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  • @llli*mackeroo2013's Avatar
    August 24th, 2016, 02:08 PM
    Hi my daughter is 8 months old this week and still has not eaten solid food or pureed food. When she turned six months old I started to try pureed food with no luck since then I've been trying almost every day and all she does is spit it back out. I'm not too concerned about that since I know that it can be normal for babies to take longer to get used to new foods. I breastfeed her exclusively and I'm wondering am I enough since she seems to be fussier than normal. I'm nursing her every 2 hours and I pump one time overnight since she sleeps through the night . She doesn't have any teeth yet and I don't see any teeth coming in but my concern is her iron levels I heard that babies need iron after 6 months in age and they need it from food instead of mom. Am I understanding this correctly?
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  • @llli*bhacket4's Avatar
    August 23rd, 2016, 12:38 PM
    It's me again. Alright so as y'all know I almost got mastitis AGAIN roughly 2.5 weeks ago. I had already been dealing with sharp pains throughout the breast, red nips, and tinder nips. Roughly a day or so after the mastitis issue, baby started to get the mucus poops.. and by mucus I mean REALLY mucusy. Also, they stink (compared to what they use to be) and are explosive (which they have always been I feel like). Several days later, my OB put me on Diflucan and we've been doing a treatment for thrush even though baby shows no signs we were both being treated. I was treated for about a week and a half before baby started, but now we have him on Nystatin (per his PED). I stopped Diflucan yesterday as my 14 day supply was up. About 2 days ago, the sharp pains came back. They aren't as bad but around day 4-5 of taking the Diflucan.. they had almost completely went away, but I still had the red and tender nips. But the pain has came back in the last 2 days. Fast forward. PEDS wanted to do a stool sample, and has done 2 so far. Both have blood in them, so she wants me off dairy and soy to test that. She also has referred me to a GI specialist. I saw my OB today and she did a culture of my milk for both bacteria and yeast/fungus. She also put in a referral to have an ultrasound done and said if that doesn't look ok, then she wants me to get a mammogram. She then prescribed me another 14 day round of Diflucan. My question is, I have read so many bad things about it.....
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  • @llli*podutti's Avatar
    August 24th, 2016, 07:27 AM
    So today I think I have finally reached my limit with pumping :cry At this point I am not sure that the benefits of sending breast milk to daycare outweigh the negative impact this is having on me and my family. I am exhausted, exhausted from pumping, washing/cleaning pump parts, worrying about pumping enough milk, missing out on every coffee break and lunch break with my workmates. I have no patience anymore with my kids or DH. I should arrive home from work and spend time with my children, instead I am pumping to cover next days needs, panicking about scaling milk before it is too late, while my kids are begging me to interact with them. I wanted to make it to 12 months and then switch to cows milk but it is just not working. I wouldn't have made it this far without the invaluable advice I got on this forum so a big thank you for that.
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  • @llli*novila's Avatar
    August 27th, 2016, 01:29 AM
    I just started domperidone on the recommended dosage of 3 tabs 3x daily, and woke up in the middle of the night all of a sudden with a huge plug in one breast! Of course it is the breast that produces the most normally, and the milk there just gathered in this plugged area that I am desperately and v painfully trying to pump out now. It's like when I lay down, gravity has forced all the milk in the left breast to stop up at the very top of the breast near the collar bone. So is this because of the domP? I haven't actually noticed any increase in my supply yet, being on it for only a few days. I really don't want to stop taking it yet but wonder if something is wrong, since this specific problem has never happened where the milk gets plugged at the very TOP OF THE BREAST! Are domP users more prone to clogging, even when supply has not changed??
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  • @llli*jovadee's Avatar
    August 24th, 2016, 07:51 AM
    My 1 month old seems to be struggling passing gas sometimes during the day. His poop and pee output is fine, about 6-8 poops (yellow and loose) and 8-12 pees a day. At times he gets fussy and crys and starts kicking his legs and squirming while pushing and turning red in the face. Rocking him usually calms him but, Any advice on how to help him pass it? Any changes I should make in my diet? Thanks!
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  • @llli*venerye's Avatar
    August 26th, 2016, 01:41 PM
    My baby is 2 weeks old today. He passed his meconium pretty quickly and has been having yellow, seedy stools since day 4/5. He was having 3-4 quarter-size stools a day, then he had one day of a quarter size stool and one enormous blowout, and now it has been nearly 48 hours with no bowel movement at all. Plenty of wet diapers throughout all that time. I took him in for a weight check today to make sure he is gaining. 8/12 birth weight 8lb 2 oz 8/13 discharged 8lb 1 oz 8/15 ped office #1 8lb 0 oz 8/19 ped office #2 (different scale) 8lb 0 oz 8/26 ped office #1 (same scale as 8/15) 8lb 4.5 oz Two peds have seen him and commented that he has slight jaundice but not enough to warrant testing. All of my kids have had jaundice.
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  • @llli*bhacket4's Avatar
    August 26th, 2016, 03:15 PM
    I need a bottle that I could use with my son occasionally that is best for switching breast and bottle. Ideally a bottle that he has to work really hard at getting the milk, and it won't flow into his mouth. I've tried several and spent upwards of $100, and all these bottles stink. Any advice is appreciated!
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  • @llli*ramatae's Avatar
    August 27th, 2016, 12:12 PM
    Hello, all! I'm hoping someone might be able to provide some suggestions for our situation outlined below. My son is four months (20 weeks) old and has been exclusively breastfed since birth (born 7lbs, 7oz). He had been gaining weight steadily (an ounce per day) for the first 10 weeks, the next 6 weeks his growth slowed (2-3 ounces per week), there was no gain for the three weeks, and now this week he's losing weight (he started daycare and is refusing bottles). He has weighed 14lbs, 9oz for the past 4 weeks. When my son’s growth slowed, I began to wonder about milk transfer. What I’ve found through weight checks with an IBCLC and at home, is that he gets about a half of an ounce of milk each time my milk lets down. My milk tends to let down every five minutes after the initial let down when nursing. Swallowing during the initial let down lasts 30 seconds to a minute. In between let-downs, there is rarely swallowing going on. On the other hand, when I pump while away from baby, once I let down milk will spray for ten minutes and I can get one to three ounces per side in ten minutes, so I know I have enough supply. Consequently to the above, to get him 2 ounces at the breast, he must stay at the breast for at least 30 minutes (15 on each side), that is about how long it takes for me to let down four times. And of course, if he's hungrier than that, or if there are interruptions or he's distracted (often the case), the nursing “session” takes an hour or...
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  • @llli*karliek's Avatar
    August 27th, 2016, 03:29 PM
    Hi! I'm new to these forums - I just gave birth to my son 8/18 and so far besides some sore nipples the first few days, breastfeeding as been going well! The past couple days babe will fuss, I'll go to feed him and he'll instantly calm as my nipple touches his lip. He opens wide and latches for a few seconds then unlatches and keeps playing with his hands, starts to cry ect until I relatch. He'll do this 5 times or so until he's actually latched on good. My guess was maybe he's distracted by his hands and still learning? Either that or I noticed that my milk is coming out at a fast drip, maybe he's gotten a little lazy for lack of a better word and is enjoying a milk covered nipple, and not wanting to actually suck right away??? Any thoughts ladies?? Thank you!
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  • @llli*sweetbaby725's Avatar
    August 22nd, 2016, 05:57 AM
    Hello, I had 3 breast biopsies guided by MRI 3 weeks ago. My left breast had one, and my right breast had two. I'm still nursing my daughter and was told I could resume nursing within 48 hours after the biopsies. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to nurse at all on the right and had to wait 5 days for the left. The right still has brown blood, and one of the ducts is producing yellow milk. Only one stream is coming out my typical white breastmilk color I usually have on the right. I don't know what to do, and my breast surgeon has had me come in 5 times already with no help. I'm just weary about why one is yellow, and it's not blood tinged at all, just yellow milk. Thankfully everything was fine on the right breast, but I do have an intraductal papilloma on my left. Has anyone had that? They are telling me just to watch it instead of removing.
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  • @llli*mom2jesserfly's Avatar
    August 23rd, 2016, 03:14 PM
    I've been EBF my 5 month old son. We've worked on his latch with a LLL consultant at my local WIC department for a shallow latch. All was going well until he got a bit bigger. His suction is really strong and the bigger he gets, the stronger he's sucking. He's going through a growth spurt and it's killing me. He is cranky and wants to nurse all the time. He's waking 1-2 times at night now to nurse again. He has plenty of dirty and wet diapers along with weight gain, so I know he's getting enough. On top of that, he's been biting down on my nipples and thinks it's funny when I scream in pain. I dread when the tooth finally pokes through! What can I do? My nipples are so sore and I flinch when it's time for him to nurse again? :cry
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  • @llli*cdfazio's Avatar
    August 27th, 2016, 05:17 PM
    Hi all, new to breastfeeding and to the forum...I met with a LC a week ago because I was having latch problems with my newborn. She basically just gave me a nipple shield and then told me to ween him off it in about a week. I have not had any success getting my newborn (2 weeks old) to latch on without the use of the nipple shield. Although the nipple shield has been great, it did impact my milk supply and I had to increase my pumping to try and bring it back. Additionally, I've had some issue while feeding (both bottle and breast) where he sounds like he's choking on the milk and we have to stop and sit him upright. He even coughs and wheezes, which is really frightening. It interrupts the breastfeeding after we get into the right position and have to move him out of it. It almost sounds like he needs to clear his throat but can't. We purchased new bottles which are supposed to reduce the choking but not with much success. Anyone else have this issue...it's freaking me out. He is also still falling asleep rapidly at the breast and rarely can go more than 10 minutes before falling asleep no matter how we shake his hands, use cold compresses etc.., which means he naps for a bit then wants to eat again and creates a feeding process which takes upwards of an hour. We end up giving him a bottle a few times a day because we can't seem to get him to complete a full feeding even with the nipple shield. Should I be worried about the choking sounds? What can I do to...
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  • @llli*mobaby's Avatar
    August 26th, 2016, 02:49 PM
    This is kind of long and I am sorry!! My DS was born via c section at 36 weeks on aug 3rd. He had some breathing issues which landed him into the NICU for 8 days. Meanwhile he had cpap, oxygen, a feeding tube and IV. Slowly weaned off everything and I was providing expressed milk (pumping 10 x in 24 hours). He finally started taking all by bottle and not spitting up. I expressed a desire to breastfeed several times but the response I got was you can do it 1-2 feeding per day only but he has to get the bottle afterwards so we can know how much he is getting. I was extremely frustrated because once he was discharged we had no breastfeeding established, only bottle. No one even to help me figure things out. I know he can drink from the bottle well and he actually has always latches very well. (which I am sick of the bottle because others think it is a game to see who can feed the fastest and they don't understand the faster he takes the bottle the more of a hinderance it is for me to BF). He is not an efficient eater yet and is still very lazy and it takes a long time to feed. And I am still having to pump after every feeding and supplement with expressed milk. We saw lactation consultant (not sure is IBCLC) a few days after discharge and basically I was told when he was closer to his full term age he would be able to do better and I could go "cold turkey." I wasn't comfortable with that so yesterday I went to IBCLC appt (90 minutes) and he nursed, 15 mins per side, and...
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  • @llli*tararg's Avatar
    August 25th, 2016, 08:49 PM
    Hi there So I've had a rough go of breastfeeding. I was induced followed by an emergency c section. I had no milk but tried. We were able to breastfeed but I've been having to supplement with formula. He was born at 8.1. Dropped to 7.1 after a week of mainly breastfeeding. Now with supplementing he is 7.13. We breast feed on each breast and we finish by offering formula as per our pediatrician a suggestion. Most often he's eating a full 4 oz of formula after breastfeeding. At this point I can't stop Supplanting as he still hasn't gained enough weight. But when he's feeding I don't hEar many swallows. He mainly Just sucks. I'm on motillium to help and when I squeeze to express there seems to be a lot (I've never felt a let down or Anything). I eat super well and drink tons of water. He hates pacifiers ironically considering he Would suck on the breast for hours if I would let him.
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  • @llli*lraquel's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:50 AM
    Hi all, I need some advice about my breastfeeding. My baby girl is 9 months old today. She was EBF until 6 months (I pumped when I was at work, and BF directly when I was at home). and then she started solids with a passion! She loves everything. Her favorites are yogurt, avocado and bread. From 6 to 9 mo. I was BF 4x per day (7am, 12pm, 4pm and 7pm). The first 6 months she gain weight steadily and was >80% at every visit. Here's my concern/dilemma. For the last few days she's on an nursing strike. She's been teething (top 4 teeth all at once!) and last week she bit me a couple of times and after that I stopped the BF session. But the next feeding she wouldn't want any. And now she cries when I offer my breast! :cry I decided to pump until she wants to get back to BF, but it's been so sad to see my milk output! I pump between 10-15 oz TOTAL everyday! I know her BF sessions have been decreasing on time steadily since around 6 months. She used to nurse for 30 minutes, 15 minutes each side and lately sometimes she takes each side for 5 minutes and she's done. So I'm not surprised my output has decreased. But now I'm worried I have been undernourishing her. I haven't supplemented at all with formula. So, here's my question: If I keep on pumping I think I can increase my supply to what it used to be (I used to pump 4-5 oz per session 3x day some months ago) or
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  • @llli*canadianemily's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:41 PM
    Hi all, I would really like to have another baby soon, and my cycle returned when my son was 18 months. It seems regular now, and I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating. My problem is I'm almost too afraid to try for fear that I can't work out the logistics of sleep with a new baby and toddler. I have bedshared with my son since he was born. He has only ever fallen asleep nursing at night. He still wakes frequently in the night. On a good night, he'll sleep until somewhere between 3am and 5am, and then wake every hour or so until 7 or 8 when he's up for the day. On a bad day, he can be up every hour or two all night. When he was born, and for the first six months, he woke up every hour all night. It then gradually got better over time until where we are now. Though I hope it will be different, I don't expect that sleep pattern to be different with a new baby. I just can't imagine having two children who are waking constantly and on different schedules. This is the nightmare playing in my head: I move my older one into his own room while I'm pregnant, but continue to night nurse and end up in his room most nights. New baby arrives, and I start bedsharing with that one, but still need to go to my toddler when he wakes up, but I have to take the baby with me because he's crying because I moved and tried to leave. I have no idea what I could do at this point that would result in anyone going back to sleep. I have to assume I'm alone and my husband isn't available. He is...
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  • @llli*n.lea's Avatar
    Today, 12:01 AM
    My son is 9 weeks and for the last month has been steadily increasing his nighttime sleep lengths. He now sometimes will sleep for an entire 7 hour stretch (though it's usually more like 5 hours). By the time he wakes for his first night feed I am so full it's almost painful. When he does his first feed he eats for 5 to 10 minutes on one side and then falls back asleep. I'm not even sure if he's emptying the breast he feeds on. When he wakes up 2 or 3 hours later for his second night feed I'm torn between giving him the same breast he fed from last feed to make sure it gets "emptied" or giving him the breast he ignored as by this point I'm pretty sure I could knock someone out if I hit them on the head with it. My two worries with this situation are: 1. Will my supply be affected by going so long without "emptying"? He feeds a lot during the day, every 1 to 2 hours on average. He also tends to cluster feed like a madman in the few hours leading up to bedtime, tanking up for the ling sleep I assume. 2. I worry that he's getting too much foremilk in the night feeds, since they are so very full when he first feeds from them. I think this might be the case because, after the first long sleep it tends to go something like this: wake up hungry after 2-3 hours, feed, sleep; and then wake up hungry every 1-2 hours after that to feed, sleep or possibly be kept awake by massive gastric distress culminating in intense wind and/or explosive, sometimes frothy, poops.
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  • @llli*n.lea's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:16 PM
    Starting at 8 weeks my lo also began to sometimes object to the cross hold position, preferring the football hold sometimes. I was assured that, since he otherwise appeared in good health, that nothing was wrong and he just wanted to change things up. So it's totally normal for babies to object sometimes to a hold or even a breast every now and then. As for your baby arching away sometimes, it's also normal and if she's not crying as she does it or showing signs of pain then she's fine and you aren't doing anything wrong. I do agree with the pp that she should be held for longer than 5 minutes and in different positions. While babies are delicate, they tend to be a bit sturdier than I think a lot of first time parents think they are. As with the nursing hold, perhaps she just wants some variety in how she's held. Do you give her much tummy time? Maybe she's trying to exercise her neck muscles by arching. Something my lo loves is to lay on me, chest to chest, as I recline. He'll push himself up and look around. It's tummy time while holding him, best of both worlds.
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  • @llli*novila's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:21 PM
    hi mommal, about 3 months ago, the babe was at a routine checkup and doc said she was underweight and in the 25th percentile. After initial shock wore off I discovered she'd been truly asleep at the breast while "sleep-suckling" where she moved her mouth but wasn't really drinking. This may or may not have been the cause of my low milk supply, but once I realized this I started supplementing with formula on doc's recommendation and pumping like crazy to up my supply. With the help of LC's in my area, I started pumping after babe's meals, power pumping, back to night pumping, and of course stressing out. At the end of this stressful time with no increase (approx 1 month), I then started fenugreek and blessed thistle (LC advice) and continued doing sporadic pumping, mostly after meals. After being on these several weeks, LCs confirmed herbs were not helping and since pumping did not seem to help either, I could also try Golacta. But once I checked the price on that I privately declined the offer, stopped stressing out and instead bought the book "Mother Food" which outlines all manner of galactagogues and diet advice for low supply. Since this I've tried brewer's yeast, oatmeal, flax, lactation cookies including those ingredients, malted beverage, green drinks with wheatgrass and recently am trying sesame seeds, more malted stuff and barley (soon will try). I know others have had lots of success with these but so far I am not having any luck after changing my diet...
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  • @llli*lllkaren's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:49 AM
    My primary source for complementary feeding info is the World Health Organization's Infant and young child feeding: Model Chapter for textbooks for medical students and allied health professionals, pages 19–28. It recommends starting to offer animal-source foods like meat, fish, and poultry at 6 months, along with other iron-fortified foods ("Average iron intakes in infants in industrialized countries would fall well short of recommended intake if iron-fortified products were not widely available"). My suggestion would be to talk to your baby's doctor about whether iron or other vitamin/mineral supplements would be warranted at this point. I agree with mommal and maddieb -- unless your baby is not gaining enough weight, there's really no reason to start giving her formula. A vitamin/mineral supplement would do just as well at filling any nutritional gaps but without replacing breast milk, which has a lot of important components that aren't found in formula.
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  • @llli*kmrs's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:10 AM
    I wanted to update for rogi2430. Supply is fine! It definitely picked up as time went on. I know they say its not related, but I wonder if it was stress and lack of sleep, plus I was sick the week before. I work 7.5 hrs a day 5 days a week and have almost an hour drive so I pump 3 times while at work. I try to do 20 mins 3 hours after he last ate, 20 mins over lunch (usually about 3 hrs from prior), and then a quick 10 min pump 2 hrs later. Then I feed him when I get home about 2 hrs after. I nurse him as much as possible in the evenings and I think that has not only made a sufficient supply, but more than enough. Ive thought aboit cutting the last pump session but it makes it so I have enough for an extra bottle the next day in case I get help up at work or stuck in traffic. Then I always have an extra to freeze when its not needed the day before. Have you started back at work? I hope everything goes well for you. Its so tough and I feel for you, but it only took about 2 weeks for us to get adjusted. I know everything here is different for every person but I hope some of this helps you.
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  • @llli*mobaby's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:56 AM
    Thank you for your detailed response!! Very helpful. I'm replying but probably not in order because I'm on my phone so typing from memory :) - pumping to establish supply is NO JOKE!! Getting my supply has been a "goal" since with my first son it tanked due to latch and palate issues and no matter what we tried (and worked closely with ibclc) it just keep tanking so I've been determined. He was undiagnosed until 10-12 weeks despite several lactation appts. Hoping this work continues. I'd like to make it to a min of 6 months but a year would be optimal. -I just mentioned to hubs this morning we should do the expressed milk BEFORE nursing because I feel like he cries sometimes after because baby is used to finishing with a bottle. If we can reverse the cycle he may not cry after. And maybe reducing to 15 mL before nursing and see if he's satisfied. -I would like to nurse more frequently as he is still feeding 9-10 times and getting the expressed milk but if we can nurse for more sessions I can ditch this pump (for the most part- I go back to work In 8.5 weeks :() and have some time to do other things and be able to nurse on the go. I would be fine nursing him all day long and pumping a few times per day, for work stash (although I have 5-7 days stored already) and to ensure I'm drained. -I was able to successfully nurse 2 sessions yesterday without any expressed milk following. Yay! -it's good to know my supply shouldn't tank if I keep nursing him on demand and not...
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  • @llli*mommal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:49 AM
    :ita I think it's really instructive to try to get into the head of a newborn baby. A newborn is born with the instinct to latch onto things that look and smell a certain way. That is pretty much all he knows. He needs time to figure out that the hungry feeling in his tummy can be soothed by the act of latching on and feeding, and that it works the same way every time. Some babies do get a bit distracted by their hands, or will use their hands to lever themselves off the breast- they have no idea that pushing away from the breast or trying to suck on a knuckle is counterproductive to the goal of fixing that hungry feeling inside, or that it's driving mom a bit bonkers! MaddieB suggested the "hug the breast" position for his hands. If that seems helpful but doesn't always work because little hands can go flying everywhere, it might help to try swaddling baby before you feed him- who knows, maybe that will help him focus a bit better.
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  • @llli*mommal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:34 AM
    :ita with MaddieB. I would encourage you to do just one additional thing: try to get a video of the wheezing/coughing/choking to show to the LC and the pediatrician, if neither of those people has seen one of these episodes themselves. As MaddieB said, most of the time wheezing and coughing and appearing to choke is a result of fast milk flow. That was certainly the case with my second baby, who often made noises like a creaky screen door or gagged and coughed all the time when the flow was too fast for her. But occasionally there is something else going on, and it's a good idea to share that with your healthcare professionals.
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  • @llli*mommal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:30 AM
    Do you want to give us the rundown on your situation, and on what you have tried to increase supply? Maybe we can help. :)
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  • @llli*n.lea's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:43 AM
    I had a similar problem, but only on one side. My nipple didn't become erect easily and when it did it was overall larger than the other one but oddly shaped and I think it was too large for my baby to get a good latch on it, which led to pain and both of us favoring the "good" side, which lead to uneven supply. It was a very trying first month is what I'm getting at. I nearly gave up several times, there were many tears. Honestly, what got us through it was sheer stubbornness on my part and my son's mouth growing to better fit the nipple on his part. Plus both of us working on getting a good latch. It was a learning experience for us both. I want to say that it WILL get better. I know I didn't believe the people that said things like that in the forums I lurked in trying to find answers, but it's honestly true. I did also pump to help bring out the nipple, which did helped a little, but I found too much to bother with. I did find that pinching the nipple helped bring it up a little, but that might not work for you. What honestly worked the most for the both of us was changing the position we nursed in. I had started with the standard cross hold, which worked wonderfully for the "normal" side but was hell on both of us on the flat side. We found that the football hold worked miracles for us. He got a better latch coming at the nipple from that angle and it therefore hurt less while he nursed. After a good few weeks of him getting a solid latch I found that the...
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