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  • @llli*momma.d's Avatar
    June 27th, 2016, 10:18 AM
    I am due any day now. My employer will allow me to take 12 weeks off, but the entire time I am gone I would have to pay for or pay back my insurance that they usually pay for while I work (they give a health benefit that pays for insurance, but they will not be giving that to me while on leave). That would translate into half of my paycheck until the end of the year and we just can't afford to pay that much. So now I will only be taking 6 weeks. My first child was born with a severe cleft lip and palate and was unable to latch. So I am extremely familiar with pumping and maintaining a supply. I'm not worried about pumping. My worry is that this baby will start to refuse the breast when I have to go back to work. All I ever wanted to do as a mother was breastfeed. I wasn't able to the first time around. Anyone go through this and have success maintaining the breastfeeding relationship with their baby? My goal is to reach at least 1 year breastfeeding or longer if baby wants to.
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  • @llli*lisa.meme's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 08:34 PM
    My 2 1/2 old daughter has nursing up and downs. This is what I call it when she wants to nurse 4-6 times a day and then only once or twice a day. I had never breastfeed this long before. My older two boys I only nursed 12-14 months, so I don't know what to expect with my youngest now. I have actually planned to nurse her till 3 or 4 if she wants to. So all this unexpected nursing ups and downs is confusing. It seems like if she doesn't nurse much for a couple of days, then she gets annoyed when she wants to nurse more again, but my supply has dropped. What do I do? My supply is steady dropping and I don't know if I should try to pump when she doesn't nusre much to try to keep my milk in for when she does want to nusre more? Any suggestions or information in what I am dealing with?
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  • @llli*helbk's Avatar
    June 25th, 2016, 04:08 AM
    I have enjoyed breastfeeding my baby boy since he was born, and hope to continue BF once in the morning and evening when I return to work in a month's time. He currently sleeps well (7.30am-5am, after husband consistently saw to him during the night) and once down for naps in his cot he can sleep for over an hour, though not always! My challenge is he will only settle if I nurse him to sleep. This can take quite a long time (sometimes over an hour), particularly during the day, with him wailing every time I stand up to put him in his cot. Though initially upset, my husband is able to get him to sleep in about 10-20mins at night with cuddles and singing, then sitting with him next to the cot. It means that no one else is able to put him down for naps/night which is really constraining, but also concerning for when he starts nursery. My husband is the only one who can go into him to settle him if we wakes at night, as I'd just be trapped in the BF cycle for an hour if I go in. I would like to be able to comfort him too! In the past we did some sleep training using PUPD/Shh/pat due to him waking every hour, and this worked well. Typically this slipped when he became ill and was teething so I've been nursing him to sleep for quite a few months now but it's becoming less and less effective. I've read so many sleep training approaches, the gentle ones such as the Pantley method, to gradual withdrawal, but I just don't know what would be better for an older baby who does...
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  • @llli*mamatoleo's Avatar
    June 29th, 2016, 03:31 PM
    Hi, there! This is my first post, & I hope I'm doing this right.. I'm a first time mom to an 11 day old. So far, he has been predominantly breastfed, but I have had his father feed him a bottle of expressed milk a few times when we've had company over. (No formula) My concerns: 1) My son has developed "little boobs" in the last day or so. When I googled it, many people say this is caused by hormones in my milk, it's common, & will subside after some time. Is this true? 2) Nursing is inconsistent. I realize that as a newborn, he is trying to get the hang of breastfeeding just like I am. Sometimes, he will nurse 30 min on each side and be content for a couple hours. Other times, he'll "cluster feed" an hour apart several times in a row, feeding as little as 5 or 10 minutes, and only on one side. It seems like it may be for comfort sometimes.. he will fuss and cry, frantically trying to get to my nipple. Then, as soon as he's there, he sucks for a few minutes, and becomes drowsy. His pediatrician said this is "normal." *Note: My son is meeting or surpassing the diaper guidelines. His urine is pale yellow and stools are typical as well. 3) My son sleeps much of the time whilst nursing. Even if I take him off and have him relatch, he will fall asleep again. He sucks pretty continuously, with only short pauses. Is this acceptable? I'm just amazed at how much he can consume! His stomach is only supposed to be the size of a ping pong ball at this age. There have been times...
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  • @llli*scoob626's Avatar
    June 26th, 2016, 06:35 PM
    Hi ladies, with no debate or equivocation, my new pedi told me to dose my 9 mo with polyvisol. Partially she did so because we have been a bit concerned with lead with renovations on our 1939 house...his lead test came back normal btw. I don't like the chemicals in the polyvisol I saw, so I bought a very popular natural multivitamin on Amazon, forgot the name. I have heard constipation, but are there any other drawbacks? I know natural iron filled solids are ideal, but my son is inconsistent with eating too much. All in all, Kelly mom seems against iron supplements for healthy babies, which is why I don't know why my pedi. Is so unequivocal...but then Kelly mom doesn't exactly spell out the drawbacks, other than the vitamin isn't needed or may block absorption? Ahhh another thing for me to obsess about haha...but really it just interests me...thanks for any comments!
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  • @llli*mominoes's Avatar
    June 30th, 2016, 12:33 PM
    I've been back at work 4 weeks now and my baby (18 weeks) has been in childcare for the same amount of time. I am pumping at work and am running into a problem meeting my baby's demand. I have fairly consistently been able to pump 18 oz/day at work. In his first week at childcare, baby was drinking about 16 oz (3 bottles/day), then he'd want to nurse like crazy in the evening. Week 2, he started drinking 18 oz during the day (still 3 oz), still wanted to nurse a lot in the evening. So that was no problem, seemed like we were settling into a nice routine. However.... Week 3 he started burning through the backup milk I left in the freezer at childcare, so he was drinking more on the order of 20-22 oz per day, and he was SCREAMING for food when I picked him up. Meantime, I am still having trouble pumping more than 18 oz per day at work. I tried splitting his 18 oz into 4 bottles but he was still apparently getting hungry and needing milk from the freezer. This week, he seems to have leveled off at drinking 24 oz per day (4 6oz bottles). I'm still only pumping 18 oz (sometimes I manage 19.5, but that's really the max I can do). At the moment I am only going into the office 3-4 days/week so on the days I am home I am doing extra pumping to make up the deficit (and hopefully also boost my supply a little...). This is manageable (if a bit exhausting) while I'm only away from him 3-4 days/week, but at some point in the next couple of months I'm going to have to...
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  • @llli*rogi2430's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:25 PM
    I know stress can effect breastfeeding but my main question is how? This week has been rough. I have thought about quitting multiple times. I'm worried...not just about breastfeeding but everything. Most of it is completely irrational but I am having a tough time. I wrote a post a few weeks ago concerning weight gain. My baby gains on the slow side (about 4-5 oz a week is her normal) but is gaining and at our 2 month appt our pediatrician said she was healthy as can be and was happy with her weight gain. Of course I still worry, am I giving her enough or will I eventually need to supplement? I'm using a nipple shield and I'm worried about this too. I have tried weaning her but she just won't have it and it creates more stress. I don't want this to be the reason my supply tanks. The real kicker is I probably shouldn't be worried. My daughter is happy and healthy. She smiles a lot, is meeting milestones like a champ and sleeps good at night. She is essentially perfect.
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  • @llli*minka's Avatar
    June 25th, 2016, 06:30 AM
    Hello. I am seeking advice regarding oversupply and storing breast milk options. My little on is 3 weeks old and for latching reasons, we have decided to exclusively bottle feed her breast milk. I am currently pumping 7 times a day, at 3-ish hour intervals which yields about 40 oz a day. She consumes less than half of this, which leaves me with a massive inventory of breastmilk that is taking over the fridge and freezer. Since I am exclusively pumping I want to be able to meet her feeding needs when she gets older, but the output at the end of the day seems quite excessive. Any advice?
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  • @llli*chelseapeters13's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 09:50 PM
    Hey all, I am a first time BF new mom. My little girl was born a month early but had no complications whatsoever and latched on immediately the first try within ten minutes of being born. She's always latched well and my milk supply has been great since square one. My nipples have been sore but I figured it was just because I was new. The LC in the hospital told me she had a great latch so I just kept on. I'm now 4 weeks into it and last week I had immense pain in my right nipple so bad I couldn't feed on that side. I believe it was because I was trying to feed her with my breast engorged and she couldn't get enough in her mouth. I just pumped that side with a nipple shield and fed her from the left while it healed. Now both sides are well enough to feed from but my nipples are constantly sensitive to the touch and I'm worried about them getting to the I want to scream when I feed point again. When she pulls off my breast (without unlatching usually) my nipple always has the lipstick shape. It doesn't hurt when she feeds but sometimes is uncomfortable when I first put her on. I've tried every hold, and I've detached and reattached her hundreds of times now trying to achieve the round nipple when she's done but I just can't seem to figure it out. Is it possible her mouth is too small to get the whole nipple? The bottom of my nipple is always the elongated part and I have some minor cracking on the underneath part of my nipples and this is my main concern because I don't want...
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  • @llli*foxystoat's Avatar
    June 29th, 2016, 08:36 AM
    My baby is 9 weeks old and is has dropped below the 0.4 centile on the charts but has still been gaining at least 4oz a week up until now. She was 5lb 5oz at birth (41 weeks) and currently weighs 7lb 9.5oz. A week ago she got her immunisations, and since then she has had diarrhea and has been sick a couple of times a day (real sick, not spit up, we can tell because it smells). She is also sleeping a few hours more and so feeding a couple of times less than usual - more like 9-10 feeds instead of 11-12. I am not concerned about her in the slightest, when she is awake she is all smiles and laughs and is very active and wriggly and is meeting all the milestones. She feeds brilliantly and I have been offering both breasts and swapping as long as she wants to feed. She is definitely full at the end of a feed which usually takes 40 minutes. She is having plenty of wet and dirty nappies and her poo is normal, apart from the diarrhea this week. My husband and I are both tall and very slim (my usual BMI is 17.5, I eat like a horse!) and his family has a history of small babies. I also have petite adults in my immediate family. This week she has only gained 1oz and we have been referred to a paediatrician by the GP. The Health Visitor was pushing me to supplement with formula a few weeks ago but since the weight gain has been steady until now she had stopped. I really would prefer not to supplement if there's no need, obviously if my baby was showing signs of...
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  • @llli*1sttimerinnyc's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 09:43 PM
    My LO is 6 weeks old and I'll be returning to work in another 6 weeks. We've gotten into a good rhythm of exclusively breast feeding, but I need to step up my pumping so I can bank extra milk now vs feeling overwhelmed when it's time to go back. So far I've been feeding on demand and pumping occasionally to relieve engorgement. At my most recent checkup, my doctor recommended that I empty each breast so the baby gets hindmilk and to pump after each session to trigger my body to regenerate more supply. I've been transitioning over the past day to adopt her advice, pumping more after nursing, however i've noticed that the "extra" milk that I pump doesn't really get stored because LO seems hungry after 15-30 mins and I put the extra pumped milk goes towards feeding him. In the past, I would throw him back on and continue nursing but now both my breasts are pretty tapped out and LO will be frustrated trying to suck. There was one time when I put the pumped milk immediately into the freezer and 20 mins later he was hungry, I hadn't replenished and he was very unhappy on the breast, creating stress for both of us. Should I try to always leave one breast semi full and drain the other, this way I can save the pumped milk from one for storage while keeping the other aside in case my little guy needs it? Any advice would be much appreciated as I am still trying to figure out a balanced approach, thank you!
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  • @llli*jtmmh's Avatar
    June 30th, 2016, 07:34 AM
    So it's my 3rd child, he is 10 weeks old and I have always had minimal trouble breastfeeding, which is such a blessing! But this time I'm scared... I went to the dr for some routine bloodwork for our insurance provider. My blood work all came back normal except my ALT Liver enzymes. the range for normal they gave me was 6-29 mine was 53. The dr could give me no explanation for this result. I take NO medications and drink NO alcohol. I had a bad stomach virus two weeks before my test and I'm pretty sure I became dehydrated. I've tried to catch up since then, but it's hard to drink a ton of water. I am in a very monogamous relationship, so I know hepatitis isn't a concern. The only other factor that is odd is that I have lost a lot of weight quickly. I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight in 8 weeks. I lost like 35 pounds. I know I didn't get enough calories in because I was chasing two other kiddos and didn't stop to eat. I have heard that losing weight too quickly in the beginning can release toxins in the body and possibly into breastmilk. Could this be happening? Is it safe for me to continue breastfeeding with elevated enzymes... Any insight anyone? I'm afraid I'll have to stop breastfeeding and it means so much to me and my family. Help please.
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  • @llli*puja's Avatar
    June 30th, 2016, 06:29 AM
    I have lost my patience n my peace ....all the day I only think ,,how to put solids to his mouth...I have gone through all the advices of not force feeding,no special feeding schedule ,sharing own meal time but I failed...I could not bring his interest to food....doc said stop feeding meal let him feel hunger he will eat and I did that too.I didn't give him any milk for 4 hours but he was still happy and refused food....it's even not that I give him too much of milk he drink about 14 oz formula milk and breastfeeding twice..plz tell me what shall I do..
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  • @llli*melissag's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 05:57 AM
    I am all for breastfeeding and have been exclusively breastfeeding my LO for 5 weeks. We did have issues with inverted nipples and used the nipple guard. I have been trying to wean her off of that which has not been fun. I am constantly worried about how much she is getting (fore or hind) and stressing about the amount of time if it's enough or should I continue trying to wake her up to try to get her to eat more. I want to enjoy the experience but often times I am too worried about the above things and it makes the process way less than enjoyable or good bonding w my babe. Any one else experience this or have tips to get through continued breastfeeding?
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  • @llli*rosesmum's Avatar
    June 25th, 2016, 07:27 PM
    With my first child I had a lot of latching issues and had to return to work at 3 months so I started pumping a week after she was born. Now I have my second child (2weeks old) and breastfeeding is going great (such a huge relief!) and I have left work to be a stay at home mum. This time around when do you suggest I start pumping to store milk in the freezer for emergency purposes? Thanks!
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  • @llli*ashmash's Avatar
    June 25th, 2016, 11:34 AM
    My baby is almost 5 months and I've done the cross cradle since he was born because it felt more secure. I've tried and tried to do the cradle hold, because then I can lay back and relax, and it's easier to feed in public that way without being overly exposed. We do fine lathing in the cradle hold but for some reason, since he's so squirmy, he will just unlatch and fidget and fuss. It is hard to cross cradle in public comfortably. What can I do? Just keep trying?
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  • @llli*mab's Avatar
    June 27th, 2016, 12:59 AM
    I will be going back to work in about 9 weeks. I have been breastfeeding my 3 week old since he was born. I plan on pumping when I go back to work but I'm not sure when to give him his first bottle. I haven't really been pumping yet either. I read that 3-4 weeks is a good time to start? I know I shouldn't give him his first bottle and that his Dad should right? After he has his first how many bottles should I give him a day? I just want to make sure he gets used to them well before I go back to work! Also when should I pump and for how long? Directly after feeding him or right before feeding him? Should I pump the same side I feed him or the other side or both? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  • @llli*harini-ram's Avatar
    June 27th, 2016, 02:53 PM
    Hi all, My LO is 4 months old. I've been BFing her and supplementing the feed with alimentum formula (milk allergy and a long story). Now, some days her poop is green in color. My ped told me it could be bcoz of iron in d formula, and she wasn't worried about it. But, I am afraid I am giving her more iron than she required. like I eat lot of iron rich food (BFing) and at the same time give her more formula too. is it fine? or should I reduce the supplements? I dont think there is a alimentum without iron. apart from this she seems to have some tummy pain and spits up a lot lately..Just please help me figure out this. Am I doing it rite?
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  • @llli*bhacket4's Avatar
    June 27th, 2016, 06:32 PM
    So I know that you're never technically empty.. but I can tell my little guy gets frustrated and starts screaming when I am almost empty and he has to work harder to get milk. I should start off by saying 1. I had mastitis and I am still on antibiotics. I got that last Tuesday in my left breast. 2. I'm using a nipple shield. I've seen the LC numerous times and before mastitis he had NO problem transferring milk and they were impressed and said that if the shield works for me for the time being, to use it so that's what we are planning on doing for now. Since then, I feel like I am not "making" enough for my little guy. He is 4 weeks old. Today for example, this was his schedule. 1:30am - fed him, and then pumped 50 mL. 2:43am fed him 6:45 fed him 9:00am fed him 10:46 fed him and he was literally on and off the breast until 4pm. (I don't work and I don't mind while I get some work done on the computer so I just kept him on my brestfriend and just let him go back and forth from eating and sleeping for those 5 hours). Also I've been told comfort nursing is good... so I just let him do it.
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  • @llli*evolvingmama's Avatar
    June 27th, 2016, 02:17 PM
    My baby is 4 weeks + 3 days. about a week ago, I noticed several white spots on her lower, inner cheek. GP confirmed oral thrush and prescribed Mycostatin oral suspension for her. I was asymptomatic but he suggested I use OTC Clotrimazole on my nipples. We're finishing day 6 of treatment and the spots in her mouth of only very minor improvement (though, she seems in less pain). My nipples are feeling a bit more itchy and painful when touching towels, etc. but not too bad -- I'm not really sure if there's thrush there or not, tbh. Should we stay the course with this treatment or try something else? GP happy to write a script for whatever I want! I had thrush with my first but it was both long enough ago and in a different country that I can't remember what we did -- only that we had several bouts! On an unrelated note....she's been a good eater all along (gassy and spits up loads, but a good eater). I'm not a clock watcher but have notice the last couple of days, the feeds have been MUCH shorter than usual. No more frequent really, just shorter. Is it too early for her to be getting so much more efficient? Output great and she's very alert and well. Just finished a growth spurt a few days ago, I think. Had a long journey with my first to get things well established and "easy" so don't have a good reference point on what's in the range of normal.
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  • @llli*bebo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:17 AM
    I think I'm looking for some reassurance and perhaps a bit of advice here. My second baby is 2 and a half weeks old and pretty much only nurses to sleep. Dad and Nanny can rock him, but this is only occasionally possible for me. I completely understand the biological reasoning for nursing to sleep and it's normal and the way things should be and in many ways lovely. But here's the thing - my 5 year old has been a terrible sleeper, she is intense and spirited and finds it very difficult to switch off. She was a very high needs baby and remains so now. Nursing was the only way I could get her to sleep other than car or pram occasionally. Every nap was a battle, I remember getting to 8 months and making the decision to give in to her staying on the boob for her entire nap. Baby boy seems a very different personality, much more chilled out, but I am petrified of being in the same boat again. There have been times when I have been calmly trying to rock him to sleep and he will be there but will only his eyes again and it's like I'm back in the room desperately pacing around with his big sister in the sling. It's like a form of PTSD!
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  • @llli*bluepolka's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 09:17 PM
    Hi everyone, Although I've seen a number of posts about nipple shield weaning, I'm just not convinced my baby can actually let go of the shield at some point of time:( He was born 8 weeks early and was bottle fed in the NICU. For a long time in the NICU I Tried breast feeding him but he just couldn't latch because (1) he was preemie (so they said) (2) I have flat nipples Anyways, the LC sent me home with a nipple shield. And he's been feeding fine with it. I absolutely want to wean him off now because my supply is getting lesser. but he wants NOTHING to do with my bare nipple. It isn't even that flat anymore. I guess he hates its texture? Compared to the firm nipple shield. He puts the nipple in his mouth and pulls his head back and out comes the nipple. He may take 2 sucks sometimes, but looks really confused/annoyed. He eventually ( very quickly) gets fussy and I insert the shield :( My question is, did your older babies behave in a similar manner while attempting to wean them? Should I continue to preserve? Do they at some age gain a little maturity where they can finally suckle without it? What age did your little ones change their attitude towards the shield? I'm just looking for support and cheer leaders o gues. 'Cod everyone banck home blames me for this sitisuon :(
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  • @llli*mrsjessnelson's Avatar
    June 29th, 2016, 09:13 PM
    Hi Everyone! I'm hoping someone can offer me some help and reassurance. My sweet girl is 7 weeks old and we are still struggling to breastfed. She was doing great eating the first 4 weeks (although I did have some cracked nipples). She would eat on each side 5-10 minutes. Then we got mastitis, which led to thrush and everything went down hill from there. When she got thrush, she started fussing at the breast so I offered her a bottle. She started only spending about 5 minutes on each breast. Then at 5.5 weeks she started popping on and off the breast and pushing away, so I had to offer her bottles more frequently. I think she was coming on and off and refusing to nurse because I have an over-active letdown. I see milk squirting out when she pops off. I tried the laid back position but she still comes off and after going on and off a few times she gets frustrated and refuses to continue. Now at 7 weeks, she will only nurse until the letdown or after a pump but she gets mad when the milk is too slow as well. So she is currently only nursing a few times a day for a few minutes. The LC I met with a few times mentioned she has a stretchy posterior tongue tie, but wasn't sure that was the problem. Now I'm stuck pumping and almost battling her to take the breast. How do I get back to BF full time?! Would an over-active letdown start at 4 weeks- because she seemed to be fine with the flow then? Can I get her off bottles and to stay latched? Is the tongue tie part of the problem?...
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  • @llli*e.web's Avatar
    June 30th, 2016, 11:26 AM
    My daughter will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. She was born weighing 6 pounds, 9 ounces since she was born 3 weeks early, but now she weighs 7 pounds, 13 ounces. At the beginning of my breastfeeding journey with her, I had an oversupply...my daughter was having plenty of wet and dirty diapers, but her stools were green rather than the normal yellow color. Then when she was 2 weeks old, I got a severe case of mastitis - 104 degree fever, nausea, dizziness, severe fatigue, cold sweats, sore body, etc. My lactation consultant immediately prescribed me an antibiotic, which cleared that issue right up! 3 days later, my husband was rushed to the hospital from work for an emergency appendectomy, which resulted in him having to stay home for a week. So then I had to take care of him, my 19 month old son, and my 2 week old daughter. Not to mention, I'm getting practically NO sleep at night because my girl is awake very frequently to eat, and napping during the daytime is almost impossible with a toddler running around and a house to maintain.
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  • @llli*drewbaby's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:42 PM
    Hi all! I recently gave birth and all my 3 day old wants to do is sleep! He has not lost weight, but I'm worried that he is not eating enough throughout the day. Today we have had 4 feeding between midnight and 2pm. My milk has started to come in and I am feeling very full, but he does not seem interested in anything but sleep. Anyone else had an experience similar to this? Is it just a sleepy day or should I be concerned? Thanks!!
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  • @llli*kevins-mom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:49 AM
    On day 1 of Jack's life, I would have thought for sure my nursing relationship with him was going to be perfect. We had no problems, he was 2lbs bigger than my first and latched on right away. We didn't have any of the same problems I had with Kevin; No mastitis, no nipple shield, no soreness for me, no troubles for him. Fast forward. We began blw around the 6 month mark. Jack is 8 months now and he LOVES to eat everything. I work full time, and my pumping output is hurting. I started sending less milk to daycare with him (about 9oz now, down from 12oz, but only about 6oz is my milk and the rest is donated), and it's very common he is sent home with 4oz. He's only drinking about 5-6oz in a 9 hour day. I believe he is replacing his sippy cups of BM with table food. My supply meets his demand, but his demand seems much too small if you ask me! :yikes Now. I don't think he is making up for it when we are together. He is an awful nurser lately. I swaddle him at bedtime and BF him to bed in a side laying position. Nursing in any other position just doesn't happen. It's almost like he hates nursing. He pulls at my face/glasses/hair/shirt, anything he can grab and doesn't stay latched and squirts milk everywhere and I'm so tired of it. Not sure if it's considered a nursing strike? It's awful trying to nurse him, especially in public. We part time co-sleep, and he generally does nurse in the night once. I feel like he is only getting 2 acceptable nursing...
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  • @llli*scoob626's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:49 AM
    Hi ladies, two questions about my 9 month old: I am having worries that I shouldn't be feeding my son and that instead he should be feeding himself re: baby led weaning...he does put a couple pieces in his mouth but I have been bringing food to his mouth with my finger and he has been eagerly opening up for it..is this considered forcing him in some way, since he is not bringing food to his mouth himself? He doesn't have his pincer grip yet. Is he technically not ready for solids until he feeds himself? And how do I know if I am overfeeding him? I stop offering when he turns his face away....This baby led weaning philosophy has me confused. My mom can't even wrap her head around the whole trend :D And the last couple weeks, since he has been eagerly taking in more food, his pooping frequency has changed...up until 2 weeks ago, he pooped mostly every feed and now goes 2 days between, which freaks me out a bit, as I am so used to changing poops all day...how do you know if baby is getting backed up? He doesn't strain or anything and is totally happy. To be honest, I am a bit gun ho about solids as I am tired of nursing every 2 hours round the clock still at 9 months, but I don't want to rush him. To my dismay, he hasn't slowed down on nursing after eating more solids though, which makes me think he is a big comfort nurser. thanks!
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  • @llli*christinafromchicago's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:11 PM
    I just came back to work last week Thursday. Right now I am feeding my son (who is 3 months old) before I leave around 6-730am. I am pumping twice a day. In the morning at 10-1030am and then around 2:30pm-3pm. It gives me four bottles of 3-5 oz each. But I'm feeling kind of stressed. My boss has told me that I need to swipe out (because I can't do it on company time) and thinking about making up that time I'm pumping has me feeling stressed. I don't want to stop breastfeeding. But I'm only A week in of pumping at work and feeling discouraged. Tips, good vibes and kind words needed. *I've already got a stock pile at home in the freezer. So whatever I pump at work adds on to that. :sigh
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    Yesterday, 09:16 PM
    Since about 9 months my lo has been nursing like crazy throughout the night. Some days/weeks are worse than others, but it seems to be getting worse the last week or so. She co-slept with my husband and I in our room until her first birthday then I moved her onto a floor mattress in her room. She goes to bed between 8 and 9 and will sleep on her own until about 11 or 12, then wants to nurse like every 2 hours. If I don't go in there she wakes herself up, but if I go in there and lay beside her and nurse she'll stay asleep. But it's just getting to be too much for me. I'm so sleep deprived... almost worse than the first month I'm not interested in cio or modified cio. I've been thinking about having my husband go in there at night and trying to night wean, but I don't know how to go about that... should he go in there with a sippy cup? And what if she's hungry because she's used to nursing all night for forever it seems? And he works crazy hours... I don't think he could handle the sleep deprivation for more than 1 to 2 weeks. TIA for any help/tips/advice.
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