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  • @llli*norajsmama's Avatar
    December 2nd, 2016, 12:36 PM
    My baby is two months old exactly, and she only gained 1lb in this past month. My pediatrician, who is really great and supportive of breast feeding, didn't seem overly concerned because my daughter's weight is still average for her age and she is off the charts for height (as in greater than the 99th percentile). So in this past month, her poops went from normal thick yellow to tons of mucous and green. She poops at least 4-6x per day, has huge blow outs, of this weird poop. It does seem to bother her when she goes. She has like 6-8 wet diapers a day. The Dr. suggested no dairy for a month for me, and then we will re-weigh her at 3 months. Does this makes sense as the only course of action? I asked about seeing an LC and she didn't seem to think it was necessary. The Dr. thinks that it is allergy related because her diaper output is great and she seems very happy, but that possibly she isn't fully absorbing the nutrients in the milk (going by the mucous in her poop and that she has so much green mucous poop every day). My baby is really happy, smiling, sleeps a normal amount and is generally very happy unless it's her fussy time from like 5pm-8pm. She is exclusively nursing, no bottles, we don't use a pacifier. She does prefer to sleep in the baby swing for naps (sleeps in bed with me at night) and I have tried offering nursing to sleep but it seems like she will only nurse to sleep for her fussy time at night and all during the night in bed with me. I pump 1-2x...
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  • @llli*carmenoct24's Avatar
    November 30th, 2016, 04:04 PM
    My baby is 5 weeks old and ebf. For last few weeks her poop has been green and then yesterday and today I have started manually pumping (just a few minutes after I feed her). All of a sudden her poops went back to yellow. Obviously that´s great, but I wonder why that might be??? Especially given that that would technically be her hindmilk or no? Maybe it is just a coincidence though.
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  • @llli*bhacket4's Avatar
    December 1st, 2016, 07:41 PM
    Okay, so again - breastfeeding my first kid and I am still learning. I thought I was doing alright but a few friends of mine that I have met through BF meet ups that they are taking this supplement or that. They all say it's something that we "should" be taking. So I wanted to come here, and ask what you guys thought. I have questions about prenatal while nursing, DHA, vitamin D, and things to help immune system. The prenatal I take is this... is this a good prenatal, and is this missing anything? Garden of Life myKind Organics Prenatal Once Daily My prenatal DOESNT have any DHA. I am trying to stay away from any mercury possibilities. Does anyone have any good recommendations for DHA? Also, my little guy takes currently Vitamin D drops. But was told that I could take Vitamin D and as long as I take 6400ui then it would be fine. Prenatal has 600, so I could just take a supplements. Any recommendations about this?
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  • @llli*sarahfv's Avatar
    December 2nd, 2016, 01:38 PM
    I'm reading so many mixed things.. I want to start getting baby used to the bottle (once our thrush problem is gone). Here's my plan based on what I've read.. can you help me out with my questions? I plan to start at 4-5 weeks -I'll start with baby getting a small amount of milk from a bottle right after an evening feed just to get used to it... -Then pump half hour after morning feed daily so my husband can cover a night feed. Questions... - If I go 5 hours at night without feeding will my supply decrease? -How much should I pump for a 4-5 week old?
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  • @llli*elizabethfawcett's Avatar
    December 2nd, 2016, 10:06 PM
    Please advise me. I have a 13 week old 16 pound baby girl who is the light of my life. She is exclusivly breast feed. Monday I woke up with a very sore breast and a lump. Along with a high temp of 103 and a cold. Baby had a temp of 100.4. Her health got better but my went down hill. I started amoxicillin on Monday night along with Tylenol and Advil every four hours. Up to today: my milk has dwindled to almost nothing and it killing me. When she gets on she eats for a few minutes then gets fussy and pulls off. I have started pumping between feedings but I don't get much. She is probably getting five minutes and she needs ten. I'm trying water and I've stopped the Tylenol but I have to stay on the antibiotic. She barely slep all day I think bc she doesn't have a full belly. I just tried a formula bottle and she won't take it. Please advise.
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  • @llli*lc.aggie's Avatar
    December 1st, 2016, 07:52 PM
    At my lo 4 month well visit, the pedi was concerned that he was not growing on a consistent growth curve. He had only gained 2 pounds and grown 1.5 inches since his 2 mo well visit. He was in the 50th percentile and now has dropped to between 20-25th percentile. We went back for a weight check and he still isn't making enough gains so our pedi wants me to supplement with formula. I am back at work so we just add formula to the breast milk he gets while I'm at work. The dr suggested offering formula after I nurse but my lo won't take it so it feels like a waste. I have a very plentiful supply so I'm at a loss as to why he's not gaining enough/ growing enough. I really don't want to supplement at all but I want to do what is best for my lo. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, what advice/ input do you have? Thanks.
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  • @llli*joelley's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:26 AM
    Hello everyone, There's so much great advice and kindness on these forums. Hoping you can help us too!! I have a few issues just now I'm wondering about. Our daughter is 11 months and we bedshare. Approx 2 months ago, breastfeeding to sleep stopped working, and I have to walk about and rock her to sleep. This is hard as she is over 22lbs and often takes much longer. If I don't rock her she cries and even if I cuddle her, rock her lying down etc, she doesn't show any capacity to fall asleep any other way at present. Is this normal in other people's experience for feeding to sleep habits to change? She does still occasionally fall asleep feeding if she's exhausted. This makes me wonder if I should be changing her naps to earlier so she is more tired at bedtime? Or should I just accept this phase is over and how can I then best help her fall asleep without being rocked? The other big question for us is about whether to continue to bedshare. She wakes frequently, 4-8 times per night, and mostly will feed back to sleep at these times. I have read lots about the rationale for bedsharing and feel confident it has been/ is good for her to stay close to me, but I am having a bit of a crisis of confidence about whether it is still the right thing. I'm concerned that I wake her up and disturb her sleep more than if she slept alone. And I return to work soon so a bit apprehensive about surviving on such broken sleep. Husband and I have talked about whether to work towards her...
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  • @llli*isla.smommy's Avatar
    December 2nd, 2016, 10:18 PM
    Looking for some good books to read regarding gentle weaning of a toddler that loves to nurse.
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  • @llli*mrs.bashaw's Avatar
    December 5th, 2016, 11:33 AM
    was only able to nurse on one side with my ds due to what I assume it's scar tissue from nipple piercing issues long ago. I'm 7 months along with my dd and really want to nurse on both sides more than anything. Is there anything that can be done to increase my milk release?
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  • @llli*davesgirl's Avatar
    December 5th, 2016, 12:49 PM
    I'm going back to work in a few weeks after EBF my 8 month old baby. I will need to pump at work. My higher up supervisor is supportive, but my immediate supervisor is not. Are there any laws protecting my right to pump at work??
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  • @llli*allie7n's Avatar
    December 5th, 2016, 05:30 PM
    Hi ladies! I’m new to the forum. A little about myself. Just started back at work (two days so far). Baby girl is 12 weeks old and I’ve been EBF as well as usually pumping once in the middle of the night regularly (usually around 2-3am after baby wakes for her one middle of the night feeding). There have been a couple of days where I’ve had to be separated from baby and had to pump a few times during the day while away with not too much trouble. I’ve never responded great to the pump as I really have to use lots of massage and compressions, but still get usually 4 oz between the two breasts if there has been a good 3 hours since I’ve fed her or between pumpings. My left side has been the better producer when feeding her and lets down much easier, but the right responds better to the pump usually, which is weird. At work I’ve been pumping 3 times. About 2.5 hours apart. Anyways, the problem has been that all of a sudden now that I’m back at work I can’t get anything really out of my left side when pumping. Maybe a half an oz each session at work (so about 1.5 oz through the day). I know there’s more milk in there as this is the side that DD feeds off of better in the first place. I’m getting about 2.5 oz from the right side each time, but this is only adding up to 9 oz throughout the work day which won’t be enough to leave for the 9 hours I’m gone at work. I’ll keep pumping a middle of the night session to help offset, but my question is, why all of...
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  • @llli*svo0829's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:33 PM
    Hi everyone
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  • @llli*sarah56830's Avatar
    December 1st, 2016, 12:32 PM
    Hi! I'm currenting nursing my 15 month old and pumping for my almost three year old. I try to pump about 12 ounces a day to give him a cup of milk at nap and bedtime. I'm struggling now that my period has returned with pumping enough milk. Is it possible to increase my supply at this point? Anyone pumping for a older toddler?
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  • @llli*asingleton5's Avatar
    Today, 06:24 AM
    So I've been back to work for quite some time now maybe a month. Been pumping and my girl gets bottle fed when I'm working. I do work full time. Then when I'm home with her I breastfeed her. She used the tommee tippee slow flow bottle and so far going between the two has been fine. However yesterday after being home and bottle fed with my husband she had a long 3 hour nap so it had been some time since she ate- like 6 hours I think so I knew she had to be hungry! Immediately when I put her down to feed her she was pulling back didn't even latxh and was just upset! Like she didn't wanna eat. Tried again same thing. Tried the bottle and she guzzled it!! She ate just fine the night before with me. Could she be preferring the bottle now do you think?? I tried feeding her during her nightly feeding and same thing. But as my husband was getting a bottle I got her to eat but w her sitting more upright- which I tried earlier too. Then her second night feeding she ate just fine but again kept her more upright just bc I was afraid to try and lay her sideways! (Didn't have my pump at home lol). Anyone experience anything like this? She has had a cold/cough bht seemed better yesterday. Also wasn't sure if she's been teething. Idk if any of these may affect feedings ? She's been slightly more fussy and drooling a lot and wanting to chew everything. Maybe she's just being temperamental? Idk but I felt so bad! She was getting so upset. That's why the first time I just said ok get a...
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  • @llli*gsfeli's Avatar
    December 2nd, 2016, 04:14 PM
    My son is 2 1/2 years old. I am still nursing him during naps and at night. I love breastfeeding but this has become quite burdensome for me and is starting to put a strain on my marriage. I don't mind nursing him to sleep but when I put him down for a nap he will sleep for about 30 - 45 minutes before he wakes up to nurse and then will sleep nurse for up to 2 hours after that. Same thing happens at night. I know that he can sleep without nursing. I have had to leave him with a sitter over night before. However, that is not an option in this case and my husband is not able to step in and take over at bedtime because of his job. I don't have a crib. He shares a bed with his sister but refuses to sleep in it unless I nurse him to sleep first. Most of the time I end up sleeping in their bed with them instead of my own bed. I'm so tired because it's getting harder and harder to sleep while he is night nursing and this is taking much of my time away from many other important activities. We have tried gradual weaning (there is little to no more day time nursing except during naps). I have also tried cold turkey weaning (very unsuccessful). Not sure what to do.
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  • @llli*lindsaykt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:01 AM
    My left breast has always been my power producer and after a case of mastitis in my right breast around 3 weeks postpartum it got even worse. Since then my standard when pumping is 3+ oz on the left and 1 oz on the right. In an effort to even them out a bit I would initiate all breastfeeding sessions on my right to make sure that breast was always fully drained. Well starting about a week ago (3 months pp) my right breast has stopped triggering a let down, so now I always have to start on the left. And it's hard for me to tell if LO is even getting anything on the right once I switch him. Is there anyway to help my right side initiate a let down again? A little background...this is my 3rd child. I breastfed my first until 4 months but then I had to have brain surgery so we switched him to formula. My second breastfed for 15 months. I had heart surgery when I was 4 and I don't have much breast tissue in the lower part of my right breast where my scar is located. I got breast implants, under the muscle, when I was 16 to help even out my lopsidedness. I also got my nipples pierced when I was in college but I took them out 10+ years ago. I feel like my past is a recipe for disaster with breastfeeding but considering my success with my second son I would think I was still capable. Also, I work full-time so I pump 3x a day during the work week and usually nurse on my lunch break. I also pump after a morning feed on the weekends to help keep up my supply. Thanks...
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  • @llli*dlr17's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:04 PM
    My baby is 6 weeks old and for about the last 3 weeks he has been giving me trouble with breastfeeding. It's just been getting worse and worse. It's to the point now where he just won't latch on for more than a few seconds. He comes off and starts rooting with my nipple in his mouth. My supply is dropping because I can't get him to nurse and I'm trying to pump but I also have a 3 year old and I'm really struggling to find time to do it. I've been giving him breastmilk in a bottle which I know isn't helping the situation but I don't know what else to do if he won't breastfeed. I'm at such a loss. I saw a lactation consultant but it was no help. I'm going to go back one more time but after that I don't know. I want to breastfeed and I feel like I'm doing everything I can but it's just not working.
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  • @llli*skyisred's Avatar
    December 2nd, 2016, 10:10 AM
    I'm ready to get some proper sleep at night! I'm exhausted and find myself loosing patience with LO during the day. He will definitely benefit from having a more rested, calmer mom. LO is 14m. Originally, I was going to follow Jay Gordon's method when he reaches 18m, but my husband will have a two week vacation soon and I want to take advantage of that time. DH currently sleeps in the other room and I share the bed with LO. I'm thinking to first have DH sleep with us for couple of nights (if we can fit, haha), then I'd move on the floor on DH's side, and if it goes well, to another room. Any advice you could give me? Experience to share? I'd like to make it less stressful if possible.
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  • @llli*jstan's Avatar
    Today, 03:56 AM
    Hi everyone, to cut tge long story short, my baby had a tongue tie release at 1 month. I started relactating at 2 months and he is now 3 months. However, I notice that his suction is still not strong enough to trigger let downs for the hindmilk. So my breasts are constantly not emptied, hence supply has gone stagnant. Does anyone have any idea on how I could help him strengthen and use his tongue muscle? He was bottle fed for a few wks after tongue tie as I stopped breastfeeding due to mastitis and abscess. Now we are using the SNS for all feeds but still it is different from breastfeeding because milk flows easily from the tube.
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  • @llli*hawkeye-mom's Avatar
    Today, 07:08 AM
    Hi Everyone My little guy is 3.5 months old (closer to 4 months, turns on the 13th). Anyhow for the last few weeks we've been experiencing worse sleep at night. A couple weeks ago we switched him from the pack n' play in our room to his crib down the hall. I felt like I was waking at every little movement and maybe my husband and I were waking him up when we moved. He was kinda doing ok, but he would always be hard to lie down into the crib after he nursed to sleep. Even if i sat for a bit after he fell asleep on me, as soon as I stood up, he would twich, like he knew I was going put him down. If he stayed asleep, it could be for 10 minutes, 5, minutes, 45, or if I was lucky, almost 3. I thought things were starting to get better (we went from a week of 6 hr sessions to waking every 45 to 60 minutes). The night before last, he he slept for 2 hrs, then 44, minutes, almost 2, then 4 hrs. I gave up at 2 and brought him to bed with me, but he was up kicking and fussing at 6 when my husband was up for work. Usually we are up by 7. Last night was the worse. He was probably over tired because my 2 year old kept waking him up when I tried to put him down for his third nap (he was tired). So he was really tired by 6, and crying. I nursed him for over a half hour (a long time for him) and when i laid him down, he woke up 5 minutes later. i nursed him again for awhile, he stayed down for 10 (at this point I'm crying with him). I did it again, and he slept for an hour. After that...
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  • @llli*spongelike's Avatar
    Today, 09:44 AM
    Hi, I'm after some advice. When my son was about 5 months old, he stopped BFing after I*became pregnant. The midwife said it was probably because the taste of the milk changed and he no longer liked it. I was absolutely devastated! I*now have a three week old who is BFing beautifully without issue, but I would dearly love to BF both of them. My son is now 15 months old, very toothy and very bitey so I'm nervous to try him on the breast! Will he even remember how? Will I be able to prevent him from biting when he's always so eager to bite any part of me that goes near his face?!
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  • @llli*joelley's Avatar
    Today, 09:44 AM
    Thank you soooo much for your reply and great advice! I had heard of people talking about mattresses on floors but assumed that was more about access and preventing them falling out when co sleeping. But this is a great idea that I hadn't thought of! I was concerned about all the ups and downs and trying her in her own room if it was going to be too stressful for her but this is a nice way of trying it out. First night tonight!! Fingers crossed it goes smoothly. We don't have room for a rocking chair in our bedroom without majorly moving things around, but I doubt she would accept it anyway, while we are walking about to get her to sleep, she even protests if we stand still and rock her. She's such a sweet natured baby during the day but quite demanding at night time!! I would still love to hear anyone's thoughts on the change in feeding to sleep? Has this happened to others? I ask because I am suspecting that we need to tinker with her naps or bedtime routine but curious if this is just a thing that some babies grow out of. Thanks!
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  • @llli*asingleton5's Avatar
    Today, 06:27 AM
    Oh and today she's at daycare so I'll be seeing how she is after work today :/ but atleast her njght feedings she took. Her second one without even fighting so maybe she just is getting more used to the bottle? Idk but I hope I can keep bfing her too it's just easier then pumping at home too! However if this is the case and she's preferring the bottle all the sudden I will keep Pumping so she gets breastmklk but I hope she is just being temperamental lol
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