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  • @llli*djs.mom's Avatar
    Today, 11:05 AM
    You are a rock star Krystine!! Congratulations! And Happy Birthday to your littles!!
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  • @llli*lllmeg's Avatar
    Today, 10:27 AM
    it is never too late to improve latch. But a latch is probably fine if nursing does not hurt and baby is transfering milk. How a latch looks and how a nipple looks after nursing is only one clue to what is going on, to be considered with other things. Nursing does not hurt, and Your baby gained fine prior to the feeding schedule. Any lack of gain after that is most likely due to the feeding schedule. We cannot know for sure, of course, but certainly the evidence points that way. Your baby is 11 weeks old- almost 3 months, Nursing habits and infant behavior change at around this age, sometimes dramatically. So I am not sure that anything that is happening now indicates some mechanical issue. How often is baby pooping and how big about? how your baby takes a bottle does not indicate anything. 5 and a half ounces is a very large meal. especially if the bottle & baby were not positioned as is needed for paced bottle feeding, with pauses allowed by the adult, baby will almost surely overfeed with a bottle. How baby was "calm" with a bottle or slept after a bottle does not prove anything either. It just does not work that way. This is why bottles can be so undermining for moms, because of a tendency to see any behavior changes as being about the bottle or the breast, rather than something else. I am really concerned that your concern over your baby's weight gain is leading you to overthink the issues. It is important baby gets enough to eat, of course. But this...
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  • @llli*lllmeg's Avatar
    Today, 10:13 AM
    Ok, if the situation seems to indicate OALD to you, here are my thoughts: Keeping baby to one side for two or more feeding is called block feeding. Block feeding reduces milk production. It is not really for OALD, it is for severe overproduction (which may or may not accompany OALD). so block feeding may or may not be needed, and especially in the early weeks, reducing milk production may have an adverse effect on NORMAL milk production. So I would suggest, don't do this until you learn more about it, or, if you do, do it for only a day or two and then re- assess. Because gas is not nearly as big a problem as not enough milk! There are many other ways to address OALD and these are explained in the kellymom article. it is fine to nurse one side per session, rather than switching breasts during each session. Let baby nurse as long as baby likes each time, it is normal that this may vary session to session. Frequent nursing helps tremendously with oald, so encouraging baby to nurse even more frequently might be a good idea. Many moms find nursing reclined helps as well. If you feel very full, you can try hand expressing a small amount of milk prior to latching baby on, or simply unlatch baby if the flow is 'too fast' and put baby back on after catching that initial flow in a cloth. you can expect infant behavior to change a lot at this stage. here is more explanation of block nursing http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/blog/tag/block-feeding
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  • @llli*designerfish's Avatar
    Today, 09:54 AM
    Hi thanks for coming to my assistance. His weight gain is 495g in two wks which is an average of 38g per day. Out put is also good. Wet nappies and poos at every change. BF on demand which is anywhere from 45mins, 2 hrs or 4hrs overnight. Let's say mostly every two hrs, so at least 10 feeds per day. OALD was my suspicion yesterday and after reading Kellymom site I decided to stick to one breast for several feeds. Previously I was alternating. Yesterday afternoon and last night this seemed to work with no crying or fussing and straight after a feed he was back to sleep again. This morning after he woke for the day at 8.30am he started to have lots of has pain. I gave him a bath at around 10.30am as he was due for one today and then did a tummy massage which I had found on line for gas issues in newborns eg wiping downwards on tummy then circular and then leg bends. He then took a feed and went for a nap but woke up within an hr. He then didn't sleep again until 2.30pm even though he kept trying to close his eyes and sleep. He wanted to BF all that time which was fine for me but it was more for comfort as he was 'hurting'. While I don't mind his reason as such, he would normally bf then nap again. He was crying lots, coming off the breast, had lots of air trapped as he did gas burps and pulled his legs up. Every time he was asleep and I put him in his cot it would be 10mins before he started with his legs again and crying.
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 09:32 AM
    I would say call Infant Risk, can be reached at (806) 352-2519. With Magnesium there is actually a balance between magnesium and calcium so the answer might not be simply taking more and more of one thing but trying to take in the right balance. Another method to help with magnesium might be to soak in it, as in take an epsome salts bath with might actually be very effective for helping with things like leg cramps. But also, what about potassium? Low potassium levels can also cause cramps as can mild dehydration or even a general electrolyte imbalance. Are you traveling somewhere that you have been afraid to drink enough water? Drinking too much water? (sometimes if you are sweating a lot and consuming copious amounts of plain water you just need to have a bit of salt or drink a gator aid.) It is good to follow your instincts but it might be good to consult with a medical professional before going too far overboard with any one single thing. Sometimes dealing with exhaustion and cramps could be as simple as making a few minor changes daily but what you change will depend on your particular situation and symptoms. Have you been taking prenatal vitamins all along on no?
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  • @llli*nivilovely's Avatar
    Today, 09:28 AM
    thanks llmeg.. it's such a relief to get few things cleared
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  • @llli*tingbu's Avatar
    Today, 09:10 AM
    Hi, Daughter just turned 3 months old and is exclusively breastfed, typically has 1 - 2 yellow stools per day or on alternate days. For two days her diaper is a darker brown with some mucus and large curd. Disposition and feeding normal; some alterations to mother's diet in past week, as well as moving to a new environment. No other changes. I wonder if this is normal, and some probable causes? Quite worried, especially of the large curd. Not digesting properly? Your input is appreciated.
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  • @llli*ceayala3's Avatar
    Today, 08:54 AM
    My son is almost 4 months old and weight gain is great. I'm still exclusively breastfeeding :thumbsup I've posted on here before and I believe I had an OALD issue in the beginning, but with your guys' help I remedied the situation.. About a month ago my little guy got a cold from everyone else here in the house. After his cold went away, he developed an ear infection (tugging at ears at night and fussy) which he was put on amoxicillin for. While on the Rx he got greenish stools but seemed ok otherwise. His poo returned to normal (yellow, curdy). Moving on to current day... for the past week he has had green stools and sometimes mucousy...and he is extreeeemely fussy at night. I'm talking every hour waking up, tossing and turning, grabbing at hair and ears, crying like he's in tummy pain. Not just the whimpering and rooting like he usually does...I'll pick him up (we co-sleep) and soothe him, and then he'll immediately want to eat. After he's done he'll fall asleep and an hour later same thing. This goes on the entire night and I'm so exhausted. I'm a bear during the day. He's never done this before. Also, during the day sometimes he doesn't want to eat until I stand up and kinda rock him and then he'll latch on. We have been back and forth to dr and he doesn't have another ear infection. So I'm stumped. Any help why poo would be green? He doesn't have a rash or excessive spitting up but still wondering if maybe an intolerance? Teething? Reflux? Thank you so much for...
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  • @llli*acolorfuldot's Avatar
    Today, 07:44 AM
    Hello, I am breastfeeding my 23 months old on demand, about 6-8 times a day (within 24 h). For quite a long time I was suffering total exhaustion, until lately I got cramps in my left chest, so strong that I thought it is my heart. An inner knowing told me that I need Magnesium. I began taking homeopathic globulis, which improved the situation for a couple of days, but only from one to the next dose. Yesterday, I finally got magnesium to drink (powder to dilute) with 310 mg each package. I was told I could drink one a day while breastfeeding. I took one last night, and about 12 hours later another. I makes the cramps disappear and lets me feel stronger and more relaxed overall. Despite this fact, right now, just about 7 hours later I feel I would like to take another dose of magnesium. So here I am asking if anyone of you could give me a clue how much magnesium a day I could take while breastfeeding in order to restore the necessary amount of magnesium in my body (if that is stored)? Of course, without harming my little jewel of a son ;) I would very much appreciate a quick reply. I am currently abroad, so where I am for the next couple of months I don't have a physician I could ask in the languages I speak. Big hugs out to all of you awesome bf mamas! a colorful dot
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  • @llli*sonogirl's Avatar
    Today, 07:42 AM
    Just out of curiosity--do you think your baby might be getting upset because she is actually still thirsty when she's trying to nurse and she's not getting the amount of milk she wants? I am nursing a 20 month old, and I would say my actual milk supply is relatively low at this point. I do still pump once a day at work and usually yield 2 oz. But my child literally nurses all.day.long when we are together, and I'd say less than 50% of those sessions are about the milk itself anymore. But sometimes my daughter will come to me and ask to nurse when she is really, really thirsty, so if she pops off and gets frustrated, I usually ask her if she wants some water. And that always seemed to do the trick! Offering a drink wasn't ever something I thought to do at first, because I was still in the infancy mindset of "all liquids at the breast" but truly, at this stage of the game I just do not make enough milk to fully satisfy her demand for hydration. And for what it's worth, offering water when she was frustrated and thirsty has not, in my estimation, hastened my child's weaning path in the slightest. I don't actually know anyone else who has a 20 month old nursing at the frequency my daughter does! :lol
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  • @llli*sonogirl's Avatar
    Today, 07:29 AM
    :ita I cannot for the life of me understand why the doctor would be so concerned about a possible pause in height between a 12 and 15 month visit. I, too, have a child whose height is nearly impossible to measure at the doc due to squirming, nurse errors, etc., and the same thing mommal reports happened to us--the measurement they got at 15 months was actually LESS than the one at 12 months! The same thing happened with her head circumference. Obviously my child did not shrink. She'd actually gone up a clothing size in that time period. :) Also, your child *did* grow between appointments. Gaining weight is growing! I think this is dubious medical advice you've been given...I personally would not in a million years wean based on one very likely faulty measurement!
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 07:15 AM
    top lip curing in can be due to an upper lip tie and the compression is common with tongue tie, though I would expect some pain to go along with it, you must be a tough momma! Here is a thread I started with links to some resources and information after all the trouble I've been going through. http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?120631-Resources-for-Milk-Transfer-Issues (my LO had both that were not corrected till 8 weeks and I didn't find a speech therapist to help with oral motor therapy till 3 months, we are still not perfect but getting better and my supply took a hit because of the supplementing we were doing so I've been going through extreme measures to keep my supply up too. I just had some acupuncture done to help with my supply/flow and that seems to have had a profound effect. Next thing I will try if that doesn't get me to 100% EBF is Domperidone, however that might not be necessary. My LO is 4 1/2 Months now.) It's not too late though it could be tough. Look up Flipple there are videos on YouTube. Also exercises you can do with the lips and tongue though finding an oral motor therapist, IBCLC or speech therapist that works with infants with feeding difficulties would be best. Have you tried looking for the IBCLC listings?
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  • @llli*lila.stern's Avatar
    Today, 06:46 AM
    No nursing doesn't hurt. I do notice that my nipple has a "lipstick" shape when she's done. Her upper lip is also curled in during nursing. I've read that this can be due to an improper latch. But she won't let me latch her deep enough. She just keeps on pulling back and doing her shallow latch again. I'm desperately trying to look for a lactation consultant which has proven to be a detective work since we don't have many of those in our country, less in our region. :( Do you think I can retrain her to latch deep enough at her age (11 wks)?
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 06:37 AM
    I've had the same problem with trying to get DH and MIL to do paced bottle feeding. You can't wait for baby to pause, you actually have to make him pause by either tilting the bottle down to get the milk out of the nipple or pull the bottle away for a moment and then give it back.
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  • @llli*gndmom's Avatar
    Today, 06:26 AM
    I have been breastfeeding my one month old baby all the way. I have overactive let-down on both sides but on my right, I can squeeze out some milk onto a washcloth before the feeding session and then feed normally. On my left though, the over active let-down continues for at least the first ten minutes of the session causing my baby to scream and fuss. I have tried to lie down and feed but this makes my baby uncomfortable and also is a temporary solution. I also have clogged ducts and blisters on my left side. The clogged ducts go away after using warm compresses during the feeding session but always come back before the next session. 1. I have been trying the block feeding method since last afternoon to reduce milk production on my left side. I have only been feeding on my right because of which my left side is hard as a rock and hurts a lot. Is this the right approach? Will it cause more clogged ducts? What do I do next? 2. Will the above technique cause my right side to produce more milk and eventually lead to clogged ducts? 3. How will I know when to stop block feeding? Will my left side soften? Will the clogged ducts resolve themselves?
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 06:20 AM
    How much do you consider to "cost a lot?" Most consumer pumps that people own are not really appropriate for multiple users and those should be purchased new and the good ones cost between $100-$400 USD depending on model/brand. The Multi user hospital grade pumps are often available as rentals since many of them cost over $1000 to buy.
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  • @llli*jha.dolly's Avatar
    Today, 06:08 AM
    hi guys, i am trying to relactate and need a breast pump for the same.... however, new ones cost a lot and am looking for a pre-owned breast pump.. if used, then a model that can be used by multiple users (in this case i'll be using it after you've done) will b preferred and if not used by u then i presume its absolutely safe for my baby and me. looking for this. i live in gurgaon, india and need replies only for those who can courier it to me within india. its very urgent.
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  • @llli*sailorscout27's Avatar
    Today, 06:07 AM
    i had the LC check his latch about 14 days ago. this was before the clicking started. i went for evaluation of latch and tongue tie. she said she didnt think he had tongue tie. she said his bottom lip flanges out well but his top lip does but could be a problem with the ligament that connects his lip to his gums. but she didnt think it was that was an issue. he is watched by my sister in law at our home. my husband and her are the only two ppl that give him bottles. which is about 3-4 a day. i showed them a video of how to pace bottle feed but they say that he doesnt pause and just gulps it down. i know my husband will take him off the bottle after an once and try to burp him and give him a few minutes before getting back on the bottle. i know the place him sitting up with the bottle horizontal so that he can try to control it but he just sucks it down so fast they say. im afraid if they keep that up that i wont be able to keep up with him supply wise. i noticed that he only nursed from me three times and had 4 bottles. he sleeps longer after getting a bottle and i have to wake him to nurse from me. he is 7 weeks old. he eats 3 oz per bottle. i strictly pumped with my daughter 11 yrs ago cause she refused to latch on to me at 3 months old. she perferred the bottle. i would like to keep this from happening with him. how can i do that? if he does the same and refused me, how can i keep up with his demand? like increase my supply?
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 05:43 AM
    Does nursing hurt at all? fussing and pulling back can be due to several things. OALD (milk likely sprays when you feel a let down and unlatch baby) slow flow low supply impatience because of flow preference for bottles. even tongue/lip tie (though you would probably be experiencing compressed creased nipples from this.) You should probably try to get some hands on help from an IBCLC and have them do a weigh/feed/weigh during the appointment to help you get a picture of how much milk baby is getting during a feeding (granted it would only be a snapshot since how much babies drink at feedings changes throughout the day.)
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  • @llli*lila.stern's Avatar
    Today, 04:58 AM
    I know, we learn from mistakes. :) I'm also glad we realized this sooner. There are other signs that DD is showing this week that makes me question my milk supply, whether I have too much or too little. DD would arch her back during nursing and constantly latch/unlatch. I try to latch her properly, but she would push her head backwards and do a shallow latch. She would also squirm her body a lot. At first I thought my letdown was too fast but considering that she's gained very little weight, I'm beginning to doubt it. She would also pull off then cry during nursing. She would also take 30-50 mins to finish and then an hour and a half seems to be hungry again. Out of curiosity my DH bottle-fed her today to see how much she would take. We used my EBM and a slow flow nipple. She was calm all the way! At first we tried 3.5oz but she cried when the bottle was empty. Then we immediately added another 2oz. She didn't spit anything out. She was happy and content and afterwards she napped for 2 hours. I did an online research but some of the signs she's showing relate to oversupply, some to low milk supply. Her poop is of normal color and consistency.
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  • @llli*tclynx's Avatar
    Today, 02:07 AM
    got sick (vomiting) last night around midnight and 2am. Only nursed in bed because not feeling so well. Didn't pump overnight. Back really hurt by morning from nursing in bed but otherwise feeling better. Must have been something I ate. Still went to Acupuncture appointment. Again, Epic results immediately following treatment with improved flow. Supply seemed better through the day though I only pumped one time in the afternoon. Wound up taking a nap with DS since I was tired from the previous nights sickness. A little bit of fussy in the evening, I only managed to get him to take 2 oz of supplement. Tonight the "schedule" seems off since DS slept so much during the day he is awake more tonight. After feeding at 1 am though he did fall to sleep and come off the breast asleep so I was able to give him to daddy to snuggle in bed while I then pumped an additional 2 oz. It's now 4 am and he ate well off one side for 10 minutes and latched onto the other side for a few minutes but is now farm more interested in looking around and is wide awake.
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