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  • @llli*mommatocomma's Avatar
    August 26th, 2014, 09:58 PM
    My daughter is about 5 1/2 months old and has been a relatively good sleeper-nothing earth shattering but we usually have managed a dream feed and then 1 wake up at some point in the night, and on some occasions she has slept right through after her dream feed. But For the last 3 nights she has basically woken every 2hrs screaming for food, which she takes and then goes back to sleep until the next screaming. She has been feeding a bit less in the day, but in total is feeding for a good hour and a half longer per 24hr period than she was a few weeks back. I am EBF her (no pumping, all from breast) and I really don't want to give her a bottle of pumped milk or formula but this pattern is starting to kill me, I am just so tired. She also is a really bad napper so I can't catch up with sleep in the day. Not started solids yet (sticking to advice to wait til 6 months) and we don't cosleep (not for me)- she is in a cot next to the bed. I guess it's probably a growth spurt? I have read every forum/bf advice page out there (plenty of time on my hands while she feeds) but wondered if I am missing something....? And kind of seeking moral support that it is worth keeping this up. Can anyone help?
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  • @llli*stephanie4pm's Avatar
    August 29th, 2014, 08:36 PM
    I am a first time mom, I got to stay home with my LO until he was 3 months old hes now 4 months old. I've been back at school for almost a month now, and some how I've managed to stay afloat with BF. My son is growing rapidly and my milk supply seems to be diminishing. I had to throw out over a gallon of milk I had pumped in preparation to return to school when I was told the fenugreek I was taking was causing my son problems. After stopping taking the fenugreek the problems stopped. So I tragically had to dump most of my supply. At my school the only place I have to pump is in the employee bathroom once a day if I am lucky with no chair or table. My mom bought me organic rice cereal she thinks is ok to start giving him because he seems to be hungry more often for more then 4oz at a time, my doctor told me between 4 and 6 months was ok to start introducing him to foods. I am having a very emotional feeling about giving him anything but breast milk until he is 6 months old. I can't even wrap my head around the possibility of having to give him formula. I feed him at 6:00am from one side and pump the other I'm only getting 4oz while I am gone from 7:30am until 5:30 pm I barely even have time to drink. What do I do??? This is killing me and my supply just keeps getting smaller because I can't keep up.
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  • @llli*rosesmum's Avatar
    August 26th, 2014, 04:42 PM
    When I nurse on my right side I get this sharp pain in the inside of my breast (area between my nipple and sternum). When she is not nursing the area is still sore, but more of an ache. It is functioning well and matches the output on my left breast, which doesn't hurt (3-4oz per breast per 15 min pump session) Do you know what this is and how to fix it? (I am a FTM and baby is 1 month- this has been going on since I started breastfeeding.)
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  • @llli*runbabyrun's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:10 PM
    This is the second thread I've started here. The first one was about dealing with cracked nipples (one far worse than the other). I went to see a Lactation Counselor who said there was nothing wrong with my latch and no tongue tie. She suspected that the nipple shield I was using was too small still (in the hospital they had given me the smaller size and I ended up with blisters). I went up another size in the shield along with getting a prescription for Dr. Jack Newman's nipple cream and things seemed to be getting much better. I started noticing that my nipple was white shortly after the baby finished. I also noticed that if I got cold, i.e. my nipples were hard, they would hurt. The pain started shortly after feeding and would last for awhile. at first it was just a minor discomfort, now it is getting to the point where I am in a lot of pain. It does not hurt to nurse, but the pain starts shortly after he is done. It is extremely painful if he comes back to the breast shortly after nursing (like if he falls asleep then wakes up again in 15 or 20 minutes). I started googling and came across nipple vasoplasm. It said it can be caused by trauma to the nipple and may continue after the source of the problem is fixed. I have tried a number of the suggestions I found online, olive oil, keeping them warm, etc. but am still experiencing pain. I am beyond frustrated. LO is 4 weeks old now and I have been in pain pretty much the entire time. I just started...
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  • @llli*jtmmh's Avatar
    August 27th, 2014, 10:23 AM
    So I know everyone wants to lose their baby weight- but what happens when it happens super quick??? I am currently breastfeeding an 8 month old and pumping once for donor milk. I weighed myself last night and realized I had lost FIVE POUNDS IN ONE MONTH! Now below prepregnancy weight. It's got me really worried. Can breastfeeding cause your weight to plummet like that? Other factors involved- I just started a new job, due to involvement in getting a classroom ready, so I've skipped meals. I also picked up a pump session at night to donate milk to a local family. I am not exhausted- have a great energy level and eat a reasonable fruit and veggie full diet. I know I'm just being crazy and paranoid- but could all that and breastfeeding cause me to lose five lbs in a month?? I'm afraid it could be something scary causing my weight to plummet!!!! Any advice to keep weight on?
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  • @llli*filmmommy's Avatar
    August 31st, 2014, 07:20 AM
    Does anyone have experience comparing both Hygeia (I guess the Enjoye, but any) and the Medela PISA pump? My insurance only covered the Ameda Purely Yours, which I used pumping at work for my first child. I got the free one just to have as a backup, but have noticed I'm not getting much when pumping with it. I may have responded better or did not know any better with the first! I decided I'm going to have to shell out the money to buy one, because I've already had mastitis 2x (not needing antibiotics) in my LO's first 2 months of life. I tried my friend's PISA and it pumped about the same as the Ameda. I had used a hospital grade pump recently and got a lot, even after a feed. I've heard the Hygeia can compare to a hospital grade with output, but don't want to shell out the extra money if it's not as great as I read online. If you haven't compared both, then opinions on either would help me. I have to drive an hour away to the nursing store in DC this week anyway and I think they sell them.
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  • @llli*kimb14's Avatar
    August 29th, 2014, 06:46 AM
    My LO is 6 weeks old, and we have struggled to develop a good breastfeeding relationship. We have been supplementing with formula because of weight gain/supply issues. My breasts started to feel more full and she seemed to get into a good rhythm of lots of good swallowing (at least on one breast). But I have found that it's not consistent, and there will be feeds when she takes one swallow and then sucks a little and there are long pauses. I try to do breast compressions, but that doesn't seem to get her going. I worry that if she isn't draining the breast well, that will hurt my supply and I worry that she isn't getting enough milk. I'm not sure what to do.
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  • @llli*erikab922's Avatar
    August 30th, 2014, 10:15 AM
    My son is 3.5 weeks old and typically cluster feeds from 9pm-midnight. Yesterday it lasted a bit longer, from about 7pm-midnight. I put him down at 12.15am and he slept straight through to 5.15am, and that's the first time he's gone more than 3 hours without waking to feed. Needless to say my breasts were both feeling incredibly full. I offered him my left breast and he ate for 15-20 minutes and wouldn't accept my right side. I put him back to sleep and he woke again at 7.30am. So my right breast went around 7 and a half hours without being nursed on, and I'm wondering if this will have any impact on supply on that side, bearing in mind he was nursing on and off of it for the better part of nearly five hours before then. I have to say I am finding the amount of information about BFing mind-boggling and often very confusing, it's much more than just 'pop them on for a feed'! From what I read it seems like if my son isn't feeding every 2-3 hours then my supply is going to tank. He eats a lot but it doesn't seem to be at regular intervals, just whenever he wants it.
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  • @llli*momto3now's Avatar
    August 30th, 2014, 03:57 AM
    This is baby #3 and bf baby #2, I've never been in this much pain and am close to my breaking point. Baby is 8 days old, I have double d's and baby is 8lbs. Every latch is extremely pain but the pain goes down after milk is flowing. I have inverted nipples and one is a little more out than the other. Both have sores, cracks and a oozing sore that looks like a straight line on the top part of my nipple (which is white after each feeding and turn yellow and oozy shortly after) one side is worse than the other and I'm literally crying at each feeding and tensing up! I was told our latch is fine but something has to be wrong. :( please help close to giving up
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  • @llli*kamy04's Avatar
    August 31st, 2014, 09:41 AM
    I just posted the other day, but now I have more questions.;) My DS has been EBF since birth. He is now 13 weeks tomorrow, 8 adjusted. He was a 35 weeker with no NICU. A slight tongue tie that was snipped at 8 days. For the first six weeks he rejected my left breast. The nipple is bigger and shaped differently and he could not latch. For those six weeks, I fed on the right and pumped the left. The left also seems to make less milk (1/3 of my right when pumping) and it takes longer to get a let down. At six weeks I tried a nipple shield only on the left and success! I have never switched sides during a feeding. I feed on the left 2x per day and the right the rest (6-8x). I pump the left in the morning upon waking while feeding on the right.
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  • @llli*alicoll's Avatar
    August 27th, 2014, 12:21 PM
    I just returned to work this week. I was EBF and now I'm pumping at work. I have known from the start that I'm not an effective pumper, so I knew I was going to have to supplement whatever milk I was able to pump at work with formula while LO is at daycare. However, now I'm afraid that my milk supply is decreasing because I'm not expressing as much milk as LO does when she nurses. I'm pumping at work 3 times (in about 7 hours) and I only get about 6 ounces. This morning I had my first pumping session and I was only able to pump a little over 2 oz (usually my first pump is my largest). I really don't want to give up BF. Am I worrying over nothing? Or is this something that typically happens to moms who aren't good pumpers? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm using the Medela Pump in Style.
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  • @llli*elliebelle's Avatar
    August 30th, 2014, 04:28 PM
    I have soreness/pain on the right side of my right breast, in between the nipple and the armpit. It has been there for about 3 days now, and no amount of nursing/pumping/massaging seems to help. It it a consistent pain, and I'm not sure how to fix it. Is this a plugged duct? Also, on an unrelated note, my pediatrician does not recommend that I take my migraine prescription (fioricet) while nursing. My prescribing doc does not have any alternatives, and recommends excedrin (which upsets my stomach). Are there any nursing moms out there who are able to take any migraine prescriptions? I'm very nervous relying on just tylenol/advil for the next 10 months!!
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  • @llli*erin.in.middletown's Avatar
    August 29th, 2014, 11:27 AM
    Hello, all! I have a six month old, and all is going well with breastfeeding. We started solids this week, and are going the baby led route, and very gradually. I am seeking any advice regarding plans to start to exercise, specifically, starting to run. I believe I read somewhere that exercise can change the taste of breastmilk, and that this can be frustrating to some babies. Is this true? Is there any potential that this would impact my supply, and if so, how do I prevent this? Is there anything specific I should change or add to my diet, to support breastfeeding while adding this extra activity, other than just eating more and drinking more, when I'm hungry? (If it helps, I returned to pre pregnancy weight pretty quickly, maybe four weeks or so after birth, and am now maybe 3 or 4 pounds under pre preg weight, but still within a normal range, but haven't been doing any deliberate 'exercise'- but I do have a baby who likes to be held, and likes me to be moving when doing so!) (If this is the wrong place to post this question, where should it be?)
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  • @llli*diymom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:25 AM
    I am 5 days in with baby number 2. I have IGT, or hypoplasia, and am monitoring things very closely. I was unable to EBF my first son and did tons of research to improve my chances this time around. I am really excited to say after lots of hard work, gross lactenogenic foods and galactagogues I have been preparing a and taking for a better lactation experience, that I have become engorged to the point where it feels I have much more breast glands and a greater potential to possibly EBF. Now, however, that my milk has come in my son is exhausted from the feedings and just seems to want to sleep. He can't even drain one breast and I am very concerned he won't remove enough milk to keep my supply as high as possible. I want to drain as much milk as possible and establish the highest amount of prolactin receptors that I can and I was wondering how to get this supply out. I know I could pump, but I thought there may be something else I could do to try to keep him awake...though I think he may just be too full. The hospital. Grade pump rental place will be open Tuesday. On another note, I am concerned about his bowel movements...he didn't poop at all yesterday, but th e day before he had one massive lighter brown stool. His wet diapers are about 6 a day now. I watch him transfer a lot of milk now, and I don't know why he hasn't been pooping. Could this also be why he is so tired ? Trying to get the max lactation capability possible is my goal right now, hope someone has...
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  • @llli*mummymarie's Avatar
    August 29th, 2014, 01:17 AM
    Hi everyone, recently my 5 ½ month old son has started sleeping for 8 hour stretches most nights before waking to feed around 4 or 5 in the morning. This is obviously great, I have so much more energy now that I'm getting consecutive, unbroken sleep. BUT... when my son was about 3 months we had problems with weight gain and low milk supply and had to supplement for a while. We phased out the supplements when he was 4 months. Whilst he is still very slender (71 cm and 6,89 kg) he is gaining weight as he should just on breastmilk. Now that he is sleeping for so long at night, I worry that my milk supply will drop again. Should I pump before I go to bed around 22/23? Or trust that my body and my son will work things out between them? I should say he is already getting some solids, just for tasters, but no substantial amounts yet. Thanks for any advice!
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  • @llli*kamy04's Avatar
    August 27th, 2014, 12:13 PM
    Backstory is rather long. DS2 was born at 35w3d. He was 4lbs15oz, so pretty small. His sugars were borderline so he got 2 small bottles of formula, but has been EBF since. I did a lot of pumping at first. He had no NICU. Bf has been challenging. He had a mild tongue tie that was snipped at 8 days. He flat out refused my left breast until 6 weeks when I got a nipple shield (my nipple is shaped funky I think. Ds1 didn't like it either.). My left is very much an underproducer despite power pumping/upping feedings. I've just accepted that. My right side seems to have oversupply or a fast letdown. He may have some reflux, too, but pedi isn't sure. He seems satisfied with 3.25oz of ebm.
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  • @llli*dragonfly1720's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:55 PM
    This is probably a far fetched scenario but for some reason it is making me anxious so I just need some reassurance... My little one pooped in her car seat the other day and I took off the cover to wash and found out that I couldn't wash the straps in the washer...I had to hand wash them. So I did so with some baby detergent and water. The kicker was...I wasn't thinking and my husband washed chicken in the sink before I used it. I got some wash cloths wet (3 separate times) under the running water and wrung them out in the same sink. He said he wiped the sink out with some store brand disinfectant wipes. My fear is that I somehow got bacteria from the chicken on the washcloths when wringing them out and in turn got it on the car seat straps. Then I worry that if I put her in the car seat she will get the bacteria on her and if we go to breast she will get it on me and if I pump her milk will get bacteria in it. I don't know how long bacteria from chicken live on surfaces. Or if it is even possible for it to make it into my pumped milk. Just nervous. So I apologize in advance for this sounding crazy. I am scared of getting her sick.
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  • @llli*rowdybliss's Avatar
    August 30th, 2014, 11:25 AM
    Hello, this is my first time posting. My twins were born at 32 w 4 days and are now 6 weeks old, 38 w 6 d adjusted. For the past 6 weeks I have been giving them exclusively expressed breast milk. I was able to produce a very large supply, much more than they need. They last time I did a 24 hour tally I made 85 oz. They are taking somewhere in the 32 oz range now, but probably more. I don't know anymore because now they are nursing well at the breast with a nipple shield and with the exception of a bottle with their vitamins, I have successfully weaned them off of the bottle. Now I would like to wean myself off of the pump but I am nervous about letting my supply drop. My concern is that it won't come back up when it needs to. Anyone have a similar experience and was able to drastically drop your supply down and have it still meet the needs of your growing baby? Also, my other concrrn is that my supply is so big, I worry that they are not getting enough hind milk before I get engorged and have to pump. When I get engorged I get at least 4 oz of fore milk from each breast and they are not taking in that much yet. I have considered pumping before I nurse, although challenging when confronted with a hungry baby or two. Also the more I pump, the longer I will have to continue to pump and I would so love to be free of the pump all together! Can anyone she'd some light on how they addressed these issues?
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  • @llli*sweeetp0812's Avatar
    August 27th, 2014, 04:46 AM
    hi all, i am bf my 2 week old baby, and i don't have enough milk supply to pump, however, i do have a very forceful let down. my little one chokes every time i try to feed him. i've tried different holds, but i just don't know what else i can do. any suggestions are appreciated.
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  • @llli*hippie1220's Avatar
    August 26th, 2014, 09:08 PM
    Hi ladies, Hoping to get some help here. I am 19 weeks pregnant and also have a 2 year old who still loves his "milk time". We nurse in the morning, before and after nap (and somewhat to sleep) and at bedtime (again, somewhat to help sleep). I have always had a low milk supply and I am quite certain there really is no milk at this stage but he still wants to chomp away - I say that because it is getting really painful. I know he really isn't ready but I'm facing a couple problems: 1) Like I said it's getting quite painful and I am also getting frustrated with his need for nursing to sleep - he used to fall asleep quite well on his own but due to an overseas trip for most of the summer and my not wanting him to cry he's sort of reverted back to needing a lot of cuddling/nursing time to fall asleep or fall mostly asleep. When we nurse before nap/bedtime he spends a lot of time squirming around, sometimes hitting a bit too much on my pregnant belly and digging in my belly button which I imagine will also be more painful quite soon. I do'nt mind the morning or bedtime (pre-story) nursing or even another session during the day - I'm mostly getting frustrated with being a punching bag of sorts at naptime. 2) Because of my low milk supply I had to take herbs with my son for the first few months (he gained a LOT of weight that way). I am nervous that with this next child I may have to do the same and I want to make sure the baby gets what he/she needs and not worry...
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  • @llli*fibaby2014's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:47 AM
    Hi ladies! I've never taken fenugreek to increase supply and was wondering if it actually worked? Is 11 months into nursing too late to see a difference? I had a supply drop after a breast biopsy and pumping exclusively for a few days. Is there a particular brand anyone recommends? Thanks in advance for any advice
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  • @llli*filmmommy's Avatar
    Today, 07:42 AM
    I have a very mild soreness in one breast that I've had for a few days. Like some post-mastitis lumps I had a few months ago, I've been massaging it thinking it was a plugged duct, but I'm thinking the massaging is just making it more sore (the lumps got worse until I left them alone, then they went away). I have no bump or lump, no milk build-up or engorgement. Baby appears to be emptying the breast regularly, and I've pumped a few times when he wasn't interested in nursing. It felt empty, but I have heavy breasts so it's hard to tell. But I've read here and online that you can have a plugged duct without those things occurring, though, so I'm confused how you'd know. I'm starting to lean against it being a plugged duct. It's at the very base of the breast, almost at the bone. According to diagrams I saw online it seems unlikely there is a milk duct there, but they are not great diagrams and I can't quite pinpoint the soreness.
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  • @llli*randi.potos's Avatar
    August 27th, 2014, 02:12 PM
    This is my first time posting but I am in need of some solid advice. My daughter is almost 13 weeks old and exclusively breastfed. She has never used a bottle or any other device (paci, etc). I am currently not working, but will have to go back when she is 6 months. I'm lucky to have had such a large chunk of time off to get to know my new little one and develop a good breastfeeding relationship, however going back will be difficult if I cannot get her to accept a bottle. I have an electronic pump and have tried on several occasions to pump and offer breast milk via bottle to no avail. She's refused a bottle every time I've tried. She will purse her lips tight, turn her head away, push the bottle nipple out of her mouth with her tongue, gag or cry excessively. I tried introducing a bottle as early as 2 weeks but was advised by a lactation consultant to wait until at least 6 weeks for my supply to come in. She didn't accept the bottle then anyway. I did try again at 6 weeks with just as much difficulty, then once again around 10 weeks, same thing. Any advice on how to have her accept a bottle willingly and happily? I do not want to bottle feed exclusively, but I will need her to accept a bottle from others when I go back to work part-time. :confused:
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  • @llli*dids.mum's Avatar
    August 28th, 2014, 10:04 AM
    Hi all Just interested to hear from some experienced mums about nursing my 16 month old. How much would a toddler this age usually nurse? I feed on demand at night but in the day try to limit nursing to first thing in the morning and then once or twice before bed. She wakes 1-3 times in the night and usually won't go back to sleep without a full feed (both sides). She would feed more in the day if she could and I have allowed her to recently as she has been upset because of teething (I think). Thanks for any tips/advice :)
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  • @llli*holly567's Avatar
    August 28th, 2014, 09:22 AM
    Hi, any advice for weaning a toddler? I am not sure how to as my son still wants to nurse often (4+ times per day). I am starting to feel very drained physically and emotionally and I am ready to stop nursing. I am also still getting up to nurse during the night often (2 times on average) to get him back to sleep. I can't function at work anymore. Thanks!
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  • @llli*aurealuna's Avatar
    Today, 01:43 AM
    I have been trying to wean my 18 month old gradually for the past several months. I live in Germany, and a few family members and acquaintances here have suggester going "cold turkey" by taking an extended weekend vacation and leaving the child with the father for 3-4 days. They claim that when one returns, the milk has mostly dried up and the child has gotten out of the habit. For example, my boyfriend's mother says she weaned his sister that way when she was a little over a year old. Do you think this really works? And, if it does work, is it ok to do this or would it cause a lot of emotional trauma? I feel uneasy about it and was shocked the first time I heard it, but the sleepless nights are making her father and I consider it. I have never been away an entire night from my child. Her personality is pretty independent and outgoing, and she loves playing with papa, but still... of course it's mama she wants when she is hurt or tired! :) Currently, I have reduced her nursings to 3 times per day: morning, afternoon after day care, and nighttime before bed. For a while she was content with this, but lately she throws horrible tantrums in the night when I say "no," and no one is getting any sleep. However, I won't go back to the way it was before when she was still nursing on demand during the night (or day). Around the time she turned a year old, the "on demand" nursing had started making me really unhappy. Changing over to the 3-times-a-day was really nice because we...
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