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  • @llli*elandlanes.mommy's Avatar
    Today, 07:52 AM
    Quick question. I am staying hydrated but I've had diarrhea since yesterday.. Can I take anything for it?
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  • @llli*perannie's Avatar
    Today, 07:42 AM
    Ok just wanted to touch base with you guys!! I didn't call or do anything yesterday. I got up around 6:30-7:00 yesterday morning throwing up. It was exhausting!! I was weak, and having to take care of my 3 week old was hard!! So didn't get anything accomplished!!
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  • @llli*andreica's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:07 PM
    Hello :-) I am not an expert, I'm here seeking help myself, but thought I'd mention a few things I have learned, to at least give some reply. First off, I sympathize with your situation and how you're feeling. My situation is different, and yet it's not - our desire to breastfeed and feeling we've made a mess of things, we have that in common. And the breast refusal of course. Anyway, my understanding is that once your period is back, no amount of nursing/pumping can mess it up or make it go away again. So pumping wouldn't cause any problems in that respect. Also, if you have smaller nipples it's quite possible you'd respond better to the pump if you used smaller flanges - medela has smaller and larger flanges available for their pumps. Also, power pumping will produce better results in boosting your supply, but I did that very often, not just once a day like I read to do. That and fenugreek worked great for me. I think all is not lost, there is always hope, but that you need to get your supply up again which ever way possible, if you want your nursing relationshiop back.
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  • @llli*andreica's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:54 PM
    I have read some on the "finishing at the breast" approach but given his erratic feeding I couldn't pull it off. Lately he isn't having normal full meals but basically snacks throughout the entire day. Also, the few times I tried stopping him while drinking his bottle and putting him on my breast just resulted in him refusing. As to our eating issues, I think things have gotten worse. Yesterday he didn't poop at all (he usually poops once a day minimum, most times more. Also, took three naps since he woke up really early but barely ate during his third nap. And while awake, come evening he refused my breasts whenever I offered. We did manage to get 2-3 oz more than yesterday in him via bottle late in the evening, but in turn, he didn't eat during the night for 5 hours straight and then took very little. Also, he usually takes his pacifier only to go to sleep, it's in the bedroom all day usually,but last night, whenever I tried bottle or breast he wouldn't have it, but sicked on his pacifier vigorously for hours. He'd take his bottle in his mouth, suck, and as soon as milk touched his mouth he would take it out. Same with breasts. He just wanted his pacifier. Looked to me kind of like it annoyed him he was getting milk in his mouth when he just wanted to suckle, so only his empty paci helped. On top of all that, he usually went to bed anywhere between 8:30-10 pm, more of the latter lately, or even somewhat later. But last night when I tried putting him to sleep at...
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:28 PM
    Is it just gagging/spit up? Or vomiting like baby is ill? Is baby drooling much?
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  • @llli*ruchiccio's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:17 PM
    I don't get why ppl are so against cows milk. Most adults who drink milk are drinking cow's. Go to Starbucks and see for yourself lol! My baby didn't love cows milk right away, yet he was refusing my bm from a bottle or cup. So for about 1-2 months he just nursed and had water the other times. It was fine. Then he slog began to drink more and more milk - as he began nursing less. Now he nurses once a day and drinks a lot more milk than when he nursed 2-3 times a day.
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  • @llli*zaynethepain's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:06 PM
    Oh goodness. If it's the same bug my family had a few weeks ago, I really don't blame you for feeling done! It was wicked. Never before had I let baby cry with daddy while I was still home but that day I did. If you have anyone to help you, now is a good time to ask. I had my husband watch the kids while I slept for a few hours and had my cousin run to the store for a few essentials. It felt like the baby was sucking the last of my life energy out at the worst of it. I lived on ice water and juice for a few days. Is this new behavior very recent as in baby could be sick also or did it start before you caught this bug? Teething, week 64 wonder week (at this age they are more of a wonder month)? Wishing you a speedy recovery and a return to your status quo!
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  • @llli*kristalee's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:32 PM
    So my 15 mo old had lost interest in nursing around 10 mo. He would only nurse in the early am and around bed time. Now suddenly after having been sleep trained for 7 months now wants to nurse to sleep for his two naps and nighttime. I can't handle the tears so I give in. But I don't have the energy for this. It probably doesn't help that I am fighting a stomach bug right now. He has a very strong will, and will refuse his pacifier when he wants to comfort nurse. I'm just really struggling with the demand of nursing right now and not sure I can keep it up.
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  • @llli*rubyluv's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:27 PM
    Hmm.. I never thought of the difference between strikes and distraction. I guess I didn't realize distraction could last for days! lol I think because of the distraction issues I've avoided nursing in public. Whenever I visit family or friends I will nurse there, but she often does not stay on for more than a couple seconds, pops off, and I'm spraying milk everywhere. I guess I find that embarrassing especially because I feel exposed. I suppose if I find a LLL meeting it wouldn't be such a big deal. Thanks for your help!
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  • @llli*thawingsnow's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:15 PM
    My 13 month old's molars are clearly coming in with now a bottom one breaking through the surface. We've just had a good bit of spitting up. Is this pretty normal? If it is normal, is there anything to be done to help the situation? We're not that used to spit up around here. I just got spit up on several times in a row over an hour period, and it seems like when I use my breasts to feed or comfort my little one (My baby/toddler's a little more fussy.), I'm getting a spitting up response no matter if my baby is actually swallowing milk or comfort nursing. Obviously, I'm laying off on offering the breast for a little while due to this (Hopefully, the poor kid's stomach will settle.), but I'm kind of nervous that this spitting up might consistently continue for a while as the molar continues to erupt. Thank you for your help! I'd greatly appreciate any insight about this or molars. The gagging at the breast or right after a feeding has me the most concerned.
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:04 PM
    Many people do think it works this way, in general. This is why many lactation consultants will suggest the supplements not onlybe given AFTER nursing (or instead of nursing) but also, BEFORE nursing, so baby will associate the breast with satiety even when baby needs supplements. This is called letting baby "finish at the breast." This is also why I like to suggest that even when supplements are required, they are not given EVERY time baby nurses, that there are some nursing sessions where both mom and baby experience the whole feeding at the breast. I do not know how this will work in your case, but if baby will take more milk from the breasts, and anything extra needed (if needed) from a spoon or open cup or other alternative, then I don't see why you could not try eliminating bottles. It really just depends on how it goes as far as baby is concerned and your own comfort level. The reason the bottle nipple is tipped down but not removed is to prevent baby from getting upset at the prospect the feeding is over. If baby is pulling off bottle on his own, then this part of it does not apply. How, exactly, to "do" paced feeding is going to vary baby to baby, and also probably change as baby ages. The overall point is to allow baby to control intake more effectively than baby can when being gravity fed, and to slow down feedings to a normal pace, as at the breast.
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  • @llli*elandlanes.mommy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:39 PM
    Thank you and I will update his weight tomorrow! And you got it right-he was discharged at 2 days old weighing 6.13. Recheck at 4 days old weighing 6.11.
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  • @llli*maddieb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:33 PM
    That is fine. Just measure gain from 4 days to whatever tomorrow is- 8 days? Let us know what happens. I misspoke before, when I thought the weight check was off due to different scales. Of course it still may have been, but I thought you were discharged at 4 days, and the lower weight was taken later than 4 days. Reading it again, I think you are saying that 4 days was the most recent and the lowest weight check? It is actually not unusual for a baby to lose weight from birth weight for up to 4 days, in fact longer sometimes is entirely normal when there was a cesarean esp. So keep that in mind. Of course it is important that baby is starting to gaining now, by 6-8 days, but if baby lost even more weight before gaining, the numbers might not be fantastic, even if baby is on the way back up and at this moment in time getting plenty of milk and gaining fine. Don't let it be all about the number on the scale, in other words.
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  • @llli*mommal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:17 PM
    You can increase the amount you are pumping by consistently pumping in addition to nursing on demand. Expect the process of rebuilding supply to take time- you're not going to get back to. Where you were overnight. Whether or not you do rebuild supply is a very personal choice. If I were you, I personally would not want to get myself back into oversupply mode, because having mastitis 2x in very short succession suggests that you might be prone to mastitis and oversupply is a risk factor for mastitis. But you have to weigh that against your desire to donate and help other moms' babies. Only you can judge what the right decision is for you. If you decide to pump yourself back into increased supply, just make sure you nurse your baby before you pump and you will not cut into your baby's needs.
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  • @llli*cjackord's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:52 PM
    My son is just 3 weeks now, excellent weight gain (2 lbs alone within the first 2 weeks) and is latching great-- no problems with nursing. However, I bought this blasted nursing bra from target that gave me mastitis twice last week before I finally tossed it. I had been pumping twice a day for a total of 10+ ounces (to donate to the milk bank). After the mastitis, I'm only getting about 3-4 ounces a day with the same 2 pumpings. I'm getting virtually nothing in the evening when I had been pumping about 5 ounces. I would think it was my supply evening out, but it happened overnight. My question is, can I increase the amount I was pumping back to where it was or should I just let it go and donate what I've got? I was just trying to be nice with the donation, but it's not exactly necessary. How will I know if I'm cutting into what my son needs? Thanks ladies!
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