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  • @llli*1sttimemummy's Avatar
    July 23rd, 2016, 05:52 AM
    Hi everyone. I am new here, desperately need your advice :) My son is 18weeks old, EBF. Starting around 11-12weeks he doesnt have much interest in feeding. He can be on a breast just3-5min and thats it. I dont have any problem with milk supply, i always check after his refusal by pressing and there is always a good flow. Then I offer him second breast, sometimes he can take it for another couple of minutes but mostly he refuses it. During the nights he can be longer as he is sleepy and not distracted by anything. Day or nights I feed him by demand and it is usually every 3-4hours. We get around 4-5wet nappies and usually 1dirty nappy daily. Sometimes he can pass wet wind which is yellow mucusy. For the last month his weight gain was under 400gr which less than 1pound. And I weighed him yesterday to see the difference since then he gained only 30gr for the last week. I am very concerned about weight gain and loss of appetitte as he used to gain up to 120-180per week before and there is a dramatic change, only 30gr. I tried to feed hin in a quite room with closed curtains, for the last 10days cbedsharing (as I read somehere bedsharing babies tend to gain more weight:shrug), talk to my HV who says it can happen to some babies they just gain weight very slow. Even if it happens why he used to gain min 120gr each week and went down to 30gr now. What can cause this? I very concerned about it and desperately want to ebf but started to think about formula top up(( just for...
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  • @llli*hvn's Avatar
    July 25th, 2016, 05:06 AM
    I have a 7 week old baby who has excessive gas after breastfeeding. After putting her down for a nap or nighttime sleep, she will wake up at least 6-10x needing to be burped. This is despite extensively burping her after a feed. She is getting almost no continuous sleep during the day but will sleep a 4 hour stretch at night. During a feed, she will suddenly writhe around and pull off the breast because she needs to burp. Once she detaches, she'll cry wanting to get back on. After a feed, she never lays still and would arch and wiggle around trying to get burps out. We saw her doctor and he put her on omeprazole for reflux. She no longer cries out in pain when she refluxes, but it's done nothing for the gas. Out of desperation, we did a 4 day formula trial with Enfamil Gentlease. She became a completely different baby. For the first time, I saw a calm baby after a feed. She would eat, play for an hour, and then sleep for 3 hours! Then I reintroduced pumped milk (pumped to see if it was the milk vs breastfeeding technique causing her to swallow air). She did ok for 2 days but now we're back at square one. The Gentlease formula is made out of milk, soy, and corn so I know that she's not allergic to those things. I completely cut out dairy 2 weeks ago anyway and am not sure why I continue to be dairy free since I proved she doesn't have cow's milk protein allergy. When I pumped for the 4 day trial, I got about 27 oz/day. My breasts seem more empty...
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  • @llli*kmrs's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:48 PM
    Im a first time mom and my son will be going to daycare at 3 months old which is in about 2 weeks. I'm not so much worried about bottles and pumping. Hes always been a very frequent eater. So much so, that I think its a comfort thing. This is fine by me and I always nurse him when he wants. My concern is how he will adapt to not having me there and to go to a more structured eating schedule. He wont be able to nurse for comfort and I am having a lot of guilt/anxiety about it. Did anyone else have this feeling and how did your child do?
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  • @llli*beckyd0106's Avatar
    July 28th, 2016, 08:09 AM
    DS is 38 mos. Has still been nursing thru naps and nights and like 8 times a day so lots. Last week I got a very uncomfortable and not acceptable to me sensation during a nursing session which most people would be able to dismiss. However it retriggered severe OCD and anxiety panic attack issues. I'm scared to nurse and it stresses me out to nurse. We have gone cold turkey. It was fine first 2 days and now it's bad. I was told by an ibclc and a doula that this is unfair to him and will harm our bond. Is that legit? I am a single mom who is completely devoted to my son. I love him and give him all my time that I'm not at work for the most part. Is this really much more traumatizing than removing a pacifier or when we stopped baby wearing last year which was also a major issue for a while? I want to nurse but I need to be mentally not in hell and now I've had to start anti anxiety and anti depressant meds.
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  • @llli*merobader's Avatar
    July 25th, 2016, 05:57 PM
    My baby is 10 days old today for the frist week my nipplw was so sore I want to scream every time he touched it was black for the last 2 days things was getting better its still painful but much better still have lipstick nipple all the time but I thought its a matter of time he will have good latch soon but today I found that he have a lip tie and now I don't knowe what to do I used to think he is geting enough milk now I doubt myself Here is the photo
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  • @llli*ldivanna83's Avatar
    July 26th, 2016, 06:26 AM
    I have a 3month old baby and am nursing exclusively. We have had some issues with her--- pediatrician has diagnosed her with colic and reflux. She receives zantac twice a day and has been doing great with nursing for over a month until I went back to work. I work 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts each day. She does great with the bottles. She was getting 4 ounce bottles but the day care told me she was hungry so I caved and let them increase to 5 ounce bottles which seems to satiate her and also let her go longer (3 hours instead of 2.5) until she needs another bottle. (She is a big baby, came out at 10lbs 1.5oz and was 13lb 2oz at 2 months)... When I have her at home on my days off, she will start to nurse and then screams and freaks out after initial let down. I'm guessing it's a forceful let down/over supply..? I don't really want to try to decrease my supply since we JUST increased to 5 ounce bottles- I want to be able to keep up with her. I've read about hand expressing prior to nursing her, and block feeding..? I tried to express a little bit from the other boob after she starts freaking out but it's too late at that point and she won't even try the other breast. But then she will take a bottle gladly... I'm not really sure where to start to trouble shoot this. Also, she is spitting up A LOT when she nurses and not at all when she eats from a bottle. It absolutely kills me when she screams and pulls away from my boob. Please help.
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  • @llli*vzijl01's Avatar
    July 23rd, 2016, 10:21 PM
    Hi there moms. Lo will be 4 months old on wednesday and we got the go ahead from dr to start with solids. I was not fortunate enough to attend the "do this not that" classes before hand...time constraints. Iam a bit freaked out about WHAT to start with, WHEN to give it, and some rules that go with it. Internet searching isnt making the process any easier. Advice and guidence will be much appreciated.
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  • @llli*bhacket4's Avatar
    July 23rd, 2016, 03:49 PM
    Yet another post. So I was trying to control the oversupply, and stop pumping as much... and I woke up this morning with painful right breast. I took my temperature it was 99.1, so I fed baby as much as I could.. took him to bed with me and relaxed. I go to take temp again, it's 99.5. Also, as I squeeze my breast, I can feel a part that is more sore.. as I squeeze that part, the milk that is coming out is yellowish. If I squeeze any other part, it's the normal white. I have had mastitis in my left breast, and had it probably 4 weeks ago. Except that time I had the chills, I felt like a bus had ran me over. This time the only symptoms I am having is a slight temperature, and tender breasts... and the color, if that is a symptom? Oh, also.. it is red (the breast).. but that could be because I am trying to hand express. Does this sound like mastitis? I HATE antibiotics. Is there anyway I can fix this (if it is mastitis) without antibiotics? Breastfeeding is seriously the hardest thing, in the world. I feel so defeated EVERY time something else comes up. How do I fix my oversupply if I can't go without pumping and getting this? I just want to curl up and cry!!! Baby has really bad gas, and occasionally green diapers.. and I know my oversupply is causing him the gas pains.. which is also upsetting. I'm so frustrated and upset :(:(
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  • @llli*lmxo's Avatar
    July 23rd, 2016, 08:14 AM
    Hello! My daughter is 27 months old and she wants to nurse constantly. Shes always been this way but now that shes this old im getting a little concerned that its too much. She eats and drinks alot throughout the day with her normal meals. We co-sleep and she nurses 1 or 2 times during the night. I only work 1 day a week so im with her most of the time. When im at work, shes fine and takes cows milk from a cup. She wants to nurse in any kind of situation (not just to sleep, out of boredom, when shes upset) but just all the time throughout the day. So I would like to know 1) Is this normal and do I need to cut down her feedings? 2 ) There is one scenario in particular that I would like some advice on: When I tell her "no" about something (no candy, no jumping etc..) she immediately wants to nurse. Sometimes I let her but other times I think that she needs to just tough it out and I should NOT let her nurse in this situation. 3) I want to wean her soon. (Not sure when bc im dreading it) Is it ok if I just continue as is until I start the weaning process? I guess Im picturing weeks of screaming tantrums if I try cutting down on feedings now and then again later, weeks of screaming tantrums with the real weaning. (Ugh)
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  • @llli*karaeubanks's Avatar
    July 27th, 2016, 07:34 AM
    Suddenly, my 13-month-old has gone from nursing 6 times a day to latching and not drinking. He latches, sucks a tiny bit, maybe, and then just hangs out on my breast without eating, then leaves. Does this mean he wants to stop nursing? Does it mean my supply is too low? Does it mean he doesn't like my milk? He eats TONS of solids, so maybe he just has no room for milk? But he does this even first thing in the morning, when normally he's pretty hungry. I'm willing to follow his lead if he doesn't want to nurse any more, or nurse more if it's a supply issue. I'm just confused about the behavior and would like to know how to proceed. Thanks for any insight!
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  • @llli*cmazza22's Avatar
    July 26th, 2016, 07:31 PM
    I am currently nursing my third baby, and just like her brothers, she refuses the bottle. It's happened the same way with each: We started out great, then around 5 weeks, they started refusing, choosing to chew on the nipple instead of suck on it. I then just gave up on the bottle (I'm a stay-at-home mom, so it doesn't really matter). Can anyone give me any suggestions how to help DD take the bottle? She is four months old and hasn't been offered one since she was 5 weeks. When given one, she just chews on the nipple. The reason I'd like her to take a bottle is my cousin is getting married at the end of September, and he has said I cannot bring her (which is frustrating in itself but it's his wedding, so I have to go with his wishes). Normally I just wouldn't go, but if there is a way I can get DD to take the bottle so I can attend, I'm willing to try.
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  • @llli*scoob626's Avatar
    July 28th, 2016, 09:42 PM
    Hi ladies, I feel a bit clueless here, bear with me :yikes:gvibes....my son will be a year in September, right when I go back to work part time. He will go to day care 2x a week for 9 hours each day...I have a lot of anxiety transitioning to all of this, and feel sad just thinking of being away from him, especially since he has never taken bottles... Anyway, he has really taken to solids recently and eats finger foods like crazy (peas, beans, blueberries, peaches, avocado, bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, egg, pasta, toast) screaming for more. He took me by total surprise with this enthusiasm, since he had no interest the week prior, and I think his increased intake of solids in a couple days made my period come back! Since I am trying to keep his milk intake high up until he is a year, I nurse before and after and I only offer solids 1-2 times a day right now but I am wondering: generally what is a good milk to solid ratio once he is a year? Or in other words, what might this all look like once I don't have to worry about limiting his solids and maximizing his milk intake? I see the rule of 1.5 oz milk per hour we are apart...what might this look like at a year, if I start letting him take more solids, maybe 3 meals a day? How many oz of solids per meal (this is hard for me to measure because I always give him real food, no jars or puree)? If I let him eat all he wants, it seems he will never stop. Should I just let him eat all he wants once a year old? Do I need to...
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  • @llli*raleigh.garth's Avatar
    July 27th, 2016, 05:50 PM
    Hi there, Just wanted to start by saying I have learned so much from reading all the wisdom from you mamas for the past few months, and I am so grateful for this resource! I really hope it can help me solve this problem. Also, apologies in advance for my long-windedness! :o A little background: My babe is just 4 months today. He was born 6 weeks early, so his adjusted age would be 2.5 months I suppose. He started his life in the NICU and was nursed, bottle fed, and fed through a feeding tube during his 20 days there. Since coming home we worked really, really hard to become EBF; have been bottle free for about two months now. He has been gaining weight like a champ since leaving the hospital too, which is the most important thing. There were some supply issues in the beginning, but I have been on domperidone for a while which (along with nursing almost constantly and drinking tons of water) seems to have me producing enough for babe.
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  • @llli*nbaldonado's Avatar
    July 27th, 2016, 11:22 PM
    Hello, Moms. I am new to LLL. I am a mother of two, an American who lives in Ukraine. Healthcare here is often questionable, and I am wondering if perhaps I have been misdiagnosed with thrush, or if I simply have a resistant case. Hoping some of you moms may have some insights. I nursed my daughter successfully for 18 months and never had any problems. I am now nursing my two month old son and experiencing problems. When my son was one week old, I was diagnosed with mastitis. The lactation consultant and doctor said that it was due to my son not draining one side of the breast. Due to lasting high fever, I was prescribed antibiotics. Took the antibiotics for the recommended time and the mastitis cleared. Almost immediately after that, my nipples became sore and slightly red (almost more like bright pink). My son did not have the typical white "curds" in his mouth, but I noticed that when he ate, there was a tiny amount of dry white film on the outside of his mouth and on my nipple. The lactation consultant said it was thrush. She first treated me for three days with tea tree oil. When that didn't help, she put me on Nystatin (cream for me, a Nystatin solution for him-different than the drops they use in the US, but the same idea). I used that for one month. The symptoms seemed to repeatedly get better and then worse again, but never completely went away. I had deep breast pain for a while, in addition to sore nipples. The soreness in nipples was worst during...
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  • @llli*bluepolka's Avatar
    July 25th, 2016, 10:38 AM
    Hi everyone. I have been EBF my 32-Weeker for 5 months now. He just got off the nipple shield 2 weeks ago. I began to notice that he didn't stay too long on the right breast. This has been happening for a month. Now when I try to pump the right side after nursing, i barely get 0.25-0.5 oz. I first thought it's because he empties the breast. But he barely stay on the right breast for 5 mins, after which I can't even hear swallowing. I'm really worried. I've been pumping post-nursing (about 2 times a day) for three days now. I take fenugreek. My left breast is working fine, so I don't pump it. Do t want to mess the system because I had an oversupply earlier. Is this common? What should I do? My body used to be very responsive to the pump. By baby seems content after feedings. His weight gain has slowed down and his diapers aren't that wet Anymore. He still poops 2-3 times a day. Should I continue to pump to stimulate? Should I get prescription drugs? How long before I see an increase after pumping? Thanks in advance
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  • @llli*dolphindance's Avatar
    July 23rd, 2016, 09:55 AM
    Not sure what else to call it but I cannot remember the guideline for using breastmilk after baby has already drank from a supply. I thought I remember that if you have leftover milk in a cup/bottle the saliva will start to breakdown the milk - right? My 1yr old doesn't want to nurse first thing when awake in the mornings now - he signs for food immediately and started nursing only like 2 minutes. Then pops off and signs for food again. So I guess he is just ready to get on with the day and chow down some breakfast. I pumped this morning while he ate and plan to give him the milk in a cup or sippy with his food instead of water which he is used to when eating. (He has never had a bottle so no need to introduce at this point right?) If there is leftover milk can it still be stored for 3 days in fridge and used again? And can it be froze if he has drank from it?
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  • @llli*ambaby2's Avatar
    July 28th, 2016, 01:02 AM
    My daughter is 10.5m. She has never been a big fan of the bottle - usually drinking 6-8oz while I'm away for an 8 hour day even before she had solids. I would send two bottles usually around 3.5-4oz. In the beginning my supply was great, then ok, and getting worse and worse. Last week I was down to pumping only 5oz a day. I figured I would be ok because most days her report says she doesn't really finish her bottles, and when my mom has her she's not interested in her bottles much at all and she has to work to get her to take them. so I figured I'd send 2 3oz bottles and go through my freezer storage which should last til around her birthday with maybe a little early cows milk in a sippy for practice. But then this weekend I got sick and everyday at work I pump 3.5oz. So I've had to use 3 freezer bags so that I can send 2 bottles every day, and I'm down to only 9 bags left. I'm taking nursing mom supplements and drinking lots of water so I'm really hoping it goes up but it seems like my stash isn't going to last til her birthday. The thing is though a lot of days her report actually shows her only eating 4-5oz of the bottles, I think the rest go to waste when she doesn't finish. She LOVES food - eats all the food groups... Chomps down chicken, ground beef, pasta, cheese, Greek yogurt, any fruit, green beans, peas, and will SCREAM at you if you have bread and don't give it to her. She still nurses happy... she nurses around 6am before work, then 5p after work,...
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  • @llli*det2922's Avatar
    July 27th, 2016, 01:47 PM
    This is my second week back to work. My son is 14 weeks old. We've had a hellish time with nursing so far. He's been getting bottles of pumped milk occasionally for several weeks when it is too painful for me to nurse. Usually his bottles are 4.5 to 5 ounces. He sleeps through the night, usually about an 8 hour stretch and has since he was about 8 weeks old. Other than that he eats about every 2-3 hours. Right now I'm away from him for about 9 hours a day and in that time he's eating about 15 ounces. Is this a good amount? Should I cut his bottles down to 4 ounces each? He's home with my husband now, but in September he will start daycare, so I'd like to have him used to things before then.
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  • @llli*bhacket4's Avatar
    July 27th, 2016, 03:30 PM
    I'm being told by a friend of mine that is also an LLL leader (or was in the past) that I could possibly have thrush? Symptoms that I have include the baby being gassy, his having a diaper rash (not a yeast diaper rash just a red bottom).. and I have sharp shooting pain in my breasts quite often. Not my nipple, but the breast tissue or breast itself. I didn't think about it because I always thought I'd know if we had thrush by the white spots, but she said that sometimes the only symptom could be the shooting pains? Would I call my OB about this? LC? Or who? Also, in yall's opinion could this be thrush?
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  • @llli*dsymons07's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:19 PM
    My baby will eat every 3-4 hours and sleep well during the day. At night between 12am-4am she wants to eat more often and doesn't sleep as well any reasons why or suggestions? Is this day/night confusion?
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  • @llli*nasrin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:44 PM
    -5 week old. -birthweight-6.4pound Delivery- Csection EBF Till now. My supply was very less in the beginning. Taking fenugreek in powdered form. Also lactonic granules to be taken along with milk. (Contains fennel , asparagus ) Baby lost 10% birthweight(5.7pound).Regained birthweight(6.5 pound) only by approx 2 weeks. At 3 weeks gained only 4 ounce. Had sore nipples and cracks within 2 days of giving birth which almost healed now . Consulted LC after birth who said the latch looks perfect. Used nipple shield for a week and lanolin ointment. This is my second child. Elder one was formula fed.
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Today, 12:52 AM
    Maybe you do not feel ok because it is not ok with you to return to work yet. If so you certainly would not be the first mom who considered or explored other options. Was it always the plan to return to work at this point? Is any other possibility acceptable? Options might include but are not limited to- Part time work, work from home, job where you can bring baby to work, lifestyle change/downsizing, extreme frugality/budgeting, shift work that allows you to work a different set of hours from dad or whoever your parenting partner is, a delay in returning to working full time...What options (if any) are desirable or realistic of course depends on your personal and financial situation including what is acceptable to you as far as career choices. I am not telling you to stop feeling guilty. You feel what you feel. I am just suggesting either there is another acceptable option for you other than returning to work at this point, or there is not. If there is not, eventually you will come to a place of peace about it. There are 24 hours in each day, or another way to think about it, 168 hours in each week. Assuming your work hours are close to typical, for most of those hours you and baby will be together.
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  • @llli*kmrs's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:46 PM
    @llli*kmrs replied to a thread Daycare in Breastfeeding Your Baby
    Thanks for the suggestions, I will do some more research. I definitely feel very strong guilt and I do feel as if I am doing something wrong. I have confidence he will be properly cared for, but not in the same way that he has been at home with me. I don't know how to feel ok about it yet.
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  • @llli*kmrs's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:41 PM
    @llli*kmrs replied to a thread Daycare in Breastfeeding Your Baby
    Thank you for your response. That does make me feel a little better! Good luck with your new little one starting day care!
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:20 PM
    If the plan works for your wife, it is a good plan. If it is not working, it may need tweaking. A plan can only work if it feels manageable to the mom. Follow up in a week is great! I love it when follow up is given proper attention! Are you able to contact LC before then if questions or concerns arise? I am curious if the LC thought the flange was too small? A too small flange causes rubbing. Edible, non-allergic oil as a lubricant is a good idea, and anecdotally, coconut oil in particular can be very healing for sore nipples. My concern with coconut oil as a lubricant is how solid it gets at even slightly lower temps. Not sure how familiar you are with this oil but it solidifies at the colder end of room temp. Of course it quickly liquifies when handled. But if that in any way is causing a problem, olive oil is a good flange lubricator as well. There was a recent discussion on a lactation consultant online forum about the benefits to breast massage before pumping (and during as well? Cannot quite remember. Breast compressions are helpful for some moms too. Below are some articles about using a lactation aid. They can be helpful for several reasons, the downside being they can be fiddly and at times frustrating to use and there is a learning curve. But if your wife is interested I think it makes sense to talk with the LC about that. Skin to skin contact is great. Also just snuggling with baby on mom's chest with easy access can be helpful too, so she can be...
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:02 PM
    Your baby will not be able to nurse for comfort while you are at work. But there is no reason he has to adapt to a "more structured" eating schedule. The recommendation is that bottle fed babies are fed on cue, small amounts at a time, using paced bottle feeding technique to slow down feedings. Slowing down feedings accomplishes two important things- it prevents baby overfeeding and allows baby to "comfort suck" with the bottle at least to some extent, without overfeeding. I would suggest, discuss with your daycare provider these recommendations. They may or may not know anything about them. They probably will not know how to properly bottle feed, but you can learn and teach them. You can also discuss with them the other ways a baby can be comforted. Are they open to baby wearing? Does your baby like being carried around and sung too? How does baby like being held? You know your baby best. Tell them what your baby likes. Of course they will have their own ideas too. If you have (or can get) the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition) they devote an entire chapter to handling separations. Not pumping- that is another chapter. Just on the impact of separations on baby and mom and how to minimize the problems. I suggest moms respect in themselves the very real and very strong feelings that come up when they have to be frequently separated from their babies. Our society tends to minimize the reality of how naturally and instinctually anxiety provoking...
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  • @llli*hug.see's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:47 PM
    Update: We went to two different LCs, and a doctor gave her a prescription for Reglan. We also rented a Symphony (hospital grade) pump and purchased the necessary parts. My wife used the Symphony pump on level 3 during the appointment with the lactation consultant, and her nipples started cracking, so we stopped. We later found out we could lower the setting, but did not realize it at the time. The lactation consultant also recommended that we use coconut oil on the flanges at home to reduce the rubbing that occurs. Based on our conversations with the LC and doctor, our plan is as follows (with Reglan): 1. Use Symphony pump to pump at a MINIMUM, eight times a day. Try to do 10 times if possible. 10-15 minutes each session. 2. Use pump on a comfortable setting. Even if no milk comes out at first, at least there is stimulation occurring. Pump both breasts simultaneously. 3. Hand express after using the pump. 4. Increase skin-skin contact with baby, and try to breastfeed baby. If baby does not feed, it is not a huge issue right now, at least there is stimulation occurring.
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