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  • @llli*adwilson's Avatar
    July 23rd, 2014, 03:44 PM
    I have been reading about this imbalance and am almost certain we are having this problem. My baby is super gassy, fussy, has green explosive poops, and when I get a chance to pump the milk separates and has very little thick fatty milk at the top. How do I begin to correct this? Should I feed him from the same breast several times? What if he still acts hungry? Or should I try pumping before I nurse?
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  • @llli*lila.stern's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:38 AM
    I'm really distraught at the moment and need some advice, encouragement, anything that will help me feel better. I'm a newbie mom and my DD is 11 weeks old. She was born full term and via emergency c-section. On her 1st month checkup, her pedi said she gained 900g in 3 weeks. She said that you can never overfeed a baby, but my DD's weight gain was above the usual. I told her that DD wants to feed every hour. She sort of gasped at what I said. I told her DS is always crying and rooting every hour. She told me not all cries mean hunger. Her advice was to feed DS every 2 hours and give a paci if DS still wants to suck. (DD hates it and would get even more cranky).Another thing I asked her was if I should wake DS to feed at night because she's starting to sleep at long stretches. She said NO NEED. I'm a stay at home mom and I EBF but pump for a stash in case I need to leave DS with the grandparents. I can pump 3oz in 10 mins total. So I'm sure it's not a supply issue(am i correct?). DS always feeds for 20-30mins. Sometimes even 40! (She just loves to suck). After analyzing the situation I realized DS would search for my breast whenever she is tired and wants to doze off. This is only for naps. Since she was 10 days old she slept long stretches at night. And currently sleeps for 9-10 hours a stretch. At her pedi checkup yesterday, she was weighed and she only gained 200g in 3 weeks!!! :( I feel like I'm gonna cry! She wets 5 diapers and poops 2 times a day but she...
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  • @llli*delecto's Avatar
    July 22nd, 2014, 11:07 PM
    Hi all I've been using hydrogel pads to heal my cracked nipples (my DD is 13 do and I think we have her latch issues figured out). In reading through all the advice, I've gotten a bit confused. Many suggest both air drying with some expressed BM after a feeding, AND using lanolin. So is the idea to put the BM in, let it all dry, then put lanolin on? Or, should I just skip the lanolin? I'm trying this for the first time tonight. Even after just a few minutes, my nipples have scabbed over. I'm scared to death that nursing with a hard scab is going to hurt more than it already does. Maybe I should put a little lanolin on just before nursing? Hopefully this makes sense... Thanks!
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  • @llli*jessicahrn's Avatar
    July 27th, 2014, 09:07 AM
    I have been EBF my now four month old with many struggles. My main one being an undiagnosed posterior tongue tie that was fixed almost two weeks ago. I've never really experienced nursing that wasn't painful and that makes me sad. It also always takes 30 mins to nurse and I can't nurse without my pillow ever.. Making it hard to leave the house still at 4 months. I go back to work next week part time. The dentist who lasered my babies TT said craniosacral therapy will help him. I have an appt tomorrow but I am not hopeful. His palate has become very high from the TT and he basically just nipple feeds (ouch) I am heartbroken I didn't have the experience I dreamed of and have shed many many tears. Please tell me the therapy will help. I don't know what else to do. I would LOVE to nurse until he weans but it's becoming more and more of a fantasy :( and he refuses a shield. (He initially used one) and I have seen six; yes six lactation consultants.
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  • @llli*joliesmommy's Avatar
    July 23rd, 2014, 10:18 AM
    Im seriously at a loss. My baby is 10 weeks old and has allergies to the food I eat. I gave up all dairy (even hidden sources), fried foods, spicy foods, caffeine, chocolate, peanut butter, gassy veggies like broccoli, over a month ago as per her pediatrician's advice. Her baby acne cleared up like a dream. But then she began getting very colicy: screaming and crying with tummy pains, brought her to the doctor and medicine didn't work. Also her stools became more and more mucusy. So after a couple weeks if her screaming in pain and the doc not helping much, I did some research and found out that soy could also be a big allergen. So last Monday I began to be soy free and I saw an immediate difference in my dd. She was still very gassy but she was no longer screaming and crying. Then I began to notice day after day that her stools were becoming less and less mucusy! She was beginning to spit up less and even going longer between feeds! I started to get so excited thinking I finally found the answer, yes it had only been a few days but I saw a dramatic difference immediately. Then yesterday at 3am she started havibg bloody diarrhea! I brought her to the hospital and did tests and sent the stool sample off to get tested and while the full report is not complete they said it tested positive for allergens! I don't know what to do now. Ive been so careful. I eat very healthy now. And She never had bloody stools before! At her last doc appt last Thursday her doc put her on iron...
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  • @llli*braw1027's Avatar
    July 22nd, 2014, 01:44 PM
    My little girl will be 2 weeks tomorrow. I started her off on formula in the hospital because in my family that's just what they did. I am now starting to feel guilty and as if I have missed out on not breastfeeding. I am lactating and I want to try and breastfeed. I tried yesterday and she latched on in correctly and when I broke the seal she wanted nothing to do with it after that. Does anyone have any advice on how I should start breastfeeding my 2 week old? She is my 1st and I have no one who has experience to talk too.
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  • @llli*kaitlynn's Avatar
    July 22nd, 2014, 10:39 AM
    Hi, I'm completely new to this! I have DS 14M His daily routine is: wakes up between 6-8 AM Breastfeeds
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  • @llli*skarrlette's Avatar
    July 27th, 2014, 11:54 AM
    I still breastfeed my 2.5 yr old almost 3 daughter. And I also co-sleep, for naps and for nighttime. I put her to sleep both times with the help of breastfeeding and for the most part I love it. I really cherish it. But lately she has become more like a toddler and she plays while I breastfeed and it takes sometimes an hr to over and hr to get her to settle down. That means I am breastfeeding her off an on during that period hoping she will drift off to sleep. And that can really wear on my nerves. I have things I would like to do. Most times it works and everything is fine. But some days like today I find myself having a meltdown, and it really upsets me to realize how I acted. I start yelling during something that is suppose to be quiet and relaxing, I take things out of her hands that she was playing with and throw them off the bed. Then I sometimes put my head in my hands and cry or just melt down slowly. She sees all this and it upsets her. And now I have the added worry of traumatizing her, and making breastfeeding not a pleasurable experience and all these emotions come up. Like losing the time I spend with her, not breastfeeding her anymore. And I just cry like right now typing this. I have so many emotions about it all. Breastfeeding is so close to my heart she is my only child and it might stay that way so I won't get to experience this again. I just feel bad for not keeping my composure when she tests my limits and she is not doing it...
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  • @llli*mammal's Avatar
    July 25th, 2014, 04:11 PM
    Hello. I have a month-old baby boy. We started out with some minor nursing issues—my nipples are big for his mouth, he didn't like it when I got engorged—but we quickly got into the swing of things in the first week. Then he started losing weight…and losing weight…and losing more weight. We also got thrush, which of course made it incredibly painful for me and I imagine for him as well to nurse. At 9 days, we ended up in the ER where he was tested for every possible infection. It turned out he had a urinary tract infection, which had decreased his appetite and made him listless. We ended up staying in the hospital for a week. At the beginning of our hospital stay, he was refusing to nurse, and we started finger-feeding him with an SNS or with a syringe and tubes. Meanwhile, I pumped about 10 times a day on the hospital's Medela Symphony. In the hospital, it was pretty much impossible to have any skin-to-skin contact and sleeping together was out of the question. I held him as much as I could and tried to latch him on every day with no luck. I eventually decided I would just focus on keeping my supply up and get him back on the breast when we got back home and were less stressed and uncomfortable. In the hospital, I saw four different lactation consultants, who told me we had a good latch, I was doing everything right as far as laid-back breastfeeding was concerned, and there was definitely hope that he could get back on the breast eventually, but they were no more...
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  • @llli*bebop543's Avatar
    July 23rd, 2014, 01:35 AM
    I just recently learned about silent reflux, and because our daughter doesn't spit up much, it never occurred to me that reflux might the the cause of some of her discomfort. We have our one-month well baby check tomorrow (well, today), and I want to try to be as informed as possible. We love our doc, and she's very BF friendly, but I'm concerned that because our daughter is gaining weight well and not spitting up much, we'll just be dismissed. Her symptoms: Grunting and writhing while sleeping on back. I originally thought this was just the way she started to wake up when she was hungry, but it can last an hour or more before she'll accept the breast. Liquidy sounding burps and hiccups. She also has hiccups constantly--12+ times a day. Hates (HATES!) being burped. No matter the position, she screams and wriths and arches her back while we do it. Falls asleep at the breast, but only for a bit. She'll doze off for 5-10 minutes, but then wake up screaming after eating. She'll immediately fall back asleep if I put her up on my chest/shoulder or put her upright in a carrier (and sleep for hours). Has some gulping/gasping/raspy breathing sometimes. Occasional spitting up (maybe once or twice a day, if at all). But when it does happen, it can be hours after a feeding. And, if it's possible it's a genetic issue, her dad has severe GERD.
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  • @llli*krystine's Avatar
    July 26th, 2014, 03:47 PM
    My sweet little boys turned one today. Thanks again everyone for the support. Breastfeeding twins has been one of the more challenging things I've done but I'm very thankful we worked through the difficult first months and now things are so much easier! For all of you nursing little babies, hang in there, get the support you need and keep at it. It's totally worth it.
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  • @llli*vvmomof1's Avatar
    July 22nd, 2014, 09:06 PM
    I have been exclusively breastfeeding my twins, but lately all they want to do is feed. I fear that I cannot keep up with them. I'm looking for a little encouragement to work through this phase. I have been considering supplementing, but I don't know a thing about bottle feeding. My eldest was breastfed for 14 months. Any advice is welcome.
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  • @llli*birdiesmama's Avatar
    July 26th, 2014, 11:59 AM
    Hi: My daughter just turned 1 month the day before yesterday. She was born after a normal pregnancy and 100% natural (hospital) delivery, no IV, no induction, my water broke on its own 10 days prior to her "due date" and she came out tiny at 5 lbs 4 oz, but totally healthy and there have been no concerns, that is, until 3 weigh-ins ago (about a week and a half ago)... Birth weight: 5lbs 4 oz Weight before going home 2 days later: 4 lbs 5 oz First Dr. appt. 2 days later: 4 lbs 11 oz (gained 3 oz in 3 days) 2nd Dr. appt. 3 days later: 4lbs 14 oz (gained 3 oz in 3 days) 3rd appt. 1 week later: 5 lbs 4 oz (BACK TO BIRTH WEIGHT, gained 6 oz in 1 week) 4th appt. 1 week later: 5 lbs 7 oz (gained 3 oz in 1 week, Dr. is concerned this week)
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  • @llli*ljl11's Avatar
    July 24th, 2014, 09:26 AM
    Hi everyone, I'm having some issues with my 5 week old. I've been having nipple pain due to a shallow latch from the start. I've done everything I can think of to improve it, but we're still having problems. I've seen 2 lactation consultants who both have said things look good, she's nursing correctly and it will likely get better within a couple weeks. I've tried many different positions, including laid back. I've done nipple sandwiches, etc. Sometimes I can get a deep latch to where I feel no pain, but she doesn't like it. She pulls back and chokes on the milk. I have one breast that has a fast flow and one that is rather slow. She breaks suction and chokes on both breasts. The breaking suction starts during let down and will happen randomly throughout the feeding. Not just a clicking, but actually losing the nipple and pulling it back in very quickly. She will do this several sucks in a row sometimes. I took her to have a posterior tongue tie and lip tie released last week and I haven't seen much improvement. She is gaining weight well and having plenty of wet and dirty diapers so I know up until this point at least that she is getting enough milk. One of my current concerns is over the past couple of days she has not been swallowing as much on my "slow flow" breast. I don't think she's transferring the milk as much as she was before. She will suck away and I will hear a swallow every 8-10 sucks or so, sometimes she gets irritated and pulls off crying. I...
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  • @llli*ehoneybee's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:06 PM
    My Ped has suggested doing this since my 15 month old did not grow between 12 and 14 months. He gained ounces, but no height. He is within normal range of milestones and Ped says he looks "great" but we're concerned with lack of growth/dropping off curve. He eats solids but has a dairy and nut allergy, so all the yogurt, butter, and cheese I'd normally be giving him has been replaced with seed butters, Chia seeds, and coconut yogurt/oil. He was 7 lb at birth and at 12 months was 27.75“ and 17.5 lb. He had been following his curve until 12 months. I nurse him before naps and bedtime and during the night. He eats mainly solids during the day and fluctuates in terms of amount eaten. He ate 17 oz of food the other day in one sitting (rice, chicken, coconut oil, and bone broth and oatmeal with coconut oil and avocado) but other days not as much. I am mainly concerned with his height. My preschooler also had this problem (with weight not height) and nursed until 2. I was also very small as a baby, so some is genetics, I know. He is now at a non worrisome weight. I don't think weaning will help since her argument is it's a meal replacement and he doesn't nurse like that anymore. However, I don't give my preschooler milk during meals for that exact reason, so I can see her point, even though everything I've read says don't wean for this reason. Advice?
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  • @llli*rachiiee's Avatar
    July 26th, 2014, 05:04 AM
    We have coslept since birth, she is now 19months. Honestly, I love it, but my husband does not because he can't get good sleep and wants our sex life back. I am sympathetic because he is the provider and needs good sleep to work and sex for a healthy relationship :lol . And she still night nurses but only for a reassurance of "I know you're still there". I have put a toddler bed in our room to make it easier to get up if she cries. She can make it a few hours in the bed but eventually realizes I'm not there and I should just lay down there with her BUT I bring her into our bed. And when she is in her bed, I can't sleep good because I just keep thinking "I know as soon as I get to sleep she will wake up" :banghead I KNOW it's not just her, but me that needs to learn to let her sleep in her big girl bed :cry but how?!?!?! Help:confused:
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  • @llli*ae80's Avatar
    July 24th, 2014, 10:11 AM
    Hi! This is my first post here. :) I'm really struggling with balancing nursing my 8.5 month old at home vs. solids and bottles at daycare, and I'm hoping to get some advice (thank you in advance!). We're starting a new daycare in a couple weeks so I have the opportunity to give them a schedule that hopefully works better for all of us, but I'm not totally sure what that is. Here's what currently happens on a weekday (although it varies quite a bit still...I wish I could give you a better daily schedule but it's in flux. They just tried to change it up a bit yesterday so I'm not sure what that will mean!) Nurse before daycare at 7:30 (he is there from 8:30-4:10) 3 5 oz bottles at daycare, every 2-3 hours 2 meals at daycare, usually 1-2 pouches or jars of baby food
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  • @llli*rachiiee's Avatar
    July 25th, 2014, 01:54 PM
    Hello! Long story short, I'm still BF my 19 m.o and I have only had 1 period in the beginning of June. Don't get me wrong, I loved it in the beginning! but now we want to start trying for #2. So can you still ovulate without having a period?
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  • @llli*filmmommy's Avatar
    July 23rd, 2014, 06:09 PM
    I have posted recently about some nursing troubles with my little guy, who's baby #2. He's a month old today. My LC had me taking fenugreek because he was damaging me really badly on one side because she thought the milk was too slow. I tried to decrease the amount of fenugreek, and he started refusing that side again, so I upped it again. Now I can't tell if he's acting like both sides have too fast of a flow. He pulls his head back and twists his body a lot -- but on both sides! Once in a while he sounds like he chokes, but it is usually after a few minutes, so may be due to just frantic nursing. I can't tell if his tugging is a fast flow type or a slow flow type -- it almost seems like both at times. I don't have any spray when he comes off. On the formerly slow side, he pulls off more often (sometimes staying latched on as he pulls off -- ouch). This happens mostly in the evening/night, but during the day he does this, too. So I can't tell if it's just evening fussiness, too. I have cut back on the fenugreek and am waiting to see what happens. When I try to remedy one of the situations (somewhat laid-back nursing, for example, in case of fast flow, or compressions in case of slow flow) it doesn't seem to help and for all I know I'm making it worse! My biggest issues is I'm still trying to heal my wounds (both sides injured -- basically been shirtless for a month with little improvement), and now he's started this method of hurting me just as I was...
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  • @llli*nivilovely's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:37 PM
    I am feeling so lost.. for the past four days i am having plugged duct on my right side.. when my baby nurses it gets small again it grows back.. i have spoke with llli leader and followed what all she said but still its not going away.. i am so scared... i am having oversupply and i get engorged on right breast very often usually my son would relieve it pretty quick but this time its not working out.. pl what can i do to get rid of it.. i don't have any pain but that lump makes me so worried
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  • @llli*humsinger's Avatar
    July 25th, 2014, 01:07 PM
    I'm struggling with getting a decent schedule going with my almost 4 month old. Partly because I have a 3 year old and haven't been completely on top of things... He's pretty chunky, and I'm wondering how long he should be going between feedings... The whole wake up, feed, play, sleep thing isn't really happening...I try feeding upon waking...he eats one side sort of. Then, he gets angry before napping, so he eats the other side sort of (1 and a half hours later)...Decent naps...1 1/2 hours to 2... Can anyone offer me any insight on this? Thanks...kinda driving me crazy! (Goes down at 6:30, 6:45...up at 9 or 9:30...then again at about 3 am...just FYI)
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  • @llli*una.cao's Avatar
    July 24th, 2014, 05:41 PM
    My 10 week-old girl has always had the typical yellow and seedy poop. The frequency has also reduced to 2 or 3 times a day but with larger amount recently, compared to the first few weeks. However I returned to work this week, and she has started to take pumped breast milk stored in the fridge. Her poop has become less seedy although still yellow, and she also poops more often. I'm worried if our way of taking pumped breast milk is not right? Does it imply she is not taking enough hindmilk? She is reluctant to take the bottle, and always fusses for about 5-10 min before taking the bottle. So she did end up nursing less frequently in the day. Does this mean anything? Thanks!
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  • @llli*heidi.va's Avatar
    July 22nd, 2014, 08:57 PM
    I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition that leaves me unable to produce sufficient milk, but my husband and I still really want our lil Ezra (he'll be two months next week) to receive all the benefits of breast milk that infant formula simply cannot provide. Unfortunately, my husband and I cannot afford a wet nurse and I do not have access to a local milk bank (and would not be able to afford their prices either, even if we did). The online buying venues, though apparently more within the price range we can afford, is a bit troubling in regards to the safety assurances (we were not even hot about the wet nurse idea). I was supposing that maybe we could pasteurize anything we receive to maybe make it safe. Any thoughts? Would you do this for your own? Thanks in advance and I apologize if this has been covered before. I was not having much success with the forum's search function. Heidi
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  • @llli*canchola2183's Avatar
    July 25th, 2014, 02:30 PM
    I've been nursing my LO and supplementing 2oz twice a day if needed because I'm only able to use one of my breast the other was damaged when I had a lumpectomy. He weighed 7lb2oz when born we left the hospital he was 6lb 11oz and at 3weeks he weighs 8lbs 6oz he's gaining well .My problem is my LO recently started pulling at the nipple and fussing while nursing he'll nurse for a 5min then begins to tug and I have to break the latch this has cause my nipple to be real sore and painful at time to latch him . This doesn't happen at every feeding I say two to three times a day he nurses every two to three hours. He also is very gassy the supplement I use gerber soothe for gassy . I'm not sure what would be causing him to act this way is it something I'm eating reflux or growth spurt ....????
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  • @llli*kevins-mom's Avatar
    July 22nd, 2014, 01:54 PM
    I am nursing my 2.5 year old. I think I'm ready to be done. He loves to nurse, however. He was telling my mom on the phone yesterday "I love nursies!" just randomly out of the blue. I get embarrassed that we "still" nurse when he talks about it to our family and friends. I am proud to make it this far, but at the same time I know I am being judged. My family (especially my brothers) say exactly how they feel regardless of how it's going to make me feel. That said, I'd also like to be done, just to be done. We are down to our bedtime session right now and sometimes nap time (but he goes to daycare so he only gets nap time with me 3 days a week). He very rarely falls asleep nursing, but he nurses and then lays down in my arms and I rock him to sleep. I just don't know how to go about dropping those? It's kind of automatic for us, do I just not offer and see what happens and maybe nursies will just go away without a struggle? Will I have pain/be engorged again like I was at first?
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  • @llli*elliebelle's Avatar
    July 22nd, 2014, 03:44 PM
    Hi everyone, Questions about my second baby. 8 days old today, born at 8 lbs 10 oz, left hospital at 7 lbs 14 oz, weighed in yesterday at 8 lbs 12 ozs at 1 week appt. Eating tons, every 1.5-2.5 hrs during the day, every 3-4 hrs at night. Produces at least 8 wets and 8 poops every day. Eating about 12-15 sessions per day. I have two questions: 1. During some daytime feedings, it is difficult to keep her awake. Sometimes I'm lucky to get to 5 minutes, sometimes she'll go as long as 10 on one side. I have a very fast letdown (first let down within the first 30 seconds, then another 2-4 for the next 5 min). Should I be trying to get her 5 min feedings more to 10 minutes? If she wakes up 20 min later, should I put her on the same side, or switch to the other? Just an FYI, the app that I'm using says the average feed has been 9-13 minutes for the past 5 days. 2. Each night has been less and less amount of sleep. I am finding that she very much loves to use me as a pacifier, but will often create more letdowns while she sucks. I've read a lot about the use of pacifiers, and am wondering if she is just the type of baby that needs to suck a lot at night, and if we were to try it out, what would I need to look out for (ex. fewer feedings at night, less weight gain, etc.) Also, at what point do I let her wake for feedings on her own, rather than me waking her up by the 4 hr mark? We did that 4 days ago, but last night started waking up on her own every 3 hours. Hope...
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  • @llli*mamaofbandl's Avatar
    July 22nd, 2014, 05:29 PM
    Hi - long time googler/lurker, first time poster :) I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if it's normal: I'm breastfeeding (exclusively) my almost 5-week old son. For the last 3 weeks or so I've experienced breast pain and tenderness in the breast itself (there's nipple pain too, but only in my right breast - comes and goes - my son is an aggressive nurser). Basically, my breasts are tender, almost like what I used to experience right before my menstrual period would start, but there is no hardness or lumps. The pain seems to be constant - no better or worse before or after feeding. The pain is worse when apply pressure, but I can feel a little pain when moving around - jogging or jumping. I think my little one drains my breasts pretty well; at least they feel very soft after feeding. I don't recall having this with my daughter, so I was wondering if it's normal. Any input?
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  • @llli*britt's Avatar
    July 23rd, 2014, 04:19 PM
    My son is 5 months old and recently started fussing in the middle of feeding. This has been occurring in the afternoon for about 2 weeks but doesn't happen with every feed. About 8-10 mins after feeding on my left side he will push away and begin to scream or stay latch and start pulling and fussing aggressively. Any idea as to what this could be. I have been just switching him to the other side because he will latch there no problem. If I try and switch him back a while later sometime he will fuss but sometimes he will relatch. I don't want my supply to decrease on this side because he isn't nursing on it as long. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!!!
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