 months. I always planned on letting her wean naturally but I never expected to be in so much pain and I've reached a breaking point. It all stated 10 weeks ago with mastitis. Then I got yeast and milk blebs and blocked ducts and Raymond's syndrome. I've seen one GP and 3 LCs (referrals due to the difficulties I'm having). I'm on fluconazole for the 4th week and have done ultrasound. We're now trying a stronger topical steroid overnight. My right breast is starting to improve. I think my left is getting worse. The pain is out of this world and has been for so long now. But. My daughter wants to nurse and nurse and nurse. I work in health care and I've never seen a child who wants to nurse so badly. I've tried distractions, I've tried shortening the length of feeds, a special cup, warm frothy milk, daddy distractions, telling her there is no more, leaving the house, not showing her the breasts. I wanted weaning to be a positive experience for both of us but I'm starting to hate nursing and am at such a loss as to what to do. She flips out until she gets the breast. Distractions work at times, but only briefly to delay her. I feel like I've created a big mess and am struggling setting limits. Please guide me if you have any suggestions.
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  • @llli*bhacket4's Avatar
    October 17th, 2016, 07:26 PM
    I know I JUST posted saying that theres no way to get baby off the shield but I went to a well known IBCLC today to talk about all of our problems and she said lets try it without the shield.. and holy moly he latched NO PROBLEMS. And now, since that appointment all day we've been shieldless. :yikes:love:bow:clap I was almost in tears throughout the day and am SO EXCITED. But now, he's completely emptying me. And throwing up nonstop. He's throwing up more than usual.. and my breasts are SUPER flat now. More than it's ever been. Usually after his night feed, I nurse him and then put him to sleep. I then pump so I can go sleep for 4 hours before having to wake up and pump again. I usually get 4-6oz sometimes more. Today I just did it and I hardly got 1oz. That's great news. But he was already getting "too much" to begin with, and now he's taking in WAY more. Hubby thinks I should try to pull him off earlier? Or what should I do to make sure he won't get too much? He will NEVER turn down the boob... he will just vomit, and then go right back on. I've always heard you can't over feed a breastfeed baby, but he never pops off. And he will never deny the boob. So I don't know how to handle this situation. Also - She verified that he didn't have his tongue tie cut deep enough. She said his range is fine for speech purposes and that it MAY be alright to nurse without pain (she said give it a couple days and see if I would need to have it clipped or not). As of now, it doesn't...
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  • @llli*bhacket4's Avatar
    October 11th, 2016, 01:36 PM
    I'm back - yet again. It never ends, and sadly I am getting more and more depressed because of all of this. As I've been told on here before, I know I have an over supply. I've slowly been winding off of the pumping and only pump once, maybe twice over night and only getting 3-4 oz during this time. MUCH better than the 20-25oz I was getting. I still leak a lot though, and have painful random letdowns often (as well as sharp deep shooting pains). We also had our first 911 scare yesterday morning, but I guess that was from me being a new mom. Baby turned red, looked like he couldn't breathe, and I yanked him up and started to pat on his back. He eventually coughed and screamed. We ended up taking him to his doctor and they said for sure Reflux. My question though is this... What exactly are we going through?? Could this just simply be over supply issues? Could it just be reflux? Could it be food issues? I feel like the more and more I read, reflux and OS are very similar. Also, GI doctor has tested his stool several times. Sometimes it's positive for blood, sometimes its negative. He swears theres a food intolerance.. I asked him about oversupply and he said "it's not possible" - he's really starting to piss me off though. PEDS doctor thinks it's reflux. Husband (although not a professional) thinks it's over supply but wants to do reflux medicine because of what happened this morning. Here's what we experience. Symptoms Include; - Choked once today where he "stopped...
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  • @llli*wagnera612's Avatar
    October 13th, 2016, 07:48 PM
    My son will be 7 months old next week. Last Sunday we did our normal bedtime routine. I have him a bath, read him a book, and nursed him to sleep. I put him in his crib and two hours later he woke up. Its a little early, but not out of the norm. I changed him and tried to feed him. He would come to my nipple, never latch and just roll his head in the opposite direction. He wasn't in a bad mood or anything, was happy and smiling so I didn't really think anything of it. He kept doing this til he fell asleep on my lap. So I kayed him back down and he instantly woke up and cried. So I tried feeding him again and he did the same thing, tried both sides too. So after he fell asleep I laid him back down and he woke up again. So I tried feeding him again and he still wouldn't eat. I was finally able to lay him down for the night. He woke up at 8 and I changed him and tried to breastfeed him again, but he still wouldn't eat! And then started screaming every time I would even lay him down to feed him. I tried pumping and giving him a bottle. That seemed to work okay but after a couple minutes he would start screaming with tears running down his face and his face bright red. After this happening a couple times Monday I called the doctor. They said it sounded like his ears and asked me to bring him in. But his lungs were great, his ears were perfect. The doctor found a tiny sore on his top gum which led her to believe he had a mild case of hand foot and mouth disease. Which I know now...
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  • @llli*mommabearto35's Avatar
    September 29th, 2016, 12:05 AM
    I ordered my pump from an online company they sent the wrong one. For $45 they will let me ship it back and exchange. I asked for spectra 2 and got something called an ardo. Ive never heard of it and no one i know in real life has either. Should i keep and use it or spend the $45 to return and wait on the spectra ?
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  • @llli*cccd's Avatar
    October 17th, 2016, 10:17 PM
    Hi. I hope this post is in the correct place. Have any moms here been diagnosed with breastmilk jaundice? We had physiological jaundice in the beginning and then got breastmilk jaundice as a round 2, I suppose. My son is 15 days old and we want to stay out of the hospital. We already spent 1 extra night with the early jaundice and then we're readmitted at 9 days old with a bili level 23. Formula, lights, and IV brought it back down. However his eyes are very yellow now. Breastfeeding is going well including weight gain. My first son also had jaundice but just not quite this long lasting. Thank you.
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