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  • @llli*tinamanni's Avatar
    November 30th, 2014, 08:32 AM
    y little guy was born on 11/22 weighing 6 lbs 4 oz. As of Friday the 28th he weighs 5 lbs 4 oz. I seemed to not have much come out on tuesday as he was acting like he was starving. The dr advised to supplement until my milk came in so we did for the day and it seemed like it was in. I am nursing ever 1.5-2 hrs and he will stay on each breast for about 10-15 minutes. He is definitely getting milk as I see it in his mouth and can hand express some. I also hear swallowing. My electric pump comes Monday so I bought a manual to use after feeding and I am only getting very little milk - .25 oz. My breasts don't really feel heavy or full at any point. I feel like I'm not producing enough milk or that he just isnt getting enough
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  • @llli*poppy123's Avatar
    November 27th, 2014, 02:58 AM
    I've been exclusive pumping and bottle feeding my son since week1 due to sore nipple(left) and flat nipple (right). My milk came in on second day and so far it's enough for him. I was exhausted and desperate to feed him back then that's why we decided to bottle feed and pump. I wasn't told that pumping will be even more exhausting than breastfeeding. After a week or so I decided to have him on my breasts but haven't had much luck so far. He loves the fast flow of the bottle too much. We were using medela calma teat and changed to avent slow flow number 1. I'm also using nipple shield for both sides. I offer my breasts before each feed. If I'm lucky he'll feed for 5mins and latch off when flow is slow. I tried breast compression, it doesn't work every time. One feed will take an hour or longer since I have to offer breast, he will latch off or fall asleep when flow is slow, try to wake him up, doesn't wanna go on breast again and finally I will have to offer the bottle otherwise he will cry and cry. I try to pump 8 times a day, every 3 hour. I get around 100ml-140ml per session from both sides, 12-15mins each. I've seen a LC from LLL but honestly she hasn't been much help.
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  • @llli*soblessed's Avatar
    December 5th, 2014, 02:55 AM
    Im losing it. My little one has literally been on me every hour since yest around 10 am and i mean he will stay on me for hours only long enough to change him then he flips till he is back on me. The only thing that comforts him is comfort nursing which is getting to the point of uncomfortable. Not sure if its because im exhausted and dont know what to do to make him better or if im just losing my frraking mind because thats what it feels like. Which in turn makes me feel horrible and inadequate as a mother. I am at a loss and just want to sit here and cry. Im also beginning to wander if confort nursing is the best thing? Will he be inconsolable now unless i comfort nurse all the time for everything that could bother him? Im tired and sad because i cant make it better and at a loss which is making me second guess myself
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  • @llli*alphawoman's Avatar
    December 12th, 2014, 04:32 PM
    Hey Mamas, I'm writing because I'm feeling quite vulnerable and need some emotional support at a crossroads in my nursing relationship. My son is 3y2m old and nursing 6-8 times night and day, including to sleep for nap and at night, and I have been taking 120mg/day of domperidone for the last two years to support our wonderful breastfeeding, with great success! We've nursed through an aversion to food that lasted until 2.25. We both love nursing!!! I would love for DS to be able to nurse as long as he'd like. The problem is that my cycles still haven't resumed after more than 3 years, and this is causing a lot of struggle for DH and I, as we use a natural method of family planning and have had to abstain from being intimate for the majority of three years because my fertility symptoms have been all over the map. We can't risk a pregnancy at this point, and artificial contraceptives are inconsistent with out faith. (Please no push-back on this point or suggestions about alternate pleasure sources; it's non-negotiable.) The domperidone is also causing me some health issues, and I'd like to restore my own health medication-free. I've been tracking my cycles closely for 2.5 years postpartum, and I can see a ramp-up in my body trying to ovulate, but the domperidone throttles it. I'm now at the point where my body is trying to ovulate every 10-12 days (confirmed by positive LH ovulation tests) and I'm getting a major supply hit for about a third or more of the time. ...
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  • @llli*cutiemark85's Avatar
    December 2nd, 2014, 11:51 AM
    And breast feeding. i'm back again, but not really with any problems. I wanted to talk with other mom's about what i'm thinking about: Breastfeeding cues, and are we understanding our babies well? the reason why this came up for me: Lo ( whose gaining again and nursing wonderfully for those familiar with our earlier threads) kinda just wants to hang to and eat a lot. at least, that's what i'm thinking. i'm pretty neurotic about making sure I catch her hunger cues before she starts crying, mainly because when she finally gets to that point, it's harder to calm her down, and then she has issues staying on the breast ( she gets hiccups to boot.). She started sucking on her fist and fingers, which I took to be a hunger cue ( and flailing that same arm around every now and again). I offer the breast to see if she wants it, and she'll go for it. Every time. I once read/over heard that although there's nothing wrong with nursing frequently, a baby will always take a nipple if it's offered, even if they're * not* hungry*.
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  • @llli*soblessed's Avatar
    December 8th, 2014, 02:55 PM
    So how do you ladies deal with advice from others? Im talking the pushy "i know better then you" advice from people who may not know the first thing about breastfeeding but are still going to tell you what you should do. Because we all know sometimes advice is given at the wrong time to a mommie and the formulary "thanks" isnt always the first thing on the tip of our tongue.
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  • @llli*thawingsnow's Avatar
    December 2nd, 2014, 09:05 PM
    I keep thinking, "Surely, there must be other creative ways to get in quality couple time besides utilizing pumping!" Pumping hasn't really worked out for my baby and me. My baby nurses quite a bit too, which is normal, and my husband is supportive. However, we'd like to not let our marriage relationship fade into oblivion. My husband also works a lot and has weird hours. Sitters haven't worked out yet either. Is it possible to get some quality time in while the baby is around? Is it possible to do something fun outside of the home with the baby around? I read online somewhere a suggestion that, if new moms were desperate to get out of the house, they could try nursing in public in a movie theater. My baby's older and wigglier now, but has anybody tried nursing in a movie theater or something like this? Does anyone have other creative ideas or solutions for getting in quality time for your marriage?
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  • @llli*jessicanewmom's Avatar
    December 8th, 2014, 09:01 PM
    My lovely, great-gaining 13 month old is an avid nurser. She nurses probably 8-10 times a day and (I'm kind of embarrassed to admit) through both naps and from 3-6am many nights. It's good. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it gets old -- particularly that 3-6am stretch. I know there's no "normal," but if I do nothing and just ride this out, when might she slow down? I really don't want to do mama-led night weaning, but I'm also a little jealous of those people who say they're only nursing their 1 year olds 4 or 5 times a day*. *yes this question is prompted by a chance meeting with a nursing mom of an 8 month old at the grocery store this afternoon, and yes her baby only nurses 4 times a day now, and yes she seemed very well rested :/
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  • @llli*bcsant's Avatar
    December 14th, 2014, 06:26 PM
    Hey girls, LO is 7.5 weeks old and is EBF. The first week of his life, he had the mustard curdy poops. Then, they went to the mustard yellow-brownish and no curds, still loose. Then, he started getting some green poops - split pea green, to be exact. He has had 2 NASTY diapers the past 2 days (1 each day) that were army green and mucous-y. Just the one diaper, then back to his "normal" which is the yellowish-split pea green. He did have some eczema starting Wednesday, but it was gone by Friday using Aveeno. He is a happy, non-fussy baby. He nurses every 1.5-2 hours during the day and usually has a 5 hour stretch (this is new - just starting sleeping this long about a week ago), then 2-3 hour stretches at night. Naps are about 1-2 hours during the day.
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  • @llli*thawingsnow's Avatar
    December 2nd, 2014, 12:16 PM
    Does anyone who has the option and desire choose not to pump? I'd love support for this option. I'm thankful that pumps are available to any mom who needs or wants them. The pump was even useful to me when my baby was in an emergency situation as a newborn. Even so, I really do not like pumping now and stopped doing that when my baby was a newborn. I also have some health issues that make pumping difficult and unprofitable for both baby and me. I feel like I keep coming across this mentality that a lot of people expect every nursing mom to pump or think every mom needs to pump, and that most nursing challenges can easily be solved with pumping. Thank you for your thoughts and support.
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  • @llli*colomom27's Avatar
    November 22nd, 2014, 07:35 AM
    My daughter just turned one last month and she has been a breastfed and coslept baby her entire life. I have no desire to give up nursing, but lately I feel like everyone is trying their best to convince me! At her 12 month appointment, her doctor told me that she "has no nutritional reason to breastfeed anymore" and that I need to stop nursing her at night because, "She doesn't need it" and "this is when those manipulative behaviors start":yikes. I pretty much disregarded what she said (despite my husband's "I told you so"s), but this week she went to her first dentist appointment and he said the same thing! He said that nursing her at night will "destroy" her teeth. I know there's a lot of research that says otherwise, and weaning her from nursing at night right now would be a straight horror show, but I didn't bother to question him. Are there other moms out there dealing with this? Have your baby's teeth not been "destroyed"? I honestly feel like the only support I've gotten thus far has come from this site and a few coworkers. :gg
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  • @llli*nola's Avatar
    November 25th, 2014, 01:17 PM
    I need advice for how to wean my almost 3 year old. I really do not want to wean her, however, I am needing to take a medication and was advised not to take it during breastfeeding. I know that there are many resources such as medications in mother's milk by Dr. Hale etc to look these things up in but I really don't want the medication going into my milk at all. I just have no idea how to wean a child this age, my other children weaned when I was pregnant so it wasn't hard to wean them as the milk was gone and they just stopped. This time she is very into nursing. The other thing is how to deal with my feelings about it, I have just been putting up with pain in order to nurse her but I really don't want to stop yet I also don't want this pain anymore. Its so difficult.
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  • @llli*lhs2014's Avatar
    December 8th, 2014, 08:36 AM
    I am barely able to pump enough to replace what my 11 month old is eating when I am away from him. I have no extra for the occasional date night and pumping at night yields less. I am going to try the Weston A Price recipe for homemade formula. I don't need much to supplement as I'd only be looking to give one 4oz bottle every other day. Can I freeze in individual bags since this won't be the primary source of nutrition?
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  • @llli*soblessed's Avatar
    December 11th, 2014, 07:22 AM
    So my 3 week old is im assuming in a growth spurt. But also his latching has went to hell. As soon as i latch him he pulls away to a very shallow one and then wants to stay on me for 3-4 hours. If i put him down he cries roots sucks on his hands like he is starving. Which makes me wander if he is really hungry since i cant get him to keep a deep latch unless i force him to pretty much which makes me feel terrible because he fights it. Last night i was at my wits end and felt so defeated and worthless. My husband took him and i went and cried myself to sleep knowing they would be in within 30 minutes. Well my husband waited a hour and a half to bring him to me and he latched well and ate well then right to sleep he went. But i feel bad that my husband made him wait like we neglected him? My husbabd suggested to me this a.m. that maybe we should make him wait an hour or so before feeding him just because he fights it and i get upset. Is that ok or did/does anyone else do this or had to? I feel like since im at home all day with him its easiest to just respond with offering him the breast first but then have i made it harder to soothe him any other way now? Or have i misread him?
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  • @llli*probs's Avatar
    November 23rd, 2014, 03:02 PM
    Hi there, I am posting on behalf of both my wife and myself (She literally doesn't have more than 10 minutes between feeds at the moment so posting this message herself would be pretty much impossible) We have a three week old baby who never appears to be satisifed after nursing at the breast. She feeds well from what we can tell (Latch for the most part appears ok, Swallowing noises etc) however she never rests between feeds and is literally (And I use the term correctly) feeding every 15-20 minutes. She does not sleep at all (And again, I am not exagerating) during the day. This is both physically and emotionally demanding and if I am honest we are at the point where kind words and empty promises of 'It will get better, Honest!' are no longer going to cut it ... So what have we done? Well, we have had advice from various midwifes/breast feeding support groups as initially she was tongue tied which has been rectified. Initially this made feeding worse as expected but we are confident feeding is back to where it was if not a little bit better. Everyone we have spoken to says that the freqeuency of feeding is normal and that we should just suck it up and get used to the fact newborns require a lot of nursing. This we understand however the fact she is never satisifed is concerning us and got use wondering if this is indeed in her best interests. Whilst her weight appears good and has made back her birth weight she screams and screams when not on the breast....
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  • @llli*cutiemark85's Avatar
    December 18th, 2014, 03:48 PM
    Hello again. my question is about my Lo's behavior at the breast. after she's been on for 10min actively drinking, she'll start kicking, slapping, hitting and pulling at my breast. I'll still hear swallowing at this point (or sometimes not) but it hurts a lot hen she does this. sometimes, she'll even start whining/crying. i'll switch breasts,thinking maybe the problem is that she emptied the breast, ad she'll stop of a bit on the other one. then start up again. She'll also unlatch herself. a lot. I make sure her nose is clean before we eat as well. the only time she does not act like this, is when my breasts are very full ( not quite engorged, but full). She's a frequent eater as well.
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  • @llli*mango.lily's Avatar
    December 16th, 2014, 11:06 AM
    My baby is two months old now. She still can not latch on properly (mouth doesn't open big enough, and it hurts my nipple). We saw a lactation specialist here in Sweden when the baby was one month old. She said the baby has nipple confusion and suggested to stop bottle feeding, and use cup to feed while practicing breast feeding at the same time. She also suggested to use nipple shield since I have flat nipples. But my nipple always hurts no matter using shield or not. If I breast feed more than 15min, my nipple will get wound the next day. One of the lactation specialists we saw even indicated I should give up breast feeding. It is very frustrating to hear that. Do I really have no hope to get this working? Anybody else has similar problems?
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  • @llli*mommymoru's Avatar
    December 17th, 2014, 07:35 PM
    Hello. A friend of mine recommended this site in case I needed help with baby things, especially breast feeding. I'm a FTM and currently live in Japan and I have no support system of other moms around me here to go to for advice and, where I live, there aren't a lot of English speaking doctors to help answer my questions. I saw a lactation specialist just yesterday but they did little to help answer what questions I did have but they didn't really show me anything or help with what I really was frustrated with because the consultant couldn't understand my questions. For starters, my LO was born Dec 3 via c-section. During the first couple of days, I hardly saw him even though I expressed I wanted to feed him breast milk. While in hospital, they supplemented milk a lot during the days I was there and I tried my best to breast feed when I could. However, the help they gave me wasn't really clear as they didn't speak English well so my son wasn't latching well in hospital. We've tried various positions and he still is getting a shallow latch. I've watched videos online to get some sort of tips on how to do it properly but my LO has a small mouth and my boobs are somewhere around a J cup now that my milk has come in. My nipples don't even pucker out even though I try to massage them to get them perky enough for a good position, too. On top of that, LO doesn't open wide when trying to latch and his head always points down, not up when I try to latch him on. I'm holding him...
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  • @llli*drfarida's Avatar
    November 25th, 2014, 05:15 AM
    I have a 3 week old baby. She nurses practically most of the times. I have to constantly feed her for an hr or at times 2 hours at a stretch and even after that baby sleeps for 5 to 10mins and then gets up crying and hungry. Its very exhausting to sit for so much time. Also at times I feel that the baby sleeps off tired abd hungry from the constant suckling. I can hear the swallowing and gulping sound only for the first 5 -10seconds when he takes the breast. Then there is no sound. I have to eventually give her formula supplement. That amounts up to 3 ounces per feed for 2 to 3 times in a days. She passes stools only after she takes the formula which is maximum 2 times in a days.She wets around 8 -10diapers in a day. My main concern is to increase the breast milk so that I can completely take her off the formula.I never experience any kind of heaviness in the breast which cn say that breasts are full.My breasts are most of the times soft and never ever leaked till now.Also when I press the areola barely 2 to 3 drops of milk come out from the nipple which makes me wonder whether babies need must be sufficing.I have also had all possible herbs and medication to increase the milk but nothing seems to have worked till now. Her weight is increasing pretty slowly. Kindly please let me know whether she is getting enough nutrition.
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  • @llli*american.honey's Avatar
    December 17th, 2014, 01:28 AM
    Okay, ladies I'm very happy because my little peanut and I made it to a whole year. :cheer. She has always been an EBF baby. At times it was scary and I drove myself insane believing my milk was drying up. However; the good lord blessed us in hitting a year mark. The support on this site has been amazing. I really appreciate the mamas that consoled me when I was either venting or freaking out. My baby girl is one year old & three weeks old and we are continuing our breastfeeding journey. Alright, so now that my angel is one, how do I maintain supply strong while she is eating more solids? I always give milk first than foods. Should her nutritional value now come more from solid foods or breast milk? Also, does milk texture change as they get older? Seems to me like it's more watery. Not as thick. Does this sound right? Maybe it's just me being paranoid once again. I did notice recently that my breast have been super softer than normal. Do I need to worry? Than again my water intake hasn't been as great as it usually is. So I guess I will pick up the water intake and see if my boobs start to feel full again. What changes occur with Breastfeeding now that my peanut is a year old? :thumbsup:fly-by Back at my baby girls one year check-up her Ped told me to only nurse her 3 times a day. Ugh!! So annoying because her father is one of those that follows doctors orders. Of course he tried to push not to feed her but 3 times. I just simply told him Im her mother and know...
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  • @llli*momager's Avatar
    December 1st, 2014, 03:01 PM
    Please help! My 11.5 mo old is biting when latching on, it is making me so sore. I'm trying to be strong and not react when she bites but it's getting to be a bit more difficult bc I am hurting now. Any advise is welcome!
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  • @llli*elisabet's Avatar
    November 27th, 2014, 05:04 AM
    I had a really bad night, last night. Not sure if Im here for advise, just wanna tell my story:huh My 2year old daughter breastfeeds around the clock and she still wakes up to night-feed. I cant be bothered to night-wean cause I have tried it sooo many times and it just ends in screams and tears from both sides and I feel like a failure and a bad mother. Im always so gentle with her and love her to the end of the universe but during night time I get so frustrated and sometimes just wanna snap! :mad: I havent had a longer sleep then 3hours at a time in 2years and I feel like an old lady. The worst part about this is when she wakes she doesnt ask for boobie she fusses like a spoiled teenager and if the breast isnt there in 15sec she kicks and hits me and screams :yikes. Sometimes I just want her to ask nicely cause Im hurting my back and nipples for her.. Is that too much to ask for? I know first world problem, but still. She has the most excellent vocabulary but during the night she cant use her words. Im getting tired listening to her crying like a miniature dragon every night :( I feel like Im depressed after 8pm! Cause when she has a tantrum or just cries during the day Im so calm and loving. I know things will get better but it seems like some fairytale to me. Her father isnt allways there to help and if he even tries to settle her all hell brake loose, so we have just kept it this way. Sometimes I just want my body to my self but still I love breastfeeding...
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  • @llli*nat38's Avatar
    December 7th, 2014, 04:42 PM
    just wanted to hear self-weaning stories... my LO will be 3 in January. He nurses before bed and when he wakes at night (1-3 times). Does self-weaning happen in cases like this or you had to night wean them first? thanks
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  • @llli*katienjohnny's Avatar
    December 1st, 2014, 08:35 PM
    After reading up on plugged milk ducts, I am not sure if I have one. I have a lump in my left breast, near the top, almost underneath my armpit. It has been there for about 72 hrs now. When I found it I immediately started showering with hot water, trying to massage it out, applying heat, expressing a little bit after nursing. (Keep in mind, I have a 12 month old who only nurses about 4x day plus 2-3 times during the night, and it is hard to get him to nurse much more than that because he just doesn't want to.) It gets down to the size of a blueberry after nursing and then gets up to the size of a quarter. Here's where I am confused: everyone describes plugged milk ducts as incredibly painful. Mine doesn't hurt unless I press on it, and then it feels like I'm pushing down on a bruise. Also, it doesn't seem to be getting bigger or worse. So... does this sound like a plugged duct?
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  • @llli*misteralex28's Avatar
    December 2nd, 2014, 07:32 AM
    My son is going on 6 months on the 11th of December. For the past month he's has been fussy at the breast. He started off pulling off the breast crying, just to latch back on then pull off again. He would do this repeatedly until I just took him off and ended the feeding. Around this time, I started to notice him losing weight. I talked to my doctor who suspected that my milk supply had dropped, which made sense. I had lost some weight prior to the feeding problems and my husband left for vacation, leaving me to take care of the baby and my two year old daughter by myself (which I wasn't used to!). My son started having sleep problems around this time too, so it was a great deal of stress for me. After seeing the doctor, I heeded her advice and topped off my sons brief feedings with as much formula as he would take - which was never much. By the next visit, he had gone up from 6.8 kg to 7.5kg, to my surprise. Recently, he had lost weight again. He was weighed at 7.2kg (about a week and a half after his last doctor's visit). My son still feeds briefly, but now he doesn't go back on the breast. He just refuses it completely when he's done. I never feel like he's feeding long enough. I've suspected that he's just too impatient to feed long enough for a second let-down and I don't know what to do to encourage him to feed longer or take in enough milk. I've attempted breast compressions but I'm not sure if it's working, plus, my son is distracted easily. Once my hand starts...
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  • @llli*soblessed's Avatar
    December 15th, 2014, 06:27 AM
    So we had a long stressful night! Good thing we get to see a dr today. Our little one had a upsetting night. He would cue to eat then latch on and start wailing or he would go really still and not suck which is stressful for mom because of course we think its our milk supply which is fine i think. Its definatly there. But he barely ate last night after 10 because of the wailing and fussing. I know he ate a bit but it wasnt much. Which of course led to less dirty diapers since he wouldnt eat. Now you would think he would be hungry but he is just laying here wiggling around. Also he has had some very runny stools yest and spit up more then normal. I think he could have caught a bug. grrrr. We did go to a bday party where there were other small children and alot of people.hopefully today goes better
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  • @llli*gingermarie's Avatar
    November 23rd, 2014, 08:43 PM
    Hi! My son is breastfed and is now 2 years and 1 month old. (he was solely bf for the first 8 months.) my issue is this. For the last few months, he has been drinking less and less water and only nursing, to the point that now he only will nurse. no cups, straws, sippy cups, i've tried. he nurses at least 6 times a day and still night feeds during the night once or twice. i'm concerned as he has always had constipation issues and they've gotten worse since he's refusing everything but the breast. should i be worried about his health? is this common in bf kids? he also is eating poorly, but that's a whole nother topic. :( he's 26.5 lbs and healthy, iron is good, etc.. any advise would be great. thank you.
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  • @llli*rebalv42's Avatar
    December 5th, 2014, 11:56 AM
    Hi everyone, I'm hoping I can get some tips and pointers. My daughter, 3 weeks old, had a Frenectomy on her upper lip and under her tongue 5 days after birth. She was tongue tied, and we elected to have a Frenectomy to help with breastfeeding, and to prevent future speech problems. In the hospital, before the Frenectomy, she destroyed my nipples. They were cracked and bleeding, impossible to breastfeed her. After the Frenectomy, there has been a significant difference, however, she is still chewing on my nipples as she feeds. I've reached out to 2 different LC's, and they have both said that her latch looks great. I've learned to listen for the swallowing sound that she makes when she feeds, which indicates that she is not chewing, but I've been told that when she starts chewing, to delatch her and either switch sides or to bottle feed her. My LC has told me that it's not worth my pain to keep going, and to let myself heal and to supplement her with expressed milk, or formula. Does anyone have experience with this? I know she is still in the learning phase after the Frenectomy, but I break down crying almost every time I have to feed her because she is chewing so much. I feel guilty when I have to give her a bottle, especially because my milk supply is now where it should be (a whole other topic).
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  • @llli*rabbit7's Avatar
    November 26th, 2014, 02:51 PM
    My 11 week baby and I have been fighting to preserve our nursing relationship for 6 weeks now. At 5 week sit was discovered he was not gaining weight. We began using a SNS system and pumping. We are still here...At my appt today with our LC we were observed by a Speech therapist. It was determined that we have a good latch, my baby has an organized sucking pattern. They are both experienced and both stumped as to why he can't transfer milk. We had a frenectomy 1 week ago to rule out tongue tie...but there is some question as to whether he has a posterior tongue tie. Although I have seen him move his tongue more the past few days...it just doesn't transfer to the breast. I am so frustrated ...and scared this will never resolve! After 6 weeks of round the clock pumping and basically being homebound. I want to believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel but when we stump the experts I am scared! Any one have any thoughts?
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  • @llli*locomundo's Avatar
    December 7th, 2014, 12:14 AM
    My baby (boy) is 5 months old, and breastfeeding has been so far a wonderful experience. I had "failed" to BF my older, now 2 yo daughter, and had been so sad and frustrated that thought I would never be able to do it, but here we are! Now, the problem is that I think I lost too much weight in a very short time. From 65 kg (143 pounds) I am now at 50 kg (110 pounds). This wouldn't have worried me, if I hadn't been getting ill often and with long recovery times, the last couple of months. A month ago, my husband went abroad for 5 days for work, and with the lack of sleep with two little children, and the cold weather, I had a cold which ended up in an ear infection (never had that before that I can recall! so my immune system must be very weak...). This took four weeks to go away, and I'm not 100% ok yet. While being sick I ate too little, and there's a lot of energy being spent taking care of two little ones. Plus, I am also weary of eating during the night even if hungry, because I have stomach problems (gastritis). The result of all this is that now I feel often dizzy, short of breath when I climb just one flight of stairs, and sometimes have the feeling I'm going to pass out. My body feels heavy, I'm depleted. Of course I'm eating as much as possible, but I wonder if I'm anaemic or how all my vitamins and minerals are. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow to do some tests, but I'm afraid I'll be told to stop breastfeeding if the results are too bad. Already my...
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