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  • @llli*tinabear's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:28 AM
    Hello! I'm a sahm and ebfing my 12 week old; I would like to start pumping to create a small cache of milk in case I need to leave the baby with a caretaker for a feeding or two. Currently, LO nurses 9-10 times throughout the day and night. He has two 3.5-hour stretches see night, so most of the daytime I nurse him ~ every 2 hours. I also have a toddler to care for so my pumping time is very limited. In one session, I pump 5 to 10 minutes, and I don't get more than 1oz a breast. I've waited for more milk to flow, but I never see more than the 1oz per and that's only in the morning. Afternoons I get half an oz per breast. So my questions are: Is it normal to only see 2oz or less a session?
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  • @llli*m11612's Avatar
    July 31st, 2015, 08:02 PM
    My son is the most annoying nursling! I love him but not his nursing behavior. His sister (3.5yrs) even comments on her superior nursing manners. He is 5 months and has been a biter since 2 months if not before. He sometimes clamps down, twists his head and looks up at me with a devilish grin. Lately his favorite is to pinch my breast with both hands. When I hold his hands, give him something to hold or whatever, he clamps, turns his head down and drags my nipple out of his mouth then bobs back on again all while squirming his hands back toward pinching again. I have tried all the tricks (thanks kellymom, this forum and my grad degree in applied behavior analysis) and he just still prefers this behavior. No amount of attention, ignoring, distraction, yelling out, blocking etc is enough to compete with his love for causing me pain. Oh, what a little brat! :) I'm posting this here with the hope that this group of people will see the humor, sympathize with the struggle and get that this in no way makes me want to stop breastfeeding (except maybe brief moments at the end of a long day where I fantasize about quiet moments alone on the beach with a beverage).
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  • @llli*jmaza's Avatar
    July 31st, 2015, 07:04 AM
    Hello, I am looking to see if there are any fellow mommies that have gone through this and can maybe give me some suggestions. I am trying to wean my 1 year old from nursing/breast milk and onto cow's milk. He has taken bottles of breast milk since the age of 5 1/2 months just fine from his sitter and now takes the bottles of cow's milk from the sitter as well. He refuses to drink from the bottle from my husband and I. I have tried purchasing different bottles and sippy cups to no avail. Has anyone gone through this and possibly has some suggestions to give on how I should go about it? Thanks in advance!
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  • @llli*labrys71's Avatar
    August 2nd, 2015, 06:49 PM
    I'm a first time mom of an almost 1 month old premature baby. He is probably around 8lbs now, and was eating with a nipple shield quite well until recently. I don't think he's getting enough anymore with the shield, as he's super fussy at the breast, will often fall asleep after eating for 10 minutes and as soon as I reposition to burp him he's fussy and hungry again...sometimes this behavior can last over an hour. I'm starting to get frustrated because I'm positive the problem is the shield, but I cannot get him to latch at all. He just gets more upset if I try without the shield, and often pushes me away. This, in turn, upsets me because I feel like something I should be able to do I'm not...I feel like it shouldn't be that hard to do something which should be natural. I have flatter than normal nipples and that was the initial problem, I've only managed to get him to latch without a shield twice and I'm honestly not sure how I managed it but I was laying down at the time. Please, if anyone has any advice let me know. Having a fussy, hungry baby that needs an hour or more to eat is about to drive me insane knowing it's such a simple fix, even if it's not easy. It's also interfering with my need to build up a supply of milk for when I go back to work full-time. I currently work 1 day a week, and only have 4 bags of milk because I'm afraid now to pump after he eats because he eats off both breasts now and I feel like if I pump for the extra milk he'll get hungry...
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  • @llli*amygmar's Avatar
    August 1st, 2015, 12:16 AM
    Hi my 12 week old has just started sleeping about 7-8 hours per night. I'm having to wake him up to feed him as my breasts are so engorged and painful by this point. Will these long sleeps affect my milk supply? Should I be waking him earlier to keep up a good supply? Thanks
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  • @llli*wildgreenskittle's Avatar
    July 29th, 2015, 11:03 AM
    Hey all. My husband and I are going on our first vacation since the baby was born and she will be 11 months when we leave her. Her Aunt is taking care of her while we're gone and I've been trying to pump and freeze enough milk. But I've been able to get barely anything. I pump every day, at the same time, but I only get about 2 oz. I think it's because I haven't pumped in quite a few months now, but idk. But I guess my question is, as anyone had to supplement formula and breastmilk for the same type of situation? Any tips? I think I can get enough saved for morning and bed time, but she'll have to use formula during the day. I hate to have to use formula, but we've made it this far without it so I call it a win. ;) And any recs on formula brand?
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  • @llli*zozja's Avatar
    August 1st, 2015, 10:11 AM
    So, my LO is 3 months on the 6th. She eats every 1-2 hours (except at night - she'll go about 4 hours between feeds +/-). Her eating time has also gone down in the last few weeks. She will only eat for 2-4 minutes at a time. And I can never get her to eat from both sides no matter how hard I try. She's not falling asleep, she's just done when she's done and doesn't want anything to do with eating afterwards. I know my milk production is still great. I had an OP issue at the beginning which has gotten a lot better but I still spray in the mornings and middle of night and sometimes in between feeds during the day. After she's done, I'll hand express a bit just to be sure there's still milk coming out. She has also gotten really temperamental in the last couple weeks. She'll give me hunger cues and will then fight me when I try to feed her. I have to put the pacifier in her mouth and get her calm and only then she'll take my nipple. In the last 3 weeks she's only gained 9 oz. Before that she had really great weight gain, but this last 3 weeks she's not gaining the average amount (isn't is supposed to be at least 4 oz ever week?). She's definitely not sick... no temperature. She's very active, happy and responsive (except for when she's being fussy).
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  • @llli*mommymunster's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:39 PM
    Hi! I'm a first time mom getting everything ready for my baby's arrival. I will be working one day a week (8 hours) when my baby is 6 weeks old. How many bottles should I have on hand to cover that? I am also looking at the Avent Natural Glass bottles and the Dr. Brown glass bottles. Does anyone have a preference between the two? Should I be getting them in the 4oz or 8oz so it lasts longer? I plan on breast feeding as long as possible! Thanks in advance! I'm totally clueless about everything. :)
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  • @llli*mrsvillage's Avatar
    July 31st, 2015, 06:32 AM
    I have a question related to pumping and weaning. I have a 6.5 month old, she is supplemented with one bottle of formula a day and gets two 4 oz bottles of breast milk while I am able to pump twice at work. I am going to be going down to one pump session a day in the next weeks, and then down to zero pumps during the day by September (I work at a school and my pumping schedule will be too unpredictable/stressful when the kids come back). I plan to continue breastfeeding her three times a day, once in the morning, once after I pick her up from daycare, and before she goes down to sleep. My question is - on the weekends should I resume feeding her breast milk exclusively, or should I maintain supplementing a bottle of formula during the day? I ask because I'm not sure if feeding her on the weekend will leave me prone to clogged ducts during the week since it will increase my milk flow for a couple of days. Also any feedback about if you were able to maintain a milk supply with only three feedings a day. Thank you in advance for any help!
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  • @llli*emersushea's Avatar
    July 31st, 2015, 08:27 PM
    My daughter will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and since day 4 she has been breastfeeding every 30 min to an hour when awake and every 1-2 hrs at night. I have a BF tracker app and she eats 19-23 times a day. I keep reading about cluster feelings and growth spurts but her feeding frequency has not seemed to calm down. Is this normal? When do feeding frequencies tend to calm down? Should I be worried that she's on the boob so Frequently? She's put on 2 lbs, 2 oz already since birth and has tons of wet and dirty diapers so I know she's getting enough. I am utterly exhausted and depressed as I find it hard to leave the house for anything. Frustrated. :cry
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  • @llli*yorkshiregirl76's Avatar
    August 1st, 2015, 05:24 AM
    Hi, my 6 wk old has suddenly started biting with her gums & bobbing her head around before finally latching on. She also doesn't want to feed after my let down. This has been going on for 2 days now. Any ideas?
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  • @llli*littlecavemomma's Avatar
    July 30th, 2015, 06:08 PM
    Hi ladies! My 8mo has been breastfed from the beginning with very little issue (I count my lucky stars). We started baby-led solids at 6mo for dinner only, but started sending lunch to school with her at 7mo. She loves solids but it never affected her nursing frequency. I pump at work and get good yields so I know my supply is fine (usually 15+ oz total in 3 x 20-min pumps). During the week she usually nurses about 5 times a day, 2-3 of which are still at night which I encourage. She usually gets 4-5 x 3oz bottles in a 10 hour separation at daycare. They do paced feeding and she doesn't always finish her bottles. On the weekends she usually nurses 10-12 times in 2-3 hour intervals, it just all depends. Her sessions are usually at least 10-15 minutes long, and often she'll comfort nurse at least once a day for 30+ minutes at a time. I nurse on cue but often I offer when it's convenient, but she rarely turns it down. Diapers and gain have always been great, but she is petite. So here's my problem: This week we went on a "vacation" to the beach with my husband's family. The baby did mostly fine, but missed a lot of sleeping and some nursing, especially those comfort sessions. By day 3 I was having a hard time getting her to nurse during daytime hours at all. She would latch for 5 minutes (at most) then do a backflip off the boppy to crawl away. I would try to reposition her and she would fuss and roll away again. I tried other positions but she was just not interested....
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  • @llli*fiskmama's Avatar
    July 28th, 2015, 11:38 PM
    I had my son, Oliver, on July 17th at 36w6d. He's now 11 days old, and we have been supplementing his feedings with expressed breast milk and the finger feeding method with a syringe. He falls asleep at the breast and wasn't gaining weight. So we rented a hospital grade scale to weigh his feeds, and we now supplement expressed breast milk from pumping to meet each feeding requirement of 45mL. He lost 12% of his body weight in the first 2 days of life, and now we are trying to get him to gain weight back. He is now 5lb9oz, but he was born at 6lb2oz. He has slowly but surely began gaining weight since we rented the scale. However, now that he is used to finger feeding, he refuses to latch most of the time. It can take up to an hour of him protesting and screaming until he finally latches on. Even so, he tends to fall asleep within 10-15 minutes and rarely nurses more than about 25mL which is not enough for him to gain weight. He usually latches around 8 times a day, but it's hard to get him to nurse long enough at all. I feel like I am at a crossroads. I don't want to have to supplement his feedings, BUT I am afraid that if I don't supplement, he will fall asleep too quickly and not get enough to eat and start losing weight again. Another thing to consider is that he has kidney issues so he really can't get dehydrated. I'm ready to transition to just breast feeding, but maybe he is just not ready yet and we need to keep supplementing until he is a little...
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  • @llli*nicholeo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:10 AM
    My daughter just turned 10 months old today. She doesn't care for purees and will eat a little bit of finger foods but not much. I've been exclusively pumping most of her life so she drinks breast milk. The thing is some days it's extremely hard to get milk in her. She will fuss likes she's starving so I sit down with a bottle to feed her and she will drink an ounce or two then push it away and I'll have to try again either when she fusses again or 10-15 mins after she's stopped. She slept all night last night so you would think she would be starving and ready to eat but it's been a struggle today as well. Anyone out there experienced this? This didn't just start it's been like this on send off for several months,
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  • @llli*dp999's Avatar
    Today, 10:15 AM
    Hi All, I am breastfeeding my second baby who will be 4 months old in couples of days. I had been back to work and had no issues for a month. But recently from the past week, I am getting frustrated with my pump. I was using the pump which I had with my first daughter, suddenly the output got too low. I tried to change the valves,membranes it didn't work. Hand Pumping makes me exhausted. When I hand express, easily I get 2oz. May be due to wrong way of doing it, I had severe aches last week, but got better in a day. Bought a new pump, I was using old parts to see if the issue is with pump or parts..still less output. When I shifted to new parts, the issue is still the same. Should I talk to medela. Or is it something related to me. Please help! Also, I have some stock in the fridge, baby doesn't like that taste....Is it all waste??
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  • @llli*sansaz's Avatar
    July 30th, 2015, 05:23 AM
    Hello everyone! I am a proud breastfeeding mother of a 17 month old. I feed on demand, co-sleep, and was planning on doing child led weaning. However, my daughter now needs extensive dental work due to bottle decay and consequently, her dentist has told me to stop all night nursing immediately. I am wondering if anyone else has gone through this and what they did. I normally wouldn't question a doctor's advice, but the thought of cutting off night nursing is pretty terrible. And if I did, how would I do that?!!! Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!!!
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  • @llli*mhbb2's Avatar
    July 29th, 2015, 06:51 PM
    Since returning to work I'm not getting nearly enough pumping. Im usually home three days a week and I only nurse and baby is satisfied. But my freezer stash is almost down to nothing and there have been three days when I didn't pump right when I should have or didn't pump both times. My supply has dropped some and now when I pump I hardly get anything but if i squeeze my breast there is milk. I'm worried we're going to have to start supplementing. Help
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  • @llli*jori.diff's Avatar
    August 2nd, 2015, 04:52 PM
    Hi! I'm new to this community and looking for some support. I've been exclusively breastfeeding since my baby girl, now 16 wks old, was born. My baby was a pretty slow gainer from the start. She was born at 7 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches and dipped down to 6 lbs 9 oz at her lowest. She was gaining about a pound and 1.5 inches a month (she's long and lean) until 14 weeks when her weight plateaued at 10 lbs 1 oz. She hasn't gained any weight since then. She's had slimy poop pretty much since the get go so I've been modifying my diet and currently avoid milk products. Her diaper output is good: usually 1-3 dirty diapers a day and 6-8 wet diapers. Sometimes more. She's really happy, very active & strong, meets milestones and doesn't cry very much. I stay home with her and feed on demand-10+ times a day and usually no more than 1.5 - 2 hours between feedings, except at night.
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  • @llli*aprilfrogs's Avatar
    July 29th, 2015, 10:40 AM
    So I've had coccydynia from labor and muscle spasms. I couldn't stand upright this morning. I had to take medication and therefore I'm going to have to pump and dump. This will kill my whole frozen supply. It's sad and frustrating, but I need to get better so I can continue to work and care for my little girl. I'm going to have to supplement with formula for the first time and am worried about how she will do. I'll be able to pump and nurse late tonight once the meds have passed if I get better today. If not, I will have to continue to pump and dump when taking medication. It's frustrating. I was hoping to hold out longer before starting to wean her to formula, but maybe I should start gradually by supplementing thru this period. She is 3.5 months old and I really wanted to make it to at least 6 months. It's been such a challenge because no matter what I tried I can not pump enough milk to cover her whole day and have been barely making it with what I pump extra on the weekends. I have 4 bottles worth of freezer milk left, which is what she will take at daycare tomorrow, but I will also need another bottle for when she comes home today before I can nurse again and the meds are out of my system. I have similac breastfeeding supplementing formula and regular formula on hand. I think I will stick to using the supplementing formula as I try to get thru this period and hope my back heals. I'm worried that it will be a shock to her system. Do you think I should mix...
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  • @llli*vebie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:22 AM
    I'm starting to get a little worried but trying not to stress too much knowing that doesn't help either. I got a mild case of mastitis in my right breast Thursday night. It healed pretty quickly (totally healed by Sunday) But I noticed a supply drop in that breast. I'm nursing frequently and start off on that breast to make sure it gets plenty of stimulation. We are EBF and she's 6.5 weeks. She hasn't pooped in three days and isn't having as many wet diapers as usual. Worried FTM over here!
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  • @llli*van.walker's Avatar
    August 1st, 2015, 06:31 PM
    Hello, ladies! I was wondering if anyone had suggestions or advice regarding nursing pads. I currently use disposable pads but I don't like the amount of waste it creates nor having to constantly buy nursing pads. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you. :)
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  • @llli*leemami's Avatar
    July 29th, 2015, 09:27 AM
    Hello mamas, I have an upcoming one day trip - staying overnight and coming back the next morning, and I have been searching the forum for tips to pump while traveling with out baby. I've found some, but I would like to hear experiences of other pumping moms that have had to travel with out baby. I will be leaving around 4:30 am and I will be back around 10:30 am the next morning, so about 30 hours away. I will nurse before I leave (which is usually the time baby wakes up at night anyway). I have been pumping for this trip and I think I have enough in the freezer, I need to recount, but yesterday I counted about 55+ oz, and I will be saving the extra this week as well, which is usually about 2 oz a day. Should I keep extra formula in the house just in case? I worry that baby would eat more than what I have, since I'll have little room in the stored BM for that. Any tips for pumping in airports and planes? Besides bringing enough storage bags, pump parts, batteries, cooler (how big??) and ice packs (how many??), anything I should consider or think about before I leave? I will have access to a fridge, but I am not sure about freezer for the ice packs...:shrug
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  • @llli*jesse21's Avatar
    August 2nd, 2015, 10:59 PM
    I am a first time mom to a six week old baby girl. I am a stay at home mom. My husband's company that he works for is taking families to an amusement park, but they do not want kids under the age of three years old to go. Not because of age, but it will be close to 100 degrees before heat index, so safety of kids. Anyway, they decided to change the date from next week Tuesday(8-11) to this Tuesday(8-4), problem is they sent out the mass email tonight and I have no milk supply saved up thinking that I still had a week to save up. Since I always have baby with me. I will be trying to pump an see if I can have enough saved, if I don't have enough milk saved which brand of formula is most like mom's milk to buy just in case. We will be away for baby from 8am-12am.
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  • @llli*twinmom68's Avatar
    July 30th, 2015, 09:52 AM
    Hi! This is my first post, and I am hoping I can receive some helpful feedback =). I'll try and provide as much information that would seem helpful with the advisement. I have 7 week old twins here, and am breast feeding. I WAS pumping in the middle of the night (for the next night) when the woke to feed at 1am and 5 am and feeding them breast milk in a bottle (this was so I could have some assistance from my fiance as with twins the process takes a lot longer, but recently they have slept until about 3am (down to one feeding in the night) so I am exclusively breast feeding now (lucky for my fiance lol). Breastfeeding has been going well initially, then had lots of pain a couple weeks into it (3 weeks or so), then it got better and now were back to pain. The twins each have their own breast (I was alternating them in the very beginning, and have also gone back to that at times when the pain is bad, but it made no difference). I *think* that one of the twins (feeds on my left breast) doesn't get her bottom lip flanged out far enough; it always seems to be tucked under. I have tried unlatching and re-latching NUMEROUS times on MANY occasions, with both baby and I becoming frustrated (and myself in pain). It feels like a stinging/burning pain during the entire feed. It definitely feels like the pain is being caused from her bottom lip/latch. I just don't know how to correct it. I have tried tucking it out, making sure her mouth is open wide (read all about it how to properly...
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