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  • @llli*jazztpt's Avatar
    October 16th, 2014, 04:11 PM
    We're trying to figure out what is going on with our otherwise healthy & happy 4-week-old son. At less than one week, our pediatrician told us he was worried about his weight and that we should supplement with formula after breastfeeding. We did so reluctantly (and at first only at night), and this trend has continued so that now after breastfeeding he often cries for food. It seems that I am not able to create enough milk for him, so I'm taking fenugreek, blessed thistle, moringa, and might start a drug called domperidone (recommend by LCs in our area). What we're trying to understand is what is going on with breastfeeding and why our son falls asleep so quickly at the breast. (And hopefully what we can do about it.) He will often either wriggle as if frustrated or fall asleep about 5 minutes in. Then he either screams for food or sleeps for five minutes and then screams for food. Our son has an incredibly strong suck and a small mouth, and breastfeeding has been extremely painful for me until a few days ago. Perhaps the pain prevented my milk from letting down? I pump after almost every feeding (to try to build my supply), so I know that he is not draining the breast. Will he grow out of this? What can we do?
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  • @llli*ciantarah's Avatar
    October 18th, 2014, 09:05 PM
    Hi there, I am beyond frustrated right now. This is going to be a really long post and I apologize. There are just so many things happening as far as feeding my LO is concerned, and I don't know how to sort them out. My LO is 7 weeks old tomorrow. The good news is that she seems quite healthy and happy and has been gaining really, really well. Her doctor says she looks great. However, last Sunday there was blood in her stool. Needless to say, I called to talk to an advice nurse. While waiting for a callback, I researched and found info on oversupply and milk protein intolerance. Nurse I talked to totally dismissed the oversupply idea and said, "give up dairy and see a doctor tomorrow." So I did. Monday we saw a nurse practitioner at the pediatric clinic. She also dismissed the oversupply idea so I have continued to be dairy free since then. I also returned to work Monday and am now pumping so my husband, who is a stay at home dad, can feed her while I'm gone. I get about 20 ounces a day pumping 3 times while at work.
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  • @llli*hayashi's Avatar
    October 17th, 2014, 12:29 PM
    I pump into Medela bottles that came with the pump. Then at night, I transfer milk from those bottles to the Avent bottles for daycare. During the transfer, especially in the first pumped bottle which was in the fridge the longest (~10-12 hrs at that point), milk fat has floated to the top and some would stubbornly stick to bottle's wall no matter how much I shake it. I can't warm it up, so that precious calories just get washed away. I'm just wondering if there are any tips to avoid wasting it.
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  • @llli*rosesmum's Avatar
    October 19th, 2014, 07:22 AM
    My baby will be 3 months in 5 days and in a week and a half I'll be returning to work. I'll be gone for 10 hours a day 3 days a week. For the next two months she will be cared for in my house by my mum. We use the tommee tippee bottles and were wondering if we should continue using the slow flow nipples or up it to the medium flow 3month ones? Also, right now she tends to eat every 1-2 hours, do you think it will be fine to just leave 5 3oz bottles or do you think I should leave more bottles or milk or both? (I currently do not have any supply issues and have a large freezer supply (100+ozs)- so no worries there if you think I should leave more). Thanks!
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  • @llli*mazeejay's Avatar
    October 16th, 2014, 05:19 PM
    Hi Ladies! I would appreciate your tips, help, hugs.... Whatever you have to give. As I "speak" I'm breastfeeding my 2+weeker son. He was born 10lbs7oz ( no stitches, had to fight for a vaginal). Every week since birth, my DS's weight has been monitored because he is yet to get back to his birth weight. Weight history Birth:10lbs7oz Discharge:10lb5oz 1stdoc appt: 10lb2oz Current weight: 10lb (steady for last 2 weeks) Ps: I was pumped full of IV fluids which left me swollen and unable to fit shoes for 1.5 wks. He was born vaginally without complications. Because I'm O+ and him B+, he was a bit jaundiced with high bili. During my 2 days at the hospital,I was advised to supplement while breastfeeding to help him move the bili. In total, he prob got 4-5 of those newborn enfamil bottles. His bili went down and I continued breastfeeding. By discharge, I was free to solely breastfeed. Feeding history I'm on mat leave till January so I'm home. I feed 24/7 round the clock on demand. I basically walk bra less with my baby attached and boy is he a chomper!! The first week was tough on my nipples but now he latches like a dream. I also co-sleep and he feeds to eat, feeds to sleep, feeds to soothe... 24/7 but I don't care! He owns the boobs, I just carry them around for him. He nurses every 1.5hrs and I wait till he is done w/the first boob and then give him the second. I see the suck, the wet swallow and sometimes the milk drools out his mouth when he falls asleep so I know...
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  • @llli*alyssa.martin.ab's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:34 AM
    I posted a thread a few days ago and got some wonderful answers...thank you. Now I have another issue. I do believe I have oald and have tried nursing in a reclined position. But baby is still having choking and gagging and gassy/ irritable issues. My inlaws fed him from a bottle and he LOVED it....so now im thinking about just pumping and feeding him from a bottle....but no matter which we feed him from he spits up a TON! it looks like everything he just took from me or the bottle he spits up. it looks like cottage cheese sometimes and sometimes its really runny. i just dont know if im over feeding him? also he drank about 6 oz of breast milk in 2 hours. and then he got super fussy so did he eat too much? i just feel like i dont know what im doing. i feel awful. i feel like a failure. and now im pretty sure i have post partum depression.....
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  • @llli*urbanprairiemama's Avatar
    October 16th, 2014, 10:38 AM
    Hey! So, having a small issue with my 4 week old. We had a bit of a rocky start when she was born, she aspirated meconium and had to be in the ICN for a few days. Despite that, and being hooked up to the cpap machine etc, I managed to strictly breastfeed her/give her breastmilk. Once home, she was presenting similar issues that we dealt with with my son, poor latch, etc. She was still losing weight. I had her evaluated for tongue and lip ties, of which she did have and we had both revised right away (my son had them too but they were never fixed, so this time I was very adamant about it). She also has a dairy intolerance like he did (I am currently eliminating it from my diet), and possibly silent reflux? Anyways, by 3 weeks she was finally back to her birth weight! Yay! She seems to be gaining well, we have a postal scale since we were monitoring her weight and doing pre and post feed weights.
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  • @llli*littlebabyh's Avatar
    October 20th, 2014, 11:39 AM
    My DD just turned 4 months (18 1/2 weeks) this past Saturday. Both Saturday and Sunday night when I fed her she would spit up a large amount to the point where I don't think she kept anything down. I feed her on a 3 hour schedule starting from around 7:15AM. On the weekdays she is with a nanny and she is bottled fed (with my milk) 3 times a day. I nurse her around 7:15 and she gets a bottle at her 10 , 1, and 4 o'clock feedings. Depending on her afternoon nap, I nurse her for her night time feeding at around 7:30 – 8 PM. We typically never go past 8PM. After I feed her, I put her down and she goes to sleep around 8:30 – 8:45 and sleep until 6 or 7 AM the next morning. Both Saturday and Sunday night, she has spit up SO much after her last feeding to the point where I don’t think she even ate anything. She doesn’t seem uncomfortable or fussy. She’s still smiling and laughing afterwards if I talk to her so I am so confused. On Saturday we were running behind so I didn’t feed until around 8:30ish, but the feeding before that she barely ate and threw up too so I thought she would be so hungry! She was fine all night and didn’t wake up the next morning until 7AM and we resumed our schedule Sunday. Sunday afternoon came around and we were off schedule a bit again and I didn’t feed her until 8:15, again she threw up so much. I stopped feeding her and just held her for about 20 minutes and every 5 minutes of so, she would burp and spit up. I didn’t feed her anymore and...
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  • @llli*flutey16's Avatar
    October 16th, 2014, 08:32 AM
    First, I'd like to say how helpful this forum has been to me in the past. :clap My son and I started off to a rocky start with nursing but the last 6 months or so have been mostly problem free and a wonderful experience. That said...he's now over 1 and we are still nursing about 4 times a day (2x overnight, 1 before bedtime, 1 at waking) and he gets about 1-2 bottles of pumped milk while I am at work during the day. In the last few days, my milk supply has suddenly decreased to about half (at least when I pump). I think it's also reduced when he nurses because he gets upset after nursing as if he's still hungry. 1) is this sudden reduction in supply supposed to happen now that my baby is older? nothing is different - no sickness, no plugged ducts/mastitis, no change in routine, etc. I have been a little more bloated than usual so I'm wondering if my first period is about to come... 2) should I use this as an opportunity to stop pumping at work and give up the night feeding? while I plan on continuing to nurse my son morning and night and whenever he wants on weekends, I'm getting tired of the pump and the night feedings. or will reducing my feedings/pumping at this time risk completely drying up my milk? I definitely don't want that to happen. Thank you!
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  • @llli*tomzgirl's Avatar
    October 19th, 2014, 10:31 PM
    Hi, there! I'm reaching out to see if there are any like-minded gals on this page. I've never been pregnant, but we are hoping to adopt a newborn soon, and I want to BF. I've read encouraging things about adoptive moms having success with induced lactation, so I plan to start pumping soon and see what happens. I'd be grateful for any advice, support and/or experiences you've had to help me on this journey!
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  • @llli*seattlemama's Avatar
    October 20th, 2014, 03:06 AM
    My 9.5mo boy has been very distractible since about 4-5mo and has gotten worse - I get it, all new milestones makes them that way. My problem is that nursing him has been a constant challenge since then and keeps getting harder. It became harder to nurse him without getting distracted and so I made his room darker and boring while nursing. It was still hard to nurse him without playing latch on latch off during the day and slowly he reduced the amount of time he would stay latched. Ok, I get that they get more and more efficient at nursing, but latching for just 2-3 min only at times? I mean c'mon how much could you be getting in that much?. Then a point came when he would only nurse before naps and during midnight wake-ups. And I learned to be ok with that as I'm a sahm. But now he's not giving me that either! He sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and I wake up to go nurse him, and guess what - he doesn't want it! He just plays around and falls back to sleep sometimes after an hour or two, and then I have to wait till he wakes up again so I can feed him. And if he wakes up in the morning after that, then he doesn't want it either, or might take for just a short session! I'm losing it here, as I passionately want to breastfeed him for a long term, and this way its stressing me out. I mean every nursing session, I'm crossing my fingers that he stays latched on, and then I'm stresses as I never know when his next nursing session would be. He's not on a lot of solids...
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  • @llli*jessica.holiga's Avatar
    October 15th, 2014, 07:39 PM
    Ok I need some major help. I posted this on my other thread just below, but thought I might get quicker responses if I created a new thread. I work for 9 hours. I have only pumped 4 ounces so far today, and I will be lucky to get two more ounces at my next pumpings. What do I do for tomorrow? Do I just send the 5-6 ounces I will have pumped for the whole day and ask them to hold her off so that she will want to nurse more tomorrow night (more demand equals more supply)? Or supplement with formula to get to her normal 8-9 ounces, so that she's not starving?
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  • @llli*sarab's Avatar
    October 16th, 2014, 09:30 PM
    I'm trying to get to the root of a problem- my 3 month old is struggling to eat while awake but eats plenty when asleep. I'm not sure whether I'm just trying to feed her too often- she fusses a lot so I'm not sure it's because of hunger. I'm still aiming for a feed every 2 hours as I'm told not to wait until she cries... But other clues are hard to read at the moment. How often did your baby feed at this age (13 weeks more or less)?
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  • @llli*cutiemark85's Avatar
    October 18th, 2014, 11:29 PM
    Lo fed every hour since midnight this morning and ended around 4pm or so. We both took naps. I was advised that this was a cluster feeding and a growth spurt in progress, and to expect something else like this around 6 weeks! but 13 hrs..is that even normal? and to top it off, I woke up from my own nap engorged and soaked. :/ is *that* normal? tia
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  • @llli*lvander's Avatar
    October 20th, 2014, 01:09 AM
    I nurse my 3mo(15 weeks) on demand all day. I am ebf and rarely use bm bottles unless leaving her with my parents. She eats every two hours for about 5 minutes at a time. My question is.. Is there anyway to get her to sleep longer hours at night? She goes to sleep around 830-9 and wakes up every three hours to eat. Again, she's very quick to eat and goes right back to sleep but once I'm up, its difficult to go back to sleep knowing she'll be back up in a few hours. TIA
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  • @llli*liz.g.autry's Avatar
    October 19th, 2014, 04:57 PM
    Well my ongoing adventure in pumping and breastfeeding continues. My little girl is almost 2 weeks adjusted (15 weeks actual) and I'm getting to the end of my rope as far as pumping goes. I'm just so sick that every two hours I have to put her down to spend 30 minutes pumping. She'll be wide awake and looking around and I have to put her down. I can't delay because that will mess up when I can try to put her to breast next. I've read about some mom's who have had success setting aside a couple of days where the baby just breastfeeds, no bottles. Basically a breastfeeding boot camp. I'm debating whether that is something I want to try with my little one. I still struggle with low supply, pumping a total of 350mL in addition to 4-5 breastfeeding sessions a day. Her latch is rather lazy, she won't open up wide and once she's on milk is constantly dribbling out the side of her mouth. I managed to get her to latch properly yesterday for the first time, no leakage and a good 5 minutes of good deep swallows. She has an upper lip tie. I was concerned she might also have a posterior tongue tie, but our pediatrician said no. He just went by looks though so I'm not so sure. She's still young and has only just started really letting us know if we're late to a feeding. She's also showing nipple preference, if I offer her my breast first she'll chomp and pull and fuss. I have an SNS system but I've only used it a handful of times, it's just so fiddly. I'm just reaching a...
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  • @llli*mamamummy's Avatar
    October 15th, 2014, 08:41 AM
    I am currently struggling with bf my 13 week old and want to see if anyone has any advice/similar experiences. He has never latched on well and was cup and tube fed EBM and formula in hospital then at home until about week 3 as he was very lethargic due to jaundice. From week 3-6 we were able to EBF and his weight gain was all right (approx. 150g a week), though nursing was never comfortable and my nipples became sore and cracked. At 6 weeks he was evaluated for tongue-tie by a lactation consultant and determined to have a posterior tongue-tie which she divided. The pain went away but his weight plateaued and for a few weeks he hardly gained anything at all so we started supplementing with EMB. We went back to the lactation consultant at 8 weeks and the division had scarred over so she divided it again. In the meantime he still wasn’t gaining weight so we have had to supplement him with more and more with EBM. Now at approx. 500 ml of EMB a day) he is finally gaining enough weight. Yesterday at 13 weeks, we went back to the lactation consultant who said that he also has a high palatial arch which does not allow him to create good suction and feed efficiently even though his tongue is now able to work properly. She said it might get better or might not- not so much evidence as many people give up by this point. I am very tired, not sure of how to combine bf and bottlefeeding into a routine that feels manageable, gets him and me some sleep while also pumping...
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  • @llli*chey08's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:17 AM
    Hi there, I have a 2 week old baby and she drinks everyb2-3 hours on one breast only for 5-7 min, can that be normal and does she get enough milk? I tried puming out my breast milk and feeding her with a bottle to monitor how much she takes in, however she seems to be more hungry when i bottle feed.. She falls asleep on my breast after 5-7 min, then take winds out to see if she wants more, but she sleeps and then only wakes up 2-3 hours later for the next feed....my concern is, is she getting enough milk and is 5-7 min suffircent enough? She has regular poo and wee nappies. Is it possible that my milk is very filling or that my milk comes out so quickly that it fills her tummy quickly?
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  • @llli*sprocket's Avatar
    October 19th, 2014, 11:03 AM
    I nurse my 2.5 year old upon waking and down to sleep at night in weekdays and at night and naptime on weekends. I have been away from her overnight before. When she was one I would pump before bed and in the morning but since she turned two I have been away for 24 hours with no pumping a couple of times and have not felt uncomfortable. I have to go away for 3 or 4 nights soon and I am afraid that my daughter will stop nursing. It is for a work trip and I would feel bad if a stupid work trip ended our breastfeeding relationship. I also wonder though if she stopped nursing due to being apart for a few days, maybe it would be because she was ready to and would have soon anyway? I do have thoughts about being ready to stop myself mainly because her latch has become shallow and it is a bit uncomfortable for me. I just wondered if anyone had an thoughts or experiences to share. I am wondering--if I want to keep my milk going is it important to pump? It didn't seem to matter the other times I've been away but this is a much longer trip by comparison. If I don't feel uncomfortably full after 24 hours without nursing is is still possible that I will after two or three days and need to pump for comfort? I think about the possibility of pumping while I am on this trip and I just cringe!!
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  • @llli*icyburn's Avatar
    October 18th, 2014, 08:24 AM
    Hi mommies, I need some advise. My 8 month old baby has been latching on both breasts since day 1 feeding alternatively on 1 breast per session when out of the blue, he suddenly started pulling away from the right breast whenever a letdown occurs. I have been unsuccessful in coaxing him to drink from that breast after every letdown. Since yesterday, he has drank from only the left breast and I had to pump out the milk from my right. Today I resorted to bottlefeeding him my expressed milk from that right breast on every alternate feeding, latching him on only when it's time to feed from the left breast. I have noticed today a decrease in milk supply on my right breast and I am worried that this might not be a good method going forward. Also, i had to use the left breast which is not fuller than the right one as the evening 'nursing to sleep' breast. Obviously the quantity doesn't seem enough for him though he continues to suckle till sleep comes.
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  • @llli*starprincess's Avatar
    October 16th, 2014, 08:36 PM
    I've been continuing to take my prenatal vitamins since I'm breastfeeding. I remember reading in a couple of places that it was a good idea. Should I keep taking the prenatals or are regular multi vitamins enough. I just want to make sure my LO is getting what she needs.
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  • @llli*canne's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:23 AM
    Hi - It's been a couple of years since I have had to post any questions. I have two children and for various reasons I couldn't nurse them (nipple shield, bad LC advice, etc). I EP'd with my first for 8 months and my second child for 14 months. I recently had my third baby... who is three weeks old. I had a home birth and she nursed right away. So far things have been going great this time around (thank goodness). She is gaining weight very well, plenty of wet/dirties a day, I no longer am sore and her latch has only improved over these three weeks. My concern is this.... for the past three days or so, while she is nursing and I have a let down, I have noticed she is starting to choke some and gets somewhat frustrated. I do NOT want to create a situation where she is fussy at the breast.... I'm paranoid to have that happen again, especially since I am finally BF'ing a baby. I have tried to pull her off until my let down stops, recline and lay back while nursing, etc. I haven't seen any of these things really help. I DO know I have plenty of milk. I have with my other two and so I am not surprised I do this time around too. Does anyone have any experience with this and any tips on how to keep her happy at the breast and manage this flow? Also, as she ages, will she get better with controlling the flow herself?? My other question is about night time fussiness. I do believe she is doing her night time cluster feeding anywhere from 8-10 or 8-11 PM every night....
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  • @llli*aliwundo's Avatar
    October 15th, 2014, 10:38 AM
    My 10 month old is exclusively breast fed and doesn't take a bottle or a sippy cup. I haven't been able to work alot because of the bottle issue but my company has to send me to a training in November for 2 days that's mandatory before the end of the year. Unfortunately they don't allow babies and I don't have the money to have someone come with me to watch my baby. My mom is more than capable and willing to watch my son. What I am wondering is what I should do while I'm gone those two days. I don't know how he is going to react if I'm not there to feed him. Luckily he eats solids well but i'm not ready to wean him just because I have to go on a 2 day training. Should I leave him and hopefully he'll take to the sippy cup and continue breastfeeding when I get back? I'm at a loss of what to do! Anyone have experience with this?
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  • @llli*liz.g.autry's Avatar
    October 17th, 2014, 07:16 AM
    My daughter was born 13 weeks premature and since she couldn't nurse, I started exclusively pumping. I've struggled with low supply since the beginning and am on various supplements to help boost my supply. About a week ago I added tincture of goat's rue to my routine and saw a jump in my supply by an ounce. But in the last few days I've suddenly started having trouble with my daughter clenching her gums and pulling off my nipple. I use a nipple shield because she has a small mouth and a few times it felt like she was trying to rip the nipple shield off my nipple. She will also start alternating between curling into herself and arching, while pulling off the nipple before lunging to get latched again. She breastfeeds 4 times a day and the most trouble seems to occur after the longer stretches between pumping to breastfeeding. My question is have I actually developed over active letdown? At least when she breastfeeds. I don't notice a particularly forceful letdown when I pump and I'm still not pumping more than 350mL when I also breastfeed. One day she wouldn't breastfeed and I pumped 385mL.
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  • @llli*easleymomma's Avatar
    October 16th, 2014, 02:42 PM
    I need some tips! My 14 month old daughter has been a great breastfeeder, but has never taken a bottle. Nursing has worked really well for us until a few months ago and we are starting to think about our weaning plans. I don't feel any pressure from anyone to quit, just simply think it will be beneficial to my little one and myself. Here's our stats: Nurses at wake up Nurses to sleep at both morning & afternoon naps Nurses to sleep at night Nurses 2-4 times at night My husband has been able to get her to sleep without breast milk if I'm not home(happened maybe 2-3 times), but I can't get her sleep without offering.
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  • @llli*mamak2484's Avatar
    October 16th, 2014, 07:38 PM
    Hello! I've been exclusively Breastfeeding my 5 1/2 week old baby girl and I'm still having an issue of sore nipples, which I believe is due to her shallow latch and bad suck (it's more of a chomp). Ive been to a lactation consultant several times, but I thought maybe I could get some help here as well. Some history: My baby girl was born at 8lbs 15 oz an 21". I was told in the hospital that my baby girl had a shallow latch but it would most likely fix itself in a few days. After a week and half and destroyed nipples, I went to see a lactation consultant who said that my baby girl had a slight tongue tie and gave me a nipple shield. She said her tongue probably didn't need to be released because she was gaining weight and having regular poopy and wet diapers - feedings we're never more than 45 minutes. Again, I was told it would probably fix itself in a week. At week 3 1/2 feedings began to last 1.5 hours and she was feeding every 2 hrs- giving me roughly 20 minutes to rest. It didn't seem right and my breasts weren't getting as full feeling, so I went back to the lactation consultant. Turns out baby girl wasn't gaining as much weight as she should have ( only 4 oz in a weeks time) and my supply had gone down ( I think due to the nipple shield). We ended up getting her tongue released and I instantly saw an improvement in feeding time and sucking. She was spending about 30 to 50 minutes eating and I could see her doing the good suck (whole jaw moving) some of the...
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  • @llli*m.wenzel's Avatar
    October 16th, 2014, 03:45 PM
    Hola! Desde el comienzo de mi lactancia he tenido problemas. No subía de peso mi hija, tenía poca leche, nos dieron suplemento con relactador, etc.. Ahora después de dos meses y que le habían suspendido los rellenos hace dos semanas empezó de nuevo... Sube poco de peso, se queda dormida al pecho, siento que cada vez tengo menos leche... :( ella nunca queda llena ni dormida después de mamar, a veces queda con hambre y toma cada dos horas y cada toma es larguísima. Sin intención de rendirme aún me compre un sacaleche eléctrico y me saco entre 30 y 40 ml después de cada toma. Y le he tenido que dar con relactador lo que me sacó para que quede satisfecha... Pero todo esto es mucho tiempo y estoy cansada. Aquí viene mi duda... Como puede quedar con hambre si me salen 40 ml más de leche después de la toma! Acaso no succiona bien que no saca toda la leche? En algún momento será ella capaz de sacar todo sin tener que hacerlo yo por ella? Ojalá alguien me pueda ayudar, no quiero dejar de darle pecho.
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  • @llli*alyssa.martin.ab's Avatar
    October 18th, 2014, 07:55 AM
    My baby is 4 weeks. has been really gassy and irritable in the evening and not latching on. he wants to nurse but once he gets fussy he refuses and is crying for about 3 or 4 hours. then it occured to me while reading a breastfeeding book that i have OALD. and it made sense!!! however, how do i control it? ive read about nursing on 1 side for several feedings and then switching to the other side. but when i try that the let down comes and its literally sprays in his face so i grab a clean cloth and squeeze milk until it flows slower. my question is, how do i control the flow? also how do i know that he is getting enough hind milk if i have an over abbundance of the fore milk? should i pump a little or no? im so confused. everything i read is sending mix emotions to me. i dont want to give up but im thinking about exclusively pumping...HELP ME PLEASE!!
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  • @llli*babynm's Avatar
    October 20th, 2014, 01:30 PM
    My 10mo has been breastfed from birth. He will typically be breastfed in the morning and at night before going down. During the day, our nanny will bottle feed him pumped breast milk. The nanny has been feeding him since he was 3mo with no problem. The past 2 weeks, he will not take the breast milk from the bottle, sippy cup, spoon or straw. He continues to breastfeed normally. He has not been sick or is not actively teething. Is this normal? is he weening himself off the bottle? What should we do? We have been adding breast milk to his food during the day.
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